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Part 14



Ilse was left strapped to the infernal device upon which the water torture was administered.  Her unconscious body quivered and shook.  When they were ready they would resume her torture, repeating it over and over till they tired of it and moved on to another savage, inhuman torments.

Gurd had gone off to bring another unfortunate soul to be "saved".

While Gurd  was occupied with this task, Konrad arose and walked about his domain.  A forbidding chamber of terror and torture, where he reined supreme, his word was law.   He could, and did, exercise complete and utter control over the lives and maniacal torture of those accused. 

It pleased him a great deal as he listened to the agonized screams of those brought before him, accused of all sorts of real, or more often than not, alleged crimes against the church. 

His was not to show mercy or compassion on the witches and heretics in his clutches.

Truth be told he reveled in the unholy screaming of accused, especially the  females..  It gave him much gratification as the women writhed and screamed in abominable agony while he directed the torture of their bodies. All the while sitting back in his ornate throne-like chair, or watching  intently, with lust-filled eyes as his torture master inflicted a particularly gruesome and scream producing torment on a helpless female 

Suffice to say Konrad was not exactly the kind of person a Prince of the Church was expected to be. He was demonically cruel, and as stated previously, enjoyed watching the inhuman torture of innocent females.  He experienced profound sexual satisfaction watching and listening to the torture and screaming of these unfortunate prisoners.

Gurd returned in good time with two guards, hustling along a striking beauty.
Tall, and even clothed in the filthy rags of a prisoner from the dungeon, was a sight to behold.

Her dark black hair hung in matted strings.  Her feet bare and the rags on her body did nothing to hide the sumptuous form beneath.  The defiant glare of her black eyes told of a stubbornness which would provide much pleasure to Konrad and his malefic minions.

"What is your name witch?"

"Collette. And I am not a witch sire.  I have been falsely accused and demand to be set free.."

"You are accused of blasphemous talk and have been seen conjuring unholy acts.  You are a witch and a heretic."

"Lies!  All lies!  I am not a witch and have never ever uttered anything blasphemous or unchristian in my life."

"We shall see about that.  You stand accused and will be put to the question unless you confess and denounce your allegiance to Satan!"

"I have no allegiance to the Prince of Darkness and abhor all he stands for!  I am innocent of the charges!"

"You refuse to confess?"

"I have nothing to confess.  I am innocent!"

"Dungeon Master, ...   proceed."

Grasping her arm, Gurd forced Collette toward a crude cross.  She struggled and kicked at him but was no match for the huge brute.  Holding her with one arm he stretched one of her arms up and out to a shackle hanging from one end of the cross arm.   With little difficulty he clapped it closed and inserted the lock pin.  Stretching her other arm upward he pinioned it into the shackle hanging from the other end of the cross arm.  She faced the heavy  post of the cross, arms stretched wide. 

The chains to which the shackles were linked passed over the top of the arm and hung down the back side.  Gurd pulled down on one and then the other, raising Collette till she stood on her toes.

She cursed and spit at him, struggling to free herself.

Gurd went to the wall and took down a single-tail lash of some six feet in length.  It was braided of bull hide, it's plaits raw and sharp edged, a knot at the end.

He returned to the strung up Collette, and reaching out with his free hand grasped the neck of her ragged shift ,giving it a swift yank downward.  The already flimsy cloth tore down her back all the way to it's irregular bottom.   It had been her only covering, and as it fell to the floor, her body was exposed, leaving her stark naked.  Though she had not washed in some time her milk white skin fairly glowed in the light of the torture chambers torches.

Konrad asked her again to confess her sins and the questioning would go no further.

"I am innocent of the accusations."

Konrad's continence visibly brightened.

Gurd, his arm already drawn back, swung the bullwhip swiftly, laying it across Collette's white back.  A whoosh and a groan as the breath was driven from her lungs.   Gurd struck again, a bit lower this time, the tip curling around and snapping on her abdomen.  "Ohhh!!'

Gurd struck again across that shapely back, now marked with red welts from the first blows.  He lashed her from buttocks to shoulders, each blow bringing but a low moan from her lips.

As he continued to lash her flesh her moans grew louder with each blow.  She did not scream.

Gurd whipped her unmercifully for more than twenty minutes, each lash drawing only moans and whimpers. 

At the 25th lash Collette gave a loud "Ahhhhhh!"   On the 28th she  screamed.  On the 29th she  screamed.  Thereafter Collette shrieked in agony as the whip took it's toll.  Her back was a crisscross of livid red welts, blood oozing from some of them.  Gurd worked down her body, lashing her firm buttocks and the backs of her thighs.  Collette was screaming at each lash now.  She pulled herself up, twisting, trying to escape the insidious cut of the demonic whip. 

Gurd paused in his merciless flogging of the helpless girl  She slumped, hanging from her wide stretched wrists, gasping great breaths of air, her body shaking.

Gurd lay the whip aside and wrapping his huge arm around her waist lifted Collette and freed her wrists from the shackles.  He turned her around so she faced him and Konrad, re-shackled her arms to the ends of the cross arm. She hung, arms outstretched, toes barely touching the stone floor.

