*puts down my green laptop bag, stands around nervously at the back of the line*

*when it's my turn to speak up, I do so in a clear voice*

I am sabina.
Once, eons ago, I was part of a writers forum and completed the first chapter of a book I'd love to complete one day.

I have 3 stories in total posted on an online story site. (This happened in the time the Library was down, so I never submitted it here.
Personally I believe that only one, perhaps two of those stories are actually even nearly acceptable.

The 3 stories are all written with a strong Male Dom/femsub tone, but I have dreams of extending that somewhat.
My grammar is often not as strong and as flowing as I would like, but my real interest is learning how to grow a believable, multifaceted character. Surely there must be trips and tricks?

I would say my level falls somewhere between newbie and ok-ish.

I trust that I answered most of the questions and look forward to hearing from You.