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So I am new to the whole bdsm d/s life style and as I have been reading learning and talking to people one of the biggest things that comes up is go slow, talk to people, and learn about yourself so this is me heeding that advise and saying I would love to talk to or hear from subs on their experiences good or bad and what they feel is the best track in starting into a lifestyle that seems vastly different from the norm so please anything you say is helpful thank you in advance
Becoming a sub was easy for me. I had been in Holland and there I only had one-night stands. So I decided to become a sub. I was thinking that would make it easier for me to find a long-term relationship. I was 22 and I went to Germany. True. There2 I found long-term relationships. My first relationship was with Mistress that was in her early forties. She demanded that I be naked when at her place. I did what she wanted me to do. She organized parties in her house for fellow Mistresses. I was to wear a fishnet dress. Uner it I was naked, so I was fully exposed. My second relationship was with a pretty girl, that was doing lesbian escort. She said, that I could do it too, but she was not encouraging me to do it too. Well. I ended up doing lesbian escort too. With one client.