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  • subrob99's Avatar
    13 Hours Ago
    subrob99 replied to a thread MasterMike's dungeon in Role Play
    After brutis pounded my ass while everyone watched. It seemed like it had been a while. Brutis stretched my ass good. I had his cum leaking out of my ass as I lead Amber down to the dungeon. When we got to the dungeon I told Amber she should have ran when she had the chance. Me I am kind of stuck here with no place to go. I helped her out of her clothes when I pulled her panties off over her ass could see she was much tighter and younger than Subs. I told Amber master is going to love you but his wife will hate you. Something must have turned her on cause when I tried to get up. Amber grabbed my hair and shoved my face in her crotch rubbing her clit across my face. Please sissy she cried out I heard you have the best tongue. I didn't know if I should but complied and licked her clit until her juices shot over my face. Once finished I got up and she grabbed my limp cock. Amber says was going to return the favor but this thing must not work. I blushed and told her no and I must go to the docks. After fishing the docks I went to see Alandjo to work on writing an order. I thought master was brave giving me too much responsibility. When I got to Alandrjo I guess he was horny he tells me to turn around and he gave me a clipboard and a pen. Get on your knees and he got behind me doggy style and started to fuck my ass as he did he gave me the orders. I looked back at him he said you better start writing I am not going to repeat it. I wrote the best I could just hope master can read it. Sometimes he slams his cock so hard causes me to jump. Once I had it written down I took it to masters office. Along the way I see subs could tell she just got used by master. I got on my knees and kissed her feet since she is back in charge. Subs said that's right sissy you are my pet and to be on all fours. She smacked my ass will have some fun with you later. I crawled my way to masters office and dropped the clipboard off at his desk.
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  • MasterMike8035's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    After after a few days I went to check on amber I decided to start her inside as a maid under Jan so I brought Jan along to do the intake I did her cavity search and fingered her ass and pussy. I walked around pinched and pulled her tits. after that I took her to take a cold shower and then she got dried off I then handed her a uniform it was a french m aid one black and white that's all she got she asked about panties I just laughed and said no I need you exposed so the guest can use you while you clean maybe you''ll get lucky and no guest will or every guest will use that tight little ass I slapped it and sent h er with Jan I reminded Jan of what I said at the meeting that she was to come to me with any trouble and I would take care of the punishments. yes sir she said I also reminded her I have cameras watching with sound so Ican hear every word now get to training her and she better get it right you have two weeks and if she isn't trained right you'll be punished in of of every one I know how you hate to be humiliated so you better do a good job, after that I left. I headed back to my office where sub was working she was facing away from me I snuck behind her and bent her over my desk and fucked her ass "I told her this was her payback for fucking the truck drives" I countinued to pound her ass I made a zip line as I was fucking her after I was done I pulled the zip line off 45 clothes pins came off all over from all parts of her body her from her tits to her pussy.
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  • subserviant's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    subserviant replied to a thread Partner in Crime in Role Play
    My begging only inflamed them ,I realized they where both getting off on my pleading for mercy ,I had taken enough psychology courses to recognize they where sadists ,.The pain in my nipple was terrible ,sobbing I did as they ordered ,kneeling between her spread legs ,her crotch was soaking wet ,her hips bucked ,thighs pressing against my face as I touched my mouth to her .Her moans ,her instructions ,eat it bitch make me cum ,get your tongue into me ,suck my clit and so on . The guy had his camera on us the whole time ,running his hand over me ,oh baby hurry it up ,I want her asshole ,oh fuck yeah she's gonna love getting my cock in side her .The woman started to orgasm as he urged me on ,her legs trembled ,tightened ,grabbing my hair pulling me into her .Ok my turn he shouted ,as he pulled me back ,She lay spent ,slowly getting to her feet .Handing her the camera ,he stood back taking in my naked body .oh yeah ,you are a looker ,he dropped his pants ,ripped off his shirt ,his penis was huge ,pointing straight up ,the tip past his belly button .He stroked it giving me and evil grin . I really hope your a virgin ,cause im going to fuck the cherry right out of you .he held up the knitting needle ,or so you need more convincing .Beg me to fuck you he snarled or you'll get this again .Amber in an excited voice ,do her again make the bitch scream .Please dont I begged as held the needle to my other nipple . Beg bitch ,bitch to be fucked .Please fuck me I stammered ,please dont hurt me .You heard ha shouted with obvious glee ,she wants me to fuck her .Amber her hand between he thighs ,make to bitch scream , hurt teh fucking whore ,He bent me over the arm of the couch ,reaching for a tube of what was lubrication ,no Amber protested fuck he dry . Just a little he replied after all I want my cock to be in good shape ,if I fuck her dry it'll hurt me as well as her ,Later I promise I'll ass fuck her dry .I felt the his finger applying some thing cold ,then inside me . he got behind me ,I could feel the tip of his penis probing for my anal opening .I could have imagined any thing hurting so much as rammed his baseball sized cock into my my virgin ass My screams echoed across the lake as Amber urged him on ,yeah that's it ,make the fucking cunt scream
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  • petgirltits's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    I think it depends on the slave/pet. How do you feel inside? What energizes you? How do you respond emotionally? How do you feel at your most raw state? I had the same challenge myself. The first real role play I did was as a dog and I had slave sisters in the same "litter". They made me feel so comfortable in my own skin, even though this was all online. Those moments always stuck with me and that was years ago. Since then, I've been broadening my experiences past just being a pet --- BUT I ALWAYS GO BACK TO IT!! I love being my Mistress' pet and i do see myself and express myself as a pet. It's just something I deeply connect to. I wear a tail every day, practice dog tricks, and eat dog food periodically, among other things to harvest that pet mindset and give my Mistress what pleases her. Whatever works for you and you identify with, don't be ashamed or concerned about technicalities. Just explore Hopefully that helps!
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  • petgirltits's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    Hi @Phenyx -- I'm not new to lifestyle either nor am i an expert (FARRRR from it :)) but I've had a few bad experiences very early in my training that really made it hard for me to open up the way i needed to for my Master and my Mistress. I think the concept of trust can be taken lightly very easily. As slaves, we're so eager to please and find that one Dom to give our all too, especially when it seems like they get you right away like no else did. It's easy to get swept up and lose sight of common sense and even your safety. What bothers me about some Dom's is if they dont take the time to earn your trust. Everyone has a background and some are more traumatic than others. I just think it speaks much louder when a Dom can take His/Her time with the slave get to know them, and help them face their vulnerabilities and apply to being obedient. I've had a mixture of the good and the bad, but it took years to get to the good. That's my two cents :)
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  • petgirltits's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    Hi --- I'm super late on this post, but feel free to reach out to me as well. I'd love to have someone to share experiences with and just regular conversation with other slaves that get it. I've slowly been isolating myself and interests have changed a lot since I started really training.
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