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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    11 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Things were running smoothly at the Market Research company. In addition, being Rita's live-in slaveboy made me feel like a wanted person. However, she sent me a text, indicating she wanted me to report to a clinic, that is being run by a friend of hers, named Eve. Of course, I was furnished with the exact address, so right after work I reported. Obviously, I was expected since the receptionist pointed to the doctor's office, upon my arrival. My jaw dropped when I saw six other women here besides Rita and Laura seated around the room. Some of these women I recognized from that theatre we attended. "Oh yeah", I heard one say. "He got butt-fucked a few times that night." Mistress Rita pointed to the center of the room. "Strip completely and get on your knees, slave!" While I was removing my clothes, I noticed each woman was wearing a strap-on. I swallowed hard. I was most embarrassed by Laura being here. But once I was utterly naked, I assumed the position, hands clasped behind me with my thighs spread wide. "You've trained him well," Eve complimented with a twinkle..."Nice dick," another giggled. "No wonder Laura wanted him to fuck her." Then Rita spoke up. "But he must learn that his body belongs to me, which means he needs to learn to control his urges. I will tell him when and whom to fuck!" "Right!" the ladies responded in unison, except Laura. "Haven't you learned your lesson, slut?" Rita scowled at her assistant...."Oh yes Mistress,"Laura blurted. Then Rita looked down at me. "We might as well get on with this, bend over forehead to the floor." Obeying her command I could feel the air-conditioning. "Who wants the first fuck?" Another one spoke up. "Is this a punishment fucking?" Rita nodded. "So we fuck him dry?" ..."Better gag him." When the ball-gag was inserted I felt my butt-cheeks part. I tried to relax when I felt the cock press into me. It's a good thing I was gagged. I squirmed and yelped. Rita berated me. "Take that fucking like the pain-slut I know you are." The first pulled out and the next cock plugged in. Again I screamed into the gag. Then three four five and six followed, tears ran down my cheeks and my ass was sore. And finally, Rita plugged in and gave me the hardest fucking yet. By the time she finished I was blubbering. "I think my slaveboy has learned his lesson," Rita declared. "Be sure to bring him to the theatre next week. He can be one of the stars of the show."...."He sure was the star of this one," Eve laughed.
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  • suissepervert's Avatar
    16 Hours Ago
    Yes, you're right, but before all this trouble the site was updated at least once a week. Now it can take months... That's the sad truth...
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  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    20 Hours Ago
    After seeing the breeding area we headed upstairs and my cousin explained more about the way he breeds the slaves. When the baby is ready to be born my driver takes them to the hospital and drops them off and picks them up when they are ready to come home. When they get back here they stay in our guess room and raise the kid the parents do manual labor like clean the house help carry firewood and general mitnace . When the child is old enough at the age of 18 we *my wife and I* give them an assecment test to see if they are a dominate or a submissive or a true slave. At this point he called in Eli who was training g to be a Dom. Vinny said that when Eli was ready he would buy a house for the family Eli would be master of it and if he wanted to sell his parents he could or he could keep them and re breed them as long as he followed my steps if he doesn't I can still punish him and take away his house * which are all located on my property* We want and saw all the houses next. I could see my cousin getting horny I told him that sub was off limit and showed him her belt. I deflated the wind in his sail but I told him that when we got back it was time for my afternoon blowjob and I would have sub do us both. When we got back to the house I sat down and looked at my watch sub knew what time it was so I had her do us both my cousin first as we discussed me getting involved in the breeding process. As I had the new hotel being built I could use that for the houses and we had plenty of rooms in the mansion that we used for storage and we could clean those out. And let the family's stay there. As sub was giving me a blow job I was slave enter the hotel under an assumed name I called sissy and warned him I told him tell her I am away and to come back next week sub would be avalable
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