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Review This Story || Author: Steve Dema

The Creation Of Cumbag

Chapter 5

The Creation Of Cumbag
Chapter 5
By Steve Dema

Lucy woke up when her mother threw her into the bathtub. The last thing the
little girl remembered was everything going black as Carl pissed into her mouth.
Her mother was angry.

"Wake up, you fucking slut. WAKE UP!....Dumb bitch. I let you sleep as long as I
can, whore. I can't believe you passed out when Carl crammed his pissing cock
down your fucking throat! You ungrateful little cunt! It's lucky for you Carl is
such a nice man. He thought you should get some rest, cunt. But don't you ever
embarrass me like that again, whore. You are going to have to learn to hold your
breath longer. Now get your slutty ass cleaned up! I have laid your clothes out
on your bed, cunt. So hurry up. Then come into the living room when you're ready
bitch!" her mother screamed as she slammed the bathroom door.

As Lucy bathed she remembered all of the fun things that had happened that day.
She came as she crammed the bar of soap into her tiny cunt. She quickly finished
her bath, dried off and ran into her room. There on her bed were the clothes her
mother had told her about. All she saw was one of her white school tops and one
of her school dress. She was glad there weren't any panties. When she picked up
her top, she smiled. Letters had been added to her white top. It now read
'Fuckpig in training'. She slipped in on and the giggled when she noticed the
two little holes that had been cut into it exposing her nipples. Lucy put on her
plaid school uniform dress being careful not to cover her nipples with the dress
straps. When she did, she noticed how short it was. Her mother must have
shortened it. It barely covered her cunt, but the bottom of her ass peaked from
under it. Lucy smiled. She brushed her hair. She put her long, shiny blonde hair
into pigtails and went into the living room. Her eyes went wide when she opened
the door.

Her mother was on her knees in the middle of the room. Eight black men were
standing all around her. They were laughing as they jerked her head from one
cock to the next, fucking her throat.

Lucy recognized them. They were part of a gang that her school friends had
warned her about. She used to be afraid of them. Now, she hoped they wanted to
fuck her. Lucy had to have those big, black cocks in her.

Carl smiled when he saw the little girl standing there and waved Lucy over to
him. Lucy bounced across the room. Her little ass swayed in an exaggerated strut
which sent the bottom of her dress flying, exposing her ass and cunt. She winked
at the men fucking her mother's mouth as she sashayed by them with her pigtails
swinging. Lucy smiled as she crawled into the big man's lap and started sucking
her thumb as she watched her mother getting throat fucked. All of the men became
silent as they stared at the little girl. Lucy spread her legs and began to
slide a finger in and out of her little cunt as the men held their big, black
cocks in her direction.

"Well it's about time you joined us, you little whore. We are getting bored with
your mother. Look how selfish your slut-mother is...Keeping all of those cocks
to herself. Why don't you ask her to share with you....You do want some cocks,
don't you slut?" Carl asked with a wink.

Lucy flashed him a smile as she nodded her head and sucked the finger she had
been fucking herself with. She jumped from his lap and ran to the circle of men.
The men grinned as they stepped back letting the little girl in. Lucy smiled up
at the men but kept glancing at their swinging cocks. Lucy giggled at her mother
when the last man pulled his cock free of her mouth. Her mother smiled back.

"Oh....Hi Lucy-cunt. Mommy is glad you finally came out. Look what Mommy has for
you, my little slut. Look at all of the nice, juicy cocks Mommy has for her
little whore. Does my sweet little Lucy want some nice big, black
cocks?....Hmmmmmm...Well?...Do you....SLUT!" her mother said as she paused to
lick a giant black cock. Lucy licked her lips.

"Oh yes Mommy, I do! Look how big they are Mommy! May I  have some of the pretty
black cocks Mommy? They look so good! Let me suck some Mommy.....Please?...I
want them to stick their pretty cocks in all of my fuck holes Mommy" Lucy whined
as her mother laughed.

