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Mom's Mistake

Part 6

				Mom's Mistake

				   Chapter 6

	The nerds had no problem in transporting their unconscious victim from
the frame back to the heavy wooden chair with its evil looking dildo protruding
from the seat. Mom began to regain consciousness as her asshole swallowed the
thick tapering metal tower. Her legs were spread and pulled up and under the
chair's seat, then anchored to the back, causing them to almost immediately
begin to cramp. Her arms were pulled up over the chair back and yanked down as
far as her shoulders would allow before being anchored to a ring set in the
wooden back. Two wide leather belts were cinched into her flesh just above and
below her massively swollen tits, which were now totally black. To finish
matters, a long thick vibrator was jammed deep inside the woman's cunt and held
in place by strips of duct tape just before the toy was activated. At a nod from
Elf the ties cutting off the blood to mom's tits were clipped, allowing the
circulation to be restored. They stood back and waited for the fun to begin.
They did not have long to wait.

	Mom began to groan and struggle against her bonds as the blood started
to work its way back into her bloated tit bags. Groans turned to screams that
grew louder and more shrill with time. Screams turned into squawks and almost
barking sounds as the pain grew even more intense. Now mom was making so much
noise that Elf had her gagged. Even with her mouth stuffed with a filthy rag
that had been used to clean up some of the mess she made when she lost control
of her bladder, mom's agonizing cries were still audible. While their captive
raved and struggled against the ropes and straps holding her naked body to the
heavy wooden chair, Elf had the tit platform and press reinstalled to allow them
to begin torturing her big tits once the pain from this little treatment

	They watched with glee as their guest worked herself into a near frenzy
from the pain she was experiencing. Her eyes were wide open and her face
contorted from the pain and now turning a bright red as she croaked and shrieked
into the gag and mindlessly thrust against the unyielding ropes that held her
fast. Elf decided to take her mind off her troubles by turning on the metal
dildo that was buried deep inside her asshole. Once again mom discovered to her
dismay that the nerds had somehow enhanced the capabilities of this fiendish
length of metal that was now beginning to make her feel as if her rectum and
part of her lower intestines were being torn apart. Soon the pain got so bad
that she was forced to ignore the agony associated with her throbbing tits that
now were turning a bright shade of red as the blood circulation was restored.

	Mom realized that the dildo was  growing in size, forcing her sphincter
to its limit of elasticity and making the tender mucus membrane lining of her
asshole feel as if it had caught fire. Not only was the metal monster expanding,
it was beginning to move up and down, slowly at first, but as time elapsed, the
pumping speed began to significantly increase making her asshole burn as the
metal bored deeper and deeper into her rectum. Just when she thought nothing
more could happen to her from this terrible tool she got the first jolt of
electricity that roared through her lower intestines, taking her breath away and
making her eyes bulge from their sockets as she tried to accommodate to the
terrible pain originating deep inside her naked body.

	One nerd was closely monitoring the amount of pussy juice drooling from
her stuffed cunt. Once Elf began shocking her asshole, the amount increased
dramatically for a time. Then as Elf upped the power and blasted away at his
captive's tender insides, her cunt juice dried up, indicating that she was no
longer enjoying the pain. Elf gave her more juice and her face began to look
like a death's head mask, so tight did her skin begin drawing over her facial
muscles. Just for the hell of it Elf gave mom full power and watched
dispassionately as her naked body jiggled and danced to the fiery tune that he
was playing in her asshole. With a shudder mom passed out, still twitching
spasmodically but not controlled by any orders from her scrambled brain.

	It took some time to revive mom so she could suffer more torments. Elf
now ordered the nerd pack to watch as he worked on her tits, now almost fully
recovered from the terrible plastic ties that had pinched off the blood supply
to those massive mounds of tit flesh. The nerds watched gleefully as their
leader loaded up a huge syringe with a clear fluid that turned out to be water,
and then injected it straight into her tit through the nipple, taking his time
puncturing that nubbin of sensitive, ercetile flesh. He repeated the procedure
on her other tit as well while mom moaned loudly into her gag, and strained
against her bonds. Elf turned to the nerds and announced that there would be a
contest to see who could squeeze the most water from mom's injected tits.

	To make it interesting he decreed that they weren't allowed to use
anything but their bare hands to force the water from their victim's big tits.
The first few nerds who took the challenge had limited success, one managing to
squeeze approximately three drops of water from one of her nipples. Then one of
the more intelligent and sadistic nerds took a new approach that got substantial
results. He had one of his buddies hold mom's tit down on the wooden platform
and then he delivered a brutal blow to that fat lump of fat and tissue with his
fist. It made a sick squishing sound as it flattened mom's boob. Even as the
first scream started issuing from her lungs he gave her a second vicious punch
to the same spot and a stream of fluid squirted from the nipple. He stepped back
wirh a grin and flexed his muscle. For the next five minutes or so the nerds
took their best shots and their attack soon emptied what little water remained
captured within her breast flesh. About midway in this nerd feeding frenzy she
passed out, but the nerds didn't seem to be bothered by whether their victim was
conscious or not. All they were focused on was to beat those big bags until no
water remained within them.

