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Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman

Part 1

Author: Powerone and Nikki
Title: Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman
Part: Chapter 1
Summary: Daddy teaches his little girl to be a Woman.  A story of incest between
Father and Daughter.
Keywords: M+f, anal. oral, virg, incest, teen, bdsm

Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman

Copyright 2003 by Nikki and Powerone.  Comments to the authors can be e-mailed
to or

	Michael stood next to Tawny.  He had ordered her to help him.  She was
to wear a skirt, no panties.  As she stirred the food, she felt Daddy's hand
move down over the flat plain of her stomach, his hand had already crept up
under her skirt, rubbing her bare skin.  She began to blush, knowing that her
mother was watching, although she did not know what Daddy was doing to her.  His
fingers moved over her pussy, almost bald, only a small amount of blonde hair
outlining her pussy lips. 

	Tawny's legs began to tremble as she stirred the food in the pan on the
stove.  She was staring over the cooking island, her mother smiling at her as
she sat in the chair, watching her husband and daughter cook her dinner. 
Michael said that they wanted to make her dinner because they had missed her. 
Ann had been on another frequent business trip, leaving Michael to care for
Tawny and her brother Adam.
	"Spread your legs," he whispered in her ear.  His hand sought out her
pussy lips, spreading them apart as his finger began to run up and down her
slit.  "Are you going to get wet for Daddy?"  He moved up to her clit and heard
her gasp as he squeezed it.  She continued to stir the food.  "Spread you legs
open more, I am going to put a finger in your pussy," he ordered her.  Another
hand crept lower and pushed against her pussy and began to push in her tight,
hot pussy. 

	Tawny trembled as her pussy was speared by the finger, the other fingers
twisting and pulling on her enlarged clit.  It was only two weeks ago that Tawny
was a virgin.  Now she was standing here, half-naked, fingers abusing her body. 
Daddy had taken her virginity.  He soon taught her to masturbate his cock and
finally to take it in her virgin mouth until he filled it with his hot cum.  He
often stripped her and made her spread her body open for his inspection.  He
told her that her mother would be devastated if she found out that Tawny had
fucked him and that it was her fault.  She had flaunted her body around the
house, teasing him with her young body, half-naked.  He continued to abuse her
every chance he got and with Ann frequently away, Tawny's young body was often

	The family was never a close knit family.  Michael had an excellent job,
but Ann was the ambitious one in the family.  She traveled extensively, Michael
learning early on in the marriage that her job was first and everything else was
after that.  Michael seemed to fall further and further down the list every
year.  Sex with Ann was now almost non-existent, Ann being too busy, not at home
or just plain not interested.  Adam was not his father's son.  Adam was in high
school, handsome, a football player, muscular.  The girls already chased him,
unlike Michael when he was young.  Adam was self sufficient, Ann's absence
having no effect on him.  He just thought that was the way it always is.

	Tawny was different.  Tawny looked like her mother when she was young. 
She was just starting to bloom.  She had small budding breasts, but with large
nipples.  They would soon be like her mother's large breasts.  Her hips were
just starting to flare out, trying to catch up to her firm ass.  Her legs were
long like her mother's and their hair blonde, natural blonde.  Tawny's pussy was
almost bald, the fine blonde hair just barely visible.  With her mother's
absence, she took more to her father, always trying to win his approval.  Her
sexuality was just beginning to form.  That is what started it all.

	It was only three weeks ago that Michael had begun to notice Tawny in a
different light.  Michael was in his mid-forties, ten years older than Ann.  He
still took good care of his body, a weekly routine at the gym providing for
that.  Michael had been attracted to Ann by her blonde hair and large, firm
breasts.  Her long legs accented a well-formed ass.  Tawny's body began to fill
out and Michael had begun to notice it.  In fact it was hard not to notice it,
Tawny seem to flaunt it.