The men all stood back as she pulled her daughter in front of her and then
turned Lucy around so that she was facing the crowd of men. Lucy began to suck
her thumb as she twisted side to side as she stared at the men...and their

"This little whore is my daughter. Her name is Lucy, but the little bitch
answers to anything. You can call her slut, cunt, bitch, whore, pig....Anything.
Ha ha ha....(Lucy nodded eagerly). She is just a little cunt. You can see by the
shirt the little whore is wearing that she is a 'Fuckpig in training'. So
please, feel free to fuck this little whore into the dirt....Lucy, turn around.
Let Mommy show the nice men your little whore's ass....Look at this slut's ass
guys. Isn't it sweet?...(spreading Lucy's ass cheeks)...Look at this tight
little asshole. Wouldn't you guys just love to cram your cocks into it and fuck
this bitch's ass off? Look how tight this fuckhole is...I can barely get my
finger in it...see? You know this ass would feel GREAT stretched around your
nice, big cocks. Bend over and spread your legs wider, Lucy. Let the men see
your cunt....Look at the little bitch's cunt! See how wet it is?...Lucy-cunt
loves to be fucked really hard. So...Feel free to slam-fuck this bitch as hard
as you want. Isn't she a nasty little whore?....OK Lucy....turn back around.
Open your mouth. Show them how wide you can open your mouth...Who wants to stuff
their cock in my little girl's mouth?...hehehe...We hope you do, don't we
Lucy-cunt. Lucy's mouth is just another cunt...In fact, I call it her
'top-cunt'...If you fuck her mouth, don't worry about hurting her. She likes to
have cocks fucking her throat. Why don't you talk to the men, little whore. See
if you can get any of them to rape you. You know how much Mommy loves to see her
little whore-daughter getting raped!" Lucy's mother said with a smirk as she
pushed her toward the men.

Lucy stumbled and fell in front of  the men. They formed a circle around the
little as they stroked their cocks. Some were pointing at Lucy and talking to
each other. Others were just drinking beer as they watched the show. Lucy's cunt
began to drip.

"Mommy's right...I am just a little whore! I know I'm just a little girl but I
can make you cum soooo  good...I really can!....Look at my little ass
again....Would someone please shove a cock in it?...Please?...I'll wiggle my ass
really good for you!....Look at my little hot cunt....It needs fucked so
bad!...See how wet it is?...Can you see my little clit?. It's so red! I'm a good
cocksucker too...You can fuck my mouth like it's a cunt. Mommy says my mouth is
my top-cunt! So fuck it hard!...When you rape me, please rape me hard. I won't
break!...Fuck me like the little slut I am. You can spit on can slap can twist these little nipples of mine as hard as you can...I won't
mind. I promise. I even like my little cunt kicked. Just fuck me like a cunt.
That's all I am...Just a fucking cunt...When you guys are finished fucking me, I
want you to piss on me. Piss on this little whore. Show Mommt what you think of
her little cunt-daughter!...And please call me nasty names! I loved to be called
a slut, or a whore, or a cunt and stuff. I get so hot when you do." Lucy begged
as she shoved two fingers into her little cunt.

Lucy's mother grabbed Lucy's pigtails and held her in front of three giant black
men. She held Lucy's pigtails straight out from her head. The little blonde girl
was giggling as she looked up at the men.

"My daughter hasn't had any black cock yet...Would you men like to fuck my
daughter's mouth? She really is a good cocksucker...Fuck the little whore's
mouth. Turn my daughter into your little white cocksucking cunt! Make my little
girl into a black cock slut"

The three men laughed as they pulled on long, thick black cocks. Lucy's eyes
went wide as she saw them. Each cock looked as big as her arm. Lucy felt her
mother drop her pigtails to grab the sides of Lucy's head. Lucy stared up at the
center man and wiggled her tongue through her wet lips. He slapped his meaty
cock across the little girl's nose. His two friends chuckled and began to
cock-whip the little slut too. Lucy held her mouth open as she turned head from
side to side hoping one of the men would shove his cock into her young throat.

"Yeah bitch!....I'll feed your daughter some of this black cock! But I don't
care if your little girl is a good cocksucker or not. I'm gonna fuck her mouth
like a cunt!...Hold her head tight for me. I'm gonna see if the little whore can
take it all....Is that alright with you, bitch?...You don't care if I use your
baby's mouth for a cunt, do ya?" Tyrone asked as he bounced his cock off of
Lucy's nose.

