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lady kisa

my task for february 21

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My Master Lurid has given me the assignment of writing a blog entry on tonight's activities.
Sir came online, and after the usual pleasantries, he directed me to get out my toy box and get out my vibrator. Which it wasnt in my toybox, after looking around i began to feel frustrated. I was then directed to find an alternative item a hairbrush. My hairbrush has about a 5" handle, with hard bristles with little nobs on the end of each bristle. I was directed to rub the handle up and down my slit. I was still feeling frustrated but started to become aroused. Lurid then instructed me to slowly drag the bristle over my slit. Which the sensation pushed my arousal up even higher. Then i was instructed to turn the brush over and to spank my pussy repeatly until i was told to stop..My mound was a nice pink color by the time i was told to stop. Then using my fingers to hold open my pussy, i slowly dragged the brush over my slit. I felt like a dirty slut for my Sir, I felt owned completely body and mind.
Then i was directed to drag the brush over my clit and to make my pussy cum for sir which i did 2 times. Then i eased half the length of the brush handle into my pussy..i enjoyed the feeling of the handle stretching me, then finally i eased the rest of the handle into pussy, tapping the end of the handle to fuck myself..i could feel with each tap the bristles digging into me and on Lurid's order i cummed very hard for him. I felt afterwards like a good girl, very much his property, cared for and treasured.


  1. dolphinloverslave's Avatar
    mmmmm that was a nice blog will be glad when i can do that with my Master when i have found 1 that is sexylady


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