	Ann was gone on another one of her business trip, Adam already left for
school, having to leave early for a football meeting before school.  Michael had
already taken a shower and was dressed and going to go downstairs to make
breakfast.  Ann's and his bedroom was at the end of the hall, Adam's at the
other end and Tawny's in the middle.  The second bathroom was located between
his bedroom and Tawny's.  He was rushing to go downstairs when the bathroom door
suddenly opened and Tawny rushed outside.  There bodies crashed into each other,
with Tawny pushed against the wall, almost falling to the floor. 

	In the panic to prevent a fall she grabbed the table in the hallway,
temporarily letting go of the towel that was wrapped around her body.  The towel
was already too short, just barely covering her pussy, but she had not expected
to run into anyone.  As her hands reached out for the table, the towel slipped
from her body and fell onto a heap on the floor.  She looked up, her face
flushed as she saw her father looking at her, his eyes on her naked flesh.  She
bent down, quickly grabbing the towel and wrapping it around her, her eyes
lowered to the floor, not wanting to see her fathers stare.  "I'm sorry, Daddy,
I just seem to be so clumsy lately," rushing off into her bedroom, closing the
door quickly behind her.
	When Michael saw the towel slip from Tawny, his eyes were instantly
drawn to her breasts.  They seemed like only small bumps on her chest, but her
nipples were already big, the areolas a dark brown on her pale skin, the nipples
a lighter color.  He watched as she bent down, her legs spreading wide to pick
up the towel.  Her pussy was almost bald.  Like her mother, her blonde hair made
it almost invisible.  He could see the pink of her pussy as her pussy lips
spread open slightly.  She quickly threw the towel around her and rushed inside
her door, but not before Michael caught a glimpse of her ass, the towel not
quite covering everything in her haste to draw away rapidly from the
embarrassing situation.  Michael felt the familiar stirring in his loins, his
cock beginning to harden.  No, I shouldn't be thinking those thoughts, quickly
rushing downstairs.
	Tawny quickly closed her door, leaning against the door, trying to catch
her breath.  Her heart was racing.  This was the first time in her life that any
male had ever seen her naked.  While it was her father, it did give her a
feeling that she did not understand.  It was humiliating, but it was also
exciting.   A man had actually seen her naked body and from his stare, was drawn
to it.  She did not really think of herself sexually until this moment, nor did
she think that anyone else would see her in that light.  She went over to the
full-length mirror.  She let the towel fall to the floor again, this time on
purpose.  She looked at her body.  She ran her hands over her breasts, feeling
her nipples begin to harden.  Some of the other girls had talked about how they
masturbated, but Tawny still had not done it.  She just never felt the need
before today.  She ran her fingers over her nipples, pinching them gently,
feeling them getting harder and more sensitive.  The more she pinched, the
better they felt.  She let one hand stray down over her flat stomach.  She often
wore tops that left her belly naked and was proud of it being so flat.  Her hand
slipped lower, over her abdomen, slowing down as it brushed over her sparse
pussy hair.  She did not have to shave her pubic area for her bathing suits, the
light color of her hair making it invisible.  As her fingers reached her pussy
lips she could feel the wetness.  So that is what the girl's were talking about
when they said they got wet.  She ran a finger down between her pussy slit,
spreading it apart.  Her finger picked up the moisture and spread it all over
her pussy.  She moved it back up, reaching her clit.  She pulled back the clit
hood, revealing her clit in the mirror.  It was tiny, pea-sized and pink.  It
felt harder then usual.   She shuddered as she felt a funny tingling as the
finger brushed over it.  She could feel her pussy getting wetter.
	"Tawny, breakfast is ready, hurry or you will be late for school."  The
voice bringing her back to reality.  She quickly began to get dressed.  She went
downstairs, her face still flushed, still embarrassed over the incident with the
towel.  Her top was cut up high, to show off her naked belly.  She was wearing a
skirt, the bottom falling over four inches above her knees, showing a lot of
leg.  She had very long legs and accented them with her skirts.  Sneakers and
socks covered her feet.  The school she attended had very liberal dress code and
