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Part 4

Judy, chapter 4

Judy slept fitfully that night.  Every time she awoke, she saw herself bound to
the table, covered in dried cum.  What would today bring, she thought.  It was
Sunday, her last day of servitude to the Doctor.

Early Sunday morning, the Doctor went down to the dungeon and released Judy from
her bondage.  He knew she would want to take a shower and clean herself up, but
he decided to humiliate her a little first.  "Make my breakfast slut.  If you do
a good job I will allow you to shower" He turned and walked out.

Judy went to the kitchen and prepared a sumptuous breakfast and served him as
she had done the day before. She kneeled at his feet; he fed her by hand from
his plate.  Although she had swallowed multiple loads of cum last night, she was
starving this morning.  When he had completed breakfast, he ordered her to clean
the kitchen.  She did so quickly, missing a few spots on the counter.  He
returned to inspect her work and was disappointed at the job she had done.

"Bend over the table." He commanded, removing a large wooden spoon from the
drawer.  "You need to be punished.  Now beg me to discipline you."

This was more humiliating to Judy than just being paddled, having to ask for her
punishment.  She blushed a deep shade of red and begged "please Sir, punish me
for being a bad slave."  He glared at her so she continued "please Sir, I beg
you, give me the punishment I deserve."

"As you wish." He replied. "You will count off each stroke, thanking me for
each.  I plan on administering twenty strokes, if you loose count I will start
over."  He hit her right ass cheek with the spoon, leaving a well-shaped red

Judy let out a little yelp then said, "one, thank you Sir"

He hit her five more times, moving the strike around her ass cheeks.  She
responded appropriately each time.  "I am now going to administer 5 strokes in
rapid succession.  You do not need to thank me until you have received all
five."  He hit her ass, leaving some welts and a deep shade of red.

Judy responded, "ten, thank you Sir."

"Wrong," he bellowed," the count was eleven, now I must start over."

Judy cried, it had hurt so much and now she had to restart.  She broke position,
squirming to get away.  The Doctor had anticipated this, grabbed her by her
collar and pushed her against the table, squashing her breasts and forcing her
head down.  He took out some clothesline and tightly bound her wrist behind her
back, then her elbow, making them touch.  A line was tied from the ring on her
collar down to the base of the table.  Finally, he tied her legs spread apart
(to the table legs).  He let her squirm while he went to his bedroom and
retrieved a sealed plastic bag.  Inside was a pair of woman's panties, soaked
with that woman's juices.  He returned to the kitchen, opened the bag, and
rubbed the juices over Judy's face.  He then forced the wet panties into her
mouth and used a piece of duct tape to hold them in place.  Judy could do little
more than squeak. 

The Doctor decided that the spoon was not enough for this transgression.  He had
retrieved a riding crop, and peppered her back and ass with a variety of
strokes.  The last stroke the placed on her exposed pussy.  She cried, the pain
was intense.  He had gotten hard from the session, so he took out his cock and
shoved it in her pussy. Despite the pain and the humiliation, or perhaps because
of it, she was wet and ready.  He fucked her hard, causing her to cum twice. 
Shooting his load, he left her alone, bound to the table, in pain, with cum
dripping from her pussy and pooling on the floor.   

He let her stew for over an hour, although it seemed like an eternity to Judy. 
He released her from her bonds and had her kneel.  "Apologize for your
transgressions." He commanded.

Judy looked up at her Master, "I am sorry Sir, I was willful and disobedient. 
Please forgive me."

"You will lick up my cum from the floor then finishing cleaning this kitchen."
He did not wait for an answer, but walked out. 

Judy did exactly as instructed making sure the kitchen was spotless.  When he
returned, he was pleased.  "You have done well slave, you may go to the
bathroom, shower, and shave your pussy.  When you are finished go to the
dungeon, I will be waiting."

Judy did as instructed; luxuriating in the hot water, and taking great care to
make sure her pussy was smooth and hairless.  She was wet, but knew better than
to masturbate.  As quickly as she could, she returned to the dungeon and knelt
at the Doctor's feet. 

