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Holiday Slavery

Chapter 16 A Quiet Afternoon?!



Chapter 16: A Quiet Afternoon?!

Master Paul kept Helen's hands tied behind her back for the rest of the morning, and not once did he fondle her pussy! She even had to eat her lunch directly from his fingers, as she knelt obediently beside his chair. Of course, this meant extra work for me, because I had to serve food and drink to both my Mistress and Master Paul -- but I didn't mind this too much ... especially as I was rewarded with a lot of pleasant caresses (intended, I'm sure, to remind Helen of what she was missing!).

After lunch Master Paul said that he and his slave-girl were both very tired and needed a siesta. To my Mistress' remark that he was looking for more than a siesta, he merely grinned and they retired to his cabin and left my Mistress and me to amuse ourselves.

And amuse ourselves we certainly did! My Mistress decided to get involved in some more of the "slave games" that were always in action on board; and she soon discovered that there was a "triple event" about to start for "mixed slave pairs". Even with Helen absent, she had no difficulty in finding me a partner; slave crew members were always on hand for this very purpose!

The slave-girl she chose for me was a slim and lovely young woman, whose naked body was a distinct contrast to that of my constant companion of the past few days. Her name was Wendy and she was as tall as me, with an almost boyish figure and quite small breasts -- but with large aureoles and prominent nipples. She smiled shyly at me as she stood in front of my Mistress, waiting for orders.

(We had some opportunities to chat, while waiting for our turn to compete, and she told me that this was her first cruise; she'd learnt of it from a previous passenger, and she'd volunteered as crew without having any specific "owner". As a result, she'd spent a lot of time in the rôle she was filling with me. Although she had enjoyed it, she didn't intend to continue in the same way -- she was hoping that a certain officer might "take her on" as his semi-permanent slave!)

Our first "event" was another game of deck quoits! In groups of four, we male members of the twenty teams were arched backwards over the low benches and our cocks were fastened to the vertical "target" rods. I was in the fourth group and, by the time my turn came, my cock hardly needed the support of the rod ... it was fairly twitching at the thought of the humiliating discomfort of an accurately thrown quoit!

But I never expected quite what I got! Wendy's time "filling in" for games like this had obviously been well spent; the practice (added to some natural sporting ability, I'm sure!) enabled her to post a perfect score. Ten quoits in succession, tossed quite hard to improve her accuracy, smacked against the underside of my cock and spun and settled around it. In fact, at least six of them made contact first with my balls, which led to my being in considerable discomfort by the last!

My discomfort was eased a little by what happened next. Each slave-girl, as a "reward" for throws that had scored, was allowed to present her pussy to her team-mate's mouth ... for three minutes for every scoring quoit! So I spent the next half hour with my tongue and lips busy between Wendy's smooth thighs as she knelt over me. Her little moans of pleasure were accompanied by the murmur of voices excitedly spreading the news of her feat, which no-one present remembered having been done before.

After this "delay", Wendy and I were the last team to attempt the next event; and we had quite an audience, eager to see if we could continue scoring so well. This time it was my turn to try my hand at a variation on the common cruise-ship game of shuffleboard.

Wendy's slim naked body was fastened, spreadeagled to a frame, facing me at the other end of the shuffleboard court. On the court at her end was drawn the rough outline of a spreadeagled body, and my object was to slide the discs and have them stop on that outline. But the twist peculiar to this cruise was: after each of my shots, Wendy's frame was tilted so that she was lowered face down onto the discs to determine my precise score ... and each disc was topped with a spring-loaded clamp (a bit like a mousetrap) which could grip whatever part of her body it contacted!

I disappointed the watching audience rather badly ... and my Mistress, of course, who was hoping we could establish an unbeatable lead. Wendy, on the other hand, was partly relieved that I scored only five points out of the possible thirty; one disc clamped itself to a thigh, another to her belly (for one point each), but a lucky one scored three by getting a tight grip right on her left nipple, bringing a loud squeal of pain. My "reward", not unexpectedly, was five minutes of very skilful and pleasant attention from Wendy's mouth on my (still slightly aching) prick!

The final event was a race, with all teams competing together. By the time Wendy had completed my "reward", my Mistress had already checked the scores and had calculated that (thanks to Wendy's perfect score with the quoits) we still had a chance to win overall, so long as we finished no worse than fifth in the race and ahead of a certain other team. Excitedly, she told us which team to watch and urged us to try our best for her.

