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Holiday Slavery

Chapter 15 A Tale of Two Masters!



Chapter 15: A Tale of Two Masters!

At breakfast Master Paul was his old self again. It was almost as if last night had never happened, except that once or twice he made a point of asserting his Master status over me, by squeezing my balls or pinching my nipple a bit harder than usual when I was too slow in serving him. My Mistress had warned me to expect this, as well as threatening me with severe punishment if I didn't behave properly; so I submitted meekly and pretended everything was normal.

Helen was back with us, of course, looking noticeably tired but still as bright-eyed and cheerful as always. The conversation between my Mistress and Master Paul consisted of speculations about what she might have got up to last night and what might have caused the various marks on her lovely naked body. Helen herself wasn't asked to explain -- not yet, anyway -- but her rapid breathing showed her excitement, either at what they were suggesting or at her memories of what actually happened.

She also noticed how Master Paul was treating me and once, when we were both fetching some food from the servery, she whispered to me: "I wish you could tell me what happened last night, but I know you can't. But I do hope Master Paul tells me about it sometime!" I whispered back that I hoped he would let her tell all of us about her adventures, and that I could hardly wait.

I didn't have long to wait. Immediately after breakfast my Mistress and Master Paul led us to a quiet, sunny corner on deck, where they settled down in deck-chairs side by side. Helen and I knelt beside our respective owners, so that our naked bodies were convenient to their roving hands; my wrists were shackled behind my back, but Helen's were left free.

"OK, slave-girl," said Master Paul. "We want to hear what happened to you last night, every detail that you can remember. We saw the raffle, so you can start just when your owners for the night led you away."

"Yes Master," replied Helen, and a slight blush coloured her cheeks. "Well, first of all, Master Tony and Master Ron tied two short leashes to my nipples with thin cords; they each held one while we wandered around for a while, and once or twice they teased me by pretending to want to go in opposite directions! We also stopped in a bar for a drink, and they made me hold their drinks for them ... on my breasts!"

In response to Master Paul's "How? Show us!", Helen lay face up on the deck and cupped her lovely big tits with her hands. "They untied my hands," she said, "to make it more comfortable for me to lie on the table between them and so that I could steady my boobs. Between sips, they stood their glasses right on my nipples ... and they were ice-cold! I wasn't allowed to touch the glasses with my hands, only keep my tits steady, and they said that, if I let a drink fall, they would put the ice from it into my cunt until it melted!

"But I didn't spill any," she continued proudly, returning to her place beside Master Paul at his gesture. "... even though I was getting quite excited by their conversation. They hardly spoke to me at all until we reached their cabin; instead they were discussing what they might do with me, but most of the things they said were in a sort of private code so I had hardly any idea about what would happen. When we continued our walk, they didn't re-tie my hands, but I had to keep them behind my back anyway.

"They had hardly touched me, either, by the time we arrived at their cabin. It's not a cabin, really, more like a suite with a bedroom and a large sitting room. Master Tony and Master Ron sat down in two big arm-chairs and told me to parade in front of them and show off my body for them." At this point Master Paul again told her to demonstrate as she talked.

"I was a bit shy at first," admitted Helen as she obeyed, a little self-consciously. "But they were very nice, and encouraged me," and she went on to describe -- and demonstrate -- how she'd paraded back and forth, displaying her gorgeous body to its best advantage and caressing herself all over. "My nipples still had the leashes tied to them," she said at one point, "and I had to untie them myself and then massage them quite hard ... and that hurts!" She winced realistically as she remembered.

"Next they made me take their clothes off," she continued, back on her knees beside Master Paul. "I had to do it slowly and sensuously and, when they were naked, I had to caress them all over for quite a long time. They both have nice bodies, slim but strong and well tanned, and I really enjoyed this bit!" she confessed with a cheeky grin at Master Paul. But she blushed deeply when he asked what their sex organs looked like; "I'm not sure I should tell you," she said, "They mightn't want other Masters or Mistresses to know."

"Did they order you not to tell?" demanded Master Paul. Helen shook her head, and he continued: "If they had, that would be different. But a Master or Mistress who borrows a slave has to expect that slave to tell its owner everything. Come on now, girl, spill the beans!" and he gently but firmly pinched her nipples.