Lucy's mother tightened her grip on her daughters head and chuckled as the other
two men crowded in on her daughter.

"Open your moth wide, Lucy. These men are going to fuck your mouth like a cunt
for Mommy...Open it up, slut!...Make your mouth into a cunt so he can rape
it....No sir! I don't mind at all!....Fuck this little cunt's mouth as hard as
you want. Lucy here is just a cock receptacle, so please...Fuck the little
bitch!...Treat this little white whore like the gutter-slut she is.
Please...Consider my daughter your fuckpig!" she answered the man.

He flashed a white smile at his friends as he shoved his cock into the little
girl's mouth. Lucy's eyes closed as her mother held her head in place for the
man to fuck. He pushed forward until 10 inches of his cock was buried in the
little girl's throat. Men pointed and laughed at the thick bulge his cock made
in the girl's throat.

"Come on you fucking little white slut! Take all of my cock! Get it all down,
you fucking bitch!" he screamed as he slapped her face. Tears began to well up
in Lucy's eyes as she tried to get more of his cock into her mouth. Lucy's
mother pushed as hard as she could, forcing her daughter's mouth onto his huge
cock. Lucy tried to relax her throat some more as she corkscrewed her mouth on
to the cock, but it was useless. Lucy's mother had an idea and jumped up. Lucy's
head bobbed back without her mother holding her head and men laughed at the
gagging girl. Lucy's mother put her foot on the back of her daughter's head.
This gave her the leverage she needed. She pushed until Lucy's nose was pressed
into his wiry pubic hair. The room filled with applause. Lucy heard her mother
grunt as she spoke to him.

"There!....The little bitch's throat is stretched now!...Now you can fuck
her!....Do it!!!....I'll help you!...Fuck my little whore's throat!"

She pulled her foot away from Lucy's head. Everyone laughed as her little head
sprang back from his cock. He grabbed Lucy's head as he began to fuck her mouth.
On each down stroke her mother would push Lucy's head onto the cock. After about
thirty strokes, he pulled his cock out of the little girl's throat and mouth.
His thick cock left her mouth with a loud 'POP'. The man on the left grabbed one
of Lucy's pigtails, turning her head toward him. His cock was smaller but not by
much. Lucy reached around and grabbed his ass, driving her mouth down on the
leaking, delicious cock. The room got quiet as the men listened to the wet,
gurgling sounds the cock hungry little whore made as she slobbered her mouth up
and down his black shaft. More and more of his pre-cum dribbled onto her tongue,
whetting her appetite. The taste drove little Lucy wild with anticipation.
Suddenly, the man fucking her mouth laughed and hit her in the forehead,
bouncing her off of her cock. Lucy started up at the man in disbelief.

"Nnnnooooooo....Please! Fuck my mouth!...Fuck my mouth some more! Your cum!...I
need it!...Please! Fuck this little whore's mouth some more and feed me your
jizz!....Plea...." her whining was cut off when the third man yanked her head
around and began to fuck her tiny mouth. Lucy worked her tongue over the cock.
She was grateful. At least she had a cock in her mouth. Just then, her mother
kicked her in her cunt from behind. Lucy came, her eyes crossing as she stared
down the thick, black shaft fucking her mouth.

Little Lucy was getting her throat reamed. Each man would fuck his cock deep
into the little girl's throat. She couldn't breath with the thick cocks plugging
her throat. He would pull out just before Lucy passed out from lack of oxygen...
Everyone would laugh when Lucy would start to spasm, especially her mother.

"Ha, ha, ha...Look at my little whore shake! Ha, ha, ha....That's it!...Fuck her
mouth!...Fuck her mouth HARD! Choke the bitch...Choke my fucking slut-daughter!"
her mother said as she pushed on Lucy's head with her foot.

"Yeah you fucking little white slut...Get ready bitch....Uuugggg...."

