I would like to request access to the Writers university. I have very little experiance writing erotic literature, although I am currently putting the finishing touches onto a project that I have found hugely satisfying. Dispite having very little experiance in the genre, I greatly enjoy both the reading and writing of erotic literature, which was truth be told, how I ended up at the library in the first place (after googling 'erotic literature')

I am a terrible perfectionist and am always looking to improve. I am deeply and horribly dyslexic (last time it was formally tested (as an adult) my spelling level age was assessed as being equivalent to that of a 12yo.......thank goodness for spell check, though I have been known to break spell checks with my creative spelling in the past....you have been warned!).

I also tend to write sentences that are waaaaaaaay to long and have erratic punctuation, I can't seem to help myself, it's just something that I have always done, and I am sure that I will struggle with this very thing in the future, and this is one of the areas that I would seek to improve *pauses as I take a deep breath in*, should I be lucky enough to be granted admission.

I find that I have to read a sentence several times before my brain accepts it, which can make reading slow, and I have never been able to tell an -ible from an -able to save myself. Don't even get me started on the trauma that the correct use of apostrophes has caused me over the years.

So in summery, if there is room at the university for a slow, dyslexic, inexperianced, perfectionist I am your gal!

thankYou for considering my application and kind regards