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My Negro Slave Story

Part 4

My Negro Slave Story 4

It has been approx 1 month since MRS Dow gave the CULLPEPPERS there little demonstration of Buck's sexual attribute. As expected MRS CULLPEPPER went back to the Mississippi church congregation whispering to the other Black slave owner wives about how magnificent the Dow's slave preformed and the size of his black dick. She stated to approx. 5 ladies in her southern drool “ Me and my Husband paid a visit to the Dows last month to see how her new Nigger they purchase was coming along. He called Buck 6ft 4 black as night with a big coon 12 INCH dick”. She continued I've paid the Dow's handsomely for a breeding party next week. Remember that 15 yr old Nigger wench I brought? My Husband and me want to start her pumping these “sucker” out ASAP”. We figure once every year for ten years and if she a good breeder we may have twins or triplets. She will be worth every penny we spent on that wench” The ladies chuckle at her remarks. Where do you keep her? Is she still a virgin?

Of course she is darling came the reply. “We keep her lock in the basement away from the field NIGGERS. Big Mama Bell our Nigger house servant has been preaching the gospel to our Coon breeder. She's told that her fate is the lord doing AND that we own her NIGGER ASS. And if she doesn't want to get whipped she better be the best Nigger breeder on this earth. We have her in a chastity hares ness to ensure she stay a virgin. Next week you are all invited to our breeder party at the DOWS”

As the Quest arrives to the Dow Mansion early evening 15 couples

(All were rich white church member/ slave owner) The Dows greeted them as they enter the front porch. Pleasantries were exchanged. MR &MRS CULLPEPPER arrived with 2 white overseers and the 15 yr old Nigger wench on a wagon As the CULLPEPPERS approach the porch MRS CULLPEPPER said I hope all is ready? Sure is, came the reply he been eaten oat, grits and plenty of fat back. Everything needed to ensure a large amount of Nigger cum. I have successfully broken is defiant sprit

MRS DOW said and what about your wench? Still a virgin I assume and I'm told she gained 25 lb in all the right places, which brought a loud laughter from all 4 people. After Dinner MRS DOW directed everyone to the basement where the main event was to take place. The Breeding wench was given special brews that cause her to get sexually aroused and dazed. The wench was brought out naked directly to MRS CULLPEPPER supported by 2 overseers. MRS CULLPEPPER asks everyone to gather around, as the wench was force to her knees. She announced, “ This is the Nigger wench we brought last month. Wench, tell the good white Christian people here what your purpose on the earth? “I am chosen by the lord to be a Nigger breeding wench. I am a 15yr old virgin and you MRS CULLPEPPER own my Dumb Black ASS; You have fatten my big ass hoping I squeeze out twin suckers a year. I will never know the father of my suckers”. She said this as a few tears ran down her face

Then the wench asked MRS CULLPEPPER Mistress would it hurt much? Just a little came the reply as MRS CULLPEPPER wink and gave a sly smile at the crowd. Her hand moved over the wench big fat ass, which course the wench to tremble with excitement

Just than all head turn to the right and MRS DOW strolled out with Buck They booth was a sight to see. MRS DOW was walking one step in front of Buck she was wearing a Black corset, which showed of a large amount of Cleavage almost exposing her nipples black stocking and knee high black boots. In her right hand she was leading Buck by is fully erect, well-oiled 12 inches of Black dick. MRS Dow and BUCK stood directly behind the kneeing NIGGER wench. As she slowly stroke Buck's Big Black Cock. Who sported a big grin on he face knowing that all the WHITE PEOPLE WAS PLEASE with his big black dick While some men was stroking there dicks She listens to all the comment from her guest. Booth man and woman Like “ WOW he's going to fuck her with that?” or “He will rip her apart”. Rev Johnson walk up and in a preaching fashion asking the wench are you ready to serve the lord wench? Yes master, came the word with more tears running down her face.

MRS DOW move Buck Black dick closer and place it on the Wench's shoulder. MRS CULLPEPPER turns the wench head to the right and said kiss the Black dick of your first-born sucker wench. Tell everyone here what you want from his big baby maker. As her puffy lips kiss the side of Buck dick she word were barely audible. “Please fuck my virgin Cunt with this Nigger Dick Shoot a lot of cum up my cunt and I try my best to fuck out a twins set of suckers”. MRS CULLPEPPER with her left hand she reach over the wench's head place her for and middle finger into the wench nostrils and pull back hard while placing her knee against the wench neck. Rev Johnson announced, “It's time to baptize your Nigger wench As MR DOW move Buck away to prepare him for his task

Approx 15 white men booth Guest and overseers approach the wench and received a hand job from one of the female guest or they jerk off a load onto the wench face. MRS CULLPEPPERS hands was full of Cum as she direct the wench head in the direction of the cum shooting dicks. Rev Johnson preached words like “let that white cum purify your soul wench”. As MRS CULLPEPPER push all the cum that landed on her hand and the wench face into her open mouth. After all 15 men delivered there blessing MRS CULLPEPPER said in a southern drool “ Why Reverend you did not ad your blessing yet”. As Rev Johnson contribute is load of blessing, MRS DOW was getting buck into Breeding MODE.

Hope you enjoy the story please send me your thoughts Next chapter. Breeding the wench

Review This Story || Author: Storyman
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