	Elf woke mom up by giving her asshole another big dose of electricity.
This loosened up a few more sections of her lower intestines and a rank smell
quickly developed, evidence that her bowels were not yet totally empty. Elf made
a mental note that the next time they had mom over for a torture session, she
should get a couple of king sized enemas to make sure that she wouldn't create a
mess and produce the kind of stench that was currently getting in the way of
their total enjoyment of her punishment. Despite this she was wide awake and
available for anything that they could dream up to do to those huge tits that
still presented a challenge to them. The nerd leader let his followers take
turns loading mom's tits with water until they looked about a cup size larger.

	Since they now knew how to make her tits squirt, it wasn't as much fun
to smash them flat with their fists. Still that's what they did and by the time
they got done, mom's tits were swollen and turning colors once more from the
bruises that had been created by the almost continuous rain of blows that they
had received over about a twenty minute period. Elf decided to kick things up a
notch and add some new tortures to further ruin mom's big breasts. This time he
loaded the big syringe with a mixture of bee venom, concentrated chili peppers
and essence of nettles. This time he injected her tits starting at the area
attached to her chest wall, then working down those big fat mounds of meat until
he at last reached her swollen nipples which took a dose three or four times
greater than  any single injection he had given her tits previously.

	It was positively amazing how much swelling developed over the next
fifteen minutes. Mom's tits looked like huge multi-colored balloons trying to
float from her chest. She was in terrible pain as evidenced by the fact that her
cunt had stopped producing any pussy cream or even the hint of juice. Her eyes
bulged from their sockets and she shook her head from side to side as her tits
continued to bloat and feel as if they had been set on fire from the inside.
Things got worse for the pain slut when the nerds produced not one, but two
small vises and mounted them side by side on the platform that supported mom's
distended bags of throbbing pain. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she
realized what they were going to do to her super swollen tits.

	She went crazy as a pair of nerds took over the vises. They carefully
centered the flat metal faces of the vises so that as much of her distended tit
flesh as could be accommodated was stuffed between the plates. Then they began
to slowly turn the chucks to begin the process of moving the flat metal faces
closer to each other. After two turns of the chucks the metal plates had begun
to sink into her super sensitive flesh and she babbled like a baby as the first
wave of pain rippled out from her swollen tits. The next turn caused some
fissures to develop in those swollen bags of pain. The next turn, which was made
with some difficulty, brought cries of amazement from the nerds as her nipples
began to squirt a stream of putrid liquid from her flattening breasts. Mom was
sure that she had died and was now in hell suffering the torments of the damned.

	It took the combined efforts of two nerds working each vise to give the
chucks one more full turn. An even stronger and more violent emission of this
foul smelling liquid spurted a distance of three or four feet before landing on
the concrete floor. Mom's face had turned white and her entire body shook as if
she had the palsy. The pain level had reached a point where she appoached
madness; her mind was beginning to fail in an effort to block out the unending
agony that she was experiencing. The nerd leader nodded to his crew and watched
as the chucks made one more very slow turn as her tits were becoming squashed
between the inexorable pressure from the closing plates of roughened metal that
were starting to dig through her skin.

	There still was a terrible surprise in store for their victim. Had she
been paying attention, mom would have noticed the wires coming from the metal
plates. They ran to a rheostat that controlled the amount of electrical power
that could be transferred to the plates. Each vise was a self contained
electrical circuit. Electricity could be run from face plate to face plate, and
through anything attached between the plates, such as mom's tits. It was also
possible to produce enough power to heat the plates as well. However power could
not be run from vise to vise, thus nearly eliminating the possibility of sending
an electric pulse through the victim's heart, which might cause the muscle to go
into ventricular fibrillation, a condition that often leads to death.

	To make it easier to electrically torture mom's tits, Elf would inject a
conducting electrolyte into her flattened knockers to allow power to be passed
through them. Mom had once more passed out from the pain as the plates squashed
her tits almost flat, tearing open some of the skin covering those bruised and
battered bags of fat. Once more she was jolted into consciousness by means of
the electrified dildo planted deep within her asshole. It took some time before
the plates on the vises began to heat up, but soon mom was struggling madly
against her bonds in a vain attempt to escape the growing pain that was
enveloping her flattened tits. The stench associated with sizzling flesh began
to permeate the cellar as the fat in her tits began to cook from the inside.

	Mom passed out once again and Elf mentally cursed himself for being too
rash with how he applied the power to his guest's tits. He stuck out his finger
and jerked it away quickly once it contacted the heated metal plates that were
still crushing mom's boobs in a grip of steel. He wondered just how much damage
those big meat bags had taken from the heated plates that perhaps were now stuck
tightly to the skin of her tits. Tearing those tits away from the plates might
prove to be a daunting task and he feared the consequences of returning mom in a
condition that would require extensive bed rest or worse still, a visit to the
emergency room and all the questions that it would cause.

				( To be continued )

Review This Story || Author: Jethro Jodhpur
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