"I have a surprise for you slave."  He snapped his fingers and a woman stepped
out of the shadows, standing next to him.  She had long auburn hair, a leather
bustier, leather garter belt, and stockings.  Hooked to the belt was a short
leather whip.  She was beautiful, a vision of feminine Domination.  The Doctor
spoke, "This is my wife, you will refer to her as Mistress.  You will serve her
for the rest of the time you remain here." 

Mistress moved towards Judy then commanded her to stand and stare straight
ahead, hands above her head with fingers intertwined behind her neck.  Mistress
inspected the slave, commenting to the Doctor, "I see you have punished her
well.  Does she suck cock well?"

"Adequate" was his answer.  Judy was disappointed, she thought she had always
given good blowjobs, her husband always seemed pleased. 

Mistress addressed Judy, "have you ever had sex with a woman?  Have you ever
served a Mistress?"

Judy responded, "no" and was slapped; she corrected herself "no Mistress."

"Not too disciplined is she?" Mistress asked the Doctor who shook his head no. 
"I will teach you to obey and to eat pussy slave.  You will find that I am much
stricter than my husband is.  You will serve well or you will be punished."

Judy was trembling; her deepest fears and fantasies involved submitting to a Fem
Domme.  Now she was going to experience this, with no chance to back out.  The
Doctor left the dungeon, leaving her alone with Mistress, who sat on the throne. 
"Massage my feet slave," she commanded Judy.  Immediately, Judy fell to her
knees and set to gently massaging Mistress's feet.  Judy looked up and was hit
along the back with the whip  "Eyes Down!"

Judy lowered her eyes and concentrated on what she was doing.  After a while,
the Mistress commanded Judy to kneel.  Mistress had moved to the edge of the
throne, leaving her pussy open and exposed.  "Lick"

Judy moved between Mistress's legs and tentatively put her tongue on Mistress's
wet pussy.  Her first few tongue strokes were light and slow; Mistress hit her
again and demanded that she be enthusiastic about her pussy eating.  With much
more gusto, Judy began to lick and suck Mistress's pussy.  Immediately she
recognized the taste, it was identical to the wet panties she had been gagged
with early that day.  Mistress guided Judy, teaching her how to eat pussy well. 
When she was ready to cum she grabbed the back of Judy's head and smothered her
with Mistress's pussy.  She came long and hard, bucking on Judy's tongue.  When
she let go, Judy's face was covered in pussy juice.  "Not bad" Mistress stated.

Judy was commanded to rise and was shackled to an overhead chain, which was then
raised until Judy was on her tiptoes.  "I am now going to torture you with pain
and pleasure." Mistress stated, pinching Judy's nipples until they were hard.  A
vicious pair of nipple clamps was applied, Judy cried out from the pain. "You
can take it bitch." Mistress responded. 

Going to the cabinet, Mistress chose a flogger and returned to Judy.  "You will
be beaten for my pleasure."  The flogging began lightly, on her back and ass,
then harder and harder.  Mistress spun Judy around, placing her fingers into
Judy's pussy.  It was soaked.  Mistress coated her fingers and commanded Judy to
suck off the juices.  When Judy was done, Mistress returned to fingering Judy's
cunt, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.  When she was about to cum,
Mistress stopped, leaving Judy frustrated and wanting.  Mistress laughed,
stating "You don't get to cum until I want you to slave."

This was repeated over and over, first her body was flogged, then Mistress would
play with her pussy, bringing her to the edge of orgasm but not letting her cum. 
Judy was going crazy with desire; she needed to cum so badly.  As the final
touch, Mistress began to lightly flogging Judy directly on her steaming cunt. 
It was only slightly painful, and soon the pain turned into pleasure.  Mistress
watched Judy's face, looking for the tell tale signs that she was ready to cum. 
It did not take long.  "You may cum slut." Mistress stated. 

Judy began to spasm, her orgasm radiating out of her pussy filling her body and
mind.  Mistress kept up the flogging; not letting Judy let up.  Judy lost all
track of time and space, awash in her feelings.  By the time Mistress put down
the flogger, Judy was hanging limply in the chains.  Slowly, Mistress lowered
her to the floor and let her rest.

