I am a dirty little piss slave today.

I have to be humiliated and degraded as a sub slut ... I have been ordered to be a piss slave today for my Dom.

I stand naked in front of the mirror in my bathroom, my wavy brown hair down around my shoulders and just grazing the top of my naked breasts, my pink perky nipples ... already stiff, my naked shaved pussy with my small inner pussy lips, just peaking out. Slender shoulders and hips, smooth thighs ... and desperately wet.

I set the Tupperware bowl on the white tile floor and squat down over it. I will be your piss slut Master.

I hang my head in shame ... and then, with a huge effort of will, look up into the mirror and watch as I slowly start to pee into the bowl.

I reach between my legs as ordered, and pull my swollen outer labia lips wide, showing off my inner pink slave vagina and pee hole.

I gasp in pain, as I pinch down Hard with my nails, digging them into my tender cunt lips, as the warm piss starts to run down my pussy into the bowl on the floor.

I look up and see that I am completely red in the face... flushed with arousal and humiliation as I piss myself.

I rub my clit hard as I finish pissing, feeling my orgasm building deep in my cunt ... my needy clit throbbing with arousal as I can smell my own warm piss in the bowl. I force my fingers into my warm velvet cunt, feeling my pussy tighten deliciously around my middle finger as I twist it back and forth, fucking my pussy hard enough to create a frothy build up of cunt juice and piss ... dripping out of my snatch and down my ass crack. I

Finally, as I near orgasm, I take my purple thong panties off the floor, and use them to wipe my pussy, rubbing the thin lace fabric up between my pussy lips and getting them wet with both pee and cunt juice.

I take a deep breath in ... and before I can change my mind, push the soiled wet panties between my lips and into my mouth as a dirty panty gag.

I almost gag on the taste of my own piss as I rub my clitty harder. I can taste and smell my filthy slave pussy, a nasty worthless little cunt sub, all wet and willing for her Master.

Just as I near orgasm, I stop touching myself ... take my shower brush and rub the bristles roughly up and down my pussy slit, causing me to cry out into the panty gag.

I end without being allowed to cum. I take my dirty panties out of my mouth and put them back on, feeling wet and desperately horny, as I dress myself, and walk back to my room.

I am yours Sir ... my cunt, my asshole, my mouth, my breasts, my clit, and my ass all belong to you Master. I beg you to please use me and fuck me and rape me, however you see fit. I am just a dirty little cum whore, and I wish to be trained to be a well behaved and obedient submissive.


Hope you enjoyed it all ... with my Master's permission ... maybe the next fantasy will be my first enema training.

- a dirty Angel