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The Priest Teaches His Flock

Chapter 5 The Punishment Again

Chapter 5 The Punishment Again.

"Not the desk, you're not going to make me spread my legs wide again are you. That hurts soo much."

"You must learn, Sally, you must learn to obey. You disappointed God. You're suffering shows that you are truly repentant. You want to repent for your sins, don't you Sally? The more you suffer the punishment, the more you show God you want to repent for your sins."

Sally knew she had no choice. She was going to be punished by Father John and she knew that he would make her suffer. "I will do whatever is required of me. I disappointed God."

"I will help you repent your sins to God, Sally. I will make you suffer so God will know you are repentant of your sins." He watched her half naked body move over to the large desk, her tits bouncing as she walked, her skirt still having fallen down covering her legs again. He would have it above her waist again real soon. "Onto the desk, Sally."

Sally sat on the desk, facing Father John. Her eyes opened wide when he picked up a wooden board, about two feet by one foot. It was covered with tiny tacks sticking up from the board, spaced apart an inch apart. She leaned back, knowing what was required of her, afraid of what purpose the board had, only knowing that she knew that somewhere, those tacks would be puncturing her body.

He liked the way she looked, her arms behind her, supporting her body upright, her youthful breasts sticking straight up into the air, her nipples still hard, pointing outward. He put the board down, his hands reaching out for her tits again, grabbing them roughly, bouncing them up and down, slapping at them before grabbing her nipples and pulling them from her body, stretching them out. He heard her moan in pain, but she did not protest the brutal use of her body. She was already in too much trouble.

"Not this time, Sally, this time I want you on your stomach. Turn over and lay flat on the table. Scoot up a little first," watching as she complied, seeing her press her breasts into the cold table, her body shivering as the coldness spread through her nipples.

"Lift up a little so I can slide this board under your breasts. Jesus was crucified to the cross with nails, you will suffer a similar fate. You will be forced to lie on top of the tacks." He saw the look of resignation on her face as she pushed up on her body, her breast peeling off from the desk, his hands sliding the board underneath her hanging breasts. He grabbed her breasts by the nipple, unable to stop himself from milking the hanging jugs, pulling on the nipples like she was a cow ready for milking. He released them, her nipples hard and swollen, ready for the tacks. "Down now, press your breasts into the board," his cock jerking around in his trousers, wanting to escape, wanting Sally's soft hands wrapped around.

It hurt her nipples as he pulled and tugged on them, stretching them, his fingers digging painfully into the tips, his fingernails biting into the rubbery flesh. She gritted her teeth and let her body slowly lower down, her nipples hitting the tacks first, one sharp tack finding her left nipple square in the center of the nub. She felt his hand on her naked back, slowly pressing her down, not giving her a chance to get into a better position, forcing her to suffer. Her areolas were next, tacks finding the large silver dollar circles, the bite of the tack pricking the tender skin. More pressure on her back, pushing harder this time, forcing her breasts to flatten onto the sharp tacks, tiny puncture wounds appearing all over her breast flesh. "OOOOWWW, that hurts Father John. Pleeeasse," she begged, but his hands urged her farther down, pushing her down until her body weight pushed her harshly into the tack covered board.

"Lay still now," moving both hands onto her back and began to push, forcing her into the sharp tacks, hearing her groan and moan in pain when the tiny, sharp tacks punctured her flesh. He loved it when she moaned louder, knowing that a tack had punctured her nipple or areola, the sharp bite of the tack attacking her tender flesh. "Suffer for God, Sally," pushing again, making her body move up and down on the board, giving the tacks new places to puncture, making Sally groan louder in pain.

"Now your legs, Sally. You are going to have to spread open more then last time. I want you to feel that you are splitting up the middle. There will be no time limit this time. God will give you a sign when he thinks you have suffered enough." He stroked the back of her leg, letting his hand slide from her knee down to her ankle, then back up again. "The first one is the easiest, Sally, let it slide all the way over to the edge." He grasped her ankle, letting it move over to the edge, knowing that her body shifting would allow the tacks to find new spots to puncture, pleased at her groans of pain. "Now the cross to make sure that you don't disappoint God." He placed the cross in the hole in the edge of the desk, the gleaming cross testament to Sally's bondage. He had tied up some of the young girls, but he liked it better when they provided their own invisible bondage. It was so much better to see them suffer at their own hands, spread open willingly, his hands fondling their flesh as they moved about, attempting to escape, but always keeping their legs open and spread.

