Going to a costume dance at a posh BDSM Club I am dressed in a sexy French maid costume and Master Frank as a pirate. I am uncertain and a bit uneasy as I do not know exactly what Masters plans are for the evening. He only told me he wished to go, and I was to wear this outfit which is very revealing but still has all of me covered though just barely.

As the music starts Master guides me out onto the dance floor and I start to relax a little getting into the rhythm of the music as the tempo picks up. Looking around I see the room is moderately full but not overly packed. The next dance is much slower, and Master takes me in his arms as in a two-step but as his hand comes around to rest on the back of my shoulder I feel it slide down to my ass. And rest there.

Looking deep into his eyes I see that he is up to something as I know that look well and then feel his fingers underneath my short skirt. I feel his arm other arm come around me tighter underneath my skirt then raise it up to my waist. I realize I am now exposed with nothing but my black thong panties covering my ass as we continue to dance his arm tightly around my waist holding my skirt up from behind.

He leans into me and whispers softly in my ear. “My little slut is going be naughty for her Master tonight by exposing herself for him, isn’t she?" giving me a look which implies this is not an option so just say yes. Taking a gulp and swallowing nervously I answer, “Yes Master Frank as you wish Sir.” Whispering in my ear once again. “It is time we pushed your limits little one.

”Again, I gulp feeling the lump rise in my throat but answer. “Yes Sir.” Trying hard to remain calm and not let my nervousness show.

Whispering again as the song starts to end he flashes me a slow seductive grin. “All eyes behind you are on your ass my pet. I shiver, wondering what he has in mind. “When the music stops I want you to walk over to the bar and lean over it with your elbows on the bar and your legs spread slightly apart for me. Is that clear?” I see your stern look and know I have no choice but to obey. Saying no is not an action Sir will tolerate so I answer, “Yes Sir, I do.”

With the music now ended Master guides me toward the bar and I do as instructed. Elbows on bar bent over at the waist with my well-rounded ass pushing outward, my legs spread slightly apart as instructed. I then feel Master flip my skirt up over my back and the cool air hit my ass. then Master hooks a finger under the waistband of my thongs pulling them down to expose my bare ass to everyone. He rubs and slaps my exposed cheeks lightly. I hear ew’s!! and ah’s!! from the crowd.

I close my eyes so humiliated I feel my face flush and turn a crimson red. Never have I been exposed to the public like this. But I know Sir knows what is best for me, so I try to accept it as he would expect me to.

Yet I feel as though I am burning up. My whole body on fire. My womanhood hot as a volcano ready to erupt and I wonder why? The juices of my sweet sex are building and smoldering, spilling out between my pussy lips, sliding seductively down my thighs. I know people are staring and starting to gather around. My eyes water with humiliation.

Then I hear an authoritative female voice, “Spotlight here please.” I believe this slut likes this. Let's have a closer look. Very nice indeed Frank. Is she yours?” I hear her say. I cringe knowing she is inspecting me. Knowing everyone is inspecting me. Yet my sex becomes even wetter, my nipples harder. My sex wetter.

Answering proudly Sir say, “Yes she is my slut Madam. I am very proud of her. But she needs her limits stretched” I then hear her say. “Well then with your permission and participation I would love to use her.” I gasp out loud and say before thinking,

“Master, Please.!! No!!..... You know how I feel about other women involved. I do not want this. Please I beg you Sir” I say my voice quivering. Not this!...Please!....

Smacking my ass hard and speaking harshly Master speaks with a low growl, “Well my slut I was going to say no for that very reason, but after this little outburst I think I will allow it. I will not tolerate this type of behavior from you ever.” He then looks at the Madam replying without hesitation. “Yes, I think it would be good for her if we both use her. Perhaps teach her a lesson or two about behavior,”

Madam smirks, “She is a bit defiant I must say. It would do her could.” Nodding Master replies, “I will see about getting a room and I think I will get one with windows so others may watch and enjoy her being disciplined also.”

Looking back to me with a stern look Master smacks my ass hard again with the palm of his hand and I jump as he says sternly, “Stay in position while I set things up. Understand my slut?

My voice still quivering and my eyes watering I answer humbly, “Yes Sir, I will obediently do as you say Sir.”

