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About Captain O

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About Captain O
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The Captain is the commander. his orders must be obeyed. He knows the ropes. f there's a problem anywhere, he can put his finger on it immeditaely. If there's a wet spot or a leak, he'll get the pumps. If he finds a hole, he'll make sure it's filled or plugged. He sets the tasks to be done and expects the mess to be mopped up. If it's done well there may be a double ration with an extra shot. If not, defaulters will be clapped in irons and given a flogging. He is chief navigator staring at a heavenly body as he plots and plans the best course to take. He is master helmsman with a firm hand on the controls to steer her to his desired destination. He knows his vessel. He knows her insde out. He knows what she can and can't do. He knows her limits and how far he can push her. He cares deeply for her and would never abandon her, And if ever she goes down, he'll go down as well :)

Online I'm more interested in the psychological and emotional aspects of bdsm. The power of, and over, the mind and imagination. The link between the psychological and the physical. The brain is the most erogenous zone they say. I enjoy putting that theory to the test.

I'm hoping for some serious social and sexual discussion, conversation, interaction as well as friendly banter and fun. I'm interested in sexual research, experimentation, resources, information and guides as well as training and mentoring.

I'm a mature Englishman, with degree in business studies running my own small consulting firm. I hope this profile gives some insight into my character. To get to know me or be friends I suggest you email/pm me or chat to me alone without interuption or distraction. No need to ask permission to whisper me in chat.

If you're a naughty submissive or want to be a naughty submissive, talking to me will only make you even naughtier because I am the devil sitting on the shoulder whispering softly in the ear "do it, do it"


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