The humiliation was beginning again. Her breasts ached, the sharp puncturing tacks continually tormenting her flesh. Now Father John began to spread her legs, knowing that he would be looking up between her spread legs, knowing that she could not close them, her sex only covered by a pair of simple cotton panties. His hands were already fondling her legs, the large, calloused hands rubbing up and down her lower legs as he began to spread her. She looked back, the cross pinning her one leg open wide. She felt his hand grab the other ankle and slowly part it, opening her up like a giant wishbone. She turned her head the other way, watching as he opened her up, her crotch beginning to ache as she was spread open wider then she should have been. "OOOOOHH, plllease, not so far Father John," she begged, her tear stained face looking pitifully at Father John. He was enjoying her pain and humiliation, his face reflecting a large grin.

"Suffer for God, Sally," jerking her leg to the side, spreading it to the far side of the desk, making sure her ankle hung over the side of the desk before he released it. "Hold it there while I get the other cross," releasing her leg, forcing Sally to maintain the painful position. He picked up the other cross and slowly lowered it into the hole in the desk, the two crosses now the invisible rope holding Sally open and spread. He saw her looking back, making sure her ankle was far enough from the cross so it would not accidentally touch it. That was the best part of the crosses. They always spread their legs open even wider then necessary. Always wanting to make sure they did not touch the crosses. So far, none of them had. Even the ones that he fucked, lying on their young spread bodies, as they endured his powerful rutting inside their virgin pussies, their legs straining to keep open, their pussies painfully torn and bruised by his large cock, pumping them with his organ until he finished, dumping his demon seed in their once virgin bodies.

The last girl was the best. He had her spread like Sally, on her stomach, her ass arched up high by a pillow, her legs spread open even wider then Sally. He had already removed her little panties, her ass cheeks spread apart by the wide expanse of her legs. She was younger then the others, not knowing what was going to happen as he mounted her back, sliding his naked body onto hers, his legs between hers, nestling his cock between the cheeks of her ass, feeling her shivering in fear when she felt it. She had felt his cock before, made to use her hands on his cock, making him cum and even sucked his cock with her tiny mouth. He fumbled between her legs, lining his cock up with her tiny hole, hearing her pleadings. He ignored her, listening to her scream as he slowly forced his cock into her tiny body. But it was not her virgin pussy that he entered. It was her virgin asshole. Her hips shook from side to side, but her legs were always spread open wide, unwilling to stop him from sinking his cock into the deep recesses of her rectum and colon. He had pumped her for twenty minutes, her asshole stretched painfully, taking the giant man sized cock up her backside her painful groaning making his cock even harder. She was his downfall, telling her parents about it. That was how he ended up at the "retreat" and ultimately here.

Sally ached, her groin feeling like it was torn, her thighs already aching from the widespread stance of her legs. She could see Father John behind her, staring up between her spread legs, his trousers bulging in the front. Her breasts stung, the sharp tacks tearing into her flesh, unable to keep still, moving around, trying to relieve some of the pain. The worst were the ones that had punctured her nipples. One had pierced the tip. Every time she breathed, her chest heaving brought about excruciating pain. But she had other problems to worry about. Father John hands were returning to her body. She could feel his hands running up and down her legs, knowing that he would not be content until he reached up under her skirt.

"Very good, Sally. You're spread so wide. I know it must hurt, but you must suffer for your sins. Now lay still, I will help you get through this," his hands moving up higher until it reached the bottom of her skirt. "Your body is tempting me again. You will have to draw out the demon seed from my loins again. Like you did the other day." His hands reached the top of her legs, only inches from her panties, her skirt beginning to bunch around her waist, his hands fondling her flesh, his fingers digging painfully into her tender flesh, bruising it as he did, his cock jerking when she let out tiny bursts of pain.

Her legs were trembling already, her thighs strained to the breaking point, the juncture of her legs feeling like she was torn up the middle. She kept looking down, making sure that her legs were not near the crosses, having to spread them wider each time, the pain increasing as she did. His fingers were becoming more urgent, pushing hard into her flesh, knowing that he was leaving bruises. She could feel the cool air of the room on her legs, knowing that her skirt was hiked up high.

"I'm going to push your skirt out of the way, Sally,' his fingers lifting the skirt up and pushing it onto her back, her panties now the only protection of her butt. Father John moved up and pushed down on her back, forcing a groan of pain and a squirming of her body as the tacks tore into new flesh.

"OW," she cried out, humiliated as he plucked one of her pubic hairs. "Ow," her legs wanting to close, to stop him from doing it but the crosses keeping her spread and open to his torture. Her legs trembled, the pain in her thighs increasing as his fingers were now moving over her spread crotch. She felt him grab her panties high up at her waist and pull them up, the material between her legs slowly pushed up between her ass cheeks and pussy lips, the material biting into the tender areas of her body. If the spread of her legs was not bad enough, now her panties were tearing her up the middle.