Meanwhile we were being prepared for the race. They called it a "slave-barrow" race, and it required Wendy to walk on her hands while I held her legs like I would a wheel-barrow. Her wrists and my ankles were shackled by quite short chains, exactly the same length as all the teams wore. As these were being fitted, I became aware how close my cock was to Wendy's pussy, with her long slim legs spread to either side of my hips; it instantly got hard, and the temptation was strong to simply pull her closer and plunge it deep inside her.

But the temptation itself was removed by the final touch in our bondage for the race: over the cock of each male slave was fitted a long, stiff (but still flexible) rubber tube, like an oversized dildo, held in place by fastenings around our balls; then the other end of the tube was carefully but firmly pushed deep inside the cunts of our female "barrows"! The impression this gave, of me screwing my slave-girl companion with my super-long prick, brought me a deep thrill, mainly of humiliation but also, I had to admit to myself, of sheer erotic excitement.

The race itself provided more excitement -- and not caused only by how I thought I looked! As we hobbled as quickly as we could in our restrictive shackles, the springy "dildo" gave me more than a little purely physical stimulation; it got harder and harder to concentrate on the race and, by the time we'd completed the four laps across the wide deck, I was almost on the point of a climax.

Partly because of this, we didn't achieve the target my Mistress set us. We did manage to finish fourth, but I lost sight of our main rivals and discovered too late that they were ahead of us, and in fact finished second. My Mistress was waiting for us just past the finishing line; she smiled and told us that she was proud of us anyway, and reached down to give my cock a quick fondle.

"No please, Mistress!" I gasped; she instantly recognised the full significance of my rapid breathing and flushed face, and changed the intended fondle into a firm squeeze through the tube on the head of my cock, helping me to avoid the orgasm I really didn't want just then. As it happened, it was a good thing she did; a few moments later the officer organising the race announced the placings ... and added that these were subject to penalties if any male slave was found to have climaxed during the race!

Four of us had. When the dildoes were removed and the "offenders" revealed, they stood slightly shamefaced but not at all repentant, and actually enjoyed the sensation of having their cocks cleaned by their team-mates' willing tongues! And, to my Mistress' glee, one of them was our main danger for the overall score; they were relegated to seventh place in the race and we were officially placed third overall, giving us a clear win overall by several points!

The final result was announced, and my Mistress accepted the first prize of several bottles of champagne. She made a little speech of thanks, and offered to open the champagne and share it around. The organising officer accepted on everybody's behalf and sent for glasses, but then he went on: "Your pair of slaves won't be wanting any, because their traditional reward for winning is to be allowed to screw while we all watch and cheer them on ... if you approve, of course."

My Mistress was quite surprised, but she hid it well. For my part, I was utterly stunned, not only by the idea but also by her casual reply: "Yes, fine by me..." She paused, looking at me with a very obvious question in her smiling eyes.

I stared at her. I opened my mouth to protest, but no sound came out. She covered my confusion by smiling encouragingly and saying for the benefit of her audience: "My slave's a little shy; let me see if I can persuade him." Leaning towards me, she put her lips very close to my ear; her voice was so low that no-one else could possibly hear, but its tone was like ice.

"The other night, slave," she whispered, "you said you understood something, but maybe you really didn't, in which case I'll have to explain it again, won't I?... after what will probably be the severest whipping I've ever given you. And I'll repeat the explanation -- and the whipping -- until you show me you really do understand. Right now, it's your choice and I won't force you, because this hasn't come up by my decision; however, I have given my approval, and a slave should treat his Mistress' approval as if it was a direst order, shouldn't he? Trust me; you'll enjoy it!"

To my amazement, I suddenly felt I would enjoy it! Still unable to speak, I managed to give my Mistress a small but definite nod. She responded with one of her most dazzling smiles for me and a cheerful "He says Yes!" for the waiting audience. A small cheer went up, and a few moments later I found myself in the centre of a wide circle, face to face with Wendy.

We were told not to start until all the Masters and Mistresses had a glass of champagne ... which gave us a few minutes to talk quietly between ourselves. Out of my still dry throat, I asked "Have you done this before?" and Wendy smiled and said "Yes, but only in front of other crew slaves. Don't worry, it is fun! How would you like to do it?" When I could think of no answer to that, she went on, "Well, we're the same height; it should be easy to do it standing up. OK?"; to which I could only agree!