Tawny usually pushed it to the limit.
	Michael watched as Tawny entered the room.  He cock began to stir as he
saw her.  The short skirt, the naked belly, the long legs.  He could imagine
very graphically now how she looked underneath her clothes.  She looked so much
like her mother when they first met.  He watched as she sat down, the skirt
riding up higher, now just barely covering her panties.  She reached over the
table to get the toast, the top pulling up, her bra visible underneath. 
	Tawny hurriedly ate breakfast, wanting to leave and get the incident
behind them.  There was little conversation, both of them feeling a little
awkward.  She stood up to leave and reach over to kiss her father goodbye.  She
pecked his cheek and as she did, she felt his hand slide onto her naked back. 
She got shivers up her back.  Either she had never noticed it before or this was
something new.  Either way, this somehow excited her.  She paused longer then
usual, feeling the hand slowly caressing her skin, her legs trembling.  She
dared not look into her father's eyes, afraid of what she might see. 
	"Have a good day at school," Michael's voice breaking up a little as she
stood up to leave.  His hand stayed on her back, her motions forcing it down
lower over her ass as she moved away.  He could feel her firm ass, his fingers
trailing lightly over her skirt.  "Don't forget you promised to be home at 4:00
to let the repairman in, it's important."
	Tawny did not even hear him, she was wrapped up in the hand that trailed
down her ass as she left.  She could almost feel his fingers trying hard to
linger on her ass as she moved away.  She hurried out the door.  She could feel
her pussy beginning to get wet.
	Tawny met her boyfriend of six months, Jimmy at school.  Friday was the
big dance.  Tawny had bought a new dress, a very, sexy revealing dress for the
special occasion.  Jimmy was two years older than she, even though her parents
did not know that.  He had been pressuring her to let him fool around.  She had
hardly let him kiss her, never mind the many times she had to brush his hand
away from her nipples, or moved his hand off of her thigh.  It seemed to be a
constant source of argument lately.  She was hoping that Friday's dance would
take his mind away from it.  School was mostly uneventful and after school she
hung out with her best friend, Jessica.  While Jessica was the same age as
Tawny, she was much more daring.  Jessica was still a virgin, but had gone a lot
further then Tawny had ever.  Her boyfriend was always playing with her breasts
(they were bigger) and Jessica had told her about the time that he had put his
hands in her panties at the movies and masturbated her until she had cum.  They
spent time at the Mall, looking for some new jewelry to wear for the dance. 
They separated about 5:00 and Tawny headed home.  She knew that Adam was staying
over his friend's house and Mom was away for two more days.  It was just going
to be another silent dinner, so she did not rush home.
	Tawny knew something was wrong as soon as she walked into the living
room.  Her father looked at her, a look of disappointment on his face.  She
seemed to do to many things that disappointed him lately, even though she tried
hard to please him.  She had always been closer to her father then mother.  It
just seem lately that nothing ever worked.
	"Do you know what time it is, Tawny?"
	Tawny looked at her watch, "6:00, dinner isn't ready yet, is it, Daddy?"  
She thought, what did I do wrong.
	"Yes it is, but that is not it.  Did you forget something today,
something very important?"  The look on his face said that she did.
	She thought about it for a minute and then all of a sudden it dawned on
her.  The repairman for the water heater was coming today at 4:00 to fix it. 
She was suppose to be home to let him in.  "I'm sorry, Daddy, I forgot all about
it.  I will take care of it tomorrow," hoping to salvage what she could.
	"It's a little too late for that.  I had to leave the office early in
order to let the repairman in.  Mr. Sanders was not very pleased.  You have been
disappointing me a lot lately.  We will discuss your punishment after dinner.  I
don't want to ruin this day any longer.  Let's go in and eat."
	Dinner was painfully slow, the only conversation was a few "pass me the
and thank you."
	"Into the living room, we are going to discuss your behavior."  Michael
followed Tawny into the living room, watching her ass as she walked, remembering
the lingering touch his hand had on it this morning.  He could feel his cock
stirring again.
	Tawny sat opposite her father, watching his face.  He was mad and more