"Well," said Helen, blushing again, "Master Ron's prick is really quite small, only about five inches long when it's hard; but Master Tony's is long, longer than yours I think, Master, but not as thick."

"I'm glad to hear it," grinned Master Paul. "But you needn't have worried, my dear, I wouldn't take it out on you even if they were twice my size. After all, half the male slaves we've seen on this trip seem to be bigger than your poor Master. But you still love me, don't you?" Helen nodded emphatically, and he told her to continue her story.

She obeyed: "Master Ron and Master Tony now decided to have a little contest to see which of them would 'have first use' of me. They had still hardly touched me, remember, and I was starting to wonder whether the stories the other slaves tell about them were all lies. But things began to change when they ordered me to kneel on a low table between their chairs with my knees spread as wide as I could and my hands grasping my ankles; and when they made me arch my hips up and forward, all my 'interesting parts' were easily available!

"They sat down and told me that the contest was to see which of them could make me climax first; they would take turns to play with me for a minute at a time, and whoever was actually touching me when I came would win. But first they blindfolded me so that I couldn't see who was playing with me (in case I had a preference for one of them) or even see where they were about to touch me.

"It was very exciting, because they were both very clever with their fingers. I couldn't even tell when each minute passed, they were so skilful at taking over from each other. Their fingers stroked my tits softly like feathers, rolled my nipples gently between them, trailed down my arched belly, and worked on my wide-open pussy and clit until I was tingling with pleasure ... yes, like that, Master!" She moaned softly as Master Paul's fingers briefly duplicated her descriptions.

"I don't think it could have been ten minutes before I had a climax," she smiled at Paul. "You know how easy it is to get me excited, Master. Anyway, the instant I came, the blindfold was whipped from my eyes and I saw Master Tony smiling down at me; Master Ron still had his fingers deep in my cunt and his thumb was rubbing my clit, and he grinned at me and said 'Looks like I win first use of you!'.

"I wondered what they meant by 'first use', but I didn't have to wait long to find out! It meant Master Ron got to fuck me first ... and had the choice of how to tie me for it! He said a code word to Master Tony, and within moments they had me tied the way he wanted; first I had to bend over a padded bench, then they tied ropes to my ankles and wrists and drew them up with pulleys until I was in a sort of hogtie, almost suspended but resting only on my belly.

"It wasn't very comfortable," she confessed with a wry grin, "but we're used to that, aren't we, Peter? I felt Master Ron moving between my thighs, which had been pulled well apart by the pulleys, and then I felt his cock slide into my pussy. At first he thrust slowly and gently, but gradually he got faster and more and more energetic; and all the time his hands were running up and own my thighs, over my bottom and back, underneath to my belly and clit and even across the bench to where my breasts were dangling.

"In fact, there were hands on my tits almost throughout this episode: not only did Master Ron screw me at one end but, just after he started, Master Tony stood at my other end and made me take his prick into my mouth! And he used his hands a lot, too, running them through my hair, up and down my stretched arms and all over my shoulders and tits.

"With all that stimulation, I guess I should have come several times; but I didn't -- I think the bondage was just a bit too strenuous for me to relax. Yet it was exciting, to be so tightly bound and to have two handsome men fucking me at once ... begging your pardon, Master!" Her cheeky grin at Master Paul turned suddenly into a squeal as he gave both her nipples a good pinch.

"It seemed like ages to me," she went on, "but I guess I couldn't have spent half an hour like that without feeling a lot stiffer than I do. Master Tony didn't let himself come in my mouth and eventually withdrew, saying he wanted to save himself for later. I was glad; now I could breathe easier, and I needed all the air I could get as the strain of my bondage got worse. And it was only a few minutes later that Master Ron grabbed my bottom with all ten fingers, gave an extra hard thrust ... and I felt his hot fluid spurting inside me.

"They untied me quickly after that and let me rest for a while and even gave me something to drink. But there's never much rest for us slaves, is there, Peter? Quite soon enough (for me, at least!) they had decided what to do with me next; they had set up a pillory, one of those things with holes to hold your neck and wrists ... only they put me in it backwards!"