A few moments later my Mistress called softly, "OK, slaves, the stage is all yours!" Still hesitating, I stared at Wendy ... then suddenly her arms were around my neck, her lips were on mine and her tongue was probing deep into my mouth. Almost without my volition, my own arms went around her and pulled her slim naked body against mine. With the ice broken (as it were) in this way, the rest was quite easy and very enjoyable; what's more, we gave our audience a show that they could enjoy, too!

After that first long and very sexy kiss, during which we caressed each other's backs and sides, Wendy gently pulled her lips away and whispered, "I'm going to lick and nibble my way down to your nice prick; just relax and enjoy for a while!" So I did, although it wasn't easy; what she did with her clever lips and teeth and tongue over my chest and belly, on my nipples and, finally, all over my rock-hard organ, was almost enough to make me scream!

With Wendy busy on her knees on front of me, I was very aware of our audience, intently watching every move, and I didn't want them to think I lacked the self-control to perform adequately. Eventually I had to stop Wendy, otherwise we might have disappointed them badly; I pulled her to her feet and murmured, "My turn now, and yours to relax and enjoy." She nodded smilingly, and allowed me to start working my way slowly down her slim body with my mouth.

The next few minutes were at least as much fun for me as the past few. I ran my tongue down the curves of her lovely neck, then started covering her small firm tits with tiny kisses; and when I started rolling her prominent nipples between my fingers and then my teeth, she began to utter little cries of pleasure. But I had another destination in view, and eventually moved my mouth and tongue from those nipples and proceeded over her flat belly to the thatch of curls between her long thighs.

While my face was buried there, I was aware that Wendy was using her own fingers to continue the stimulation I'd started in her nipples. What with that and the eager attentions of my tongue in her pussy and on her clit, she was soon moaning quite loudly and beginning to writhe slightly in arousal. Suddenly, she pulled away from me and said, "I'm nearly ready to come, but I want your cock inside me first." She spread her thighs apart and, without a trace of embarrassment, used her fingers to separate her pussy lips.

I needed no second invitation -- by now I wouldn't have cared if a thousand had been watching! And I was quite proud of the way I managed to rise to my feet and, almost in the one motion, slide my rigid cock deep into Wendy's moist love-tunnel. We clutched each other's buttocks firmly, leaning slightly apart, and began to move our hips...

Wendy climaxed after my first two thrusts, but she certainly didn't consider it was all over. Her slimness and athleticism enabled her to rotate her pelvis in an incredibly exciting way; I only had to thrust gently back and forwards to get all the stimulation I needed. And, by the way she was still moaning softly and panting, she was building up to a second orgasm before long.

My climax arrived first and, as I felt myself going past conscious control, I began to thrust more and more vigorously, until I think Wendy was being lifted right off her feet on each thrust. But she didn't lose her balance and her hips continued to rotate and give me extraordinary sensations. And she even sensed when I was on the point of coming; at the precise moment, she hooked her arms underneath mine and stopped herself being lifted, forcing my cock even deeper inside her as it spasmed and spurted.

Nor did she relax when my climax was spent; instead, I felt the muscles in her pussy tighten and grip my cock very firmly. Then she pressed against me and started to twist her hips faster than ever, rubbing her clit against the bone above my cock. After only a minute or so, she climaxed again, this time letting out a piercing scream of ecstasy which she cut short by clamping her lips on mine and clutching my head to hers, almost painfully.

A moment later there was a loud roar of applause from our audience; we had clearly entertained them! Next I heard my Mistress' voice saying, "That was very good, slaves; now just lean your heads back and open your mouths." We obeyed, and were 'rewarded' with a generous swallow of champagne from the bottle she held. Some of it dribbled down our chins and between our naked bodies; but I didn't care, and neither did Wendy, judging by the sparkle in her eyes and the contented smile on her lips.

We were allowed to use a nearby shower to clean ourselves off. Afterwards Wendy thanked my Mistress -- and me! -- for (as she put it) "a very very enjoyable game", then excused herself to see to her other duties. I was alone with my Mistress, who looked at me with an expression of such love and ... and ... something else I couldn't fathom, that I could say nothing and only smiled.

Later we were simply relaxing beside the pool, when Mistress Erica found us and reminded my Mistress of the little 'debt' that Helen and I had promised to pay to her and her slave. "With the cruise ending tomorrow morning," she said, "it leaves only this afternoon or late tonight, after the closing ball. I'd prefer now, if it's convenient for you ... otherwise I think we'll forget it."

"No, that's fine by me," replied my Mistress. "You might have to be content with just my slave, though; Paul and his slave are taking a nap, after a rather tiring night last night! But we could try phoning his cabin, couldn't we?"

