For My sub..,

With tight leather pressed against your throat,
your neck bounded in silky rope,
your tongue ravishing my lips,
I know you are Mine.

Your sighs echo softly,
causing Me to quiver deep inside,
when your voice is full of longing,
I can't help but smile wide.

I lift the flogger from your neck,
my thighs from your face,
you squirm beneath your blindfold,
trying to escape.

I stand before you as a hot drip runs down my leg,
watching you wriggle in your bonds wets a certain place.
I grab my tits and rub them against your hardening cock,
the ropes tighten across your chest, a silent plea for me to stop.

I grab your cock and lick just once before I climb on top.
I slowly guide you into me, easing onto the tip until I feel your rim inside me,
I rub my fingertips all around, then slowly sway my hips.
you gasp for breath, longing for more,
I simply can't resist.

With one swift move I push you inside,
I feel your desire release,
you pulse against me, as I begin to bounce,
To guide you to that space.

I cum as many times as I please,
Tormenting you I tightly squeeze,
Again and again until you beg "Master please!"
Only then will you get your release.