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The Priest Teaches His Flock

Chapter 7 Communion

Chapter 7-Communion

"Over her Sally, it is time you drained the evil seed from my sword. Leave all of your clothes off. The sight of you naked body will make it easier to empty my sword." Father John pulled off his pants and shorts and sat down in the large chair. His hand reached down to his cock, stroking it to even greater hardness as he watched her walk over to him, her young breasts bouncing as she walked.

She moved towards the chair, Father John motioning her to kneel at the foot of the chair. She scooted down onto the floor, her small hands moving towards his sword, knowing what was required of her. She grabbed the big sword, her hand circling the hot, throbbing member in her hand. She squeezed it tight and then began to stroke it up and down, stretching the skin back and forth, making sure that her fingers stroked over the head every other stroke. She let her other hand reach down between his legs, cupping his swollen, hot testicles in her palm, hefting them up and down.

"Very good, Sally. You are quickly learning how to serve the lord. You seem to have found something that you are very good at. I think you need more practice though. We are going to have to spend more time improving your skills and teaching you new ones and less time on lessons. The lord always finds something we are good at and it is my job to help nurture those skills in you. Would you like me to teach you more, Sally? I know your mother and father would want me to expand your talents. You want me to tell them good things about you, don't you Sally? They would be very disappointed if I told them you were uncooperative. They would have you stop seeing me. I would have to get them to have you little sister come in for some of my special lessons. Do you think she would be more cooperative, Sally?"

The mere mention of her parents and her little sister was enough to get Sally to cooperate with anything Father John said. She knew there would be many more times that she would be stripped naked and forced to rub his sword until he came all over her. "I want to fulfill my destiny for the lord. I will do whatever you want of me. Just do not disappoint my parents. And leave my sister out of this." She was afraid if her sister came, Father John would start abusing her body like she did to Sally. Her sister was too young and naive to understand what was happening. She continued to stroke his sword, seeing tiny drops of his seed glistening on the end.

Father John moved up in the chair, his legs pressed on either side of Sally's body, his cock almost pushed against her naked breasts. "We are going to do it differently this time. You want to learn something new, don't you Sally?" He gripped his cock with one hand, his other hand he put on her head. "Move closer, Sally."

She felt the pressure on the back of her head as Father John's hand pushed her head towards his sword. She looked in his eyes, only seeing lust in them.

"I want you to take my sword in your mouth, you sweet little mouth. I will teach you what to do with it once it is in there. Wet your lips, get them nice and slippery." He watched as her tongue came out and ran all over her lips, the saliva glistening in the light. He pushed his hips forward, his other hand holding his erect cock out straight. He began to rub it on her face.

She jerked back when she felt the hot sword on her cheek. The thought of taking his sword in her mouth made her gag. It was bad enough when she had to use her hand on it, especially when he shot out his demon seed. It was so hot, feeling like it was scalding her skin when it landed on her. And so thick, it would not even run off, just sitting on her skin. She knew she would gag and choke if he shot his demon seed in her mouth. She had to find some way to stop it. She felt the hand on her head press harder when she flinched away. The hard sword rubbed over her cheeks, his hand pressing her face onto it, unable to escape. She could feel a trail of wetness on her face as his seed leaked tiny amounts of fluid as it dragged along her soft skin, jerking in response to the pleasure provoked. She looked up, his sword almost blocking her eyes, rubbing over her nose now. His hand held his sword, making sure the end of it rubbed on her face, pressing the end of it against one of her nostrils, trying to force it inside her nose.

What a wonderful idea. He would have to try it on Sally next time. He wanted to shoot his cock off in her nostril, forcing his cum inside her nose. His cock was too big to push it in, but if he placed it just right, the piss hole pushed inside her nostril, he could shoot his hot cream inside. If it had enough force, maybe it would shoot to the back of her nose to run down into her throat. Hopefully, that would make her choke.