At Master Paul's request that she explain, she said "I'll show you; it's easier than trying to describe it." She stood up and went to the ship's rail in front of us; with her back to it, she carefully bent over backwards until her neck rested on it, then placed her wrists on it too, a foot or so to each side of her head. Her lovely body was arched so invitingly, and her magnificent tits were pointed so proudly at the sky, it took my breath away ... and my Mistress' hand, which had been idly toying with my cock, suddenly tightened its grip!

"See what I mean?" said Helen, as if talking to the empty sky. "They seemed to like arching me back like this; does it make me look good or something?" The chorus of fervent "Yes!"s from her small audience made her break the pose, and her face was shining with pleasure at the compliment as she returned to her place beside Master Paul.

"You must have looked wonderful!" he said with quiet sincerity. "But tell us; what happened then?"

"Well, there I was," said Helen, "with my neck and wrists held by the holes in solid wood. I couldn't even see what they were doing; all I could see was the ceiling. I expected them to start teasing me or something, or maybe Master Tony would put his cock into my pussy; but then, without any warning, something hard slapped against one of my nipples and, an instant later, another one on the other nipple.

"My nipples were still tender from the cords earlier, and they hurt! But that was only the beginning; for a long time, at least an hour, they tormented my poor tits. Not being able to see, I never knew what was coming next. Sometimes they didn't touch me for minutes, then suddenly pinched one nipple ... hard! Or else they used some sort of multi-thonged small whip that made my breast sting all over -- that's what left all these fine red marks.

"I think each of them concentrated on one tit, and just did what they each wanted ... whether it was whipping both at once, or slapping one nipple while whipping the other, or whatever, but always they kept me guessing. Just once or twice, they startled me by cupping my pussy with a hand and ..." Helen smiled shamefacedly. "... it was wet! Because, in spite of my squeals of pain and protest, they weren't really hurting me; and it was so exciting to be so helpless and to be so cleverly tormented by two Masters at once!

"Afterwards, they again let me rest for a while and gave me a drink." Helen paused, then "Could I have a drink now, please, Master?" she asked. "I'm not used to talking so much, and my throat's getting dry." Master Paul agreed, and I was sent to fetch drinks all round from the nearest bar.

When we had all quenched our thirst, Helen took up her story. "The next thing they did with me," she said, "was really inventive! They fastened a padded bar behind my back by passing my arms over it and then tying a rope very tightly from one wrist and across my belly to the other wrist. This really makes my boobs stand out, as you well know, Master!" With a broad grin, she demonstrated what she meant ... and they did!

"I had to lie face down while they doubled my legs with wide straps holding my heels tightly up by my bottom; then they tied a rope from each knee to each end of the bar, pulling my thighs pretty widely apart, I can tell you! They left me lying there for a minute or two, with my face in the carpet and wondering what was in store. But I wouldn't have guessed in a hundred years!

"Suddenly I felt myself being lifted, by the bar behind my back! They are strong enough to lift me between them with no trouble at all ... and with only one arm each, as they demonstrated by each using one hand to caress one of my tits. Then they turned me around and I saw the real purpose of this unusual bondage -- in the middle of the floor stood a large cone-shaped thing about two feet high, and from its top protruded an enormous black rubber dildo at least fifteen inches long ... and thick!"

Helen hesitated, blushing more deeply than I'd ever seen her blush; but at Master Paul's gentle but firm insistence she continued: "I just can't describe how I felt, Master, when that huge thing disappeared below me. I couldn't see it, you see, my boobs were in the way ... but I certainly felt it, when Master Tony and Master Ron slowly lowered me until its tip was just inside the lips of my cunt.

"They were very patient with me, but also quite insistent. I protested that I couldn't possibly get that huge thing inside me, but they just said kindly, 'Let's just see, shall we?' Suddenly I realised how totally helpless I was, hanging from their bar with my knees spread so wide; and just as suddenly, I felt I could trust them utterly ... and everything changed! Now it seemed the most exciting thing in the world would be to have that huge dildo inside me!"

Now Helen's face was brightly flushed, but more with excitement than embarrassment, and her breathing was getting rapid ... as was mine, and I'm sure my Mistress' and Master Paul's too! At her last words my Mistress looked at me with the same expression that had baffled me last night; was there a clue in Helen's story to the message she seemed to be sending me?