Lucy's eyes went wild at her first taste of cum. Thick ropes of black cum shot
into her throat as she gulped hot, thick lumpy cum down. Her mother stepped on
her head forcing his thick, black cock deep into her throat as Lucy began to
choke on the thick, hot salty cum. The other two men laughed at the choking girl
as they slapped her pretty face with their thick, black, heavy cocks. One of the
men leaned over and spit in Lucy's face. The other two men joined in. Thick wads
of spit splattered her face as she struggled to swallow  cum. She heard her
mother laugh.

"That's the way to treat the fucking slut! Spit on the bitch!...Fill her fucking
throat with cum...Don't stop!...Empty your balls in my whore-daughter's throat!
Ha, ha, ha...Choke the little fuckpig!...Eat that man's cum, you fucking stupid
little CUNT!" her mother laughed.

The cock fucking her throat was suddenly pulled out of her mouth. Cum poured
over Lucy's chin in a sticky wave. Giant cum bubbles escaped from her mouth as
she struggled to breathe, but she kept her mouth open hoping another cock would
be shoved into her mouth. She didn't have to wait long.

"Take my cock, you fucking little pig!...Aarrggg...SUCK IT!" Leroy yelled as he
speared his cock deep into the little girl's throat. Cum bubbled from her nose
as she moaned around his meaty black cock. Lucy gagged as her mother grabbed the
back of her head, slamming her face up and down the big, black cock.

"Suck it cunt!...Let that big cock fuck your goddamned little throat, you
bitch!...Open up, slut!...Take it all!...Take every fucking inch into you
cocksucking mouth, you little whore!" her mother hissed.

Lucy slurped on the thick, juicy, black cock as it reamed her little throat.
Lucy would gag as her mother pushed her head down on it but little Lucy didn't
care. In the distance, Lucy could hear the obscene encouragements of her mother
and the men. Their filthy words caused her little cunt to juice up, but that
wasn't important either. All that mattered was the giant cock throbbing in her
throat. Lucy began to cum as she felt heavy, wet cocks being rubbed all over her
face and head. She looked up into the grinning face of a fat black man with gold
teeth as he wrapped one of her long, blonde pigtails around his jet black cock
and started to stroke his dripping cock. Lucy gave him a small wink which
started him laughing. The cock that her mother was cramming her young head down
on was rudely pulled from Lucy's mouth. A thick white strand of cum and spit
stretched from his shiny cock back to her lips like a sloppy rope. Lucy started
to whine at the loss.

Just then the cock erupted and a huge glob of thick cum hit Lucy right between
her eyes. She squealed with glee as the next spurt of cum shot between her lips,
into her open mouth. Lucy moaned as she rolled cum around her tongue before
swallowing it and opened her mouth, begging for more.

"More!!!...Please!...Give me more! Cum all over this little
cunt!....Mmmmm....Give me more cum!...Oohhhh...I love your cum!...Splatter me
with it like a slut should be!...Use my mouth for your cumdump!" Lucy whined.

The man who was jerking off in her hair started to cum also. He aimed his cock
at her little face as a thick wad of jizz glued her right eye shut. Lucy jerked
her head to catch his cum in her mouth, but her mother turned her head the
opposite direction. Lucy cooed when she felt the wet splat of cum from another
cock hit her face. Lucy held her mouth open and wagged her tongue as her mother
twisted her head from one spurting cock to another.

"Ohhh..That's so GOOD! Cum all over my slut of a daughter! Splatter my little
whore with all of your nasty, hot cum!....Hold your mouth open wide, you stupid
whore! Hold it open so all of these nice men can cum in your fucking
mouth!...You fucking CUNT!....Ha, ha, ha....Such a nasty little whore! Cum all
over her!...Cum in her eyes! I don't care!...Splatter this little slut good!
Drown the little bitch in cum!" her mother cackled.

"Oh YES!!!...Do what Mommy says! Cum all over my slutty face! Cum
everywhere!...I'm just a fucking slut! Treat me like one!...Cum all over my face
so Mommy can see that I'm a good little whore!" Lucy begged as she came.

Lucy choked when the first man to cum shoved his cock into her mouth. Lucy
nursed on it like a calf to its mother.