When he stepped back an audible intake of breath was heard from Konrad.  Gurds ugly broken toothed mouth gaped.  Collette spat at him and mouthed obscenities.  But the expressions of awe were not the result of her outburst 

Never in all the tortures of beautiful women had such a display greeted their eyes.  The mammary display of soft female flesh was awesome.  Her breasts were huge, of such proportions to stretch believability.  They had absolutely no sag but stood firm and proud on her chest.  The nipples as large as gold coins, stiff and erect.  They jiggled enticingly as she screamed and spat at him.

Konrad had a look of lascivious lust in his eyes as he licked his lips of a bit of saliva which had dribbled from his mouth at first sight of such magnificent globes.

"Tether the feet torture master.  I don't want her to be able to kick her feet and turn away, hindering the view."

"Of course your grace."

Gurd quickly grasped one of her ankles and drawing it slightly aside locked it into a shackle chained to the floor.  Doing the same to the other ankle Collette now hung clear of the floor, arms spread wide, her legs chained 2 feet apart giving easy access to her awesome flesh.

Collette struggled and twisted but she was now spread, voluminous breasts bouncing and shaking, for whatever Gurd wished to do.

"I ask you again" said Konrad," will you confess?"

"I am innocent!  You have no right to whip me as a common whore!"

"A whore you are, but not a common one.  You are a whore of the devil you witch, and we will punish you as such.  Continue her cleansing."

With renewed glee Gurd proceeded to scourge the front of the unfortunate girl.  The first lash was laid full across those tremendous breasts.  No stoic reserve this time, Collette screamed like a banshee from the very first lash.  Gurd cut her.  Her breasts and torso were a mass of ugly red welts.  He cut her across both nipples, nearly tearing one from her breast.  Blood oozed from numerous cuts on her stomach and legs.   She twisted and thrashed as Gurd whipped her tormented frame.  Fully 50 strokes of the whip were expended on her writhing body. Her screams rebounded from the cold stone of the walls and ceiling.

Finally, after a particularly harsh stroke laid across those lush mounds, Collette passed into blackness.

"She has fainted your grace."

"Very well take her down. A little stretching of those magnificent appendages is in order I think"

"At once sire!"

A bucket of icy water was thrown over Collette and she came out of her faint.  She was too weak to do more than moan and lie in a heap on the cold stone floor.  

Gurd grasped an arm and drug her across the stones to a low bench and sat her on it.
He pulled her arms behind her and leather straps bound her wrists tightly, palms together.  Another strap was placed around her arms just above the elbows and drawn tight till her they touched.   This thrust those luscious breasts forward bewitchingly.  Small diameter ropes were wound around the base of each of those bounteous breasts.  They bulged like oversize cabbages.

He stood her on her feet, and chains, hanging from widely placed pulleys in the roof, were hooked to the  ropes binding those globes.  Two acolytes were summoned and each one took one of the chains which looped over those pulleys  At a nod from Konrad himself, the acolytes pulled on the chains.   As they rose up Collette was forced to her feet.   Then to her toes.  Barely able to balance herself she gazed down in horror at her breasts, then the chains pulling them upward and outward.  

"What are you doing?   Stop!  STOP!!"

I urge you again  child.  Confess!

"I am innocent. I am not a witch!  I have nothing to do with witchcraft or Beelzebub!

Lift her!!!!"

The acolytes hauled down on the chains.  They tightened even more.  Collette rose to the limits of her stretching.   


Her toes left the floor.  They continued lifting her till she was a few inches above the stone.  She could look down and see her feet dangling an enticing few inches from the stones.

Collette screamed.....she howled in agony, the ropes biting into her soft tit flesh.  They seemed to be about to separate from her chest.   The pain was monstrous.


Down!   Let me down!!!!!!!


Collette swung and twisted.  Her breasts had turned a deep purple, the nipples swollen to twice the normal size. 

She continued to howl and scream in excruciating agony.  She begged and pleaded.   She kicked her feet in a vain effort to touch the stones beneath her toes. 

Collette hung by her breasts, the pain, excruciating and penetrating as spasms shot through her.  Her screams piercing and constant, shrill enough they made the skin crawl.  

She hung!!!

Her screams paused for a few moments and Konrad threatened if she did not confess they would hang weights from her feet.

Her answer was renewed piercing shrieks of agony.

Gurd made a motion to the acolytes and they raised her higher.  He had others bring large stones with iron rings imbedded in them, short chains attached with hooks on the ends.  He lifted the weights under her feet and hooked them to the  chain joining her ankle shackles.

As he stopped supporting them the weight of the stones was added to Collette's own weight tearing at her breasts.

Collette loosed a long ear shattering scream that was heard in the courtyard of the fortress like building, in the lower sub cellars of which the torture chambers were located.


The girl screamed almost constantly for nearly 15 minutes. She finally ceased, her breasts throbbing in horrific agony, her brain overloaded, she fainted.  A bucket of icy water brought her back to her private hell.  Her breasts must surely tear from her.

Gurd placed a box in front of her and stepped up on it.  He was at the same height as Collette.  He ran a jagged fingernail across the surface of one bloated breast.   Collette screamed in agony.    Her nipples were swollen and discolored.  He flicked a nipple with his finger.  She bellowed like an animal caught in a trap.

"I think she is ready Your Grace."

"Excellent my man.   Proceed"

Gurd went back to the wall where the whips and flails hung.

To Be Continued......


Review This Story || Author: Von Schmiser
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