But there was no time to wonder about that now. We listened raptly as Helen went on: "Slowly, very slowly, Master Ron and Master Tony lowered me, and steadily that gigantic imitation cock filled my cunt. But I could feel my arousal building just as steadily ... yet it was a different sort of arousal from any I've felt before.

"Several times I begged them to stop, because I thought I was about to split apart. Each time they waited a few minutes, talking to me quietly, relaxing me ... then ever so gently lowering me a little more. But at last they did stop, deciding I don't know how that I really was filled to bursting point. By this time I was almost past caring; I was barely aware of anything but my cunt, stretched and filled by that huge thing, in fact it felt as if it was filling my whole body, from my crotch right up to my throat!

"Suddenly I had the most amazing sensation; the dildo seemed almost to explode inside me! An instant later I realised that they had turned on a powerful vibrator inside it! But my cunt was stretched so tightly around it that the vibrations seemed to go right through me in waves -- especially into my clit. The excitement that had been building there sort of exploded too, in one of the most shattering orgasms I've ever had. There was just this one huge rush of pure pleasure ... then I passed out."

Helen's memories of the experience had obviously brought her close to a climax. Master Paul reached down and cupped his hand over her pussy, and she blushed as he brought it away soaking wet! But there was more playfulness than embarrassment in her grin when he commented, "Well, this is interesting, slave-girl. I've hardly touched your pussy, but you might bring yourself off just by talking! Let's see if you do. I won't caress your pussy any more ... and don't you dare try to help with your fingers!" he said sharply as one of her hands crept towards her pussy, seemingly of its own accord.

Cheekily, Helen poked her tongue out at him, but put her hands behind her back obediently before going on: "When I became aware of my surroundings again, I was stunned to see both Master Tony and Master Ron standing in front of me, their eyes shining with excitement. Did this mean, I thought, that the whole of that huge dildo was inside me and I was balanced on that cone? I was terrified of falling flat on my face ... or maybe even more terrified of causing an injury to my cunt on the dildo!..." She smiled sheepishly. "... and I opened my mouth to scream at them to hold me up.

"At exactly that moment, they both reached out and gripped my shoulders encouragingly, then gently lifted my chin until I saw two ropes from the ends of the bar leading to a pulley in the ceiling. I was still supported by the bar -- and I was suddenly conscious of my weight still resting on my arms! Later, I did finish up resting on the cone, my whole weight supported on my pussy ... but that was after some of the most bizarre -- and exciting! -- bondage I've ever been in!

"They lifted me up off that enormous dildo very slowly and carefully, and I realised that it hadn't done me any harm at all. What it had done, I discovered over the next hour or so, was to make it very easy for other smaller 'things' to slide inside me ... and I found that the walls of my cunt were incredibly sensitive to the touch of these things! And Master Tony and Master Ron knew it, too, because they sure capitalised on it!

"At least a dozen times they lowered me towards the cone, and each time they had a different gizmo fixed there for my pussy to meet!" She grinned a little shamefacedly as she remembered. "I don't think I came every time, but I'm sure I did more often than not, the unusual sensations were so exciting! Especially the feeling I'm getting so familiar with now -- of being helplessly bound and utterly unable to stop what's being done to me, even if I wanted to, which mostly I don't!

"I can hardly remember most of the gadgets I was lowered onto," she went on. Then "No, please, Master," she begged as Master Paul started to tell her to try; "I promise I'll try my best to remember them all, sometime when we've got paper and pen for me to check them all off by the feeling they caused. You see, most of them I didn't even see; they put them under me from behind and, the way I was tied, I couldn't look right underneath myself because of my big boobs!" And she blushed prettily as Master Paul cupped her gorgeous 'big boobs' in his hands and told her that he liked them just the way they were.

"I'll tell you about the three I remember best. The first one they showed me was a stubby arrangement, a sort of knob with lots of thin cords trailing from it; then one of them snapped a switch, and it turned into a windmill of cords spinning vertically in both directions! I stared at it in horror, but Master Tony patted me and assured me that it wasn't as bad as it looked and wouldn't really hurt me.

