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  1. Hi, my dear friend
    I hope you are doing well. Please let me know how you are...

  2. my sweatest dorolta,
    Are you ok dear?
    you've been gone a while, sorry so was i in a way...
  3. As i'm hung, i feel the whip tearing my flesh over and over. The pain is searing as the whips cut into my tender flesh. Ruthless Aphrodite is laughing and enjoying my attempts to squirm away and avoid the blows. "There's nothing you can do you pathetic little piece of shit. Hang some weights from those worthless little balls girls. Maybe then she won't try to move so much." The one girl leaves while the other continues her evil administrations. As a crowd is gathering to watch my ordeal, the girl returns. i can see that she has a 25lb weight and coarse rope. She makes a single loop in the rope and roughly puts it around my balls. With a quick and rough tug, i feel my balls pulled tight. As she fashions another loop in the rope, she puts the weight on and lets it fall. Instantly, i am blinded by the white pain as my balls feel as though they will be pulled from my body. The crowd cheers. As i manage to pull my senses together, and the sudden pain in my groin turns to warm green nausea in the pit of my stomach, i beg Ms. Ruthless Aphrodite to please not punish dorolta. 'It is my fault Ma'am, i was the one that was indulgent. Please punish me instead.'
  4. She walks over to where i am hung,grabs the weight, i can see over her shoulder you raising your head to look at me. i see pity in your beautiful eyes, as you mouth the words, 'no, stop, don't do it.' i am so sorry that i got you in trouble, i can barely stand the fact that you will suffer more torments now because of my actions and my tenderness for you. But while our eyes are met, Ms Aphrodite, slaps me hard across the face, spliting my lips. "Don't worry," she laughs, "there is plenty of torture for both of you. In fact, i think we will leave you here hanging in the noon sun for all of these fine people to enjoy. That sun should do a number on your torn skin. Enjoy." Then as she begins turn around, still holding the weight as it pulls tightly on my trapped balls, she turns and looks at you. "Ok dorolta, now its your turn. Girls." i see them pick you up and start to carry you a way. Ms Aphrodite then turns back to me, "Oh I almost forgot, you'll be needing this." As she throws the weight at me and it falls, the pain is so intense. i try to focus on where they are taking you, but the blackness overcomes me as i loose consciousness.
  5. Sorry it took so long
  6. my Dearest dorolta,
    seeing you fall after my blow and kick is almost too much to bare. i think you have had enough. i stand up off the chair, reach down and pick you up. i carry you back down the trail of sharp gravel in my bare feet. Many of the bystanders think this is a sign of weakness and laugh and mock me. But i care not. It is NOT a sign of weekness. It is compassion. Yes it is true that your naked form has me aroused but seeing you fall and too weak to get back up makes me appreciate the efforts you endured for my sake. i finish the walk through the gravel, my feet now bleeding and bruised and carry you back to the stables. Once there i lay you gently in your bed. i prepare warm soapy water to cleanse your wounds. i take great care (and pleasure) in cleaning your naked body. you moan softly and queitly as i work over your wounds, i think you just came. you lay there exhausted and i extend to you my hand to kiss. After you kiss my hand you pass out from your ordeal. i whisper in your ear, 'Don't worry my dearest, i shall punish you latter for not being able to endure the return trip back home.'
    With kindness and love
  7. I go down onto my belly, crawling fully prostrated on the gravel path. The gravel is sharp, it bruises my hands, my breasts. my waist, my mount of Venus, my thighs, my knees, my calves, my ankles and my feet, much more than before. I attract a group of spectators, mocking and spitting at me. When i reach you, i am like a gory monster from a horror film. I know it will really hurt only a bit later. With a last effort i heave on my knees and try to catch your extended hand. But before my humble lips reach your sweet hand, it swipes out and i get an enormous slap. Then you kick me in the face hard, so that i fall back and lay there helpless, with my 3 km crawl having made me too weak to get up. I can just moan in a small voice: "Thank you, my dearest punisher, i deserved just this."
  8. Dearest dorolta, please crawl to me and you may kiss my hand
  9. Oh, yes, i am still kneeling on the sharp gravel
  10. A very pretty young lady spat at me twice and shouted to you: "Make the slut bleed!"
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Date of Birth
July 19, 1991 (32)
About dorolta
BDSM Role:
owned in real life, free to online play
BDSM Interests:
being humiliated, beaten, kicked, put to shame
A Bit About Yourself:
I am a slave girl in relationship with a wonderful Mistress. I love being punished, humiliated, tortured. I am humble and obedient.
under your whip


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Recent Entries


by dorolta on 04-19-2012 at 09:49 PM
Am i inferior?

Yes, i am. I use lowercase "i" to express my inferiority. A frequent practice in BDSM circles.

I don't believe in superior or inferior "races". There is only one human race. But i would enjoy very much being humiliated by an ebony or Asian Mistress. And i wouldn't mind a bit if she proclaimed the superiority of her own "race". I would also be ready to admit it, just to humiliate myself. A Mistress is always right.

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Under the whip

Do you enjoy?

by dorolta on 04-16-2012 at 08:37 PM
Mistress beating me

After a series of slaps, partly on my face and partly on my boobs, she orders me to stand up and grab my ankles. I am nude. Her tough singletail starts working on my sensitive thighs. Blow after blow. I writhe. She laughs at my moaning.

“Well, little one, do you enjoy it?”

“Yes, darling, i do.”

“You get more, then.”

It hurts like hell. It is so humiliating, bending over naked

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Updated 04-17-2012 at 07:22 AM by dorolta

Under the whip


by dorolta on 04-15-2012 at 09:06 AM

When i am a naughty girl, Mistress whips me as punishment.

When i am a good girl, Mistress whips me as a warning to keep it up.

When i am lazy, she whips me to instigate me.

When i work sedulously, she whips me as a sweet reward.

When i am absent-minded, she whips me to keep me alert.

When i am full of pep, she whips me to calm me down.

When i am happy, she whips me to make me happier.

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Under the whip

In my stomach

by dorolta on 04-13-2012 at 11:26 AM


I feel it in my stomach.

Seeing a girl slapped, a violent craving grabs me: do it to me! Hit me, kick me, strip me, whip me, cuff me, trample on my face, twist my nipples painfully…

I desire to kiss your hands. I desire to kiss your feet. I desire to lick off the mud from your shoes.

I strongly desire for being put to shame. To be exposed publicly, naked. For being spat at, for eating trash, for licking the pavement

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Fantasy palace

Am I a ... Yes, what am I?

by dorolta on 04-12-2012 at 03:23 AM
Am I a sadist?

No, no, by no means. I couldn't harm a fly.

But I confess I am excited about torture. In my imagination it is always me who is tortured. I have masochist fantasies.

Am I a masochist, then?

Certainly. I love being punished and humiliated.

If you kicked me in the face, I would kiss your foot.
If you pissed on me, I would try to swallow it.
If you whipped my breasts and pussy brutally, I would be sexually

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Updated 04-12-2012 at 03:32 AM by dorolta

Under the whip
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