She did so and, after hanging up, turned to Mistress Erica with a smile. "It's OK with Paul, too," she said. "His slave will be waiting for you outside his cabin. Off you go then, slave," she went on to me, "show Mistress Erica the way. I'll see you at my cabin in time to bathe and dress me for dinner."

Wondering what the next hour or two held in store, I obediently led Mistress Erica to Master Paul's cabin. Sure enough, Helen was waiting, looking as lovely as ever and a good deal fresher than when I last saw her.

"There you are!" said Mistress Erica with a smile. Then her voice changed subtly; it was still quite soft, but now it held the unmistakeable tone of authority that I'd noticed a few days ago. "Follow me ... and no talking!" she ordered, and Helen and I found ourselves obeying without question.

We were both unshackled and, as we walked along behind the tiny figure of Mistress Erica, it occurred to me that we would easily be able to overpower her if we had wanted to. I could have done it myself ... yet not for a moment did I consider doing it! Which led me think about what really distinguishes Masters and Mistresses from slaves; not size and strength, certainly!

Mistress Erica took us to one of the bondage rooms; once inside, she ordered us to stand stiffly at attention, back-to-back, and to wait without moving or speaking while she went to fetch her own slave. And the steel in her soft voice was enough to keep us rigid for the ten minutes or so she was gone ... although we did exchange a few whispers! (Helen said she and Master Paul had actually slept like logs and she was ready for anything!)

When Mistress Erica returned with her slave, she looked us over very carefully. She seemed satisfied that we hadn't moved, but then (almost as if she could read our minds) she asked quietly, "And did you talk at all? Or even whisper just a few words?" Almost in spite of myself, I replied, "Yes Mistress Erica, we did whisper a little" ... virtually in chorus with a similar 'confession' from Helen!

I half expected Mistress Erica to be furious, but she only smiled and said, "If you were my slaves, you'd be in big trouble; I expect total obedience, even to little commands like that. It looks as if I'll have to use bondage on you this afternoon instead of relying on your obedience." Helen and I both began to protest that we would try harder, but Mistress Erica's soft "Shut up!" cut us short as effectively as a whip cracking.

"From now on," she went on gently, "you will NOT open your mouths without my direct order! You're here to thank my slave and me for helping to save you from permanent slavery, and I can think of much better ways to do that than by just saying Thankyou. First you will show your gratitude to my slave; OK, boy, get them ready!" she finished to her slave.

She sat down in a comfortable chair placed behind her by her slave, and watched as he proceeded to put Helen and me into bondage. We had to kneel face-to-face and our arms were laced into single sleeves behind our backs. Next he looped a cord snugly around the base and shaft of my cock and pulled it between Helen's legs, then passed a strong wide strap around our thighs just below our buttocks and buckled it very tight.

Although this bondage was tight and quite uncomfortable, it was by no means un-enjoyable ... especially when Mistress Erica told us to press our naked bodies together and give each other a long, sexy kiss! I could feel Helen's nipples, like small hard buttons, rubbing against my chest, and I'm quite sure she could feel my cock getting bigger by the moment! Mistress Erica also told us to keep our eyes closed until she gave permission to open them again.

A few minutes passed, during which there were various noises, including the sound of ropes turning pulley wheels. Then Mistress Erica said, "Don't open your eyes yet, slaves, but I want you both to lean back as far as you can and turn your faces towards the ceiling." I obeyed, using my bound arms to steady myself, and wondering what we were about to see. "OK," continued Mistress Erica, "open your eyes now!"

There, hanging directly above me, was the naked body of her slave! He was bound in a kind of suspended hogtie, which must have been quite severe on his shoulders and legs. As Mistress Erica gradually lowered him towards Helen and me, I saw how this presented the front of his torso, for ...?

"My slave enjoys having his nipples sucked and nibbled, even bitten quite hard," said Mistress Erica. It was obvious she was talking to me, because her slave's chest was by now almost touching my face. But she said nothing to Helen; it wasn't hard to guess what she was to do -- just before my sight was blocked, I could see the suspended slave's prick, already swelling, descending towards Helen's face!

Willingly, I set to work with my lips and teeth on those nipples; and I could clearly hear the sounds of Helen's mouth at work elsewhere. This bizarre arrangement must have been very enjoyable for Mistress Erica to watch, and her slave certainly seemed to enjoy it too, judging by the sounds he made. After only a few minutes (fortunately, I think, with the severe bondage he was in!) his small cries turned to deeper moans, and then his body jerked as he climaxed deep into Helen's eager throat.

