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  • dewygirl's Avatar
    9 Hours Ago
    Hello! Iím 29/f and really enjoy bondage, orgasm control, and name calling. I work an odd job so Iím very busy during certain times of the year but am now entering my slow season so I am able to get online more. Connect with me through yahoo messenger at dewygirl22 or email at dewygirl22@yahoo.com. I would love either a Mistress or Master! Iíve been looking at tons of spanking, cum facials, and bondage pics so Iím very worked up right now and feeling extra naughty ;)
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread In A Crate in Role Play
    The horrible auction was over ,what a relief ,the past weeks had been hell .It wasnt that I had been abused ,no the Master of the mansion had made sure of that ,it was the not knowing ,who was going to end up owning me ,some cruel ,would I be forced to become a common whore ,a play toy for a sex crazed maniac ? I was fairly sure that the huge selling price would rule out my being forced into prostitution . The following day the woman and her driver returned ,the deal was sealed ,we left in the Rolls limo .We traveled for a few miles ,the woman introduced her self ,I was to address her as Mistress Marta ,I would be her secretary ,her confidant ,her traveling companion .Her hand rested on my knee ,her thumb drawing circles .I had no idea how to react ,it felt fine to feel another human touching me but having had no experience with sex let alone sex with a female I sat terrified . So tell me dear how did you come to be sold ,Edward was uncertain .I shed a tear but began ,she reached to my face wiping the tear .My family made huge mistakes by getting involved with a cartel ,my father was only their lawyer but he was forced to lie under oath ,the head of the cartel was about to be found guilty of horrible crimes ,he couldnt access his funds ,under threat of exposing my father he demanded I be sold to cover the cost .My father refused ,I went to the head of the crime gang offered myself ,from my home I was shipped to the house where you bought me .I began to sob quietly She drew me close shushing me ,where you abused she asked .No I replied the sellers reasoned I would be worth more as a virgin .She smiled,well thats a surprise I certainly didnt expect you to still have your innocence .It felt wonderful being held bt her ,her comforting words Perhaps I thought it might not be so bad. . She spoke into the speaker ,pull over in front of the Zwate Huont .Come Jill we are going inside .She ordered the driver to remain in the car The shop was dark with strange instruments high lighted by spot lights .A strange looking woman approached ,ah Madame you are here for your package ,she laid a box on a desk ,I trust these will be acceptable .She laid out a metal device it was like a small collar incircled with sharp screw like round things stiking into inside . The Calley bondage cockrestraint as you ordred .I will give you some instruction ,she took a hex key out of the box ,a what I assumed was an imitation penis ,,slide the collar over it and proceeded to tighten the screws .Now you can tighten the screws as muchas you want ,they are the special order that you ordered ,the lengh is such thatthey will go threw the cock completly ,causing terrible pain of course but that is up to you .The penile insert that you ordred will be a couple of days ,the voltage you want is rather unusual and the remote has to be upgraded to be effective at the distance you require . Thars fine Mistress told her ,I will await you call .The shop keeper kept glancing at me ,licking her lips .Mistress laughed,oh shes not for you ,in fact Im the only one who will be touching her .To bad the old cron muttered .Come Jill we have to show my boy the new method of making sure he dosent abuse himself
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  • Iceweasel's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    I should preface this by saying I'm a switch and not a Dom, but hopefully it still helps. Judging by you post that you usually talk on the phone and skype i'm going to assume this relationship is long distance, and your dom my have lost interest. My advice would be to either talk to your dom and see if there is a way to make things more interesting or accept that this relationship may be over. I'm sorry if I seem blunt but I feel dealing with issues directly is the best way to over come them. Hope this helps, and if you wish i'm happy to discuss it further.
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  • Iceweasel's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    Had an interesting happenstance the other day at work and wanted to share to help me work through it. I recently took on a leadership role at work and have been enrolled in a leadership development program. Part of the program involves a personality profile assessment. The assessment was quite accurate and most of what came up I expected except for a suggestion that my dominance and compliance were abnormally equal and could lead to indecision. I can understand that for the vast majority of people either a dominant or submissive nature would prevail, but as a switch I naturally go back and forth. I normally make decisions rather easily and quickly and do not feel this causes a problem at work. The issue is it's hard to communicate that my balance of aggression and geniality is normal for me, as telling my HR manager that I engage in BDSM as a switch isn't really appropriate. My question is have any other switches encountered these types of problems and what you did to overcome them? I am hoping discussing this with others like myself would help me find solace.
