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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Debbie was awakened by someone holding a hand over her nose and mouth,
so that she couldn't breathe. She struggled, weakly tossing her head
before opening her eyes. She looked straight into the eyes of Dr.
Jacobsen, smiling evilly down at her. He continued to hold her head so
that she couldn't breathe until she was absolutely sure she was going to
die. Her vision darkened, her struggling faded and she let her bladder
go. Just before she lost consciousness he removed his hand, allowing her
to breathe again. She desperately sucked in the air and it took some
time before she settled down form the scare. When she had settled down
Dr. Jacobsen addressed the nurse standing next to her: "Have the
sissy-bitch sedated and prepared for surgery in an hour. Don't keep me
waiting!" He left the room and the terrified nurse quickly produced a
syringe, which she used to sedate Debbie. The last thing Debbie saw
before loosing consciousness was the corridor flying past as the nurse
pushed her bed at breakneck speed, to avoid being punished.

When Debbie came to everything was dark and completely silent. She was
unable to move even her head. For a long she was unsure if she was even
awake, but the discomfort of her position convinced her that she was
indeed awake. She was lying on her knees, her upper folded down, resting
on her legs. Her arms were bound behind her back and her head was bent
backwards. She could feel something lodged far up her ass and her penis
had not only been enveloped, but also equipped with a very uncomfortable
catheter. Tubes ran into her nostrils, down her throat and into her
lungs and a very large tube ran all the way from her mouth to her
stomach, leaving her unable to either speak or swallow. She could feel
thick needles piercing her nipples. As she could feel glass pressing her
sides, it dawned on her that she was tied down and controlled just like
the nurses she had seen the day she had arrived at the clinic. She was
controlled completely: unable to eat, speak or even breathe on her own,
no movement allowed to her. As she lay there she could feel liquids
being pumped both in and out of her body at both ends.

But she could do nothing to change her situation, so she waited for
something to happen. For a long while nothing happened. She thought she
slept, but she wasn't sure in the silence and darkness. Then suddenly
she received an electric shock to what seemed like every sensitive place
on her body: cock, ass, mouth, nose and breasts. She tried to scream in
surprise, but nothing came out. Even her little start was quelled and
became nothing more than a slight tremor. When the tremor had passed Dr.
Jacobsen appeared before her eyes. It seemed like he stood with his face
just inches from her face. As she tried to blink him away, she became
aware that the evil doctor must have devised a way to keep her eyes
open, without them drying out, because she was unable to blink. The
evilly smiling apparition before her eyes chuckled as he addressed her:
"Well, you silly whore, as you have undoubtedly found out by now, I
control you completely. It is of course for your own good, since your
newly cut vocal cords cannot be disturbed for at least three weeks. This
is why you have been equipped with the feeding and breathing hoses. Your
throat and vocal cords are paralyzed and will remain so until I deem it
safe for you to use them. It also gives me time to grow you a pair of
decent tits. This means that you will stay in this position for the next
four weeks ... just to be sure. Pleasant dreams." The screen went blank as
Debbie tried to scream and struggle at the thought of her predicament.
All she achieved was a small, completely silent tremor, and she soon
became exhausted if not less panicky. She couldn't possibly stay tied up
like this for four weeks! But again there was nothing she could do. She
panicked again trying desperately to get free, but all she achieved was
tiring herself. After a series panic-tremors she was exhausted and cried
herself into acceptance and lay still.

