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lady kisa

Haunted by something i have done

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I am Haunted by something i have done. When i first started on this site, I had other submissive friends who were either lonely or heartbroken by their Masters/Mistresses. They asked me to Dominate them. Instead of being true to my self, I thought it would be Okay. Within a few weeks a had a sub of my own. I was selfish and my main Focus was finding Sir's to play with me online. They expected to use her too. Most were decent but i allowed a few to abuse her. I did not protect her as i should of. I did not think playing O/L would have a bad outcome. But Damage was done. She loved and trusted me. I had no business doing what i was. I did not know how to deal with it. I ended it badly. I hurt her. She left the site. Since then, She has been in my thoughts through the years. Words fail to describe how sorry i feel for hurting someone who did nothing but serve me with all of her being. My only hope is that somehow, someway she may read this. Maybe some sub may read this too, and stay true to themselves.



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