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To Obey

Chapter 71 Sewing Lesson

To Obey
by Fire-Bird

Chapter 71 "Sewing Lesson"

Paul Winslow walked into the kitchen. His daughter Cindy was already there
buttering toast. She put it onto a plate and put it on the table for her 
father. Paul ate the toast and then washed it down with a cup of tea. 
Cindy sat on the other side of the table reading the For Sale section of 
the newspaper.

"Find anything of interest?" asked her father.

Cindy looked up and smiled. "Nah, just reading. I've finished reading my 
books ..."

Paul knew she had left the sentence hanging in mid-air. He smiled. 

"Okay, we'll shoot to the book shop later on today. Now clean away this 
stuff and meet me up in my bedroom."

"Okay." said Cindy as she stood up and started clearing away the plates.

Not before long Cindy walked into the bedroom and stood waiting. On the 
bed were a blind fold and a slap stick with studs embedded into the leather. 

"Put on the blind fold and lie down on the carpet." ordered her father 
from the bathroom.

Cindy did as she was told. After a few minutes she felt her father walk 
into the room. Then she felt him straddle her chest. He was naked as she 
could feel his balls and cock on her belly. Paul ordered her to open her
legs wide which she did. Then she yelped as Paul whipped her cunt with 
the slap stick. True to it's name it made a loud "Slap!"

Paul whipped her another twenty times. Cindy tried to keep her hands behind
her head but the temptation to grab at her father was strong. Then she felt
him lift his body off her chest and move his ass over her mouth.

"I've just had a big shit darling. Clean me up." He ordered.

Paul continued to whip Cindy across her cunt while her tongue cleaned his
ass hole. He lowered himself down even further so his hole was completely
on her nose and mouth. All Cindy could do was dart her tongue in and out. 
He then started slapping Cindy's inner thighs and belly with the stick.

He turned the slap stick over and used the sharp edges of the screws that
held the studs in to rub on her lower belly and cunt. He pushed the stick 
in hard and rubbed her raw. Cindy squealed into his ass hole but couldn't 

The stick pulled away strips of skin, pubic hair and blood from Cindy's 
vagina lips and inner thighs.. Cindy heard her father mutter something 
about having pubic hair but couldn't quite make it out. He finally stood
up and Cindy sat up to check herself. She removed her blind fold and saw
that most of her pubes had been pulled out but some remained. 

"Get cleaned up and shave your cunt. I don't want to see hair on it again.
You've got five minutes."

Cindy nodded and made her way to the bathroom. After washing her mouth and
face and a little light shaving she returned to her father's bedroom. The 
blind fold and slap stick had been removed. Now on the bed was a spindle 
of black cotton and a needle.

"Dad, I'm back." said Cindy. 

Paul didn't even looked up from lying on the bed reading his book.

"Take the needle and cotton. I want you to sew up your cunt lips and also
join your tits together. You've got 15 minutes."

Cindy closed her eyes. She secretly wished she hadn't heard what she was 
ordered to do but her body acted for her. She took the cotton and easily
threaded the needle. It was a good solid one about two inches long. Cindy
sat on the ground with her back to the bed. She pulled out her vagina lip
and put the needle to it. 

"Hold on!" said her father.

Cindy stopped before inserting the needle. She looked around hoping that
something had distracted him so she wouldn't have to continue. She watched
as her father tossed her two round rubber balls. She caught one but had to 
locate the other by the wall.

"Put one of these into your cunt before sewing please. You've got 14 minutes."

Cindy sat down again. This was going to make things more difficult and 
definitely more painful. The ball would no doubt push her cunt lips 
outwards but also wider apart. Cindy lay down and spread her knees wide.
She opened her cunt lips and pushed the inch wide rubber ball in. 
It gripped her flesh well and made things harder to push it in. After a 
couple of minutes it was finally inside.

Cindy sat up again and took the needle. She had no trouble pulling her 
cunt lip out and moaned slightly as the needle entered her flesh. Cindy
gritted her teeth as she pushed it all the way through. She breathed 
deeply as she threaded the cotton through. Taking the other vagina lip
and pulled it outwards and pushed it into the flesh. Her hands started 
to sweat making it harder to push the needle through. 

