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    Re: 25 yr fem looking for Dom to train me

    Hi NewToThis,
    First off Welcome to the Library, hope you find what you are looking for.

    I would highly recommend instead of jumping straight into a D/s with no experience. Do some research...
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    Re: New, looking for online Dom.

    Hi RoseProphecy,
    Welcome to the Library, Hope you find what you are looking for here. Feel free to ask any of us any questions we are all very open minded and helpful.
    also make sure to stop by...
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    Re: Thoughts of the Day.

    Thought of the day...

    Do people just naturally crave attention. What is the real difference between the people genuinely need it and those who just seek it. How do you recognize the people who...
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    Thoughts of the Day.

    I thought Id start this thread here. To let people express their thoughts of the day.
    Ill post at least once a day and respond to questions or answers based off the post for the day.
    Please feel...
  5. Re: Life is an interesting whirlwind Dom seeking advice.

    Thanks for the Insight all. it is greatly appreciated.

    I had a talk with her last night and it did not go well... needless to say this unfortunately is the decision I have to make. I am not...
  6. Re: Life is an interesting whirlwind Dom seeking advice.

    Thank you for your thoughts Numinosity, I can see where you are coming from, and it makes sense that I should try harder to express this to her. Last time we had talked about something of this nature...
  7. Life is an interesting whirlwind Dom seeking advice.

    So I am new here hope this is a good place to talk to people about my struggle.

    So I at heart am a Dom I lived the lift style for many years before I meet my wife. She has never really accepted...
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