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My Negro Slave Story

Part 7

My Negro Slave Story # 7

The penalty for a runaway slave was severe. Becoming a permanent cripple or castration was the rule. The Owner of the runaway slave has the finale say

The Dow invited a few Rich white couples (local slaves owners) over to the mansion to witness the discipline of the 2 runaways slave. In the basement of the Dow's Mansion while runaway slave Ben was being prepared, Slave Betty LOU who is 6 month pregnant was being work over by her new owner Madam Silvia and big heavy set White woman who ran the biggest whorehouse in Mississippi, and her overseer, MRS DOW and her slave Buck. MRS Dow guests were standing around sipping drinks enjoying the misery of the runaway slave. Betty Lou was on her hands & knees with a rope tied around her neck Madam Silvia sitting in front of the nigger slave as she held a tight grip on the rope, snot and salvia drooling from her nose and mouth as she struggle to breath.

Madam Silvia overseer delivered a stinging “whack” from a thick leather belt on Betty Lou's shoulder coursing the Nigger slave to scream a gutter howl as her arm gave way coursing her body to crash to the floor. Madam Silvia was introducing herself to the Nigger slave as she yank hard on the rope around Betty LOU neck bringing her back to her hand and knees. Madam Silvia gave a stern look into the pleading eyes of the Nigger slave said in a southern drool “ You are now my property and I own your pregnant Nigger ass now. You will spend the rest of you miserable life as a gutter whore in my Whorehouse”. Betty LOU pleaded as best she could “ Please Mistress Is Be a Christian NIGGER “. WHACK WHACK came the blow on BETTY LOU back from the white overseer coursing more howling. Madam Silvia gave an evil smile as she tug hard on the rope “NO more church for you COON. You'll be worshiping White dick for now on. And when you drop that Pinckney in your belly I'M giving it back to MRS DOW

MRS DOW smiled as she stood behind the Nigger slave. Along side of her was BUCK totally nude and displaying a massive well oil 12 inch Black Hard being stroke by the lovely white hands of MRS DOW. MRS Dow said let start the Nigger savage in her new life right now. I'm looking at her nice tight virgin Nigger Ass hole I'm sure my guest would like to see Buck in action. MRS DOW pure oil on Betty LOU ASS hole and push her finger inside to lube her ass. With Betty LOU FACE force to the ground MADAM Silvia foot planted on her neck forcing her Big BLACK ASS up in the air. MRS DOW guided Buck black dick down into Betty LOU ASS HOLE as she collapse for the weight of Buck body. Under MRS DOW Direction BUCK movement with long steady strokes invading the Nigger Slave ass hole. MR DOW Guest move around as to get the got a good look at the hold scene.

2 overseers brought slave BEN into the basement naked. A chain around his neck and hand chain behind his back. Ben stood a stocky 5 ft 7inch. The DOWS purchased him because of his strong back to work the fields. The Dow allowed Ben and Betty Lou to wed and procreate. They were allowed to care of the Negro Church on the plantation. The sight of his lovely Negro wife being used in that manner was too much to bear, pleading with MR DOW to make them stop hurting Betty. MRS Dow walked slowly over toward BEN who was being chain to a pole MRS Dow was sporting a 3 inch black boots which made her standing 6 ft tall a black silk on piece dress which hung from her shoulders with a very low cut in the front showing a ample amount of her 42FF breast. Following behind her was her Guest

MR DOW appear with a big sword in his hand Ben begin to shack nervously in his chains and plead with MS DOW “Please mistress please don't cut me Is be a good nigger” Is be the best Nigger you ever had please don't cut me” His pleading eyes tearing up at MRS DOW. MRS Dow displayed an evil smile to her guest, as she knew this is what they came to see. With 1 step forward MRS DOW massive Cleavage was directly in the face of Slave BEN. MRS Dow look into Slave BEN eyes and said “IVE sold your pregnant Nigger wife to a WHORE HOUSE she'll be sucking the Cum from lots of White Dick, Betty LOU will be A Glory Hole whore. Do you know what a glory hole is? Ben shook is head no and more tears fell down is face. MRS DOW smiled as she looks at her smiling guest. She continue her verbal abuse “ It a hole in the wall a White man will stick is Dick thru the hole and Betty LOU will suck and sallow all the cum from his balls.

And she as you Ben to thank for that!”

MRS DOW still looking at her smiling guest and MR DOW who displayed a broad grin love manipulating her Niggers slave. At this time MRS DOW knew Slave BEN was a nerves wreck. MRS DOW use the good and bad master concept She told Ben that MR DOW want to Cut your MANHOOD OFF. Slave Ben began to shack violently. But MRS DOW calm him quickly by stroking his nappy head and pushing her massive cleavage in his face telling him “But I have convince him not to cut you if you can grow your Nigger Dick to 12 inches like my Buck over there fucking your Betty LOU UP THE ass.

Nigger Slave Ben look at MRS DOW with pleading tearing eyes Ben said “Please mistress Is can't do that Is not that big” MR DOW displaying a very concern look said

“ Sure you can I know all my niggers have Big dicks let me help you MRS Dow held her Big white Tits out from her Dress and rub them together as Ben big Lips suck booth of MRS DOW TITS

MRS Dow than grab Ben dick with her left hand while hoisting her massive tits with her right arm Rubbing slave BEN COCK gently she ask MR DOW to pour some oil over Ben dick please Displaying a evil smile to her guest and a wink to her Husband. MRS DOW begin to stroke Ben dick to life. She use her skillful words of encouragement as she look at her guest whom were clearly enjoying the obscene display

MRS DOW looking at the guest sated “ That it Ben pump my hand. I fell it getting bigger” The quest and MR DOW were all laughing out loud now at the sight of MRS DOW jerking off a Nigger, chain to a pole with no hope of his DICK GROWING TO 12 Inches .Ben was bucking like a dog in heat suddenly he stiffen up trying not to cum but MRS DOW Purposely jerk him harder forcing him to shoot a huge load into her left hand. MRS DOW Step back and look Slave BEN in his pleading eyes with a very sorry expression stated ” Oh MY You Dump NIGGER your Dick is no way near 12 inches.” “Sorry” she than turn to her husband and with a smile and a wink Switch came the blade severing Ben Manhood from the Base

A HOWL that can be heard thru out the plantation was sounded from Slave BEN. EVERYONE knew at the moment just what happen to Slave BEN

MRS Dow walk over to Betty LOU and smear her face with Slave BEN cum and said in her southern drool “Here you are Betty LOU something to remember Ben by” MR DOW and I will be in town to see you in your new quarters at that Glory Hole.

Ben was patch up and sent back to the Plantation for all to see as an example. He was work hard in the cotton field under the lash of the overseers. Betty LOU new lifestyle as a glory Hole whore was in full swing after a week of whipping for MADAM Silvia overseer. The Dow visit the House to check on Betty LOU pregnancy the following month. A newborn NIGGER was worth a lot of money.

Madam Silvia escorted the DOWS to the Glory Hole as they enter the room there were 5 large hole in the wall The Dow watch as Betty LOU head protruded out. Each hole had a Nigger female head sticking out each face was painted with heavy makeup bright red lips, Blue eye liner, the White men would walk around listening to Betty LOU entice the men with word like “ Hello sir Is like to rap my Coon lip around your Big white dick and suck the cum right from your balls” Is sol low every drop”

MADAM Silvia explain to the MR MRS DOW the Wenches were work 12 Hour a day 7 day a week Betty LOU as turn into a real gutter mouth Whore

End of Pt 7..let me know how you feel about my story

Review This Story || Author: Storyman
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