important disappointed in her.  She hated his disappointment more then the
punishment he would give her. 
	"With your mother on the road so much and Adam so enmeshed in school,
there seems to be only the two of us left in this family.  And your attitude
lately has shown a complete disregard for me.  Numerous times you have failed to
do things I requested from you.  It seems like you do not even listen to me. 
This is going to change immediately.  You will be grounded for a month.  You are
to come home after school and no nights out with your friends for a month."
	"No, Daddy, not that.  I have the bid dance with Jimmy this Friday.  We
have been planning it for weeks.  I even bought a new dress for it.  Please, oh,
please, Daddy, ground me after the dance," she begged.  She looked up at him,
trying to give him the pleaseeeee look.
	Michael looked at her, the pitiful look on her face.  But he did not
have any sympathy for her.  She needed to learn a lesson.  Postponing the
grounding until after the dance would not teach her anything except she could
get away with anything.  "That is not acceptable.  If you want to go to the
dance on Friday, you will have to have another punishment to replace it.  You
will still be grounded after the dance.  Let me think about a suitable
	Tawny's eyes brightened, she had to go to the dance.  She would do
anything he asked.  It was that important.  "I will do anything, Daddy, just
please let me go to the dance.  I will do anything you say, Daddy.  Please, oh,
please, let me go."
	All of a sudden it dawned on Michael.  He was not sure what triggered
it, maybe his hand on her ass, maybe the way her ass swung in front of him only
minutes ago.  Whatever it was, the idea popped into his head suddenly.  He
smiled.  "This will be your only option.  Do not try to bargain any further.  If
you want to go to the dance, this is your only choice.  Do you understand,
	Tawny smiled, yes, she could go to the dance.  Thank God.  Jimmy would
have taken someone else to the dance and that would have been it with them
together.  "Yes, whatever you say, Daddy, I will do whatever you say."
	"I am going to spank you.  It has been a long time since I had to resort
to spankings, but it seems like the only available option.  I know your mother
does not approve of spankings, so you would have to agree that this would never
be told to her."  He smiled as he saw the look in her face change from a smile
to a surprised look.  It was not what she was expecting.  It was hardly what he
was expecting.
	"What do you mean a spanking, I'm too old to be spanked.  Please, Daddy,
think of something else?"
	"I told you, this is your only option.  Now, are you going to agree to
be spanked, or will it be the grounding, starting tonight?  Remember, this was
caused by you.  All you had to do was obey and none of this would be happening. 
You might remember that in the future.  Obey, or be punished."
	Tawny looked over at her father.  She knew she had no choice.  She just
had to go to the dance.  She looked down, not wanting to look directly at her
father.  "Yes, I will obey.  I will accept the spanking.  Anything to go to the
dance.  I am sorry I let you down, Daddy.  I will obey everything you say in the
future.  Let me go upstairs and change my clothes and I will be right back
	"That will not be necessary.  What you have on is very suitable." 
Michael got up from the chair.  "I think this should be done upstairs.  Into my
bedroom, young lady." 
	Michael followed Tawny as she walked up the stairs.  He could almost see
up her skirt as he followed her closely.  His cock was hard.  He was going to
spank her.  And she was going to submit to it.  His mind began to race ahead,
thinking of the possibilities.
	Michael pulled out one of the straight back chairs in his bedroom and
pulled it to the center of the room.  He sat down on it.  He motioned for Tawny. 
"Over here, lay across my lap, head facing down."
	Tawny started to protest, but the look on her father's face told her no. 
"Yes, Daddy."  She walked over to him and began to lay herself over his lap.  It
was difficult, he had to hold onto her as she lowered herself onto his lap.  She
pressed into him, feeling a large bump in his pants as her abdomen rubbed up
against it.  She knew what it was, she could not figure out why it was so hard,
but she was more worried about the spanking she was about to receive.
	"Head down, you might as well learn the proper position.  I have a
feeling that this will happen more then once."  He pushed down on her back,
forcing her head lower.  He could see her top beginning to ride up towards the
ground, her bra being uncovered.  He saw her feel the same thing happening and
