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At Daddy's Mercy

Part 6 WATCHING HIS TOOL (dick/cock)

At Daddy’s mercy and beck and call part 6 of 12

At Daddy’s mercy and beck and call part 6 of 12

Small forewords:
Diane’s is story continuing.
Every time I have met Diane she begs me to put more effort in translating
the story of her childhood.
I don’t really like the story, but a promise is a promise.
I find that Diane is indoctrinated from childhood and a lot of her thoughts
are a result of that. She had been led to believe that semen taste good and
that she require it and needs it. That believe had sunk deep in to her mind
and I don’t know what she truly think. Well it’s not my business to know,
I’m just a poor translator.

At Daddy’s mercy, beck and call part 6 of 12


Jens stood in front of me and had a white T-shirt on, but nothing beneath
that. So I could see his sleeping penis hanging down.

“Now we are going to try another obedient test.”

"Yes Sir!"

In the order-position I stretched up my body further as I did in front of
Daddy when he gave me an order.

“On your hands and feet and keep your bottom in the air.”

"Yes Sir!"

Immediately I bended over and put my hands on the floor.  I could feel that
my bottom in this position was my highest body part. And I waited for his
next order and thought: “What kind of test is this going to be?”

“From now on you will do all your moving in this position with your bottom
(butt) high and when you stop you will kneel instead. You move on your hands
and feet and you do your watch-duty kneeling with your legs spread, hands
behind your neck and open mouth. Do you understand girl?”

"Yes Sir!"

I did understand so far. When I move it had to be on my hands and feet and
when I stopped I had to be on my knees, the ordinary order-position but on
my knees.

“Now your watch-duty, from now on your eyes will also be glued to my cock.
If you see the slightest twist you will run forwards at it and start licking
on it and the scrotum. And I expect a very soft and quick moving tongue both
all over my cock and my scrotum. If then my cock is showing you its interest
you will obey it and take it in your mouth and start to stimulate it. My
cock is your God now and you will do anything to please it and make it be
pleased with you. If you not all the time makes your new little Master happy
I will cane your bottom. Do you understand the rules of this game, girl?”

"Yes Sir!"

“Repeat it and use the right words!”

I knew what he meant. I tried to avoid the bad words and now wanted me to
pronounce them.

"Yes Sir! I will always move on my hands and feet, with my butt up in the
air. When you stop I will fell to my knees. My eyes and my whole attention
will all the time be on my little Master, your cock, Sir. When he is
sleeping I just watching him and when I see the slightest sign of that he
will wake up I must quickly start to lick on him and your balls. I must make
him feel good and if he wakes up I’ll take him in my mouth and make him
happy with my tongue, lips and oral cavity. And I must do everything in my
power to make him spray into my mouth. When he is sleeping again I go back
to my cock-watch!  I do all my moving on my all four and all watching and
servicing on my knees, with my hands behind my neck, legs apart and my mouth
open. Sir!”

That is correct and you start now and you don’t stop your observing,
licking and sucking duty until I tell you to. Is that clear? Remember this
is also an obedience test, but this is an easy one.”

"Yes Sir!"

I felt that this was a nice game and it was not so difficult for me. It also
trigged my competition efforts.
I wanted to win this game, in the meaning, I wouldn’t want to be criticized
and be punished. It felt like he and I was playing. I love to play.

It was a bit of a cute challenge. He wouldn’t see me fail, I promised

So I started to look at his sleeping member, as it hanged between his legs
and looked sad and snotty.

Jens went to the kitchen and I followed him on my all four. It is not easy
to go in that position down stairs but I managed but was almost to tip
forwards. I had to run beside him and look laterally with my head a bit
further than him. It was still sleeping.

He sat on a chair and had his legs spread wide as men do. His dick was
hanging down as he sat on the edge of the chair.

“Give me a glass of milk!”

"Yes Sir!"

I started to run on all four up to the fridge and wonder how I should obey
him. He saw my dilemma and said.

“When you serve me on a special order you may raise to your feet! But when
you fulfill the order you will go back as before.”

"Yes Sir!"