"Good Girl," he replies. I hear him walk away leaving me with the Madam. I am so embarrassed and humiliated. My ass still exposed for all the club to enjoy and view. The juices of my sex becoming even more pronounced as the crowd grows larger. I can hear them whisper to one another no doubt speaking of how slutty I look, or how wet I am exposed for all to see. Yet there is nothing I can do about it. Knowing I have put myself in this predicament. Yet wishing Master had been a little easier on me. I shiver at the thought of what he might have in mind. Having no idea.

Then Madam walks up to me lifting my breasts up off the counter. Smiling she says, "I am going to use you so hard and there is nothing you can do about it. I know you do not like other women being involved but this is punishment and you are not supposed to like it are you slut?"

I answer, "No Mistress," then jump as she grabs my nipples one between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. She twists and pinches them hard as I cry out from the pain and flinch.

My eyes water but trying to be brave I see Master returning and taking my leash tells me sternly to come. She releases me to follow my Master. I follow glad to just get away from the Mistress but see that she is following us, grinning maliciously as if she knows what is in store for me.

Hearing him return I notice master is sober not showing any emotion but looking very serious.
Taking my leash, he leads me into a room with a full glass picture window. Again, I shiver realizing it is a viewing room. Looking around I see it looks something like a medical examination room. My heart leaps into my throat imagining all the scenes which could take place in here.

Then looking out the windows I see people are gathering to watch. I feel horrified that whatever is to happen I am going to be exposed and visible to all outside for their viewing pleasure. I look at Master pleadingly with my eyes and he just smiles.

"This will serve two purpose’s my pet. To push your limits as well as punishment. You will take it like a good girl for Master. Should you not it will only be worse for you. Trust me on that? Do you understand?" I swallow hard but then comply, "Yes Master as you say."

Removing one article of clothing at a time Master strips me. Feeling more embarrassed than ever if that is even possible. The crowd cheers, and claps seeing I will be naked for this scene.

With the final piece of clothing removed I feel a slight sting to my ass as a flogger kisses my buttocks lightly. First one then the other... Master’s voice commands. "Bend over slave with your ass to the window. The audience wants to watch me whip you."

Doing as told I bend over with mortified humiliation at what I am being made to do yet my soaking pussy says different. The juices continuing to leak down my thighs. My body hot and my face flushed. I want Master to Stop! Yet I don’t.

Feeling the crop this time I cry out loudly from the pain and the unexpectedness of it but quickly turn facing my ass to the windows as ordered and bend over the spanking bench before me. Rapidly I feel five more hard lashes to my now burning and red striped ass. I look at Master standing before me with arms crossed over his chest and legs spread slightly apart. A stance of authority and confidence. As tears start to roll down my face more from humiliation than anything. I take the lashes without a fuss. Knowing that raising a fuss would only add more lashes and harsher to.

Madam steps in front of me cupping my breasts one in each hand lifting them up my nipples hard and erect. Speaking to Master she says, "Look Frank. Her nipples are rock hard. I think she likes being exposed as she pinches then twists them hard." Smiling Master answers, "Yes I do believe she does at that. She should really like the next part," I cringe as I hear you chuckle softly not knowing what to expect. The fear seeping in. Yet my body responds with excitement. Totally betraying me

Madam then orders me sharply. Now, go get on the examination table dirty slut. Legs spread on your knees head down on table. I want that slutty ass in the air as I do this. Your Master says you are a dirty slut so guess what? We are going to clean out your ass bitch with a cold-water enema and the audience is going to watch."

I am crying now and just want to die but know I have no choice but to be humiliated this way. I then see Master walk up to me and whisper in my ear. "Be a good little slut for me pet and accept this with the knowledge you are a dirty and disobedient little slut. Now I want you to reach back and spread your ass cheeks for Madam"

I shake my head and moan no Master..Please No!....

Master quickly unbuckles his belt then pulls it swiftly through the loops of his slacks. I cringe again hearing it cut the air with a whoosh! as it is freed.

