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I don’t want to be free…

I don’t want to make these choices…

I don’t want to be caught up in this wind that has overtaken me, scattering me like so many leaves…the chaos of not…belonging.

How many times did I cry out? Until my voice was an offense to my own ears…until I was ashamed of my own pleading and need…until the voices in my head whispered impossibilities that I could not refute.

Still…He did not hear…the echoes of my voice consumed by the ebb and flow…swallowed by the darkness of distance…and time.

Only now does He see…only now does He strain his ears to catch the sound of my murmurings on the wind…

Now that I have been lost…

And scattered…

Like so many leaves….


  1. Miss_Red's Avatar
    *hugs you tightly*
  2. SlaveAtHeart's Avatar
    Beautifully said. So very sad - I understand. Stay strong!


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