But first, it was time to teach her how to suck his cock. Sally was a very talented girl, even if she did not know it. Her hands knew how to do just the right things to his cock. She might hate what she was doing, but she was doing it well. He hoped that her talents would extend to her mouth. This was always the hardest to teach girls, especially reluctant ones. Fucking their pussies or assholes was relatively easy. Their natural body reaction to a hard cock thrust in a tight hole always made for a good fuck. The mouth was different. They would have to put a lot of effort into sucking, licking and swallowing a large cock. Most would just be a receptacle for his cock, a large oral hole that he could place his cock into and fuck back and forth. It would be a special girl that would use her tongue to play over the cock inside their mouth or swallow hard as it forced itself down her throat. He was hoping that Sally would do that in order not to disappoint her parents and to protect her sister. He had high hopes for her oral abilities.

She felt the rubbery cock head rubbing from her nose down to her lips. She felt it jerk as it touched her moistened lips, moving back and forth over her lips, jerking as it felt her hot breath on the sensitive head. She accidentally stuck her tongue out in reaction to the cock on her lips, touching it. She felt it twitch and a tiny drop of his demon seed settled on her tongue. It was hot and salty. Even a single drop bathed her entire mouth with the taste, the thick fluid quickly mixing with her saliva to invade her taste buds.

Yes, it might have been by accident, but it felt so good when her tongue touched the head of his cock. "Yes, you have this natural ability to serve the Lord, Sally. Do that again, run your tongue over my sword. Bath it with your innocent mouth." He held his cock to where her lips were slightly parted, the hard rubbery tip jerking from her hot breath bathing it. He waited patiently, wanting her to do it willingly. His cock jerked when he saw the tip of her tongue move out from between her slightly parted lips. He looked into her eyes, seeing them pleading with him not to force her to do this. He stared back, his eyes only reflecting his lust to have her mouth service his cock until she sucked his semen from his balls.

She knew she had no choice. He wanted her mouth and she could not stop him from making her do his bidding. She let her tongue slip through her lips, startled as she touched the head of his cock again, feeling the heat from the hard sword. She could taste the foul tasting fluid again, swallowing, hoping not to gag as it permeated her mouth with the thick fluid. She let her tongue move back and forth over the head, feeling the tiny slit on his sword as it moved back and forth over it. More and more of the demon seed leaked out, the sticky fluid stretching out into ropey pieces that clung to her lips.

It felt so good, none of the other girls had been like Sally, so willing, so eager to pleasure him, even though she was doing something that was revolting to her. He pushed with his cock forward. "Lick around the head of it Sally, I want it glistening with your saliva when you are finished. Get it nice and slippery and wet." He pushed her head up, looking into her eyes as she let her tongue run all around the head, passing underneath the ridge, lathering it with her saliva. He could see her humiliation as she soaked his cock, her saliva mixing with his cum to form a salty fluid coating the head. "Very good, Sally. You are doing a good job of serving the lord. Worship my sword like you would the lord." Her mouth was now in a tiny "O", her tongue darting in and out, the rough surface of her tongue running over the smooth skin of the head of his cock. It was time for her to take it inside, to take it inside her virgin mouth.

His hand held her head still, her tongue moving over his sword. At least if he shot out his demon seed, she could move her head or at worst it would shoot on her face. That would not be as bad as it shooting in her mouth. There was so much demon seed when she used her hands, the thick fluid covering her hand and fingers with a sticky mess. She did not want that in her mouth. She did not want to have to swallow that.

"Open your mouth wider, Sally. Make it in a big "O"," watching her expression as he said it.

"No, please, let me use my tongue on it, like this," her tongue licking at the head of his cock, eager to please him, anything being better then having it in her mouth. "I can do a good job and empty the demon seed from your sword with my tongue," she begged.

"Yes, you can do that, but I want your lips wrapped tightly around the head of my sword. I want my sword in your sweet mouth, your big eyes watching me as I slowly feed it into the hot confines of your mouth. Now open wide, Sally, take it in." I pushed with my cock as I saw her lips part, the opening getting wider, her lips forming a wide "O', waiting for my sword to be engulfed.