It was much easier so I rose to my feet and serve him his glass of milk and
then immediately down in my observing position. I didn’t forget to smile.

His cock was still resting and I wondered when I was allowed to show my oral
skills. “You are the best cock-sucker in the world”, my father said. Father
is always right you know.

“Just give a sign and I will show you”, I thought as I watched his cock.

Jens rose and went away in the direction of the bathroom and I fell forward
and followed him on my all four and with my bottom in the air. I must bend
my head upward to see and it hurtled my neck when I did.

Now I found out that my arms are so much shorter than my legs and that’s why
my bottom was so high up.

He went in to the bathroom followed by me and when I saw he was going to do
a wee-wee I manage to squeeze up myself between the wall and the toilet. And
as I did I had my eyes at his cock and very close.

I have never seen a man pee before and never had any wish to, but now I was
forced to look at his show.
So I had to see his yellow liquid make a curve from his member and splash
down at the toilet. I couldn’t help thinking of that I use to have this
small slit in my mouth and licking at it with my tongue.

My tongue remembers the structure of it and now I could in a close-up view
see how he also could use it.

Suddenly I felt the fear of his power over me and I hope that there wasn’t
any thought in his mind that I should clean it with me mouth. It was bad
enough that I had to force this zoomed image out of my memory until next
time I had to take that thing into my mouth. I must block it out other ways.
I had to be strong and do as I’m told anyway.

He didn’t order me to clean him with my mouth as I fear somewhere deep in my
mind. Instead he took a bit of paper and dried himself with. When he let it
go it fell down in its sleeping position.

Then he left the bathroom and I followed him on my hands and feet with my
bottom high. It is difficult to run like that, but I had no choice but to do
as he had ordered me.

I had to run beside of him and at the same time look at his tool (dick/cock)
to see if it showed me any interest.
It didn’t.

He went to the kitchen, then opened the door and went outside. I must wait
for him to pass the door. The door was not wide enough for the both of us.

Then I catch up with him on my all four. I didn’t think much of the fact
that I was naked outside the house. I had only to obey him. But I felt the
chilly air on my naked body and also the sun on my back comforting me and
that remind me of my nakedness.

I couldn’t afford to wonder if anyone could see me in my humiliating
position. I had used the road outside of the house and knew it was there.
The risk of anyone to use the road was minimal.

He went to the backside of the house and there I saw a garden hammock, a
round table, four chairs and one sun chair.

Jens made the sun chair flat and sat down on it and then lie down. The sun
was shining and he took of his T-shirt and was naked, as I.
He parted his leg so he had one foot on each side of the chair.

I kneeled slantingly before him and watched smilingly his sleeping tool

So I saw it twisted a bit and I moved forwards and started to lick at it.

He steered my head to his left side groin and said nothing, but I understood
that I should lick him there and I did.

I sharpen my tongue to reach deep into his groin and felt that he reacted at
my tongue. He was ticklish, but ordered me to keep it up.

He stretched lacily out his naked body in the sun and I let my tongue make
him feel comfortable, as I was kneeling beside his body and bent at my waist
over him. I still had my hand behind my neck. He didn’t say otherwise.

He put his arms up and his hands under his head and I could hear that he
enjoy my tongue massaging him.
He tapped my head once with a finger and I understood that I should take it
in my mouth and did.

His penis started to wake up and I could feel it filling up my mouth when it
grows. It was a very nice and a special feeling, to feel it forcing its
space in my oral cavity. I helped it with my tongue during the time I moved
my body so I had my head over his tool and I was still kneeling at the

He took my right hand from my neck and directed it to his anus. I understood
his silence order and let my forefinger gently touch it and felt that it
reacted on my finger by contracting. It was a little difficult to reach in
between his pressed muscles but I manage.

I move my head up and down over his tool and didn’t forget to massage it
with my tongue. Simultaneous I stretched my finger in between his big
muscles and felt the anus-muscle close around my finger.

He let me do it for twenty minutes or so and I felt stiff in my neck but
continue obediently for his pleasure.

