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I just read a post about emotional reactions and bdsm. I know that I had a strange childhood and that for me bdsm helps me to work out some of my own emotional problems in a good way. is that healthy? I know that some of my emotional problems are what causes me to enjoy bdsm sooooo much, it is why I am a sub, does everyone have some life-changing memory of their previous experiences that cause them to enjoy bdsm or is it just a thing?


  1. Geasa's Avatar
    Speaking as a Dom, I have always put it down to my father being ill, and dying when I was young. The desire to control, seems to come from that, I think. I would love to have a talk with someone who knows about this stuff, not to change myself, but just to find out if I was right or not.

    I would be very interested to know what makes a sub? What actually goes into that mix? You are putting it down to something you suffered, and a lot of subs seem to have had these experiences, but I wonder if people who abuse, pick subs to start with. What I am trying to say, badly, is I wonder if you were a submissive to start with, and the abuse changed your submission.


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