As she lay there, involuntarily staring straight ahead into the
darkness, Mistress suddenly appeared before her. She looked straight
into Debbie's eyes and said: "Stupid cow. You think you're just going to
lie around for a few weeks doing nothing? Fat chance! You're going to
learn the many rules that govern the existence of slave-scum such as
yourself. So here we go. Rule number 1: Never forget that you are the
lowest piece of shit in ANY company. Everybody is better than you. Rule
number 2: You must obey any order given to you, even if it means getting
hurt or killed. You are after all the lowest scum on the face of the
planet. Rule number 3: Never speak unless spoken to. Rule..." The rules
went on and on. As Mistress spoke, the rule was displayed in text before
her eyes. Interspersed between the texts were images. These flashed by
so quickly Debbie almost couldn't see what was in them. But gradually
she began to perceive some of them. They were all scenes of sexual
When she wasn't rehearsing the rules for Debbie to learn, Mistress
lectured Debbie on any number of subjects, all of them related to
Debbie's slave status. How to behave, how to walk, how to kneel, how to
suck, fuck and lick. When Mistress wasn't teaching, Debbie was shown sex
films. Endless scenes of torture, sucking and fucking. Except when there
was some specific purpose in punishing her (there was often a purpose
with this), Debbie was kept in constant state of arousal by gentle
electrical stimulation of her caged cock, her growing breasts and her
distended ass. She was of course not allowed to cum, so she was kept in
constant state of frustrated arousal.

Them images and films, as well as the soundtrack accompanying them, was
played constantly, and soon Debbie lost all track of when she was awake
and when she was dreaming. It all became one terrible nightmare of
submission. Sometimes she thought that she was participating in the
dreams. The doctor also began featuring prominently in her "dreams".
There were images of terrible tortures performed by the good doctor, and
at one point she was shown images from the punishment of the nurse who
had teased Debbie. The doctor had indeed made an example out of her. All
the other nurses had been assembled to watch as he tortured he for hours
on end. When he was through she had been reduced to walking on all
fours, her arms and legs broken and then locked in impossible positions,
folded up so that she now walked on elbows and knees only. She had been
left completely bald and all her teeth had been removed. She was dragged
crawling on elbows and knees away from the torture chamber, her giant
tits dragging along the floor, two truly monstrous spiked dildos filling
her ass and pussy and needles sticking out from every sensitive spot on
her body. Her eyes were panicky and unfocused and she emitted a
monotonous mewling sound. A look at the nurses watching this horror
revealed that most of them were crying with fear and sympathy. Debbie
herself began to harbor an absolute fear for the doctor. She would do
anything to avoid crossing him.

Time lost all meaning. It was all one constant waking dream of torture
and submission. The only way time was marked in some small way was by
the growing, aching heaviness on her chest as her tits grew, but even
that was like a dream. She would never unlearn the slave-rules that
Mistress taught or her fear of the doctor. The brainwashing cemented her
already irrevocable slave mindset, which she would never escape, nor
want to escape.

The dreams ended abruptly with the doctor appearing before her eyes at
the same time as sharp electric shocks made her whole body scream with
pain. "Nap time is over, stupid cow," the doctor sneered. As he spoke
Debbie could feel the pressure on her body lifting. Glass no longer
pressed against her sides, the straps holding her down were removed and
she could feel the tubes in her ass being pulled out. The tube in her
throat was pulled out, triggering vomiting reflexes in her throat as it
went. She got them under control somehow and managed to hold the bile
building in the back of her throat. The tubes in her nostrils were next,
causing her an equal amount of distress. And then the hood was removed.
Suddenly she felt the coolness of the air touching her skin again, and
she had to squint at the sharp light touching her eyes. Before she had
chance of uttering any sounds a large ball-gag was showed into her mouth
and strapped in place at the back of her head.
As she was pulled upright, she could suddenly feel the weight of her new
breasts hanging on her chest. The feeling was new, slightly unnerving
yet surprisingly comfortable. They felt right, although she wasn't
allowed to see them yet. The nurse doing the work under the strict
supervision of the evil doctor, made sure that she held her chin up and
looked straight ahead. As she stood a little insecurely, she noticed
without surprise that she had been wearing high-heeled platforms during
her stay in the box. She was a little surprised that she could stand at
all. Her movements were stiff to be sure, but she was nowhere near as
stiff as she would have expected. Unbeknown to Debbie her joints had
received exercise regularly. Once a day she had been heavily sedated as
her bonds had been removed and all her joints had been exercised and
massaged while all the tubes stayed in place. Although the doctor would
have preferred to keep all his boxed slaves tied down for the duration
of their stay, he knew that it was not feasible. And he also had to look
after them to make sure that everything healed up nicely. So he looked
after them while they were heavily sedated, thus giving them the
impression that they had been tied down for weeks on end. The method had
the advantage that the straps holding the slave were tightened once a
day, so he could make sure that no slack developed.