She did not have to wait long, Father John anxious, pushing his sword between her virgin lips, the hot sword slowly running along her tightly clenched lips. She could feel the rubbery sword moving inside her mouth, her tongue pushed to the side as the big head slowly filled her small mouth. She looked up, seeing the big head filling her vision as she felt it pulsating in her mouth. Two hands now held her head, one on each side of her head, pressing in hard, keeping her head at the right angle, his hips pushing his hard sword in and out of her mouth. She could feel the ridge on the head moving back and forth over her lips. She started to move her hands up, going to push the sword from her mouth.

"Leave your hands at your sides!" He ordered her, seeing her hands clench, but fall back down again. He jerked her head back onto the head of his cock, her lips so tight around the throbbing member. "Now, use your tongue again, rub all over the head inside your mouth, make it quiver in your mouth."

She was so humiliated, being used by Father John, naked, her head held tight, her mouth used to masturbate his sword, just like she had been forced to do with her hands. Her hands clenched tightly, her fingernails digging painfully into her flesh, unable to stop him from using her body. She felt her head turned sideways, his sword pushed in again, bulging out her cheeks.

"Make your lips tighter on it, Sally. Make it real tight, be a good girl." He watched her clench her lips tight on his cock, almost like it was her pussy. "Now suck it like a lollypop, run your tongue over it." He began to pump it in and out of her mouth, feeling her tongue bathing the cock as it passed in and out through her tightly clenched lips. "The Lord was right, Sally, you are very good at this. I think we have found your calling, a way to serve the Lord." He held her head up, her eyes glistening with tears. "I'm going to feed you more of my sword, breath through your nose as it fills your mouth."

It seem to go on forever, each time more and more of his sword entered her mouth. It was then withdrawn, but not before she had to run her tongue over the length of it, feeling the large veins running down the length, feeling it twitching in her mouth. "AAAGGGHH," finally choking as it hit the back of her mouth, trying to force its way down her throat. It pulled out, but then thrust back in, each time harder, bouncing against her tonsils, forcing gags from her stuffed mouth. Tears fell from her eyes as she choked on the hard sword, her hands clenching and unclenching.

"Yes, the Lord has made my sword very long. You will have to get use to it pushing into the back of your mouth. Breathe through you nose. Your choking squeezes my sword each time." He pumped his cock back and forth in her mouth, her choking and gagging massaging his cock. He looked at the innocent face he held in his powerful hands, his cock splitting her lips apart, her tongue still running over his cock as he fucked her face.

"AAAGGH, GGGHHHRR," his sword making her gag as it punched into her throat. He held her head tightly, blocking her ears the only sound she heard was his heavy testicles banging against her chin each time he punched his sword deep into her mouth. Her mouth was getting filled with his demon seed, the thick salty fluid leaking out from his sword each time her lips drew it back in. She could taste it on her tongue as it ran over the head, unable to prevent it from leaking, unwilling to swallow the foul tasting fluid.

Father John settled back into the chair, pulling Sally back, spreading his legs so she was kneeling between them, her mouth still full of his hard cock. One more humiliation for her first. He let go of her head. "Pump your head up and down on my sword, Sally. Just like my hands was making your head do. And the Lord wants you to take it deep, he wants to hear you choking on it." He relaxed watching her.

She let her head move up and down on his sword, her tongue still running over the hard sword as it moved in and out. She held her breath as she pushed her head on it deep, feeling it slam against her tonsils. "GGGHHH," choking as it pushed into her throat. "GGGGGHH," again, back in, deep into her mouth, choking herself on the hot sword filling her mouth.

"You are so good at the Lords work, Sally, that I just have to tell your mother how pleased I am with your progress. I am going to call her now, on the speaker phone, so you will have to be quiet. But I want you still moving your head up and down on my sword."

Sally shook her head no, her eyes pleading. But she continued to pump her mouth up and down on his sword, afraid of displeasing him. Not her mother, she would be so humiliated to be taking Father John's sword in her mouth while her very own mother was talking to him.

