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  • Master_Sean's Avatar
    12 Hours Ago
    Yes, I am. Please email or PM me if you would like to speak. -Sean
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    3 Days Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    I thought maybe if I could get to the lobby I could perhaps talk my way out .Barb was way ahead of me ,twisting my arm she frog marched me to her room .I went flying her booted foot shoving me in .Please Barb I pleaded ,I cant take any more torture please . Aw poor baby ,your mine for the weekend ,I know Mike is out for the evening so guess what ,nobody to interfere ,her laugh sent a chill up my spine .I jumped up started to run for the door .She had locked it using the key ,I couldnt open it ,she walked slowly toward me ,picking up a pimp whip ,4 wire clothes hangers twisted together the ends sticking out designed to rip the skin . Now bitch strip and be quik I decided I was'nt going to just let her beat me to death ,it was after she exclaimed ,its a lot easier to buy ones way out of a jamb than to get permission ,after your demise Im sure. Mike will be happy with the money I' ll give him in trade for your cold dead ass . As she raised her arm holding the whip I charged ,running into her head first ,remembering she might look like a woman but still had balls I drove my fist into her nut sack as hard as I could .At first it was just a wheeze then a loud aaarrrrrr ,I got both balls in my fist ,squeesed with every thing I had jerking down with all my might ,she fell like a ton of bricks .I began kicking her crotch ,breaking her fingers protecting her nuts ,her howls became louder as I continued to kick . I picked up the dropped whip ,ripped her dress off ,her cock hung ,my aim was true as the ends caught her prick flush on ,the metal did its job ,her 12 inch cock exploded with blood ,After a few more stroks it lay on her thigh tattered ,her nuts just as bad ,it was her turn to beg ,puking from the pain ,You fucking cunt I spit out bringing the pimp whip down over and over her body bloody . You keep this up you'll kill her ,Mike voice brought me back to reality .I was wondering how long it would take you to remember your life in the streets ,you used to fight like a tiger and it looks like you still know how .We had better get this he motioned to Barb to the infirmry . Fuck I snarled ,let the whore bleed out . Well that might work except she has connections ,if it comes out that we killed her it wont be good for our new bussiness venture .Two slaves brought in a gurney picked her up ,took her to see doc . You may have turned her into a real woman judging by the looks of her cock ans balls .Now come on ,I want a blow job from you then you'll share my erre our bed . The son of a bitch had planned this ,he knew I would only go so far ,yes Im a pain slut but Im not crazy Now he wanted me back ,to say I was over joyed was an under statment
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