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  • nea's Avatar
    2 Hours Ago
    nea posted a visitor message on CyberSleuth's profile
  • Slvformistress's Avatar
    16 Hours Ago
    I am looking for my Mistress to own me and take me to her world. I am new into FEMDOM and would like to be trained by you Mistress.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    18 Hours Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    The whipping was meant to be heard by every one and it was ,I was instructed to remain ,as Rita flogged him with out mercy ,I had a good idea why she wanted me close ,after her ordering me to go down on her while watching Pete being humiliated by Phil ,how aroused she had become ,I figured it would be the same all over again and I wasn't wrong as soon as Phil was reduced to a blubbering ,pathetic pleading asshole ,begging her to stop and she only did so after making sure his cock and balls where beaten to a pulp ,kicking hsi ass out of thed office ,did she sit back ,legs splayed ,no panties they where now on the floor ,come here baby show your Momma what that tongue is for . I happily obeyed just a tad envious that she had not used the rod on me ,but then better days ahead ,I wondered what she had in mind for Peter in San Fran ,with all the gays I was sure she was bringing him for a reason
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    19 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    When I left Phil's office, I could hear snickers from my coworkers, like they knew what had happened. Maybe some of them had exerienced the same thing. The rest of that day dragged on like a typical Monday. Tuesday, however is the day of the usual staff meeting. Of course, Rita sat at the head of the conference table. Most of the discussion was about the various projects that were being worked on. The boss lady actually smiled when things were running smoothly, and under budget. She was pleased with the work Peter had done since being hired to straighten out the mess left by his predicessor. She was also pleased with the work Laura has done as her assistant. She also announced that she would be going to San Francisco next week for a conference; she would return the following Monday. While she was gone, Rick the Vice-President would be in charge, His word was her word. He would keep her abreast of everything. Everybody knew about Rick; he could be just as draconian as Rita; some cases even worse. Normally he was in charge of the project managers,making sure each project was on time and under budget. If there was any slip-ups, he would crack the whip, mostly figuratively, but in some cases literally. Before adjourning, she looked at Laura and announced that she and Peter would accompany her to San Francisco. Then she frowned at Phil. "Get your fucking ass in my office!" He gulped, "Yes ma'am."
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    Staring the new week ,things looked up ,the outstanding money owed was coming in ,it appeared that the previous people in accounts receivable simply hadn't bothered to bill ,made me wonder why ,perhaps a personal grudge against Rita ,oh well things where humming along nicely . Memories of Saturday ,what a night ,it made me damp thinking about it ,the humiliation at the theater ,the night in Rita's apartment ,my nipples still so sore ,rubbing against my blouse ,to sore to wear a bra but then Rita had smiled approvingly on seeing my the erect nubs .My pussy lips where worse ,it almost hurt to pee ,yet I rubbed my thighs together enjoying the pain . I watched Pete and Phil head to Phil's office ,overheard Phil ,say your my cocksucker aren't you boy ,Pete's face bright red with shame he he meekly followed him through the outer office ,every one snickering knowing full well what was about to happen Phil was on out and sadistic bi ,I went to window connecting our offices ,opened the blind just in time to watch Pete get to his knees ,undo Phil's pants ,take his cock out . Beg for it boy ,Phil grinned evilly ,Please sir let me suck your cock ,please . Im gonna let you suck it until I'm close ,then Im gonna cum on my boot ,you can suck the remaining gizz out of my cock then lick the rest from my boot .Understand boy ? Pete nodded his head ,Phil gave him a resounding slap ,answer me boy don't nod your fucking head A soft yes sir ,Phils cock was in Pete mouth A soft chuckle from behind me ,I hadn't heard Rita come in ,I see Phil is at it again ,I don't believe I have ever seen anyone who loves to suck cock like Pete ,Phil will have to be punished of course ,he knows better than to do this shit on my time ,the problem is ,he's also a pain slut ,a lot like you ,We stood watching ,her hand first went to my nipple twisting it hard ,the pain nearly made me double over .when her fingers went between my legs digging into the soft flesh of my pussy I cried out ,trying to back away .Stand still he hissed ,clearly excited by what we where watching . On your knees bitch ,eat me ,I raised her skirt lowered her panties ,touched her wet sex with the tip of my tongue ,she pulled my face in tight grinding against me .She and Phil both came about the same time as I got back to my feet Pete was cleaning the cum from Phil's boot .She waited until they where done .turning to go to her office ,tell Phil and Pete to report to my office ,then bring me the studded rod ,I'll make sure they do'nt enjoy the session I have planned for them . he dosnt enj
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Auction in Role Play
    Pay had sensed my feelings ,your not your self ,whats up .Nothing Mistress I'm ok .Her eye brow raised ,Mistress ? You haven't called me that in quit a while ,what happened to Pat I stammered ,Im sorry Pat I was lost in thought . You have been "lost in thought " quit a bit lately perhaps I have been to easy on you .There is a new group coming in tonight ,you'll be the main attraction . Please Pat I didn't mean any disrespect please don't make me be the entertainment ,I was almost in tears ,I knew only to well what would happen tonight , a new group where always out for blood ,the torture would be horrible ,I would be fucked by every man in attendance , in the ass cunt and mouth ,the women would delight in pissing on me ,into my open mouth ,I would be made to eat them ,even if they where on their period ,please I begged again . To my horror hand struck me hard ,enough its been decided ,get to the barn and get ready and tell your buddy Pete he'll be joining you .I stumbled to the barn ,looking back to see Pat put her arm around Val was it over for Pat and I ? I wondered how tame Val really was ,it was so out of character for her to be docile ,I kind of figured she was using Pat for some reason ,perhaps to get away .
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