"Clean my cock, you fucking pig!...Suck every drop of cum out, you little
whore!...Hey...BITCH!...Shove your daughter's head down my cock!...Make the
little slut take it all!" he laughed as Lucy's mother did as she was told.

The other two men's cocks ran dry as they waited their turn at the little girl's
mouth. Cum filled Lucy's right eye. Cum dribbled off of her nose and chin as a
thick mess of cock-slop slowly rolled down her left cheek. One after another
they laughed as Lucy cleaned their dripping cocks. Lucy swallowed mouthful after
mouthful of steaming hot cum as she coaxed the last of their cum from their big,
black, heavy balls. Lucy looked up at the grinning black men and winked, even
though one eye was burning and had turned red from all of the cum shot in it.
Little Lucy's mouth was sore and her tongue felt heavy. But she wanted more. She
needed more as she opened her mouth, sticking her wet tongue out. Her mother was
determined to help her get what she needed.

"Who's next?...Who wants to fuck my daughter's mouth next?...Come on....Ha, ha,
ha...Don't be shy. Lucy is a good little cocksucker. Aren't you dear? (Lucy
smiled and nodded)...If you prefer, just fuck her mouth. Fuck my daughter's
mouth like it is a cunt!. Your cocksucking mouth IS just a cunt, isn't it baby?
(Lucy nodded her head even harder as she winked) I know!...Let's do this. Let me
see if I can stretch her mouth wide enough for two of you can fuck the little
whore's mouth at once....Now....Shove some cocks in!" her mother exclaimed as
she hooked her fingers into the corners of Lucy's mouth and pulled.

Lucy looked up at the two men that were about to cram their cocks into her
little mouth and wiggled her tongue at them. They put their two thick cocks
together and pushed them into her mouth. As her mouth filled with the two cocks
her mother pulled her fingers out of Lucy's mouth to give them more room. Lucy
flicked her tongue over the cocks and moaned as she tasted the trickle of
pre-cum slid down her sucking throat. They could only get their huge cock-heads
and a couple of inches of their cocks into her little mouth, but that was enough
to give Lucy a small orgasm. Her mother grabbed the back of her head and grinned
up at the men.

"Fuck my little bitch!...Fuck her mouth! Fuck the slut!...Ha, ha, ha...That's
it...Choke my whore-daughter! Lucy!...Open your cocksucking mouth as wide as you
can, you fucking pig!....Let those cocks rape your damn throat!...Here...Mommy
will help her little whore!" the young mother said with a laugh as she pushed on
Lucy's head, forcing more of the cocks into her mouth.

"That's it, cunt...Slam yo little girl's mouth up and down on our cocks!...Gonna
fuck this bitch's mouth like a cunt!...Hell....We might even throat fuck your
little whore to death!" one of the men rasped as he fucked his cock in as much
as he could.

Lucy's mother laughed as she kept slamming her daughter's head up and down the
big, black cocks. Lucy began to choke on the cocks but kept her tongue wagging
over them. Slobber ran out of her mouth, cascading over her chin and dripped to
her thighs. As Lucy snorted through her nose, little cum bubbles would appear
and pop. Lucy came again when the men starting spitting in her face.

One of the cocks began to tremble. Then the other one began to twitch. Pre-cum
flooded her throat as Lucy desperately swallowed the delicious cock juice.
Lucy's eyes went wide as cum shot from her nose as the two men began to empty
their balls into the little girl's mouth. Lucy's mother applauded as the tiny
girl coughed and chocked on the two spasming cocks.

"Fill her mouth!....Drown my little whore with your cum! Choke on it, bitch
Drink that hot cum, you worthless fucking cocksucker!" her mother shouted as she
pressed Lucy's head down on the spurting cocks.

Lucy swallowed as fast as she could. With the cocks planted so deep in her
throat, she couldn't breathe. She began to get dizzy with the lack of oxygen.
Thick waves of sticky cum poured from her nose and leaked from the corners of
her mouth. The last thing the little girl remembered was her mother laughing as
she passed out.

Review This Story || Author: Steve Dema
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