The Library

This is the main part of this site. There are thousands of stories listed on this site. You can read the stories for free, write reviews, send comments to authors, collect your favorite stories and build your own bookshelf. If you are an author, you can submit your story to this site and join our contest when there is a running contest. Here is the introduction to all the features provided in the Library.

Finding The Stories

There are many stories on this site. It could take a long time to find what you want. If you are new here, please take a moment to read the following introduction. There are several ways to navigate through this archive and find what you want.

  1. Story update news:
    The most recently added and updated stories are posted here.
  2. List Stories:
    With various options, you can sort the stories with different ways. You can use the predefined list options below or specify your own way to list stories here at the listing page.
  3. Search Stories:
    You can find a quick search box on all pages within the Library section. If you want to have more options to specify and don't mind a long page, you can use the advanced search page to search the story too.
  4. Story contest:
    We may have another story contest, uh, sometime...

Reading The Stories

  1. Send author comments:
    Most authors welcome comments and suggestions. So spend several minutes to write a message to the authors. You can find the contact info when you click on the author's name.
  2. Review the stories:
    Another way to give feedback is writing a review for a story. Most authors choose to get an email notification whenever a new reivew is posted to his/her story. So your input will not be ignored by authors and other readers will benifit from your reviews. Just click on the "Review It!" link for each story. You can find the top reviewers here.
  3. BDSM-Shelf:
    This feature gives you the chance to save your favorite stories. When you want to save a story, you find the "add to BDSM-Shelf" link on the right side of the story page. Put the story in a new category or an existing one. You must register as a user in the forums before you can use the BDSM-Shelf. It's totally free.

For authors

  1. Submit your story
    If you would like to send your story to this site, please use this form. If you have trouble with the form, you can email your story too. But make sure you read the submission form and provide the necessary information about your story in the email.
  2. Story contest
    All authors are welcome to join our contest.