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About kimmie-sutra

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About kimmie-sutra
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BDSM Interests:
Master/slave dynamics, 24/7 lifestyle
A Bit About Yourself:
I cannot stand online role play. I prefer to just live the lifestyle whether that's online or in person.

Even though I use the terms 'Dominant' and 'submissive' my dynamic is fundamentally that of M/s and is a constant feature in my life. Being so immersed within that lifestyle choice I enjoy meeting others who have similar dynamics within their own relationships. I don't have a particular kink. If I'm asked what my kink is in a munch I tend to just give a blank stare back and feel like an imposter. That's because I don't see my submission as a kink but as a personal lifestyle choice.

I'm a marmite submissive in that you either love or hate my mind set and approach to the lifestyle. I fall naturally on the more extreme and intense side of things and so in order to submit I need an extreme and intense Dominant. I'm the kind of submissive that initially needs to be micro-managed. I need to see a Dominant as being firm, controlling, strong, ruthless etc. in order to respect them. Once I'm full of respect and admiration for somebody I submit easily and micro-manage myself well as it’s the place that I feel most comfortable, safe, secure, and happy. I’m not satisfied with just being an ‘ok’ submissive for someone. I have to be the best that I can possibly be for that person and to be the best that I can be I need to 'know my place' in the household and know that they are without a doubt the Dominant leader.

As seriously as I take my position and the dynamics established within my relationship the protocol levels vary and I like to laugh a lot. I have a mischievous streak and I love to have fun so I scheme, I plot, I love pranks, and I’m an established escape artist. I slip out of chains, I wiggle out of bondage, and I’ll try my best to pick locks. I can’t help it, I have to try and if I succeed I’ll go with it. I take stupid and sometimes dangerous risks. One of the reasons I like being submissive is that there's someone there to rein me in at times and stop me being too wild.

I ask a lot of ‘why’ questions and I constantly want to learn a new skill or
understand a new concept. If I don’t understand a particular kink or lifestyle choice or if I’m simply curious I’ll ask those involved all about it. I also talk a lot, probably too much. I'm working on that.

I'm currently attempting to learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. I'm not naturally gifted at learning other languages but I've set myself the task of
learning at least the basics so that I can act as interpreter when travelling through Europe. Any help would be much appreciated.
Vanilla Interests:
Horse riding, travelling, decorating for whatever season is upon us


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