Immediately he brings it down hard on my already burning ass. "Now! pet,"

I jump and scream out. Then do as told spreading my cheeks and exposing my ass to the rapidly growing crowd just outside the windows watching our activities with lots of wolf whistles!!... whoops!... ooh’s and aw’s. Grateful I can’t see them except through the reflective glass.

I quickly gasp then as I feel something cold and wet press against my anus. I soon realize it is a bag with a nozzle which is being slowly inserted and pushed into my ass.
I then feel cold water filling my orifice. Cold and chilling. Sending shivers like ice through my body. Feeling the pressure I hear Master say, "Relax pet and take it, You are getting an enema to clean out your dirty hole from all the cocks which have been there in the past.

For from now on it will be my cock only which fills your anus. It is Mine!...Do you understand pet?" I whimper and answer, "Yes Master, I understand." As the bag empties into my ass I feel a butt plug being inserted, gasping from the pain as it passes through my sphincter, "You will hold this for five minutes. You will NOT expel it for any reason till told you may. Understand pet? The pressure and pain will be great but you can and will do it for your Master. Understood?" I answer through tears with a shaky voice, "Yes Sir I understand."

But think I am not sure I can hold it as the cramps and pain start to set in. It is horribly uncomfortable and everyone is watching me to see if I do and how I react. I know Master will punish me further if I cause a scene. So, I grit my teeth and try to process the pain to pleasure as I was taught to do with pain years ago.

I then hear him whisper to me again, "Breath slowly and deeply through your mouth pet. It will help minimize the discomfort and pain." Taking a deep breath, I do as instructed realizing it does help.

I then feel your fingers sink deep into my pussy. Smiling you say softly, "Oh my what do we have here. My dirty little slut is wet as she can be. Madam come feel this." I cringe at the thought of the Madam’s fingers dancing around and playing inside my pussy as I feel her fingers invade my wet and swollen cunt but know I cannot stop it.

She then quickly exclaims as she finger fucks my sex hard right before the audience of onlookers, "Oh my goodness. I have never seen a slut so wet. You may have a slave here Frank. I think she is loving this open slutty exposure to an audience and would do anything you told her to now, laughing heartily..

With a chuckle Master responds quietly, "Yes I do believe you are right. May have to change her name to slave." and I hear them both laugh as Madam continues to finger fuck me. While at the same time I am dying from humiliation, my body seems to be enthralled with all the attention. With her and Master both playing in my orifices and the audience watching as they each use my body for their pleasure. She then whispers to me and says, "You know the audience out there can hear every word we say in here through microphones slut," I refuse to think about that, Yes Madam. I answer softly.

Finally, after what seems like hours I am allowed to expel the cold water from my ass. But know I am being watched as I do. I am so fucking humiliated I think I will die. Yet I am so wet and aroused to.

Master walks up to me and softly whispers into my ear, "So pet. How did you like your first punishment and enema before an audience and with a Madam administering it. Remember this when you think of disobeying me again little one or the process can and will be repeated as often as needs be, with each time being harsher than the previous one" looking at me sternly.

I answer softly my eyes on only him. "Yes Sir, I understand and will not disobey you again.

He smiles and, "Now one last thing. I want you to play with yourself for the audience and cum for them as they watch. I want you to look at them as you do." I start to protest then see the look on your face as you cock your head and raise your eyebrows frowning reminding me of what you just said about disobeying. I then reach down and start to play with myself rubbing my clit hard and look at the audience all smiling and whispering to each other. Finally, I manage to cum hard and squirt all over myself with an explosive orgasm unlike any I have ever had as I scream out loud my pleasure, oblivious to everyone and everything but my earth shattering orgasm with everyone watching. The tidal waves of orgasmic bliss assaulting my body one after another seeming to last forever and my entire being hoping they do.

Eventually I start to come down from my euphoric high "Master smiles whispering softly, "That's my good girl. Now we can go home pet."

Master picks me up in his arms grabbing a blanket from the bench nearby. Walking slowly cradling me in his arms he heads toward a sofa behind a wall out of everyone’s site. Dropping himself gently onto it he holds me snugly then gently kisses me deeply saying in a soft voice. " You made me very proud to be your Master tonight my pet. I could not have asked for more from you than the way gracious way you accepted your punishment being the new slave which you are"

Now let's go shower and go home.