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  1. an exceptional fantasy novel, a tale of slavery, despair and hope

    Nine years ago I created this account for the explicit purpose of offering encouragement to, and praise for, an exceptional young writer and the opening chapters of exceptionally good novel. The writer is lovelyandsad and the novel is Mindgames. It's a story set in a dystopian future, in the decaying city of Riviera, and is driven by her experiences of two free men, Gabriel and Animal, and two enslaved women, Mariah and Rose. The work is exceptional for a couple reasons. First, while slavery, humiliation ...
  2. I'm Not Gonna Stop

    I'm Not Gonna Stop, one of the poems of "Raibeart Bruis." The pseudonym translates as "Robert the Bruce," the 14th century Scottish king who earned Scotland's independence from England. (A gift that his son could not preserve.)

    Because you ask
    Because you beg
    or cry

    Iím not gonna stop
    because you sweat
    Because you scream
    or resist

  3. Celebrating his life one final time, but always in my heart

    (gentle giant)
    He did not pick me up when he found me crumpled and fallen upon the rocks. He knelt beside and held me, listened and talked and though I cannot remember our words that fateful day 40 years ago, his voice soothed me, healed me enough that I had the will to get up and walk again on my own. He taught me hope.

    Many times, in my life I have found my self cast off and so completely alone with no one to turn to, he was there, just a simple phone call away, to talk, ...
  4. Adieu

    It appears to me that I cannot control my disrespectful nature (not really a huge surprise)
    I have yet again disrespected a prominent and prestigious Dominant here in the Library, and this gives me great pain to know I do this.
    The last time I left the forums t'was because I was in a relationship that ended badly, yet the other submissive was dealing with greater pain and had more need of support from friends here than I and my being here only served to be salt in her wound, so I chose ...
  5. all for naught.

    thrashing in silence
    trapped in emulative
    echoes of absence
    with nary a word
    not you

    No single utterances
    of thought
    not even a ricochet
    of synapse
    before spark,
    before a flare
    of hope
    before screaming
    in cemented frustration
    of being so completely
    lost and
    in the dark.

    Whitewashed ...

    Updated 12-28-2018 at 09:51 PM by Echoes (I wanted to.)

  6. Inspiration

    Resistance to creativity was heavier than
    a thought of resistance
    my mind not embraced nor caressed
    in a terrace of lilac.
    Shades of fragrance and silk were more
    sweet than coy
    And I wondered where it went,
    where it wandered
    and wafted
    Enveloping completely
    Did it ever leave?
    To the futility of scent
    and sensation
    Never physical
    Yet so physically embolden
    By the sweetness of you
    (my ...
  7. Grief

    You deny me an audience before your passing
    Deny me the honor to sit at your feet and read you your favorite prose
    Or stories
    Or just to ease your pain at each breath you breathe.
    To feed you tiny morsels of delicacies to tempt you to eat
    To entice you to live one more day as the pain takes over more.

    You were my gentle giant,
    the man who took me, broken from the barren rocks, as a child
    Who laid an ear to my own pain and terror
  8. The ugly poet

    An echo, not of this world
    Not even an essence of word or sound
    But a reflection of a past moment
    Best forgotten
    Soon a ripple beyond vibration
    To never be again.
    A shimmer of light
    Momentarily genuflecting
    Imagination or misconception
    More apt delusional.

    You thought you heard her whisper
    Behind the scream
    Of the barren and void
    But it was just the wind caressing past the raging fires of angst
    In a ...
  9. without permission

    People do not abandon others at will
    Or so I thought,
    Who would make a play upon others heart
    To maim and destroy?
    Life was a baby grand waiting for subtle caresses
    or passionate clashes;
    symphonies to be played,
    Champagne in fluted crystal
    Or the heeled shoe of a lady
    to dribble sultry
    merriment of the innocent.
    Belief in Gentlemen with honor
    Integrity of all classes
    But who wears a moral compass, not I!
    It was ...
  10. Oxymoron

    I wanted to write of the raw caustic tears corroding me apart,
    Of the screams inside piercing nails through my shredded heart
    Sobbing in unadulterated, wild, feral grief
    Of every time you burned the inside of my eyes with your rejection
    There could be no greater pain.

    I want to write of my love, patience, even need
    Needing only your love and acceptance,

    I have learnt and grown beyond your years
    and dearly wish ...
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