As Debbie stood swaying a little on her heels, trying to get used to the
feeling of being awake for real and to the feeling of having real tits,
the nurse pulled the catheter from her imprisoned penis. It was
extremely unpleasant and Debbie cried out against her gag as she tried
to step away. The nurse let her step away as it helped get the catheter
out. When the nurse had finished, she stood back and the doctor stepped
forward and grabbed Debbie by the chin. He examined her throat without a
word and then turned to the nurse: "Clean the bitch up. Wash her inside
and out and dress her in the standard uniform. Then bring her to my
office." As he turned and left, the nurse replied with a meek: "Yes,
doctor," grabbed Debbie by her chastised member and led her out of the
room, away from the box she had spent four weeks in.

Debbie's steps were a little insecure at first, but the nurse set a
brisk pace so she had no choice but to keep up. They came to a bathroom
in which the nurse removed Debbie's armbinder. She quickly handcuffed
Debbie's hands in front of her and removed Debbie's shoes. Debbie found
that she couldn't stand flatfooted anymore. Her ankle joint just
wouldn't let her heels touch the ground and sharp pains shot up her
calf. The nurse equipped her with a pair of bathing sandals, a pair of
plastic sandals with a 5-inch stiletto heel. These felt so much better
than standing without shoes. Debbie was led into a shower stall were her
handcuffs were fixed to chain which was then pulled so that she stood
with her hands raised high above her head. Her gag was removed and the
nurse brushed and washed Debbie's mouth. She was then given the usual
enemas. Finally the nurse gave her a gentle shower, starting with her
After drying her and removing the shower sandals, they stepped out of
the shower stall, Debbie on tiptoes. Right in front of her was a
full-length mirror and for the first time she saw her new self. Her
Adams apple was gone, leaving her neck soft and smooth. The doctor had
done a magnificent job, only a tiny red line revealed that something had
been done, and this would disappear in time. But the real eye-catcher
was of course her tits. They were perfect! 38DD with nipples just the
right size; no too small, not too big. Debbie was stunned. She couldn't
take her eyes of her reflection. She was stunningly sexy and feminine.
Even her hips had somehow grown. The only thing that broke the feminine
image was her chastised penis. Debbie noticed that the chastity device
was slightly different than usual, being without the two crossing metal
bands at the tip, not doubt so that she could be equipped with a
catheter. Debbie was so occupied with her own mirror image that she
hardly noticed the nurse dressing her. Soon she stood dressed as the
doctor had ordered: white, full body rubber suit, leaving only her face,
nipples and genitals free. Platform shoes on her feet with 10-inch spike
heels, a brutally restrictive, white rubber corset, her hands encased in
mittens and fixed to her neck corset, a huge white ball-gag in her mouth
and finally a leash attached to her chastity device. Her elbows were
once again tied to her sides, but now they were also framing her perfect
breasts in a most flattering manner. As the nurse placed ankle-cuffs on
her feet, connected them with a 6-inch chain and led Debbie to the
doctor's office taking tiny mincing steps, Debbie couldn't take her mind
off just how feminine and sexy she had become. Her cock strained against
its confinement as her head filled with submissive fantasies.