I felt his two meat-balls move and understood that I was doing it right for
him. Then I felt his anus-muscle contract around my finger and in the next
second he squirted in my mouth, that welcome his gift and my tongue
encourage it for more. I knew it tasted good but as long as I had my lips
around his cock I had to wait for tasting it.

I let it come out from my mouth and cleaned it with my tongue and lips. I
leaved it limp and sleeping in his crotch and backed up to my knees and put
my hand behind my neck to start my observing-duty again.
I manage to keep smiling with my mouth open.

Then I heard a noise as from a cart and I also saw the Jens had his eyes at
my.  He didn’t need to say it but I saw in his eyes: “Don’t you dare to look
up! Your eyes on my cock!”

My eyes was glued to his crotch but all my other senses tried to figure out
what was happening. I didn’t for a moment forgot to smile.

My other senses told me that a wagon of some kind passed by on the road just
20 meters (60 ft) or so from the place where I stood on my knees with my
back in direction of the road. My ears told me that it was a bike and even a
cart of some kind. There were more wheels than a bike’s.

I didn’t dare to look. My duty was to watch his dick (cock) nothing else and
I did. But I was curious as any female and I felt in my back that someone
saw my naked back and also saw my up stretched position with my hand behind
my neck and my legs apart. It must be a fool to not understand my submissive
posture in front of the naked Jens as he lay lazily on his sun-chair and had
a naked girl in front of him.

I wan this game, I didn’t look as I didn’t want the person see my face, but
also I wanted to obey Jens and overcome my curiosity. I felt real proud as
well to obey my Master to the letter.

“Hallo Pelle!”

Jens called out to the person. Now I knew who it was. Pelle was one of the
boys in my class at school. He was a disorderly boy according to our

“Hej buddy! Are you having a nice time?”

“Yes, I have a nice time, better then you can imagine.”

“I can see that. Is it someone I know?”

“I call you later!”

“Okay! You do that.”

I heard the bike and its cart squeak further down the road.

“Good girl! You didn’t fail. Now you can turn and look!”

"Yes Sir!"

I turned my head and saw the back of Pelle on a bike and with a cart
connected to it. He didn’t turn his head and I thanked my God. So he
disappeared down the hill and I turned back to my duty and felt myself

Then I saw that my humiliating situation had affected Jens cock, it was
semi-hard again. I hurried to lean forwards to take it my mouth again. My
neck felt okay again and I started to nod over his cock. I open up my jaws
to give it room.

“Girl, remind me that I shall whip you with a nettle-spray to see if you can
move faster with your tongue!”

I lifted my lips for a second and answer:

"Yes Sir!"

Then I let my lips embrace it again and as an obedient signal to him I
started to move my tongue the fastest I could. I thanked my father who had
trained my tongue for many years. “Your tongue is only a muscle and can be
trained to works for hours”, my Daddy had said. I remember how he wanted
better pace on my tongue and there was always another gear for him. Now I
think that I excel even that level.

This was evil! I had to remind him of using a nettle-spray on my naked body
to have me moving my tongue for his pleasure at better pace. I had no choice
in the matter more then do as he ordered me. Probably that was also one test
for me.

He didn’t say when I should do it, only that I should remind him. I
understood it as if I should remind him at different times until he did it
or order me to stop.

Of course he knew that I hated it and that’s way he made me do it. It was to
test my obedience.

When I reminded him it would really standout as if I loved it when he knew I
hated it.

I knew what he was talking about and how it felt. My Daddy had twice swapped
the generally birch-twigs for nettle-spays and used it on my bottom, just to
se me wriggle my bottom more. And I can ensure I did. But the worst was the
smarting pain and the burn afterwards. It burned like hell. I remember that
I told him I would do anything, but that was an overstatement I would do
anything he said anyway.

This was my thoughts during my tongue worked at high pressure at his cock.
To increase his pleasure I nodded my head as well and moved my lips wetly
along his tool.

Wondering about the road that passed by his house I thought it just ended up
in the wood in the north direction, further down the hill was Svensen’s
house where Pelle lived with his father and mother and two brothers and one

“Stop it and start licking again!”