"And it didn't ... well, hardly at all. As they lowered me towards it, the cords started hitting my pussy lips, then my clit from one direction and my anus from the other; just before my pussy actually reached the 'wheel', some of them even got up as high as my belly." She showed us a few tiny marks just above her thatch of pussy hair and continued: "They only lowered me far enough for the 'wheel' to get just between my pussy lips and left it there ... and ... and ... it felt like lots of tiny fingers running from my clit through my pussy to my bottom and back again ... incredibly fast!"

She paused for a moment, breathing quickly. "The most bizarre thing of all was when they turned me around and around several times, causing the ropes above me to twist together and lift me higher. Then Master Tony held me while Master Ron put a new gizmo on the cone (I didn't see this one, so I can't tell you what it looked like) and adjusted the pulley until it was just inside my pussy lips. I should have seen what was coming, but I didn't ... Master Tony suddenly let go and the ropes unwound, spinning me around and lowering me at the same time!

"Now I know what it's really like to be screwed!" Helen delivered this line with a deadpan expression and in a serious tone, but broke into a brilliant smile as we all acknowledged her joke with loud guffaws. "Or should I say cork-screwed?" she went on (more laughter), "because that's the only way I can describe it. I don't know if the gizmo was shaped like that, or if it was just that I wobbled as I spun down on it, but it felt like a giant corkscrew worming its way into me. The bit of giddiness caused by the spinning, plus the unusual sensation in my cunt, gave me another climax ... which seemed to go on for ages because the two Masters stood at each end of the bar and spun me back and forth and back and forth, grinning with delight and with their cocks like flagpoles!"

Helen had to pause for breath again here. I was glad she did because I was rapidly reaching the point of no return ... thanks to her story and my Mistress' hand fondling my cock quite unconsciously! Fortunately she noticed my state just in time to squeeze my prick's head and save me the embarrassment of spurting my load over her ... not to mention the almost certain punishment this would have led to!

"The other gizmo I'll tell you about," said Helen when we'd all calmed down, was the last. This one they did show me, and it looked pretty horrible -- a U-shaped thing about a foot from tip to tip, with lots of knobs and sharp-looking points on the inside of its curve; from the middle protruded a very realistic dildo. At that point the U was about four inches wide, but one end narrowed quickly to less than two inches, while the other end flared out to about ten.

"I felt the dildo going into my cunt, and tensed myself for the other knobs and points pressing into my flesh. When they did, it was uncomfortable, but not as bad as I'd expected ... even when I felt the ropes go slack and the strain disappear from my arms. I was resting right on my pussy! The Masters untied the ropes on my wrists and removed the bar I'd hung from, then told me that now I ought to be able to balance by myself, saying that they wanted me not to use my hands for support.

"I discovered this wasn't as hard as it sounds. The two ends of the U, the narrow one going up between my bottom cheeks, the wide one up to my belly, gave some support against overbalancing; and with the bar gone, I could use my knees to clutch the sides of the cone. My knees were nearly as far apart as before, my ankles were still tied to my thighs (which meant I was still utterly helpless to escape!), but I was quite proud of the way I obeyed my orders. I even put my hands behind my neck and pushed out my tits ... like this!" Her demonstration brought some goggle-eyed stares from two passing Masters!

"The Masters loved it!" she went on, quite unabashed. "They caressed my tits -- and the rest of me! -- and both gave me a big hug and kiss, telling me that my 'performance' on their 'invention' was as good as any slave-girl they'd ever had! All this attention and compliments made it a lot easier to take the twenty minutes or so I had to 'sit' there on my pussy, but I really appreciated the drink they gave me. And speaking of drinks, Master, may I have another?"

This meant another trip for me to the nearby bar. It gave me an opportunity to calm down a little ... already I was again getting too close to an orgasm! On the way there I was sorely tempted to find a private corner and bring myself off, but I resisted the temptation; whether through my Mistress' good training or because I was simply afraid of being seen and perhaps punished, I don't know! On the way back I held an ice-cold beer bottle against my cock to help reduce the heat that Helen's story was arousing there.

Her thirst quenched, Helen continued her story: "Eventually my two Masters released the straps holding my heels against my bottom, and very carefully helped me up off the cone. I couldn't stand up at all, my legs were so numb and stiff, and it took a lot of massage and exercising before the Masters thought I was ready for more 'games' (as they put it). Then they wasted no time, and before I knew it I was in bondage again!

