I have recently begun a D/s relationship with a man online, we have both had D/s relationships before so we are used to the nuances of learning how to discover what we want and enjoy in our interactions. The reason I am posting, however is because I need as many ideas for tasks as you can give me.

I am wondering, as it is heavily online for now, if I could get some fresh extra ideas for:
1) daily tasks - such as having me be the first and last person he contacts each day, him requesting permission to orgasm, etc
2) rewards - since this is mostly online at the moment, I need some ideas for how to reward him for pleasing me. I would hate to get repetitive because then it wouldn't be rewarding anymore
3) punishments - not allowing him to orgasm, writing lines, etc...again needing help here because many of my avenues of punishment are removed by being long distance

Thanks in advance for any help!