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  • subrob99's Avatar
    13 Hours Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread Castle Overrun in Role Play
    Not sure how much time had past. Still attached to the wall with the weights stretching my balls. I could hear a couple loud screams from what sounds like too women. Ophelia had Sheila and the princess in the bedroom. Tied across the bed forcing both of them to take turns pleasuring Ophelia while she whipped both of their asses with a leather whip that was knotted. She tortured both of them until Sheila broke down and couldn't take it anymore. Sheila begged Ophelia to stop and that she would doing thing for her to end her torment. Ophelia knowing she had her where she wanted and released Sheila. Ophelia with her wicked grin drug her over until Shelas pussy was inches away from the princess's face. I am going to show you that us ladies don't need a man. Ophelia whipped the princesss ass and said you know what to do. The princess hesitated and got three more hits with the knotted leather whip. She started licking Shelas already wet pussy. Just when Shela was about to explode Ophelia stopped the princess. Ophelia rubbed her breasts would you like her to finish. Shaking Shela said yes please don't stop. Ophelia then told her to join her and submit to the kingdom. Shela moaned desperate for release. "Please don't stop I beg you and will do whatever you want. Ophelia taking the princess by the hair and shoving her face back into Shelas crotch. "Good that is what I wanted to hear." It wasn't long before the sounds of pleasure could be heard throughout the castle. This was something that Shela definitely hasn't felt before. As Shela started to calm down. Ophelia planted a long kiss on her. And then said before we make it official you will have to prove to me that you are serious. Ophelia hands Shela a small knife. Now go to your lover and bring me back a piece of him. And you know what I want. Shela gasped when she realized what she meant. She had a look of hesitation but Ophelia said it is either him or you. And I just showed you that we don't need him or any man. This will prove you are serious about joining us. Shela shaking terribly knoded and left the bedroom to find him. Ophelia yelled hurry back she still needs help braking the princess.You can hear a loud grunt when the princess got punched hard in the crotch when she spit in Ophelia's face saying she would never join her. Shela naked except the rope bikini top forcing her breasts to protrude out. Holding the knife walks by a small room with the door partly open. It was Getrude sitting on top of the king with her large flabby ass on his nose. She was sitting on his face squeezing his nuts. And would only lift up when he kick and struggle for air. Not wanting to keep Ophelia waiting Shela went to the dungeon area where her lover. When I first saw a woman's figure I couldn't tell who it was but was relieved when I saw Shela come into view. I tell how much I am glad to see her and that I love her. Seeing she is holding a knife. I tell her to cut the ropes so we can get out of here. Looking down She has a wicked grin that I haven't now seen until now. Why is that thing half hard. Is this a game to you. I tell her of course not and we can talk about to that once we are out of here. Shela grabs my cock stroking it a few times. I moan in pain and pleasure when the steel weights start moving. I loose track of what isn't happening because it starts feeling real good until I feel cold steal at the base of my cock. Shaking uncontrollably I beg her not to do it and that whatever the evil Ophelia told you is lies. Shela tells me if you really love me would shut up. I scream out I feel the blade start to cut but she stops. A tricle of blood runs down the shaft. Shela says I can't do it think you should suffer more. Taking the handle end of the knife she drives it into my already swollen nuts. Shela goes to leave and says Ophelia is expecting something. Grabbing my right nipple stretching it as far as she can before slicing it off with the knife. I scream so loud sure the whole castle could hear. When she got back to Ophelia she had a wooden rod stuck in the princesss ass. She told Shela you know what I really wanted that will do for now. Maybe we should cut off the princess's nipples. Get over here and spread her as wider so I can get this rid further. By the end of the night she will give in.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    2 Days Ago
    Sigh,its been so long since my last adventures with my former Mistress I am searching for an online Mistress .I love to role play ,clamps on my titties and clit uummm ,whips and canes ,humiliation degradation ,pee play ,I love it all ,so hopefully some one will take pity on me .
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