I lifted my mouth and felt my tongue stiff by overexertion and slur the

"Yes Sir!"

I felt it like a defeat that I had not made him spray into my mouth. That
was my fault.

“I’m not in the mood of cuming for the moment!”

He said as an explanation.

He didn’t want to spray! So it was not my fault then. He didn’t want to. My
Daddy had sometimes stopped my sucking to “save for later”.

I rose to my knees again and kept observing him as he put his legs together
and put them up on the chair.

He stretched out in the chair and told me that life was enjoyable and nice.

Of course it was for him if he planned to have an obedient slave girl as his
wife beside him in his future.
A slave girl that stood to his attention day and night and it was just for
him to decide how he wanted to enjoy her efforts for his pleasure.

My father had order me to make anything to make it happen that I was that
slave girl.

A wife and slave girl should do anything in her power to spoil her Master.

That would not be that hard life for me and nothing more than I was used to
do and could handle.

Jens turn in the chair to his stomach and I knew immediately what he was
going to order me to do, but I stayed at my knees with my hand behind my
neck, with my legs apart and with my constant smile on my face. It was
easily for an outstanding person to believe that I thought that all before
me was amusing and funny.

“Girl, lick my behind as you know I like!”

"Yes Sir!"

I moved closer to him, bended over his behind, opened up his butt-cheeks
with both hands, stretched out my tongue and started to stimulate his anus.

We were both naked out in the sun and I hope that nobody else should pass us
on the road. Or that Pelle should return and see me licking Jen’s bottom.

The bottom-side on a man was humiliating to serve but the front was nothing
to me. I did it gladly and was rewarded by the liquid gift.

Now was the most important thing that Jens was satisfied with me and my used
of my tongue at his anus. In and out, in and out I forced my sharpen tongue.

The wetness from the saliva made it easier to put it in and anus-muscle made
room for my tongue.

I could hear him moan and I keep working my tongue in and out as it felt for

The sun went into clouds and he finally decided that was he had enough for
my tongue for this time. I was order to stop and I obeyed thankfully.

He rose from the sun-chair and started to walk indoors again and I followed
him obediently on my all four.
A quick glimpse made sure that there was no one on the road.

Inside the house he sat in his easy chair with his legs parted and I kneeled
and looked dutifully at his dick/cock. It was still sleeping and there was a
long string of some sticky liquid down to the floor.

I felt itching on my left elbow that pointed out sideways as I had my hands
behind my neck but I tried to ignore it.

Inside his house I felt the risk of meeting Pelle again close to zero.

I was ordered to fetch him the phone and I hand it over to him as the long
cable was connected to the jack in the hall.

During his waiting for someone on the other side of the phone would pick up
he order me to start licking him in his crotch and I moved over to him dive
into it and let my tongue start working up and down. It had rested and was
fit for fight.

“Good afternoon Mr Svensen. May I speak to Pelle?”


“Hallo Pelle!”


“Yes I had a nice time!”


“A slave girl, yes.”


“If you promise and swear by your God to not say anything to anyone what you
see in my house you can come over here!”


“Yes OK. I believe you!  Yes, do that. “


“See You!”

He hanged up the phone and hand it over to me with nod to the hall. I
understood and tock the phone and run over to the hall an sat it on the
table there.

I returned and fell to my knees and continued my tongue-task.

He said nothing about the call and I was to busy and to obedient to ask. But
I understood that Pelle would come over here and see me naked and humiliated
and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I hated, hated that Pelle would come! Perhaps Jens trusted him, but I didn’t
for a moment.

The fact was that I had no voice in this house, no more than Jens allowed me
to have and he hadn’t asked me.


As a promise to Diane I will translate the rest in my own pace. But only it
I find that there is interest for her story out there in the cyberspace,
else I will use my eyes, fingers and mind for better.

Your opinion is always valuable, but if you keep it to yourself it will be a
sleeping knowledge – dead for the World.
So you had to disseminate it, to keep it living and useful to other minds.



Review This Story || Author: Cecilita
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