As she was led before the doctor, it was he who noticed it first:
"Nurse! A pair of panties and a sanitary napkin for the sissy-slut.
She's beginning to dribble." To her shame Debbie noticed that the long
period of being unable to cum, combined with an almost constant sexual
excitement made her imprisoned cock dribble a thin stream of whitish
goo. She could see it in the mirror next to the doctor. It was most
embarrassing. The nurse quickly undid the chain connecting her
ankle-cuffs. She produced a sanitary napkin, which she used to tuck
Debbie's restrained cock in between her legs. She held it there while
she pulled up a pair of white rubber panties, which held the napkin and
Debbie's cock in place, ensuring that Debbie's crotch was smooth and
feminine. The panties did, however, have a hole insuring easy access to
her ass. The doctor came up Debbie and began fondling her breasts,
switching between a gentle fondling and a hard squeezing of them. It was
extremely exciting. Debbie couldn't believe how sensitive her tits were!
Soon she was moaning with passion at the doctor's touch. Her cock
strained against its prison, desperate for release that wouldn't come,
the dribble of goo from its tip increasing. The doctor was getting
excited too. Debbie could feel his erection pressing against belly as he
moved in close. Suddenly he grabbed her leash and pulled her over to an
armchair, kicked her behind her knees so she fell to them, removed her
gag, pulled down his pants and sat down pulling her head into his
crotch. As ordered she gave him head. She still loved giving head, so
her excitement mounted further as did her frustration. She wanted to
come so badly! But she knew an orgasm wouldn't be granted and that
begging would only incur the wrath of the "good" doctor. And she
certainly wouldn't want that to happen.

When Dr. Jacobsen had shot his wad into her mouth, he replaced her gag
and turned to the nurse, who had been standing unmoving by as Debbie
blew the doctor, and ordered: "She has an appointment with the speech
teacher in 15 minutes. Make sure that she is not late." The nurse
hurried to comply, helping Debbie to her feet, taking the leash and
leading her out of the room. She led Debbie to another office. Knocking
and waiting for an answer, she led Debbie before her teacher. "Thank you
nurse," the teacher said: "You may leave." The nurse left and Debbie
looked at her teacher. She was a lady in her mid-fifties, her hair
gathered in a tight bun. She was clearly a slave, just like all the
other nurses, but seemed to have slightly higher status than the rest of
the nurses. She wore the same uniform, but without the hat. Her breasts
were huge by any standard, but not nearly as large as those of the other
nurses. And most importantly her lips were normal. Full yes, but
essentially normal. Her nametag read: "Miss Cunningham". Most of the
other nurses had nametags that read things like: "Slave Kristy", "Stupid
cunt" or "Ass sucker", but this one had real name. Debbie wondered how
long she had been a slave. Miss Cunningham pointed to a chair. From the
seat of the chair rose a giant metal dildo, which clearly had been lubed
recently. "Sit down dear," she ordered Debbie, turning her around a
guiding her ass to the pole. Debbie was helpless to prevent the huge
metal pole entering her ass, as her own weight pressed her down on it.
The metal was cold and the dildo was far larger than anything she had
ever taken up her ass, and she screamed and thrashed on the way down,
but to no avail. Nurse Cunningham put her weight on Debbie's shoulders
pressing her down so that her ass rested on the set of the chair. Debbie
was panting with the exertion, squirming to get of the dildo when nurse
Cunningham made sure she couldn't, using a strap across Debbie's thighs.
The dildo and the strap held Debbie to the chair, which in turn was
bolted to the floor. "There. Isn't that so much better dear?" Miss
Cunningham asked with a happy smile. Debbie thought she had better agree
and nodded, a desperate little smile on her gagged lips. Miss Cunningham
sat down in a chair directly opposite Debbie, not three feet away.
"Before we start, let's get one thing straight," the nice lady told
Debbie: "Any transgressions and you get punished. Like this." She showed
Debbie a remote control she held in her right hand and pressed the only
button on it. Searing pain shot up Debbie ass as a large electric shock
came from the dildo. Debbie screamed and thrashed, trying desperately to
get away. But of course she was going nowhere. When the pain stopped,
tears were running down Debbie's cheeks, sobs coming from her gagged
mouth. "Understood dear?" Miss Cunningham asked. Debbie nodded eagerly.
Miss Cunningham removed Debbie's gag, but Debbie remained quiet, as she
had been trained to. "Now dear, what is your name?" the nurse asked.
"Mistress, Debbie, Mistress." Debbie replied. Her own voice caught
Debbie by surprise. It was so soft and gentle, a light soprano. Even
though it was gravelly and unpolished, it was still soft and feminine.
The kind of soft voice that made most men go wild with lust. Unpolished
as it was, Debbie loved her new voice already.
"That's good dear," Miss Cunningham replied: "Except I'm not a Mistress.
Sorry dear." She pressed the button and Debbie's new, soft and feminine
voice screamed as Debbie tried desperately to get away from the pain. As
Debbie sat sobbing, Miss Cunningham instructed her: "I'm a slave myself,
so you need only say my name once, after each sentence, Understood
dear?" "Yes Miss Cunningham," Debbie sobbed. "Excellent dear," Miss
Cunningham said: "You are here to train your new voice. How do you like
it?" "I love it Miss Cunningham," Debbie replied, having regained a
measure of composure. Reaching out and touching Debbie left breast,
fondling it gently, Miss Cunningham said: "He really does excellent work
Master." Debbie let out a low, soft moan as the nurse began kneading her
tits. Just as Debbie leaned back her head, enjoying the moment, Miss
Cunningham stopped. "We have work to do dear," she said. Debbie
reluctantly focused on the lesson again.