His hands moved back down between her spread legs, now almost naked, her panties only a tiny bit of material, her ass cheeks naked, the panties pushed between her cheeks, her pussy lips now exposed, the panties nestled between them, splitting them open. His fingers moved over her naked flesh, feeling the tight, young skin of her ass, trembling muscles holding her legs in their obscene position before moving down and slowly running over her pussy lips. They were big, puffy lips, covered in a batch of blonde, fine hair. He pinched one, hearing her squeal in pain, her ass pumping up in response to the pain. He ran his fingers up and down over her pussy lips, her red face looking back at him, watching her legs and the crosses, afraid of touching them, unable to prevent him from molesting her virgin flesh.

"Please don't Father John, don't touch me there, please," she begged him as his hands continued to play with her private parts, his fingers running up and down her lips, her body shivering in fear as they played across the fine hair, afraid of how far he would go. Her breasts hurt, his fingers making her move around, her nipples already punctured by two sharp tags now dragging painfully over the tacks. He moved lower down, his finger running between her pussy lips, feeling the panty material pushed in deep.

"How dare you tell me what I can do?" He went over to the desk and opened the drawer and pulled out a large wooden ruler. It was about two feet long and over two inches wide.

"Please, Father John, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," scared at what he was going to do with the ruler.

"I don't want another word out of you, Sally. You are being punished and punished you will be. Maybe a good spanking with the ruler will teach you some manners. Teach you to obey your church and Priest."

Sally began to sob. It kept getting worse, now Father John intended to spank her with the ruler. With the tacks under her breasts and her legs spread painfully wide, he was now going to inflict even more pain on her young body. She was afraid where he was going to use the ruler. It looked like it would hurt terribly.

Father John moved over towards Sally's butt. He pulled her panties at the top and pulled them out of her crease by running his hand along the edge of them. He smothered them back over her creamy ass, his hand slowly running over the taut flesh. His fingers went down between her legs, finding her pussy now covered again, the panties damp with her juices. He let the ruler lightly tap against her ass cheeks, feeling her body tense up.

"Smaaaack," the ruler came crashing down on her right cheek.

"AAAGGG," Sally cried out, her legs jerking out, almost touching the crosses, the tacks grinding on her abused breasts. "PPPLEEEASSE, NOOOOO!"

Father John let his hand soothingly caress her ass cheek, already feeling the heat from the blow on her skin. "Make sure you keep your legs spread real wide." He watched as her legs bowed out wider, groaning as she split herself up the middle. "Good girl, you're learning. You just need some punishment to learn your lessons."

"SMMMAAACCKK," this time harder on her left cheek.

"OOOOWWW," Sally's scream even louder. She began to sob louder, her butt burning from the wooden ruler. But she did not say anything. She just lay there, naked except for a pair of white, cotton panties, her legs spread wide, her breasts pushed painfully into the board of tacks, her nipples pierced by sharp tacks. She felt his hand return, caressing her burning buttock, her ass clenching from the pain.

"Now you're being a good girl. But there is still more. You must learn your lesson.

"SSSMMMAACKK, SSSMMMAAACKK," this time the ruler hitting each cheek, one after another, Sally's body trembling in pain as the ruler hit the same spot as last time. A spot already turning red and painful.

"GGGGGGoDDDD, thaaattt hurttts soooo bad!" she cried out.

"God is why you are being punished Sally." His hands ran over her flesh, the heat from the ruler rising from under her panties. He could feel her tensing up her ass muscles, clenching her ass cheeks tightly together. "I'm going to continue beating your ass with the ruler until you stop clenching your muscles. You are going to give into me and let me have my way."

"SSSMMAACCK, SMMMMAAACKK," the twin slaps of the ruler, this time a little lower, catching the top part of her thighs, stinging the tender skin. He could see the skin turning red.

She did not know how much longer she could stand the pain. Her butt was so sore, the ruler now finding new spots to hit, the pain radiating all over her butt. She felt Father John's hands return, rubbing lower onto her naked flesh, his hands massaging her heated skin. She felt him move up to her butt again. This time she did not tighten her ass cheeks. He had won. She would not fight him any longer.

"Yes, that's a good girl, Sally." He moved up to her face, wiping the hair out of her eyes, tears running down her cheek and falling into a puddle on the desk beneath her. "It's almost over Sally, just don't tighten up on me and it will be over soon. You want that don't you? You want me to stop punishing you."

Sally sniveled, "yes, please Father John."

He kept his face next to hers, but she felt his hands slide down her side and move over her butt. He grabbed her flesh in his palm, feeling the lovely flesh in his fingers, her soft skin still hot from the ruler. She let him have his way, the fight beaten out of her. She shivered in fear as she felt his hand slip between her legs and slip up to run over her groin, his hand closing over her crotch, squeezing her sex.

