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  • Stevens's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    Stevens posted a visitor message on Sexy vixen's profile
    I came across your page and read your chain/story. Your write well and paint a very interesting picture.
  • Master_Jerry's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    Hello, Let me introduce myself, I am a experienced Dom who enjoys exercising and discussing ways to control his sub. To Dominate over another gives great pleasure to both parties if done correctly. My goal is not to assert my will over yours, but to explore your submission. By molding your desires and needs into mine. I do not want to make you into a mindless sex slave, and lose the person you are. One thing I have learned is each sub I have talked too has different needs. But the same desire to serve. I want us to get intimate grow a relationship that will allow is to share on a deeper level. If this interests you please send a private message to me. Jerry
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  • 2Dpraved 4 U's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    I never quite know how to adress kinksters, some dommes have us pretend to write as if we were revering 17th century royalty....yeah ok maybe for playtime. Subs I start gentle with, despite the desire to be pushing buttons and target the phrases you... This weird intro is only to say that I get down to the point fast. I have in multiple times thought about the scenario you live in the flesh. Dating a submissive GF, who is also a complete slut, she dates me to keep her parents at ease, while being a submissive fuck toy for an almost biological impossible number of hung and rough daddies. I the boyfriend (giggles) a cucky in progress, suspect about your escapades, but never to their full debauchery. Still I play the part, cover your tracks with the in laws, and jerk off, while you're out, God knows where, always eager to lick your magical pussy and clit, once you arrived. One day your sister shows me a bunch of photos and videos where I see just how big a slut you are, she mocks me, and tells me she will push you even further thru that road, I get so horny, I propose to you the next morning. Honeymoon in Jamaica lol. Now so you don't get this the wrong way, I don't know you, nor will I try to. Just wanted to share a spicy idea about how with the right cucky hubby you and your sister can have a great time, while keeping appearances with your parents. Most cucks, myself included really like our GF or wife to be submissive and a full whore with her men. Be
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