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The Good, The Badd, and the Ugly

Harvest Moom

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Harvest Moon

You'll keep coming back,
and I'll keep letting you.
until it destroys us both.

Last night.....
the harvest moon in the sky.
Driving 90 miles an hour,
to get to you.....
because you asked me to.

You touch me,
and i melt.
i am wetter than water.

I asked if you missed me?
the only answer,
your silence.

Now you are alone,
wracked with guilt.
i sink further into despair,

I am terrified,
to hear you say the words,
you've said sooooo many times before.....
that you can't do this anymore.

All I have,
is this small moment in time.
for you to stop tormenting yourself.
punishing yourself,
punishing me.

It never ends.



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