her hands moved to pull it more securely down.  "Hands on the ground and do not
move them," he ordered her. 
	Tawny felt her bra being uncovered as her top slowly fell back.  She was
trying to cover it when he heard his command.  She quickly moved her hands to
the floor, her palms flat on the floor, holding her body from falling.   She
knew her bra was uncovered, but did not want to further displease him.  "Yes,
	He liked the way she was reacting.  She had become very submissive, even
to the detriment of her body being uncovered.  He felt her body tremble as he
ran his hand up over her naked back, over her bra strap, all of the way up to
her neck, effectively pulling her top up to her neck.  She did not move, as she
was uncovered.  "That's a good girl.  It is important that you obey."  He ran
his hands down her sides, over her bra, his fingers brushing against the sides
of her bra, testing her reaction.  She squirmed a little, but did not protest or
prevent him from going any further.  He could feel her body rubbing against his
cock, making it harder.
	He pulled his hand back and slapped it onto her right cheek.  He did not
do it very hard.  He wanted to test her reaction.  He felt her body jerk as the
noise rang out in the room.
	"Oww, that hurts, Daddy."  She felt the sting in her ass, but also felt
his hand still on her ass, not moving, just sitting there.  She felt it lift
from her ass, bracing for when it would strike again.  "OWWW," she did not have
to wait long, his hand striking her other cheek now.  It then rested on her ass
again, waiting.  Her ass began to burn.  How many times was he going to spank
	Michael watched her reaction, her body jerking as he struck her, her
pitiful cries.  Her abdomen was massaging his cock every time he struck her, her
body jerking from the pain.  He brought his hand down again, this time twice in
a row, the noise ringing out in the room as he slapped her ass.  He began to
spank her harder.
	"Please, Daddy, it burns, isn't that enough," she begged.
	"You still have a long way to go, little girl.  I want you to remember
this so it will not happen again.  Now, no more noise out of you."  His one hand
moved up her naked back, rubbing the young skin.  She did not even flinch or
move, allowing him to do as he pleased.  It was now time to test her further. 
"Don't move now."  His hand moved down her ass and ran down the back of her leg
until he reached the top of her skirt.  He grabbed the end of the short skirt
and began to pull it up her legs, slowly revealing more of her naked flesh.
	She started to move her hands when she felt him pull her skirt up, but
hesitated.  Was he only testing her or was he trying to get her to disobey
again?  She clenched her body tightly as she resisted the need to stop him.  She
felt her skirt slide further up.  He would soon be to her panties.  She hoped he
would stop soon.  She had worn thong panties today.  If he did not stop, he
would soon discover her secret.
	Michael's cock twitched in his pants, Tawny pressed against him.  He
slowly slid her skirt up her legs, letting his fingers touch her thighs as they
continued the upward movement of her skirt.  He knew she was resisting the urge
to stop him.  He wanted to see how far he could go.  The skirt reached her
crotch, his fingers lightly touching her mound from behind.  He though he felt
some wetness, but tried not to be blatantly molesting her.  He began to pull it
higher, revealing her panties, but he was surprised.  Instead of a pair of
panties, only naked ass cheeks began to appear.  She was wearing thong panties. 
This was even better then he had expected.  His hand continued to run over her
flesh as it pushed her skirt up higher until it reached her waist.  Her naked
ass cheeks were now revealed to him.  He slapped her ass twice, both times hard. 
He wanted her to feel the pain as it slapped her naked flesh.
	Tawny could feel her pussy begin to get wet as she felt his hand running
over her flesh, making her naked for him.  She never felt so humiliated, forced
to lie over her fathers lap, her top pulled up and now her skirt pulled up over
her waist.  Her ass was now naked, thanks to her poor choice of deciding to wear
thong panties today.  She felt his hands running over her flesh.  She felt two
sharp slaps to her ass.  Naked, the pain radiated over the flesh more, the pain
more intense.  She was being spanked like a little girl and there was nothing
that he could do to prevent it.  "Owww," she cried again.
	Michael became bolder.  His hand began to rub her ass harder.  Every
once in a while he would spank her, his cock twitching when he heard her cry of
