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the note

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i was looking through memories today and found a note you sent me several years ago. All we went through…all the changes, good and bad. It hurt to read the words, but the smile came anyway. You encouraged me, mentored me…took care of me through so many things. Most of all you loved me, and i don’t think i appreciated you nearly enough. You always thought i was crazy to save all our words and conversations…but i think now you might understand. They are not all i have of you…your gifts through the years are treasures now. But your words are your legacy and will remind me through this life that there was that One who accepted all of my faults with a smile and a shake of His head.

i miss you

“Earlier this morning...I wandered through a paddock where Ive never been, in a far corner of my property looking at the dry long grass...
A flash of colour caught my eye.
Wandering over, I found a neglected garden....A rose garden...
A dozen wild and disheveled bushes...
The roses where in full bloom...
So beautiful they were, I picked one....
The thorns ripped my hand to threads....
It instantly made me think of you...
The Rose that I found two years ago...”


  1. TheDeSade's Avatar
    Well done. word spoken from the heart are often the most powerful. Those spoken from memories sometimes the most intense. Thank you for sharing.

  2. sweetlynaughty's Avatar
    As always, my friend, your words are powerful and elegant. Keep reading and writing through this dark time. You will get through this, be strong; you have been in my thoughts daily.
    Updated 02-13-2016 at 11:26 AM by sweetlynaughty


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