Judy gradually became aware of where she was, lying down at the feet of her
Mistress.  "One last task slave" Mistress stated.  "I am going to fuck you" 

Mistress had put on a large strap on cock.  "Get on all fours, I am going to
fuck you like the bitch in heat that you are."  Judy assumed the correct
position, and Mistress placed the cock at the entrance to her hot cunt. 
Mistress than shoved the fake cock into her, filling her completely.  It was not
gentle or loving like when she made love to her husband, she was being fucked. 
Judy's mind flashed back to the Doctor fucking her on all fours but this was
more intense, more debasing.  Judy cried out as Mistress slammed the cock in and
out, within minutes both of them were screaming out in orgasm.  Not letting up,
Mistress withdrew the cock and placed it at the opening of her anus.  Judy
realized what was going to happen and was scared that she would be ripped open. 
She had learned, however, not to complain, but to trust Mistress and relax. 
Mistress pushed the fake cock into Judy's ass and began to fuck her.  It was
hard and guttural, Judy responded truly like a bitch in heat.  Both women came
with Mistress collapsing onto Judy's back.  When they both recovered, Mistress
had Judy clean off the cock with her mouth, petting her hair in the way a person
would pet a favored animal.  Judy had completely submitted to this woman,
leaving no part of her soul unexposed. 

The Doctor had watched all this on a closed circuit television.  He was pleased,
Judy had experienced what it was like to be a slave.  When he arrived in the
dungeon, Judy was kneeling at Mistress's feet.  "Very well done slave, I am
pleased.  He took a leash and attached it to her collar.  After kissing his
wife, he led Judy to his car.  He gagged and blindfolded her, then bound her
wrists and ankles.  He placed her in the trunk, telling her before he closed the
lid that he was taking her back to the office. 

The drive was initially bumpy, but soon they were on the highway.   Judy was
wet, the bindings and isolation were working on her mind.  She wished she could
rub her pussy, any stimulation would have sent her over the edge. 

They arrived at the office; the Doctor unbound Judy and led her into an exam
room.  After removing her slave collar, he stated "It is time for you to make a
decision.  You have experienced what it is to be a slave, to fully submit to the
will of another.  You may now walk away, with no ill feelings on my part.  Or
you can admit who you truly are, a slave in need of a Master.  I am going to go
into my office and will return in 15 minutes.  I have left your clothes on the
table.  If you leave, so be it, but if you remain you will be permanently marked
as my slave.  You may or may not remain with your husband, that is your
decision, but you will submit to anyone who understands the meaning of my slave
mark."  He did not wait for an answer, but left the room.

Judy was shaken to the very core of her soul.  This weekend had been incredible;
she felt things she had never felt before.  It felt right to be kneeling at the
feet of a true Master or Mistress.  In the end, she realized that the decision
had been made Friday, when she first arrived at the Doctor's office.  When the
Doctor returned to the exam room, Judy was kneeling on the floor.  She spoke,
"please grace my body with your mark Master."

The Doctor was delighted, it was always a pleasure to find a true slave and help
her blossom in her servitude.  He instructed her to lay down on the exam table,
then retrieved a tattoo kit from a cabinet.  "I will not bind you for this, you
must lay perfectly still and bear the pain."  He choose to place his mark on her
left breast, high enough that if she wore a low cut shirt it could be easily
seen.  The mark was a multicolored Chinese dragon, with a red rose held in its
talons.  The design was surprisingly intricate for its size, measuring about an
inch and a half in length.  When he was done, he showed Judy the design.  It was

Judy looked up and asked, "Master, may I ask the meaning of your mark?"

"The dragon symbolizes me, your Master.  I was born in the year of the dragon
and it has always been a symbol of strength and power.  The rose symbolizes you,
fragile and beautiful, needing my protection and serving my needs." 

She understood and when he motioned to do so, she knelt at his feet and asked,
"how may I serve you Master?"  The request was heartfelt and genuine. 

"Go home to your husband, make love to him.  Discuss what has happened and
tomorrow morning, bring him to me."

Judy dressed, got in her car and headed home.  It was going to be a long night. 

Review This Story || Author: Dockink
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