The following was a preface i wrote to a book i had written many years ago. i never did anything with the book and a couple of years ago i was retyping it into Word and had a girl helping me. Well, she ran off with my manuscript. Se la vie, anyway, i do have this and i have a stripped down copy of the book that eventually i will here it is...a work in progress but it gives a good overall view of the books storyline.

Tis a time not passed, tis a time before
Memory circles the revolving door
Humanity’s hunger has loosed its greed
And nature’s rebellion to the wary heed

Evil spawned and raced over the land
Til nary a human left graced to stand
Like dandelion seeds blown on the breeze
Humanity’s progress sown deep freeze

Tis a tale of terror in uncertain realms
Where ancient memory controls the helm
From the bleak desolation of blackened minds
Recline with your drink as the story unwinds…..

A misty figure on the horizon appears
Tortured and weary the sun on skin sears
Foaming damp froth upon muscles of stone
A female figure naught but skin over bone

Over the dusty landscapes bleak
Trembling travels her journey made weak
Sharp in image and larger made still
Halting to breathe just over that hill

Eyes scan unseeing into barren beyond
This way and that, instincts grow strong
Her companion huffing marks the ground
Full speed to blessed shelter found

A bed of moss and a pillow of leaves
Deep breathing sleep her soul bereaved
Echoes of nothing surround her ears
In quiet subconscious let loose her tears

Not far off but out of her sight
Travel three gentlemen to offer flight
One with a mission and two to assist
Will they see this girl or blink and miss?

Beauty awakes from vibrations ground
Misty eyed from sleep so sound
Ghosting figures on sturdy steeds
Surround the wild eyed maiden treed

Lunging from the lurking hands
Lovely dodges, three take their stands
With grunts of painful welts she makes
Three so startled she lands her stakes

Escape at hand she tastes the sweet
Until the fast approaching ground she meets
A leaden weight hers to bear
Consequence met of defying fair

Blessed darkness surrounds once more
Not of choice she’s at dreamlands shore
Warmed by ignorance this girl so bold
For one more night solitude she holds

Steeped in confusion at wild girls heart
What to do with this vixen tart?
Three whisper quietly as the dawn weeps
Planning her fate as the wee girl sleeps….

Late to the day the sun disappears
Sleep clouded eyes she trembles in fear
Strangers surround her aching crown
Facing accusers with naught a sound

Stoically knelt on ground tussled
Three men of honor await the hussle
Narrowing eyes cautiously near
Emotions betrayed by trailing tear

“Fear not of us wicked wench,”
Offering lady waters quench
“Fate does whisper to our ears
you are welcomed to escort, dry your tears.”

And so once three becomes now four
As lovely speaks of honor swore
Questing escort counting crowns
Hoofbeats thundering hillside sounds
Their journey begins….