"That was fun, wasn't it, slaves?" smiled Mistress Erica as she lifted her slave up and swung him aside before lowering him and releasing his bonds. She told him to relax while she herself untied Helen and me. "You two did a good job there," she went on. "My slave can now consider himself adequately thanked ... right, up on your feet!"

Now completely free of all bonds, Helen and I obeyed and faced her as she relaxed in a comfortable chair. She continued in her soft voice: "I've decided to give you another chance to prove your obedience. From now on I'll address you simply as 'girl' and 'boy', and I expect you to follow my instructions instantly and precisely. Right ... here we go ..."

For at least half an hour she issued a steady stream of orders, hardly even pausing for breath between them. At first Helen and I had to parade ourselves for her, posing our naked bodies in various ways and caressing and fondling ourselves all over -- especially, of course, our 'private' parts! By now we were both quite used to this kind of display for Masters and/or Mistresses, and I could really enjoy it ... even more so when Mistress Erica began to tell us to caress and fondle each other!

But then things became a little more difficult: we had to start pinching and slapping ourselves. "I get turned on," explained Mistress Erica, "watching slaves inflict pain on yourselves. Not much, of course, but the interesting thing is that you have to decide how much you can take!" A little while later she began to tell us to do the same to each other, and even give each other hard little bites on the more sensitive parts of each other's naked body.

I found it quite fascinating to discover that obeying the orders of that very quiet voice, with its amazing quality of command, seemed to inspire me to tolerate a good deal more pain than I expected from my own hands and from Helen's hands and teeth. This led me to wonder yet again at the effect this criuse had had on me, and at the real depths of my submissiveness.

"OK, that'll do," said Mistress Erica at last. "You did quite well; it's surprising, isn't it, what you can do when you really try to obey. What you didn't know was that I wanted to decide which of you would have the honour of eating me! But I really couldn't choose between you, so ... do I have a volunteer?"

"Me, please, Mistress!" I said instantly ... and heard Helen saying exactly the same words, like a chorus!

"Well," smiled Mistress Erica. "It's nice to see slaves who are eager to please. But what if I tell you that the slave I choose will have to do it in stringent bondage and will probably have moments of some pain?"

By now I was so much under her spell that I wasn't even surprised to hear myself saying eagerly and without hesitation: "Yes, please, Mistress!" Again Helen's voice chimed in with mine, offering her services just as eagerly.

"I think you just got in first, girl," Mistress Erica smiled at Helen. "But I'm not sure; what do you think, slave?" she asked her own slave.

"I couldn't tell, Mistress," he admitted. "But if I may, I can certainly recommend the slave-girl's skill with her lips and tongue and teeth!"

"Who am I to ignore a testimonial like that?" said Mistress Erica, turning to Helen whose eyes were shining at this compliment. "You're it, girl! OK, slave, get her ready using the short bar behind her knees. Meanwhile ..." she spoke to me, "how would you like to come and help me undress?"

I leapt to obey her command before it even registered that she had phrased it as an invitation! Mistress Erica's eyes caught mine and held them, the slightest of smiles playing on her lips, as she pointed without a word at the floor in front of her. I got the message and dropped to my knees, and I know I was blushing a little at this new proof of my submissive nature.

My hands shook ever so slightly with excitement as I carefully removed Mistress Erica's tiny sandals, then her skirt and blouse and, finally, her bra and brief panties. This revealed an exquisite body, tiny but beautifully proportioned, with smooth skin as white as fine china. My admiring gaze didn't escape her notice, and she asked, "Do you like my body, slave?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!" I replied sincerely, bringing a smile of pleasure to her lips, followed by a soft command: "Tell me!"

I obeyed eagerly ... and perhaps a little effusively. But it pleased Mistress Erica enough to allow me to caress her naked body for a few moments, and even to press my lips to her shaved pussy and touch my tongue to her small but prominent clit. Then she ordered me to stand aside and to follow her slave's lead from now on.

In my admiration of her beauty, I'd completely forgotten about Helen! I turned to see her hanging by her knees from a padded bar, with her wrists pulled back and tied to her ankles, which forced her lovely body into a definite arch. Mistress Erica looked her up and down and spent a few moments caressing her helpless nudity, especially her large inverted breasts.

"Such lovely generous curves you have!" she complimented Helen quite genuinely. "Not much like mine, eh? But I'm quite proud of my body, and your slave-boy friend here tells me he likes it ... what do you think, girl?" she asked as she lay down on a low padded bench and made her slave slide it until she was almost under Helen's hanging head.

