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Atrum Visum

Refocusing and redirecting

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Over the past few days I have taken at close look at my goals. I have not been happy at all with the way I have been focusing my energies and attentions. So, I have decided that I need to refocus and then redirect my energies and my attentions so that they better reflect where my true desires are.

What does this mean. Basically it means that I have identified three basic areas of my life where I need to direct the majority of my time, my energy and my attention. This means less time in chat and less time in the games forums.

My first priority is to my relationship with the special lady who has captured my heart. I have, to a certain extent, been a bit neglectful of her and I will remedy this as of now. She should be and will be my primary focus. She has and will continue to be first in my heart, first in my mind and first in my love.

My second priority is to my writing. I have for so many years simply ignored this part of me. Now I have found it again and I will not turn my back on it a second time.

My third priority will be to my personal life. There are things I need to get accomplished and things that I need to change to be able to properly accomplish my first and second priorities. I will get myself in order so that I am physically and mentally able to meet the demands of my first two priorities to the best of my meager abilities.

I will be around. I will continue to visit. I will not be a stranger. I just will not be as pervasive as I have been of late. I will work on the Writers University and do my best to make it a viable and attractive part of the Library. I will support Chat by attending the formal discussions but, for the most part, I will be absent from chat at other times.

This is important to me. I must take care of the most important things in my life and I know I have less than successful up to this point.

Thanks for you understanding and your support. This is important to me.




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