"Yes, I need to talk to your mother, let her know of your exceptional progress. Continue pleasing me with your skills while we talk. I am getting ready to unload my demon seed. This time it will be in the hot confines of your mouth. You are so sinful at being so skilled in oral sex, you must be punished in the same way. You will take my demon seed in your mouth and swallow all of it. I am going to dump it in your mouth while I am talking to your mother so you will have to be very quiet and try not to choke on it."

Her body shook in humiliation and shame as he dialed her number, the ringing coming out the speaker phone.

"Hello," came out her mother voice.

Sally froze when she heard her mother's voice, as if she was caught red-handed with Father John's sword in her mouth.

Father John reached down, grabbing her head on both sides and began to pump her head back and forth on his cock again. He released it when he felt her tongue begin again to lap at his cock in her mouth, her head moving up and down, her lips tightened on his cock.

"Hello, Mary, this is Father John.

"Is everything with Sally OK Father John," her voice showing her concern for her daughter.

"She is fine, Mary, she is still here with me now as we speak, even though she cannot speak right now." He saw Sally's eyes open wide as his cock slipped back onto her tonsils, the huge head gripped tightly by her tiny throat. She struggled not to choke, not to give out any noise to her mother, as her throat gripped the head of his cock so tight. He fought the urge not to cum yet, wanting to do it at an opportune time while speaking with Mary.

"I worry so much about her. I do so much to protect her from the evil of the world. I try to make her safe from the runaway sex of the current generation."

"Yes, you do so much, Mary, I am sure that Sally appreciates all that you do. I just want to tell you how well Sally is doing. I think she has found the Lords calling and I hope to instruct her to serve him with her exceptional skills. She has such a deep, deep understanding of the Lords work." He pulled her head down on his cock, forcing it past her tonsils, into her throat. He let her throat muscles massage his cock as it pulsated deep inside her throat.

"That's so good to hear, Father John. It is so difficult with children nowadays. Making sure they get the right training. I want to thank you for doing that, teaching her all the things she needs to learn."

"Sally is so good with her hands, able to use her skills to bring about a climax to the situation." He grabbed Sally's hands and moved them so they gripped his balls, nodding to her to massage them so he could unload his demon seed in her mouth.

"That's so good, Father John. I noticed the same thing, she is good in the kitchen. She will make some man a very lucky husband some day. That is why I try to convince her to keep herself a virgin, saving herself for her husband. She can learn all about how to please a man when she has a husband. It is so important that they remain innocent."

"Yes, that is important, but she must also be her own person. She can't just swallow anything that someone gives her." He yanked her head back down on his cock, burying it back into her throat, seeing her eyes water as she fought back the urge to choke and gag on the thick cock expanding in her throat. Her eyes pleaded with him to release the cock from her throat, but he held her tight, hearing her heavy breathing through her nose.

"There are many gullible girls in this world. They will believe anything they are told, they will swallow just about any story. It is good that she has religion, thanks to you Father John. It will keep her morals high following your examples and lead."

Father John pumped her head up and down on his cock, her lips squeezing it so tight, her hands busily massaging his cum swollen balls. He was getting ready to cum. He looked into her eyes.

She instantly recognized what he was trying to tell her. She would have to swallow his demon seed soon. And she would have to do it quietly, preventing her mother from hearing it. It was so perverted of Father John, forcing her to mouth his sword while talking to her mother as if nothing was going on.

"Sally is very smart, Mary. She is more mature then most girls her age. She is very analytical with problem solving and excellent at following directions. It is very hard to make her choke on big problems." It grabbed her head, burying his cock back in her throat, feeling her body jerk in response as it slipped past her tonsils and pushed into her throat. His fingers moved down the side of her neck, feeling his cock twitching right below the surface.

"That is so good to hear from you Father John. Are you going to continue teaching her?" We have another daughter also, maybe after you have finished with Sally you might do the same thing to her."

Sally panicked, shaking her head no, not her sister, but she kept her mouth wrapped tightly around Father John's sword.

