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  • subserviant's Avatar
    3 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I listened to Mike lay out his plans for a BDSM community ,it just might work .There seem to be a lot of people interested in the lifestyle ,and there for a lot of money to be made .I ran it by him to start immediately on the excavating ,roads , sewers water hydro and all that a new subdivision would need .There is a local contractor that has enough manpower and machinery to ge it all in shape and as it tunrs out he had just lost a big government contract and was eager to take on the job . A plant just a few miles away built modeler homes ,any size any style only limited to size due to roads but since they are modeler they could be big enough to suit the purpose .I assumed the role of superintendent ,going to the factory where the homes would be built .They could churn out a house per day once set up ,The excavating company was already at the site ,no permits where needed as most of the local officials where eager to get into the new development . As might be expected not all of the purchasers had willing partners or for that matter partners at all . In all some one hundred houses where to be built ,at least for the first phase .We calculated that about 74 percent would have willing partners be it the woman dominant or the Man .It would take some arranging to fulfill all the requirements ,which wasnt a problem but would take some time .The mew partners be it female or male would have to agree to all the conditions ,then it turned out about 10 men had asked for trans sexual s ,it would seem the Filipino lady boys where in high demand ,not really a problem but none the less time consuming .The profits to be reaped where astronomical ,the houses selling for a million per ,the land lease a hundred grand a year ,the corporation provided water ,hydro ,sewers ,cable ,internet ,phone and of course maintenance fees ,oh as well as protection . It was certainty a win win for Mike ,a conservative estimate was an initial profit of a hundred million and then the ongoing money coming in year after year ,I was sure that once the residents got tired of each other there would other services to offer
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    8 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    Walking around the mansion and the hotel I heard some talk about a gated community where people into BDSM would be free to do their thing without any outside interference. I was so thrilled to hear that I told Mistress Misty. She was elated, and since Marcus wouldn't be coming back, I could be used by her or any other Dom or Domme whenever. I would still be required to keep up with the computers at the mansion and at the hotel. Of course, I'd only be allowed to wear red panties, service any hotel guest and help unloading trucks at the dock. Since Misty controls all the money, which is considerable when she took all of my stock options when I was fired from the I.T company because of failure to show up at all. Misty said she'd talk to Master Michael about moving into one of the houses. Misty was so happy, she even allowed me to fuck her.
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  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    With things back to normal I took sub aside and explained why I did what I did. I told her of my plan to have a gated community where people where raised in the BDSM lifestyle. I also told her that if she felt she needed to be bad and disobey me again to tell m and I wouldn't punish her for it but if she didn't the butcher would be back I wouldn't intervene like I did this time. I explained my gated community idea to her I told her I had the governor and assembly men who wanted houses in an area where BDSM was practiced so I am giving it to them and just like any community it needs people so that is where the breeding pit comes into play you see if I enpregnate Sabrina you'll be the nanny and I would be forced to triple your pay. I would also have adults to help protect the children I have the police commissioner and the mob who owe me favors and what not to keep there secerts so you see it is genious and it's blackmail they won't be able to go to the police cause the commissioner is one of us so to speak. After I was done it was time to go with Armondo to get his children Jaun Carlos and Monteo. Monteo was the architect Jaun was the Gardner and Carlos was a mechanic. Personalitys were completely different juan and Mateo took after Armondo and Carlos took after his mom. Juan and Mateo were dominate and Carlos was a true submissive.
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    1 Day Ago
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    1 Day Ago
    benhoco799 posted a visitor message on wereWolf's profile
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    1 Day Ago
    Well said Jaded.
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