After she had finished she called out to her father. Paul placed a 
bookmark in his book and walked around. He leaned down and saw some nice
stitching. Five holes in either cunt lip.

"Good, now do another five and do those tits as well. I'm going down for
some tea. Have it done by the time I get back."

Cindy watched her father as he walked out of the room and listened as his
footsteps echoed down the stair way. She took the needle and threaded it 
again. She gritted her teeth once more as she pushed the needle in. She 
had only got to the forth hole when she heard her father's footsteps. 
She pushed the needle through but it slipped and Cindy yelped as the 
needle entered her thumb under the nail. She sucked on it as Paul entered.

"Fuck in hell Cindy, what's taking you so long. Get up on the bed!"

Cindy climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. Paul put his cup on the 
cupboard and knelt down in front of his daughter. He took the needle and 
jabbed it into her other lip. Cindy yelped quietly as her father sewed 
her cunt up. He was much quicker than she was. He then finished off the 
thread and tied it down. 

He then threaded the needle again and grabbed Cindy's left tit. He jabbed
it in to the side of her areola and drew the thread near to it's end. 
He pushed it through the nipple itself, drew it and then reached it over
to Cindy's right tit and pushed it through the nipple and then into the 
areola. He did this a number of times while Cindy watched him and 
whimpered with each needle prick. 

Soon Paul took hold of the two end threads and Cindy whimpered on as he
drew both her tits together. Now she was finally nipple to nipple. 
Blood oozed out of some of the pin holes but nothing serious. Cindy knew
they were going to be more painful coming out then going in.

"Okay, this one I have to do myself. On the floor and all fours bitch.
Ass up high." ordered Paul.

Cindy's fears were confirmed. Paul took the rubber ball and pushed it deep
into her anus. Cindy had to spread her legs wide to accommodate the inch 
wide rubber ball. Then her father threaded the needle once more and 
proceeded to sew her ass hole closed. Cindy yelped again and again as the
needle entered her body and was connected to the other side of her ass. 

When Paul had finished he pulled the threads together and Cindy screamed 
out loud as her ass hole was closed over. Paul jabbed the needle into the
bed and ordered Cindy to stand up.

"Dad, it hurts so much!" she wailed.

Paul grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up onto her feet.

"Cindy, if you don't stop that pathetic moaning then I'll fucking sew your
lips together too. Want that?" growled her father.

Cindy shook her head and stood before Paul. He ordered her to bend over 
and touch her toes. Then to do the splits, which really hurt. Cindy was 
doing a hand-stand when Paul finally ordered her to lie down on the ground.
She spread her legs and put her hands behind her feet as she was told.

Paul then stood beside her and flexed his fingers. He reached down and 
pushed her fingers under the cunt threads and his other hand in between 
her breasts to take hold of the threads there. Then he slowly lifted her
into the air. Cindy gritted her teeth and tried not to scream. Paul had 
managed to lift her right up to his waist.

Cindy's eyes welled up with tears. She wanted so much to yell and let the
pain out but she dared not. Then her father started bouncing her up and 
down while holding on the threads. She felt two snap on her cunt. Then 
two on her tits and then "Snap!" The threads holding her cunt closed broke
away. Cindy fell to the floor but was held up by Paul hold her tits.

"Damn! On your knees bitch and lift that ass into the air." he ordered.

Cindy whimpered while turning over. She was rewarded with a slap on the 
ass. Then she felt a finger enter under the cotton threads. Paul took a 
breath and lifted her up by her ass hole. Cindy didn't hold back this 
time, she screamed. Paul ignored her and bounced her a few times. This 
time the threads held.

He dropped her back to the ground. Cindy rolled onto her side and sobbed.

She heard a noise and opened her eyes. Lying on the carpet behind her 
head was a small pen knife.

"Get rid of that cotton Cindy. Next time we'll use a thicker thread." 
said her father.

Cindy closed her eyes but reached out for the pen knife. She rolled 
herself over to a sitting position and proceeded to cut away the threads
from her aching breasts.

"You've got five minutes to do that and get dressed. We've got to get 
those books remember. Hurry now."


Review This Story || Author: Fire-Bird
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