Helen's unquenchable spirit asserted itself. "It's difficult to tell," she said cheekily, "hanging upside down like this, Mistress; but yes, it looks lovely to me!"

Mistress Erica chuckled with obvious delight. "You're a cheeky wench," she grinned. "I like you!" She swung Helen's head up to her own to give her a long kiss, then continued: "... but slaves can only afford to be cheeky if you're ready to take the consequences; you may regret it later!"

She swung Helen back and told her slave to make adjustments until her pussy was directly in front of Helen's mouth. At the same time she told Helen to obey every instruction that included the words "pussy" or "clit"; all other orders, she continued, "... are for you slave-boys. Ready, everyone?"

First of all she got Helen's willing and skilful mouth working to her satisfaction on her pussy. I watched in fascination and rising excitement ... so much so that I almost missed the order, given without the tiniest pause or change of inflection: "... Start licking my tits". It was only her slave's instant obedience that alerted me, and I followed his lead quickly, wondering whether Mistress Erica had noticed my hesitation and whether I would be punished for it later.

But soon even that concern was driven from my mind, as I lost myself in the enjoyment of the moment. I couldn't see much, with my face close to Mistress Erica's chest, but the orders she was giving Helen were exciting ... not to mention the direct excitement of licking, sucking and nibbling her lovely small but firm breasts, strictly in accordance with her instructions, of course!

A little later I was surprised when, after sucking her nipples quite hard, we were told to actually bite on them. I obeyed -- gently! -- then "Harder on my left tit" came her quiet voice; that's me, I realised, and soon I found myself biting surprisingly hard! It dawned on me then that Mistress Erica's turn-on was not only seeing slaves in a little pain but also in feeling it herself.

After only a short time she told us to stop and sit back. I noticed that she was breathing faster and was starting to writhe slightly in arousal. "Now," she said, "use one hand on my tit and the other on the slave-girl's, and try to do exactly the same with both hands..." We obeyed, and I found it interesting to cup one hand under Helen's large inverted breast and with the other to caress Mistress Erica's smaller but firm and upthrusting one.

"Suck on my clit," she told Helen a bit later, and soon her arousal really started to show. Next she ordered her slave and me to begin rolling her nipples (and Helen's, of course!) between our fingers -- quite firmly. She herself had begun to play with Helen's pussy, made so available by her arched bondage.

Her breath was coming even faster when she spoke next: "When I say Now!, I want you to pinch both nipples you have in your fingers; you, 'boy', as hard as you did earlier when you were parading for me, and you, slave, as hard as you know I like." As I listened to this instruction, I noticed that her thighs were clutching Helen's head firmly, covering her ears; clearly, she planned to give Helen a little surprise.

Spreading her thighs apart again, she went on for Helen's benefit: "Suck harder on my clit ... now nibble it gently with your teeth ... a bit faster ..." She was panting hard now and barely able to gasp the word "Now!"

Instantly, I squeezed my fingers on both nipples they held. I'm sure my companion slave did the same; I didn't see him do it, because at that exact moment my eyes happened to be on Mistress Erica's fingers toying with Helen's clit ... and she simultaneously pinched it, firmly! There was a loud (if muffled) squeal from Helen, interrupted by Mistress Erica crying, "Bite my clit, slave-girl ... harder ... yes ... yes ..." and her words turned into a scream as she abandoned herself to her orgasm.

I watched in a mixture of erotic excitement and sheer amazement; now I understood that, for Mistress Erica, the peak of sexual pleasure was reached with the simultaneous pain (harmless but intense) of her slaves and herself! And I found myself giving her nipple an extra tweak; not, I was very aware, in retaliation for the pain she'd made me and Helen suffer, but really hoping to give her a little extra thrill.

And it did! She moaned anew and shuddered in another climax ... assisted, I'm sure, by another small squeal from Helen. Automatically, following her earlier instruction, I had also given Helen's nipple an extra tweak too!

Afterwards, Mistress Erica rewarded me with a simple quiet "Thank you, boy" as she looked me squarely in the eye; I was sure she'd guessed what had passed through my mind. And, as she cheerfully announced that Helen and I had adequately shown our "... gratitude for services rendered," I was conscious of having learned something new about being a slave. Namely, that the greatest pleasure for a slave is simple submission and unquestioning obedience to even the smallest wishes and commands of his/her Master/Mistress.


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