They began training Debbie's new voice. Not only did Debbie need to
train the voice to sound as it should, she also needed to speak in a
feminine manner. This proved to be the most difficult part and Debbie
received many punishing shocks from the fiendish metal pole. The week
that followed she spent with Miss Cunningham, training her voice from
early morning till late night. Or at least she thought it was from early
morning till late night, but the truth was that she had seen neither
natural light nor clocks since arriving at the clinic, so she had no
real way of knowing. She spent the night in the doctor's favorite
position: hooded and gagged, folded up in a glass cage. In the morning
she was fed, washed and given the customary enemas before being led to
Miss Cunningham and the lessons. A few times a day Miss Cunningham would
allow Debbie to rest her voice. In these breaks, she gagged Debbie and
told her stories while gently fondling and kneading Debbie's tits. The
stories were all about Dr. Jacobsen, and one in particular Debbie found
interesting. It was the story of how Miss Cunningham had been turned
into a slave.

She had been an experienced nurse at the hospital were the doctor had
first been employed. He had been the most talented surgeon they had seen
in years, and everyone predicted that he would do great things. She had
been one of his regular nurses in the OR and they had worked closely
together. Although she was almost 10 years older, he had started an
affair with her. The affair had been kept a closely guarded secret.
Early on he had begun tying her up and dominating her, but in a very
gentle way. She had felt completely safe when he dominated her. One day
he suggested that they go on a weeklong vacation together, to resort he
knew about. He already had the tickets and he was paying for everything.
All she had to do was to stand at the curb, her suitcase packed, when he
came by to pick her up. She had of course agreed and one fine Friday
afternoon he had picked her up. She had never been free again from that
moment on.

The resort turned out to be a castle hidden away in the countryside,
behind high walls and hedges. They had checked in like in a normal
hotel, although she had wondered why the hotel people didn't bother
getting her name. Even though the hotel was very large, there were very
few rooms, only one per floor, reached directly from the lobby by
elevator. The room had been more of an apartment, huge and dark. She
noticed that there was another exit from the room besides the elevator,
which she assumed led to the other parts of the castle. The rooms were
strangely outfitted. There wasn't much furniture. All of it was very
solid looking. The bed was a huge four-poster bed, with post made of
thick, black painted oak. In the walls were a great many solid metal
rings. They had hardly set down their luggage before he began seducing
her. In no time he had all her clothes off and she willingly allowed him
to cuff her hands behind her back. This accomplished he kissed her
deeply and stood back with a contemptuous smile on his face: "You're
mine now, stupid cunt," he said in a harsh tone he had never used
before. She opened her mouth to object when he slapped her so hard she
fell over. As she screamed for help and pleaded for him to stop, he sat
down on her chest, grabbed her by the throat cutting off her breath.
"You are about to begin your life as a slave, you fucking cunt. I've had
enough of your vanilla-bullshit. From now on its slavery for you, real
slavery and for life." She began to get very afraid as he gagged and
leashed her. He dragged her to the wall where he fixed the leash to one
of the rings. He removed his pants and fucked her more brutally than she
had ever been fucked before. He finished by spraying his cum all over
her face. There he left her crying, leashed to the wall with cum drying
on her face.

