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Review This Story || Author: tj ryder

Castration Specialist

Part 1

Big Balls and Sharp Scalpels!

Nurse Pamela, RN

Court Ordered Castration Specialist!

Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories

Gestapo Mistress, Dommy mommies, femdom cuckolding!

Illustrated Fetish Stories for Adults Only!


The naked young man being wheeled into  the nurse's office by two big

black guards gaped at the voluptuous woman who smiled at him from her

seat as she swivelled around.

The first thing she saw brought a smug smile to her

full lips; his balls were nice and big! Two weeks of

mandatory chastity belt on a healthy young man did the

trick, she was pleased to see. And her cleavage brought

another change, his penis was swelling, despite being

in bondage, his arms and legs manacled, his big balls

draped over the edge of a small table. Then she looked

into his eyes!

Todd couldn't believe the babe who turned in her office

chair! Megababe, huge firm breasts, nipples pushing through.

She looked past him at his guards who had wheeled him in.

"Thank you, officers, I'll handle it from here!" The

door shut behind him and he couldn't move, his legs spread out

his body strapped to a frame at an angle, but he could see

despite his efforts he was getting hard just looking at this

babe! She looked down at his chart.

"So, Mr Todd Anderson, I'm so pleased to see you!"

Todd swallowed, his mouth dry. "W-what are you going to do?"

She giggled, "I think you heard what is going to happen in

court! Besides, didn't you see my cap?"

He saw on her cap a cartoon of a pair of pink balls with

a bright red bloody X through it! Groaning, he stammered,

"Your'e not serious, are you?"

"I'm not?" she giggled.  "Do you like my jewelry?"

   He thought at first the gold bauble earrings and necklace

were just ornaments! Then he realized, they were gold plated

testicles! Were they real?

"Are t-they...?"

   She stood up to walk over to him, and also to show the unique

seat pad on her chair. "Trophies are so important you know!

Pleasant reminders of my career! My earrings

remind me of the college teacher who I brought up on charges of

sex harassment! That was so nice, my first personal cutting.

My necklace was my first court ordered castration! All the castration

specialists wear those around their necks!"

   Walking closer, she cooed and sighed as she hefted the heavy

testicles, and with her other soft hand, squeezed the base of his

big heavy cock, making him stiffen even more in her hand.

   "Ooooh my," she sighed, licking her full lips as he groaned,

"we are going to share a very special experience today, aren't we?

That's what I tell all my subjects and its very true too! And your'e

such a nice size for my collection, too, Mr. Anderson! Although

I don't think you will work for a seat cover! Oh yes, did you ask

if they were real?" She turned her warmed seat cover so he could

see it. What he thought were pink and occasional brown and black

balls were actually testicles, laced together.

   "I made that in my first year of practice! Now I make presents

for my girlfriends. I love this seat cover though. I never wear

panties when I sit on it!" He moaned at the idea as she continued

to squeeze and stroke him. She was going to stroke him until like

all the others he was just about to ejaculate, and then band the base

of his penis as she selected an elastic band of the right size to

lay beside the stainless steel tray that would catch all the blood,

or at least most of it! She kept the scalpel under a towel so

it wouldn't distract him from the pleasure she was giving him,

and herself.

   "That's right," she cooed, "try to cum! Be your last cum after

all! (giggle) No more being a naughty boy after today!"

   "B-but, I (gasp) I only bumped into a woman on the subway!

She said I assaulted her!"

   "Oooh, I'm afraid that isn't my business, Mr. Anderson! My business

is to make sure you learn a very important lesson today!" She moved

her chair over and sat down on the gel filled testicles with her

wet pussy and her thighs spread a little. She didn't want to cum

herself until he finished screaming, and by slowly cutting him,

she hoped he would pleasure her with a nice long screaming,

and that moment when its pitch turned to a shrill squeal as his

testicles fell into her hand, oooh my!'

   She probably should take off her top because it would be bloody

but she was soo anxious to start!


   'Tsk' she pursed her lips, her nipples now so hard the fabric of

her low cut blouse was distracting her. She smiled at him as she

teasingly unbuttoned it, making him gape at her big firm swaying



   "I see you like the view!" He reddened and swallowed, as she

moved up on her gell-filled, swollen testicle cushion. One particular

pair of balls, her largest, was right on the edge, and she spread her

ripe thighs around them, adjusting her position, and then frowned

and decided to stand up.