"This time I had to rest my shoulders face down on sort of narrow stool about a foot high and a strap was fastened over my back to hold me there. Next I felt ropes being tied to my ankles, and a moment later they were pulled up and apart until I must have been at about a 45 degree angle with my ankles spread about as wide as they could go. My hands and arms were free, but I was just as helpless as if they'd been bound with a hundred turns of heavy rope!

"The next thing I knew, a pair of feet appeared before my eyes, then legs and knees and thighs as Master Ron wriggled under the stool supporting me. The purpose of this became obvious when he stopped with his hips directly under my face and, without needing to be told, I bent my head and started licking his cock. It got hard quickly as my tongue aroused him, and perhaps also as his hands started caressing my belly and sides and cupping my tits hanging so convenient for him. He told me to run my hands over his prone naked body and over my own too ... as well as using them on his crotch and balls and prick.

"His prick, as you made me tell you, Master," Helen grinned at Master Paul, "is quite small; and I had no trouble getting all of it in my mouth and I could still run my tongue around it! ... which is something I can't do with yours, or with your slave's, Mistress Tina, when it's so big and hard as it is now! This was quite exciting in its own way, but I think I really prefer to suck on bigger cocks like yours. Master Ron was finding my efforts quite exciting too, because he was soon making all the right noises!

"By the way, Master Tony wasn't exactly idle all this time, either! No sooner had I started eating Master Ron, than I felt his hands starting to play with my pussy and crotch and thighs and bottom. For a moment I wondered whether he'd figure some way of screwing me from both ends like before, but he didn't. Instead his touch was very gentle on my pussy and I think he even smoothed some soothing ointment on it, which felt very good after all the stretching and so on it had had on the cone. But he did surprise me a few times (four to be exact) by using some sort of thin cane without any warning at all on the insides of my thighs. See?" And she spread her legs very wide to show us two thin livid bruises on each thigh, all within three inches or so of her pussy lips!

Back in her place beside Master Paul, she went on: "Unlike Master Tony earlier, Master Ron did come in my mouth. I dutifully swallowed the hot juice he spurted into my throat, then milked him dry with my hands and lips and licked him clean. He gave my tits a last fondle, then wriggled out from under me. I waited, wondering what would happen next; there was more to come, I was certain, because Master Tony hadn't fucked me yet.

"And I didn't have to wait long for him to do it!" she grinned. "Incredibly quickly, they undid the strap over my shoulders, swung me under my suspended ankles and up onto a narrow bench they slid under my back. Even before Master Ron had tightened the first of a number of straps which would hold me rigid on the bench, Master Tony was guiding his long slim prick into my cunt, which was positioned at exactly the right height for him, and started to thrust in long slow strokes.

"He didn't miss a beat while Master Ron fastened the other straps over my body, drew my arms apart above my head and lowered my legs until I was in a very taut horizontal spreadeagle. If they take the bench from under me, I remember thinking, I probably won't even sag, my arms and legs were stretched so tight ... but I'm glad they didn't! And now Master Tony changed the rhythm of his thrusts; drawing his long weapon back very, very slowly until it was almost outside my cunt, he then thrust forward so quickly and forcefully that the base of his cock slapped loudly against my pussy. If I hadn't been so tightly tied, I think I would have bounced right off his cock again!"

Helen paused, her breathing again rapid and her cheeks flushed; and my Mistress applied a timely squeeze to the head of my cock ... averting another potentially untidy embarrassment! But Master Paul wanted to see if Helen could bring herself off with just her own words -- and memories! -- and ordered her to go on immediately.

She obeyed, like the perfect slave she was: "It was just amazing, how Master Tony kept up the same 'slow back, slam forward' rhythm for ages ... at least an hour, I'm certain. It must have been tiring, so he was obviously pretty fit, but I couldn't see how he could possibly last so long; also, I suddenly thought, why wasn't I getting more excited? Master Ron explained this some time later, when he told me quietly that the ointment Master Tony had spread on my pussy earlier was a cream that numbed the nerve endings a bit -- both his and mine! -- and it would wear off in less than an hour.