pain.  But then his hand would return to its purpose, to feel her firm, young,
naked ass cheeks.  He began to grab her ass cheek in his hand, gripping it
tightly.  He felt her ass cheek clench tightly.  He would spank it hard, Tawny
getting the message.  It would suddenly relax, his hand returning again to grab
it tightly.  "That's a good girl, obey your Daddy."  He began to pull her ass
cheeks apart as he massaged the young flesh.  It felt so good.  He would slap
her hard, his hand returning to feel the warmth he generated with the slap.  His
hand continued the manipulation of her flesh, grabbing, releasing and grabbing
again her naked ass cheeks.  He spread her cheeks open, but the tiny strip of
cloth from her thong prevented him from seeing her naked asshole.  He had to see
her, his hand reaching for the top of the band of her thong panties.  "Stay in
position and don't move, obey Daddy," he ordered her.
	"No, please don't take my panties off, please Daddy."  She felt his
hands becoming more urgent.  He seemed to be more interested in rubbing her
naked flesh than in punishing her.
	"Quiet down and obey me."  He began to pull her panties down.  A finger
slipped behind the thong at the top and slowly pulled it outward, Michael
watching as it pulled out from between her asscheeks.  He lowered the panties
down her naked ass until they were down over her hips.  He left them there, her
ass now naked.  He slapped each of her cheeks two times in rapid succession.  He
felt Tawny jump as her ass burned from his palms.
	"Owww, yes, Daddy."  She was now naked from the waist down.  She could
feel his cock rubbing against her, it seemed bigger now.  The hands returned to
run over her naked skin.  A hand grabbed her naked ass cheeks and pulled it
open.  The other hand did the same to the other side.  She could feel the cool
air in the room blow onto her exposed asshole.  "Please, you are embarrassing
me, don't make me naked, please Daddy."
	Michael ignored her pleas as his fingers continued the exploration of
her naked flesh.  He was caressing her young flesh, her ass so firm.  He looked
down between her split ass cheeks, her asshole so tiny, just a small dot on her
backside.  He felt her body shudder as he ran a finger over her asshole and felt
her ass cheeks begin to tighten up.  "Keep them relaxed, don't tighten up, obey
your father."  His finger pushed on her asshole, feeling it slowly push in, the
tip of his finger running over the ring.  He let his fingers slide down lower,
to her pussy.  He felt her wetness, his finger running between her pussy slits. 
He decided it was time to stop.  He did not want to push her too far the first
time.  He had plans for her in the next couple of days and did not want her too
	"You've been a good girl, obeying your father.  I expect that all of the
time in the future.  Stand up now."  He watched her rise up, his hands helping
her.  He turned her towards him.  Her top had fallen back down and covered her
bra.  Her skirt did the same thing, but her panties were still stretched between
her legs, just slightly higher then her knees.  His hands reached out and
grabbed her panties.  "Hold up your skirt so I can see what I am doing," he
ordered her.
	Tawny stood up, her ass still stinging from the spanking.  The spanking
was not as bad as what she thought it would be, it was the rest of it.  Her
father had taken liberties with her body and she could not stop him.  She heard
his request, cringing at the new humiliation.  If she raised her skirt, he would
be able to see her naked pussy.  She was afraid he would see that her pussy was
wet.  She had no choice, she must obey him.  She began to pull it up, slowly
rising until she held it high above her waist.  She looked the other way,
knowing that her Father's eyes were staring directly on her virgin pussy, naked
and wet. 
	"Hold still."  His finger pushed between her pussy lips and slid up from
the bottom, dragging her moisture along with his finger until it reached her
clit.  He felt her body shudder as his finger ran over her clit.  "That's good,
be Daddy's little girl."  He finger pushed back down through her slit.  He
grabbed her panties and pulled them up.  He reached between her legs and pulled
her panties out of her pussy slit.  He patted her pussy mound.  "You may go now,
I hope you learned your lesson to obey your father."  His fingers lingered on
her body as she began to leave.  Once she was out of the room he grabbed his
cock through his pants.  I have to do something about this real soon.
To Be Continued

Review This Story || Author: Powerone, Nikki
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