    "Whoops, I guess I have to make a seat adjustment before we get

started," she said apologetically. Todd gaped and saw that directly

in the middle of the chair was a large pink semi flaccid penis.

   "One young man had a heart attack during the castration so I

decided since he had a nice big erection to use it!  I was thinking

of using his head as a lamp too but he just wasn't very good looking!"

   She touched a button on the side of the stool and Todd watched it

inflate, to a rigid, bright pink, circumcized cock.

   She spread her beautiful butt cheeks, half closed her eyes,

and slowly slid down on it, until her butt cheeks were on the

testicle trophies. "OOOHHHHHHHHHH" she smiled. "I forgot

how big he was, (giggle)" as she squirmed a little, her breasts

making him dizzy, as she enjoyed the impalement.

    "Oooh, yes, you know, its funny but I remember every little detail

of every trophy I have, and when I use them or sit on them, it

just brings back that special moment again! Do you have any

questions before we begin?"

   "Um, pl-please, I...I!" Just then he stopped, as they heard

a muffled scream from another room! Followed by giggling and laughter!

   "Don't be concerned for someone else," she smiled. "That's just

Heather next door. We try to schedule our cuttings at the same time

because this work is soo satisfying and stimulating we need to have

each other afterwards. I mean we can't use the males even if we wanted

to. Because you won't be a male in a little while, will you?"

    "B-but....!" he wanted to beg, but she just smiled and he just

wanted to delay it!

   "You can beg some more if you want," she said smugly, "I like

to watch a boy beg while he still has breath!"

    Just then another muffled long piercing shriek from the other room

made his face pale.

   "OOOh, there goes the other one!" she laughed.

   "Please, my lawyer said he's expecting an appeal to go through!"

   "OOOOh, really? Is it going to be soon, do you think?"

     "Yes!" he said, immediately hopeful. "Yes, he said it could

be anytime. I mean you could get a phone call any moment.

I mean if you did um, (this) and I had an appeal going you could get

in trouble!"

    "Oh, are you worried about me, Mr. Anderson? Please don't.

But I do want to thank you for reminding me. I just hate interruptions

during this!" She spun on her seat, making her gasp a little at the

rigid cock up inside her butt, 'ahhhhhh!' and then, she unplugged her

phone from the jack!"

   "Now we won't don't have to worry about being disturbed;

thank you for mentioning it, Todd!"

   He groaned in frustration. She shifted her stool closer on rollers

with her big breasts almost touching his genitals, he could feel her

breath on his glans. Then she moved a sliding tray from underneath

and he looked down and sat a stainless steel bowl, that was to catch

his testes he thought, and the blood! Oh no!' he panicked.

   Noticing the panic in his eyes, she moved her soft hand to his

glans, gently massaging him, and he got bigger somehow, despite

the fear, or because of it!

   Todd felt himself so rigid, but turned his head at some giggling

and laughter from the other room!

   Pam did also, smiling. "Heather's probably making him clean up

his mess now! It's rather amusing how some of you boys are so nice and

humble after we finish! It's like a switch when a boy sees his

testicles in a bowl and he becomes a submissive little slave for us!

Sometimes Heather and I play some games with them!"

   "Oh no, no no no..! he stammered.

    "OOOOhhh, back to begging again, Mr. Anderson!" she cooed,

squeezing his thick throbbing glans with one hand, using the other

soft palm to cup his big balls!

    "Ooh oooh ooohhhhhh!" he was almost ready to cum, and she

squeezed the base of his shaft until the tremors subsided.

    "Ooooh," she cooed  "not too soon now, we don't want to rush it

now do we?"

  Then he gasped as her soft lips ran up the underside of his

shaft, making him tremble as she massaged him again.

   "That's a good boy, get soo nice and big for me! And these,"

she smiled, hefting each big testicle, squeezing them a little,

feeling the teste inside each. "I think your'e going to be

the first pair for my next project, Todd, a pillow. I figure

I'll have to do about two dozen boys to have enough material

but it's going to be so nice, resting my face on gel filled testicle

sacs as I drift off to sleep, thinking of every boy on my pillow.

I know a girl who has one. She also has a picture of every boy she's

done on her bedroom wall, (giggle) isn't that cute? She says goodnight

to them before she goes to sleep. I know, because she's so gorgeous

Iv'e hooked up with her many times. Sometimes we even play some tapes

of our favorite cuttings in between making love!"

