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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    9 Hours Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread Abduction in Role Play
    I did in fact finish painting the fence well before dark. "Well done," said the man standing behind me complimented. It was the same man who had tormented me earlier. In reverence I turned around and thanked him. "Good thing, boy. Hear the poor slave at the whipping post? That would've been you otherwise." It seemed like there was always someone being whipped. I did feel satisfaction that it wasn't me. "I am the overseer by the way. I can be your best friend in this compound, or your worst enemy. I was brought here as a slave five years ago. I used to be whipped regularly especially by the mother and daughter team. As you have already found out, they revel on dishing out sadistic pain. But they both like cocks, especially big white ones. So you might get along with them well...Maybe one day you'll be promoted to an overseer." Then he leered at me. "By the way my name is Sam, but you will call me Sir!"...I swallowed hard. "Yes sir." "So it's my job to make sure all the slaves do their chores correctly and in a timely fashion. So I must be strict with you, or I'll wind up chained to the whipping post." "Yes sir." "Just to let you know, there will be another party this Saturday, I am sure you and your bitch-slave will be the star attractions." I gulped
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  • Sonia_sub_37's Avatar
    9 Hours Ago
    I am a born sub woman, who love to feel and do anything you order me all day long. Working as secretary office make me very obedient. I am very interested
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  • Sonia_sub_37's Avatar
    9 Hours Ago
    I am a very naughty submissive boy, who like to be a sissy boy and be a female all the time. I am very obedient. Please write me
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  • slaveboy 6's Avatar
    1 Day Ago
    slaveboy 6 replied to a thread The Company in Role Play
    When Rita led me into the room, I was aghast by the red stripes all over Laura's body. Actually she took that brutal whipping quite well; especially the ones between her legs. Now she was bent over the end of a long wooden table, with her striped ass pointed upward. "On your knees Pete and watch!" Rita snarled. Mistress had put a harness around waist with a long dildo sticking out. "Since you two want to fuck so badly, let's how you like being the fuckees?" She parted Laura's butt-cheeks so that her little rosebud was clearly visible. Without hesitation, Rita touched the tip of her cock against it. Laura was pleading, "No! Please NO!". It was all for naught. Rita slowly pushed her pelvis forward. Laura gritted her teeth. When the head penetrated her, Laura screamed. Why was I getting hard? Rita steadily pushed forward, Laura screamed louder and my cock was at its maximum. Then Mistress pulled back so that just the head was imbedded, then she pushed ahead hard. Laura's screams echoed around the walls. She then got into a steady rythym, burying her cock in Laura's ass, then pulling out, then in and out, in and out. When Laura's voice got hoarse from screaming, Rita stopped and pulled out. Then she pointed her dildo at me. 'You're next Pete. Get your ass over that table, but clean me off first. I'll give the same choice I gave Laura, either obey me, or I'll start looking for a new Financial Officer on Monday!" After licking off the shit and blood, I assumed the position. Rita ordered Laura to get on her knees and watch Pete get an ass fucking. I cringed when I felt hands part my butt cheeks, and groaned when I felt the head penetrate me. It was basically the same thing Laura got. During my fucking Rita taunted me. "Ever been fucked with a twelve inch dildo Pete?"....I yelped, "No ma'am!"...I had a feeling Laura was watching my debasement. It was true, I didn't have a virgin ass, but I thought Mistress was going to split me in half, and I was sobbing for her to have mercy. "Fucking wimp!" She snarled as she finally pulled out. Afterward, she put us both on our knees and read us the riot act. If we ever again engaged in that sort of lewd behavior, we would both be fired. We responded in unison, "Yes Ma'am!"
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