"I have so much more to teach Sally. She needs to have a deeper understanding of the bible." He pulled her face down on his cock. Farther down then ever before. Her lips were smashed against his naked stomach, his heavy laden balls slapping against her chin. His large cock was completely buried in her young mouth and throat. Her eyes pleaded with him, as she quietly choked and gagged on his cock, tears running down her cheeks. "She can go even deeper, take her religion even deeper." He pushed her down on his cock. His cock began to pulsate, shooting his first load of cum in her throat.

Sally struggled as she was choked by Father John's sword, her breathing through her nose ragged, tears staining her face as her throat quivered on the man flesh clogging it. She felt it expand, knowing that he was shooting inside her throat. At least she would not have to taste it, shooting directly into her stomach.

"Thank God," shouted Father John, as he pulled his cock from her throat, letting it sit on her tongue. It quivered then shot another load of cum, this time bathing her hot mouth with his hot, heavy cum.

Sally froze as her mouth was filled with the slimy demon seed. It felt like gallons, her cheeks puffing out as they quickly filled up. She swallowed, fighting back the urge to vomit and choke as they heavy seed slowly ran down her gullet.

"Amen, Father John," Mary feeling the excitement in his voice. "It is good to hear a man of the cloth with such an excitement in his voice. Hopefully you will share it with our daughter."

"Praise the Lord, I will share everything with your daughter. I will allow her to partake of everything I have to offer. I ask that she also does the same in return. That she gives all that she has to the service of the Lord." He watched her face as she swallowed load after load of his cum, her throat bobbing up and down, the heavy semen filling her stomach.

"I will make sure that she does Father John. I want her to do everything that you instruct her to do. She does have a mind of her own, but she does not know how to obey her elders. We have taught her that over the years. If she doesn't please you, you have our permission to punish her. We have always believed in punishing children for misbehavior. Some nowadays don't believe in spankings and strapping, but we do. It has proven very effective when we were raised. A good birch rod or leather strap on the behind will make them obey."

"Why thank you Mary for entrusting your care of Sally to me? I agree with punishing children. They need the reminder sometimes just to keep them on the straight and narrow path." He looked down at Sally, his shrunken cock still in her mouth, hanging inside limply, her tongue running over it accidentally as she tried to get rid of the terrible taste of his demon seed. "I am sure that somewhere along the way, I will have to punish her. I have many ways to make sure that she remembers to honor her elders to do to what they say." He saw the fear in her eyes as he talked about punishing her.

Yes, a good pussy whipping always settled them down. He had many girls that refused his advances. Once stripped naked, their legs spread, he would force them to raise their sex up to greet the strap as it smashed into their spread sex. Each time they would be forced back up again, their sex split open by the leather strap, smashing painfully against their once pink inner lips. Even the difficult ones would respond. He found that a large dildo pressed against their tiny asshole would keep their sex up and open. The only alternative would be to allow the dildo to sink painfully up their asshole, an option they hated even worse.

"Will Sally be home soon, Father John?"

"She is just getting ready to leave. She just swallowed a very difficult problem and has done a remarkable job at reaching a climax to it. She really has a taste for it now. I will be glad to see her back tomorrow, eager to use her exceptional skills. I have some new exciting things to show her tomorrow. It was nice talking to you, and I will keep you informed of Sally's progress. Goodbye now."

"Good bye Father John, and thank you again."

The line went dead, the room silent again. He looked down at Sally, her lips shiny with his cum still holding his shrunken cock inside her mouth, afraid of displeasing him, not sure what she was suppose to do. He pulled his cock from her mouth, ropey cum pulling from her lips as he did. "Very good, Sally. You are a very exceptional girl with exceptional talents that the Lord has asked me to help you realize. I hope you liked the taste of my demon seed, because you still tempt my sword each time and you are going to have to swallow it often."

"Now get dressed Sally, don't lie around her like a whore. Don't forget, you are in the Lords house, respect it!" He pulled up his pants, leaving Sally slumped on the floor, naked.

To be Continued

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