"But there was no ointment on the rest of my body!" grinned Helen. "Master Ron proved this by caressing me from the tips of my toes to the tips of my fingers, ducking under my outstretched arms and legs as he moved around me. With his hands, his lips, even his cock and balls, he covered every inch of me that he could get at ... except the area within six inches of my clit! He did this without a moment's pause for over half an hour, and by that time I seemed to be tingling all over -- especially where he'd drawn his fingernails along the tightly-stretched tendons in my legs and arms!

"Then he decided to concentrate on my tits. Carefully, taking all the time he wanted, he wound many, many turns of smooth cord around each boob, until they were shaped like cylinders rather than globes and my nipples and aureoles were distended and engorged with blood. They were still sensitive from the treatment in the pillory earlier and, when Master Ron flicked them quite gently with his fingers, the sensation was intense enough to make me twitch violently. But twitch was all I did; I was tied far too tightly to actually move even the tiniest bit!

"Master Ron kept this up steadily, sometimes synchronising his flicks with Master Tony's thrusts, sometimes giving them quite out of rhythm. This, and all the other sensations I was feeling, were so unusual that I was starting to get excited, in spite of the numbing cream. But suddenly I realised that I was really feeling Master Tony's prick more distinctly inside me! The cream's effects were wearing off; gradually, steadily, my arousal was building in my pussy and clit.

"Gradually, Master Tony was changing his rhythm, too; his forward thrusts got less violent, his withdrawals a bit quicker, until he was moving back and forth in a steady smooth pattern. It seemed I could feel every inch of his long slender cock as it moved in up to its hilt and out until only its tip was inside me; and my arousal mounted steadily as he steadily increased the speed of his thrusts until he was moving so fast I could barely believe it ... and still stroking with the full length of his cock!"

Helen was almost panting now, and her words were tumbling over each other in her haste to get them out. It looked as if Master Paul might have his wish!

"Suddenly," babbled Helen, "just before a new thrust forward, Master Tony stopped dead; he paused for a good ten seconds, seemed to take a deep breath, then smiled down at me and, more slowly than ever, thrust his long cock into me to its full depth. He actually started to come precisely as he began this thrust, and I swear I distinctly felt every spasm of his climax and every drop of juice he spurted into me!

"When he finished that slow thrust, he leaned forward with all his weight ... which pushed his cock just that little bit deeper! This, and his weight now pressing on my frantic clit, pushed me over the top into another fantastic orgasm! And just then Master Ron gave my over-sensitive nipples a sharp pinch and made me howl with the incredible mixture of pain and pleasure. Then Master Tony just lay on top of me, put his hands behind my head and gave me ... one ... long ... sexy ... kiss ... while-we-both-came-down-to-earth."

After a few words separated by a series of breathless pants, Helen blurted the last bit in a furious rush. She smiled shyly at Master Paul and said, "I nearly did come there, Master, but not quite. I'm not sure if I wanted to, to please you, or wanted not to, to prove I could control myself."

"Don't worry, slave-girl," said her Master with a smile that was full of love. "Either way, you please me; just watching you and listening to you has been one of the sexiest experiences of my life! But go on, go on, your story's not finished yet; maybe there's still time to prove my little theory."

Helen flashed him a brilliant smile of appreciation for his beautiful compliment; but she begged him, "Oh please Master, won't you let me calm down a bit? The rest is really a bit of an anti-climax."

"It was almost a post-climax," interjected my Mistress drily. Helen blushed charmingly, but smilingly acknowledged her Freudian slip. Master Paul laughed appreciatively, and then topped my Mistress' comment.

"But it won't be a pre-climax, my girl!" he said seriously, and we all laughed again. "I won't go back on what I said earlier, so don't expect me to touch you until you've either come or calmed down a lot. As for your fingers ... turn around!" Helen obeyed, and he shackled her arms wrist-to-elbow high on her back. "So ... if you want to get full benefit out of the excitement your story has built up, it'll have to happen by your words alone. Now go on!"

"Yes Master," said Helen meekly; but then her irrepressible spirits broke though again and she turned a disarming look on my Mistress. "My Master's being cruel to me today, don't you think, Mistress Tina? You wouldn't treat your slave like this, would you?"

"Don't answer that, Tina!" interrupted Master Paul. To Helen he said, through almost clenched teeth (although I could still see a hint of a loving smile!), "I won't say this again: go ... on ... with ... your ... story!"