When he returned, he had changed his clothes. He was now dressed in an
ensemble of shiny black rubber. In his hands he held a pair black
high-heeled shoes. Too afraid to struggle, she allowed him to lock the
shoes on her feet without a fight. He then stood her up and led her into
the castle, which of course turned out to be one giant torture chamber,
designed for wealthy Masters and Mistresses to break in new slaves. Over
the next week he had indeed made her his property. He had broken her
spirit by the next morning using particularly brutal torture, without
marking her face or hands at all. She had pleaded to him, promising to
be his slave, that she would do anything as long as he stopped hurting
her. The rest of the week had been rigorous slave training. She had even
been indoctrinated to believe that she liked it, and soon she began
experiencing orgasms when he hurt her. Whether he had indoctrinated her
to this or simply brought out her submissive side was never clear to
her, but when they left the next Sunday she was his slave.

Once back at the hospital, he made her quit her job and move in with
him. He took all her belongings and all her money, and in return he
allowed her to sit gagged and hooded, chained to a wall in his basement
all day. At night he would inflict terrible torture on her and she would
thank him for it, because she knew she was worth no better. It was using
her he had developed and perfected his glass cage brainwashing technique
and his hormonal breast enlargement technique. With these in place, he
set up his very special clinic, catering exclusively to his growing
circle of acquaintances in the BDSM-world. She became head-nurse at the
clinic, although head-slave would have been a better word. She found out
that he had "recruited" other nurses in a similar fashion; first
courting them, then beating them into submission. His tit- and
lips-fetish soon manifested itself on all of the nurses. The first few
months of the clinic's existence he actually allowed the nurses/slaves,
who all slept on the floor together in a surprisingly small padded cell,
to talk at night. They were of course all restrained, his restraint of
choice at the time being a white rubber straightjacket. Later he
introduced the cages as sleeping quarters for the nurses as well and
forbade all conversation between the nurses. As his clinic grew, so did
his cruelty. The punishments became harsher and harsher, the sexual
release further and further in between. 
At first he had allowed the nurses occasional orgies where they were all
left naked in their small padded cell, with only their hands cuffed
behind them. The orgies were nights where everybody ate pussy and
everyone got their pussy eaten. Nowadays the only sexual gratification
any nurse got was if a client fucked them. The doctor himself rarely, if
ever, had anything but blowjobs and breast-fucks. 

As for Miss Cunningham, she was still special. As his first slave she
had been given the privilege of teaching speech to sissies who had had
their voices done, and sometimes she was even allowed into his bedroom.
But her times of being allowed to orgasm were over. The doctor never
came near her pussy and he wouldn't allow anyone else near either. To
make sure that this didn't happen, he had sown her pussy up, leaving
only a small tube for urine sticking out. Miss Cunningham had thought
that in time her sexual appetite abate, but that was not to be. The
doctor's brainwashing sessions combined with hormone treatment, both
administered every night in the glass cages made sure of that. So Miss
Cunningham had been unable to come for more than 10 years now! Always
sexually frustrated, always denied release.

Debbie wanted to scream and cry in sympathy and fear. What if Mistress
had the same in store for her?

After about a week Debbie's voice and her manner of speech was
satisfactory. Miss Cunningham celebrated the occasion by demonstrating
to both of them just how frustrating their inability to gain sexual
release was. She congratulated Debbie and sat down on Debbie's lap. As
she gently kneaded Debbie's tits she kissed Debbie deeply. Soon they
were both moaning with passion, Miss Cunningham grinding her hips
against Debbie's body. But to no avail, after about 15 minutes of
fruitless attempts at release they were both desperate and Miss
Cunningham decided to give up. She gagged Debbie, released her from the
chair and led her by her leashed cock to the doctor's office.

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