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Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman Author: Powerone
(Added on Jan 4, 2003) (This month 20054 readers) (Total 120878 readers)
Daddy teaches his little girl to be a Woman. A story of incest between Father and Daughter.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 12
3 Votes 3 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 3 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 3 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 3 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 1 Vote 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 1 Vote 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 1 Vote 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
3 Votes 1 Vote 3 Votes 2 Votes 3 Votes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0% 0% 0% 0% 25% 8% 25% 17% 25% 0%
Weighed Average (?): (7/10)
Average Rating: (7.5/10)
Highest Rating: (9/10)
Lowest Rating: (5/10)

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Reviewer: Panther007 (Edit) Rating: Jul 13, 2011
Loved this, sad to see it hasn't continued. (9/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Aug 14, 2004
you never dissapoint with a story (9/10)

Reviewer: chrissie (Edit) Rating: Apr 26, 2004
This is EXACTLY the kind of situation I enjoy - a strong, confident man, who knows exactly what he wants, and takes it, from someone he has a power over, and not in a position to fight very hard. Please don't keep us in suspense and leave us waiting too long for the next instalment. (9/10)

Reviewer: CarolinaSpkr (Edit) Rating: Jan 9, 2004
Needs more detail, like how her ass colored up from the spanking.
Also more plot of how this all makes the teen bad girl feel
Would like to see more in the anal area such anal sex, enemas and butt plug retention.
then after you have built up the tension let her FART it out in humiliation on front of him. (5/10)

Reviewer: annasherwood (Edit) Rating: Jan 6, 2004
very hot subject matter, but the plot took a disappointing turn when tawny decided she wanted her father to abuse her, and the dialogue was very stilted and unbelievable...could have better dialogue and kept to a nice, simple story of incestuous abuse... (7/10)

Reviewer: easy_play (Edit) Rating: Apr 23, 2003
Good start to hot incest story...but left me hanging...where's the rest of the story? (6/10)

Reviewer: Pooka (Edit) Rating: Apr 4, 2003
Very well written and I am looking forward to more.
Incest stories are generally very poorly written which might be why incest gets such a bad rap. The dynamic between father and daughter is intense and seems to move from being considered abuse to something wanted and desirable. The writing really draws a reader in, and frankly, despite not being a fan of incest stories per se, I found it arousing which what this place is all about.
Thanks for a great story!

Reviewer: lex ludite (Edit) Rating: Jan 6, 2003
The author certainly has talent and a wide range of interests, some of which I share. However he seems to have a problem with finishing what he and his coauthors start. This is most frustrating to this reader. It's extremely difficult to give any of his work an honest review because he never seems to get most of it done. On that basis this one gets a generic rating that takes into consideration its content, degree of completeness and prospects for ever being finished. (5/10)

Reviewer: Nitrofox (Edit) Rating: Jan 6, 2003
I thought this was well written. It had nice detail, good language, and good grammar. I myself am ardently awaiting another chapter. (8/10)

Reviewer: YNHumiliator (Edit) Rating: Jan 5, 2003
A nice start to what might become a very good story if the content increases in severity (which it should if Powerones other stories are any guide). Dialogue between the characters is certainly well realised. I found the story arousing even though incest isn't a particular interest of mine. (7/10)

Reviewer: peachmellon (Edit) Rating: Jan 5, 2003
good start.. but i was expecting more.. its a good start.hope another chapter will come out soon.. (5/10)

Reviewer: Firepager (Edit) Rating: Jan 4, 2003
this was a good start, i hope it gets hotter soon (7/10)

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