"Yes, such a good girl, Sally. Father John is happy with you," His finger slid beneath her pussy lips, a gasp coming from her mouth as a strange finger was placed in her most intimate part of her body. He let his finger wiggle between her lips, feeling her body move up, attempting to escape. "Now, now, I thought you were going to be a good girl, Sally."

She felt his hand move back up to her butt. "NNNO," as she felt him slowly lower her panties down in the back, her ass cheeks now naked, humiliated at being stripped naked and spread before him. "NNOO," crying as he pulled them down to right below where here hillocks ended. The hands returned, this time only naked skin available to him. His hands running over the young, tight flesh.

"SMMACCCK, SMMMMAAACK," the sound of the ruler hitting her naked flesh now different. The pain was more intense.

"YYYYAAAAHH," her body shaking, her muscles trembling as the pain radiated to her brain.

"Going to be good, Sally?" He looked into her tear stained face again. "Or do you want more?"

"No, Father John, no more."

"We'll see how good you can be Sally."

She let her body relax, as best as she could. She still had to fight to keep her legs spread open so wide. But Father John liked that. He wanted her open to his fondling of her young body. And she could no longer do anything about it. She felt his hands crawling along her side and move onto her naked ass cheeks again, his hand clamping tightly onto the flesh, clenching and unclenching onto her butt.

"Now God will test you Sally. To see if you can obey." His hand slid down her ass cheeks, slowly sliding down inside her panties from the rear. "Take a deep breath and relax now, Sally."

Nooo, she cried out, but not so Father John or anyone could hear her. She felt his fingers slip down into her panties, onto her naked flesh and push up under her and slip between her lips. Her body froze as her sex was touched by a male for the first time. Her breathing stopped, frozen in fear as she felt his fat fingers moving around inside her lips, moving up and down her slit as she lay there naked and spread. The fingers moved around like a tiny snake, slithering along her slit, moving up and down. She felt the finger find the opening to her vagina and stop, poised at her virginal opening.

"God wants to make sure you are a virgin, Sally. Hold still while I put a finger inside you. I want to feel your hymen." He saw the look of desperation in her eyes as his fingers began to snake up inside her vagina. He felt how tight she was, his finger having to fight its way inside her, bending and pushing millimeters at a time.

"AAAAAHHH," sucking in a deep breath as she felt his finger sliding into her virgin body, her inner muscles clamping down onto her, Sally unable to control her body. "OOW," quietly protesting his finger banging painfully against her hymen.

"Yes, God likes you being a virgin, Sally." He let his middle finger stay inside her hot, tight pussy, his index finger sliding up until it reached her clit. He let it stab at the clit hood, pushing it aside, revealing a large, swollen clit. He rubbed it back and forth, her body jerking in response.

He pulled his fingers from her pussy, his middle finger wet and shiny from her pussy juice. She might act like she did not like it, but her body did put out enough crème to keep her lubricated. "Almost finished, just one more place."

Sally was confused. What was he talking about? She did not have to wait long before his hand crawled back out of her panties, Sally breathing a sigh of relief as his finger was pulled from her vagina, embarrassed and humiliated that he had so openly fondled her body.

"Relax again, Sally, almost done." His hand ran down the split of her ass, pushing apart her cheeks as he did, his wet finger leaving a trace of her crème along it as it kept going lower. Seeking out her tiny asshole.

Not there, why would he want to touch that she thought, finally figuring out his intentions. She let her ass cheeks relaxed, having already gone beyond the point of no return. She felt his fat finger find her tiny butt hole and the tip push down on it. She could feel the wetness on his finger and she knew that was from her. She gritted her teeth as she felt the pressure on his finger slowly push down onto her tiny opening, feeling it slowly spreading open. It felt strange, being pushed in, instead of out, his finger relentless, a continual pressure. Her sphincter fought the strange and unnatural intrusion, but Father John was stronger. "GGGGHHR," she cried out, unable to contain herself as her asshole was speared by a finger for the first time, the digit slowly worming its way inside her.

Father John's cock was ready to burst. She had already let him finger her cunt and now he had his finger up her asshole. He could feel her sphincter fighting the intrusion, her asshole hot and tight on his digit. She just lay there, spread open, moaning in pain as he had his way with her. She was now his to do as he pleased. Soon, she would lose the virginity of all three of her orifices. He pulled his finger out of her asshole, a slight pop sounding as it quickly clamped shut.

"Time for communion, Sally. Your young body has tempted me again. You are going to have to draw the evil demon seed from my body again. Are you going to be good and do that Sally?"

Sally knew that she would have to comply. She had already performed this task before, jerking his penis with her soft hand until he had shot his demon seed all over her naked breasts. All she had to do was do it again.

"Yes, Father John. I am sorry that my body tempts you so much. I will do as I am told."

To Be Continued

Review This Story || Author: Powerone
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