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread In A Crate in Role Play
    That evening Mistress Marta took me with her to the auction. Besides being her slave, I'm also her chauffeur. With her expert directions we arrived at this estate of Master Edward in plenty of time. Cars lined the long circular driveway in front of the mansion, which had the majestic Alps as a backdrop. Clad in only my red panties, Mistress led me by the leash that was attached to my nipples up to the door, where we were greeted by the Master's butler. As soon as the door opened, Mistress ordered me to my hands and knees. She greeted everyone she knew which was just about everybody, and tugged on the leash attached to my nipple rings as a sign that I was to greet anyone she knew as a dominant by kissing their feet. I was never to kiss the feet of a submissive. There were a few times when a person she knew wanted her permission to give me a few whacks with a paddle or whip. Mistress Marta of course agreed. With me on my hands and knees it was simple just to bend all the way to the floor, so my panties could be yanked down. My butt cheeks soon became as red as the panties, when the host announced the auction was to begin. The large gathering went down to the large family room, where a dais was placed in the center. All the dominants sat in comfortable lounges while us slaves knelt at their feet. The first slave brought out was an African woman who was from Ethiopia. She had a gorgeous face, high cheek bones, large breasts, and a great butt. She was tallish, 5foot ten inches but she was not fat. The attendant led her by a leash attached to the collar around her neck to the dais, where she stood motionless as it spun around slowly. Master Edward announced that anyone who wanted to have a feel of her could. Men and women dominants ambled around her succulent form, touching her everywhere. Then the bidding began at a thousand Euros and quickly rose to five thousand, and she was sold to a Italian gentleman for one-hundred thousand, who immediately led her away. The next slave was an Asian woman, who was slender, but had well rounded tits with a shaved pussy. She drew a crowd of Masters and Mistresses, and ended up being bought for fifty thousand Euros by an American Mistress. A French woman was bought for five-hundred thousand Euros by a Swedish couple, who both dominants. Three more slaves were sold including a male slave who was a caucasian who was sold to a woman from Nigeria. Finally, Master Edward's female slave was brought forward and placed on the revolving dais. Master had saved his best for last. From my kneeling position, I could see how voluptuous she was. Large breasts with long nipples and a slender waistline, and a neatly shaved pussy. She was an American. Master Edward had bought her at auction 2 years ago, but he had his eye on another slavegirl, so this jewel was available. Mistress Marta had learned of the sale in an email she had received from her friend Edward. My mistress rushed to the dais, touched this lovely creature everywhere. The slavegirl kept looking at Marta, like she was pleading with her eyes to please buy her. Of course other purchasers, both Doms and Dommes fingered her as well. The selling price rose quickly, Hundred thousand, five hundred thousand, a million. Finally, Mistress Marta bid 50 million euros, and nobody topped it. Master Edward took the slave-girl down from the dais and presented her to my Mistress. Negotiations were made. Mistress wrote a check for half the sale price. The master, who had earned a hefty sum as Master-of Ceremonies during the auction, told Marta, he would send the slave girl to her as soon as he received the rest of the sale price. A contract was drawn up, and signed by both parties. Needless to say my Mistress was elated. She would indeed gain control of a female slave. In fact she was so happy that when we got back to her place, she actually allowed me to fuck her. What a night!
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  • Erogenous Jones's Avatar
    3 Days Ago
    Whilst appreciate there are limitations as to how much the site administrator(s) can do, totally ignoring the users and keeping us in the dark do not reflect well on them. Now over 5 months since last new stories submitted and 4 months since list updated. Either tell us what's happening or admit the site is beyond saving. People will offer assistance but only if asked.
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  • blueyed_slave's Avatar
    4 Days Ago
    My first fetish is ladies bare feet. Something about seeing bare feet realy turns me on. Even more so if they are smelly feet. I can't stop imaging sniffing and licking each toe and eventually shooting a load on them and licking it off if asked. My other fetish is being naked and inspected in front of a group.
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