    He gaped!

   "Oh yes," she giggled, "I'm taping this session! I make lots of

money selling copies by the way. Your'e like the star of my next


   "UUHHHHHH!" he was writhing in his bonds as she gently brought him

almost to ejaculation before slowing down.

   "Mmmmm, that's it, try to cum, go ahead. mmmmm?"

    'OOhhhhhh!" he gasped, and she smiled, his cock was almost purple

the cock knob had a drop of precum,

   "Yes,,.," she said, putting a band around the base of his scrotum,

and despite the restrained orgasm and groaning, he looked down

at her licking her top lip and showing him a little curved scalpel

as she smiled.

   "Not too fast, not too slow!" she murmured, her nipples like rocks,

her face near his genitals as he stiffened with shock at the razor

sharp steel on his most vulnerable part of his body. Then he screamed, and

she continued cutting.

  The first bright spray of hot blood made her groan, and the feeling

of those bright red drops on her breasts and nipples made her sigh,

but she concentrated on her work, trying not to cum too soon as she

squeezed her butt around the cock she had once cut off.

   Gasping as one testicle was now dropped into the stainless steel

receptacle, groaning as she feasted on the screams and

his helpless writhing, making her dizzy, still conscious, he took a

breath, hoping it was over, and she sighed and took a deep breath

also, knowing her pussy was already soaked.

but then, she smiled up at him.

    "Very nice, Mr. Anderson, that was very nice indeed!" Soon he

began to scream again and she sighed, taking  a long deep breath,

drinking in his first scream, the first of so many to come!  Her anal

muscles squeezed the thick dismembered phallus as she squirmed a little

on her seat!

   "Let's see how you do now, shall we?" she murmured as he continued

shrieking! The shocking poignant pain as she slowly cut was making him

writhe and shriek!  Pressing her clit against the pair of testicles on her

chair, clenching her butt together, she knew she would cum now,

   As his screams reverberated around the room, her eyes glazed as

she drank them in, making her pussy spasm even as more hot drops of

bright blood splattered on her bare thighs and her big breasts,

even on her hard nipples! Just before his remaining testicle was

hanging by a bloody thread and he was shaking and sobbing between

screams, sweat pouring off his red face, she had a lovely multi orgasm,

trembling and sighing and moaning, as the other pale pink bloody teste

plopped besides its twin in the stainless steel pan!

   Moaning through her luxurious orgasm, pussy cream flooding her

testicle cushion, and sighed and looked at his red face, and was

so pleased he was still conscious, moaning and sobbing!

Then she began to make him cry out again as as she expertly sutured him up

but not as much as the lovely squealing and shrieking, more like tired

sobbing and occasional weak screaming.

  Her face flushed, her breasts sweaty and blood spattered, she

rose up off her special chair with cunt cream soaking all the

testicles until the long thick groady phallus was free of her

clenching anus

Standing up and glowing with pleasure, she looked into Todd's eyes,

and nodded with satisfaction and a smug smile; he was broken!

Just like all the others.  Something just snaps inside them

she was pleased to see; she loves to look in their eyes aferwards,

her work finished.

  She unfastened him and he fell to his hands and knees, still weakly

sobbing.  She really didn't need to cuff him but she did as per


    "You did very well, young man, I enjoyed it very much!

But now its clean up time, Mr Anderson!"

she laughed as she cuffed his wrists behind him

and pushed the stool over to his kneeling form.

"Our subjects always have to clean up the room afterwards.

Start with this, and make sure you lick it totally clean!"

"((gasp)) sob, ye-yes ma'am!" He stared at the glistening

testicle cushion she had sat on.

"Here," she giggled, "deep throat this to begin with!"

and laughed as his lips slid down over the groady black phallus she

had impaled herself on delightfully during his cutting.

"And when your'e finished, take every testicle sac and suck them


(glup, glup) he nodded, looking at her gorgeous bottom as she

moved off.

"Heather and I are going to be occupied for a while, but

when we get back in, you can spitshine our shoes for us, won't that

be nice! (giggle)!" It had been one of her best sessions, she

smiled, wondering what kind of lapdog Heather's client was being!


Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories

Gestapo Mistress, Dommy mommies, femdom cuckolding!

Review This Story || Author: tj ryder
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