Although she responded instantly with "Yes Master, I'm sorry," it was clear from Helen's demeanour that she wasn't afraid in the slightest, and that she would have been quite willing to take the consequences, had she chosen to keep playing the game of cheekiness and disobedience. She continued her tale, but the atmosphere of sheer eroticism had dissolved, replaced by another but hardly less potent eroticism -- that of a Master and his very sexy and spirited, but not totally submissive, slave!

"That was the last of the 'games' for the evening," she told us. "And I wasn't sorry. I was exhausted! After all, I'd been very thoroughly fucked by two sexy men, I'd been tied up in a number of pretty strenuous ways, my tits had been whipped (not severely, I'll admit) and tightly bound, my pussy had been penetrated by a large number of strange gadgets as well as two real pricks, and I'd had more orgasms than I could remember, let alone count! My two Masters let me have a shower, then we had a cosy and delicious supper.

"Then we went to bed ... to sleep! Or, at least, to get some sleep! They pushed their two beds together, and then they tied me in the middle, face up with my legs apart and my arms above my head. Not too tight, but still not the most comfortable way to sleep, but sleep I did, like a log ... in between the times when one Master or the other would wake up and fondle me a bit!

"We got up very early this morning. They said they like to have an early breakfast, served by their raffled slave, before having to return me before the normal breakfast time. Naturally, they sent me to the kitchens to fetch their standing order; they cuffed my wrists behind my back and hung a sign from my nipples with spring clamps. It read 'Temporary Property of Master Ron and Master Tony' and I thought it was sweet that they need to advertise this, because they don't have a permanent slave."

She grinned a little wryly. "I soon discovered it meant something quite different! Being shackled and unaccompanied, I expected the odd fondle from a Master or Mistress, but it was slaves who took advantage of me! So early in the morning, they were mainly crew slaves cleaning and so on; but there seemed to hundreds of them, and they nearly all gave my tits or twat or both a good feel. And when I reached the kitchen, I was handed -- or should I say handled? -- around the whole kitchen crew! Two or three of them said things like 'Your first time with the terrible twins? Was it exciting?' or 'Wish it was my turn to go in the raffle; I'd love them to win me!'

"When I got back to the Masters' cabin, they asked what had kept me so long. I told them; they grinned a bit sheepishly and confessed that this was a little joke they like to play on their 'first night' slaves. Apparently all the crew slaves know they're allowed to fondle Master Ron's and Master Tony's 'temporary property', and some more regular slave passengers as well. While I served them their breakfast, they also asked me not to spill all the details of the evening to any female slaves, especially ones whom they haven't won in a raffle yet. And I haven't, have I?" said Helen with a grin, "even if you did twist my arm and get other secrets out of me, Master!"

Master Paul grinned back. "You're a cheeky wench," he said. "I told you you didn't have to tell if they really wanted it kept a secret. Well, you have had a time of it since yesterday, haven't you? First being eaten by a Mistress, no less, then the indignity of being fondled by lots of slaves ..."

Something made him glance across at my Mistress; she held his eye for just a moment and smiled ever so slightly. He knew exactly what she was thinking, that last night he'd been fondled by a number of slaves himself! Blushing just a little, he covered his momentary confusion by saying to Helen, "Well, is that it, slave-girl? Is there anything more you want to tell us?"

Helen hadn't noticed this interplay; hardly surprising, because Master Paul was looking away from her and it was so quick that I'd noticed only because I too knew what my Mistress was thinking. "They did say two other things," she said. "One was that they could promise a different, but just as interesting evening if I ever come on another cruise and they win me in a raffle again; so when's our next cruise, Master?"

She looked up at Master Paul, her eyes bright, then went on without waiting for his reply: "The other was that, once in a while, they pick a male slave from the raffle; what they do with him, I don't know, it would obviously be different, but it could be just as exciting. D'you think your Mistress might let you go in the raffle tonight, Peter?"

"No such luck, I'm afraid," said my Mistress with exaggerated sadness. "Tonight's the last night of this cruise, and there won't be a raffle. But, if we ever do come again, and those two Masters are on board, I might consider such a request from you, slave ... if you really want to!"


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