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Part 15



The sadistic fiend made a careful, calculated choice. He returned to stand in front of a creature, hanging in agony, as she screamed her torment. 

Gurd leered at the pitiful, tortured girl, and tapped the slender cane in his palm.

Collette's eyes widened and bulged in unfathomable terror.  Surely, not even this sub-human animal could contemplate using that fearsome instrument of torture on her already tormented body.  Collette knew the power and penetrating pain of the cane.  She had been caught misbehaving at the convent school as a child.. The sister had administered just 5 blows of a cane on her bare buttocks.  The pain had been beyond imagination, and now here she was in the torture chamber of the infamous Konrad.  Strung up, suspended by her breasts, and the malevolent monster torturing her was about to use a cane on her tortured breasts.

Collette wailed and begged, she pleaded with the hulk of a man, greedily devouring her swollen, purple globes. 

Gurd nodded and said"Yes my sweet, I am going to thrash those delightful melons until you confess."

"NOOO you can't.  I am innocent.  I am not a witch!  You must believe me."

"I'll believe you when you confess to being a whore of the devil, you witch!  Now feel the bite of the cane on those fleshy globes you so willingly offer to that demon."

"NOOOO!!   Stop!!! Please..  NOOOOO!!!"



Gurd slashed out with the terrible weapon.  Bringing it up from down low to cut the underside of her purple swollen breasts.




Each lash of the cane cutting into the already tormented flesh of Collette's tightly bound breasts.

She screamed and thrashed against the vicious beating, the muscles of her torso convulsing and straining in abject agony

Gurd lashed her full across her nipples, splitting one and delighting in her inhuman howls of agony as blood oozed from the terrible wound.  He continued bludgeoning her tumescent mounds, livid scarlet welts swelling in the wake of each slash.

Collette writhed and twisted as he kept up the ghastly thrashing.  The cords in her neck stood out in sharp relief, her head, tilted back, lips drawn back from her teeth, as shriek after shriek of terrible agony burst forth.  Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath, to scream and scream again.  Her entire body shook and convulsed in unremitting agony.  If only she could die and end this maniacal torment.  She was denied that release as Gurd cane whipped her for more than 20 minutes.

Konrad was leaning forward in his chair, eyes alight at this expert display of savage torture, fairly slavering in delight. Such a magnificent specimen.  Oh how he hoped she would continue to deny her witchery.

After a particularly ferocious blow of the cane, Collette convulsed and hung limp in unconsciousness.

"She has fainted Your Grace."

"Revive her!  We must continue with her interrogation and extract the truth, by any means necessary."

"A pleasure Your Grace."

Gurd gestured to one of the acolytes who flung a pail of icy water over the insensible Collette.

Gurd had her lowered to the floor and Collette collapsed, moaning and sobbing on the stone.  He unbound her arms and breasts, as she wept in relief of the pressure of the cruel ropes.   As the blood rushed back into her large globes the pain was worse than when bound and she doubled over, clutching her lacerated mounds and screaming as when she was being beaten, rolling on the cold wet stones.

Gurd reached down , and grabbing hold of an arm,  drug her to another apparatus of torture, a huge wooden wheel some two feet wide and eight feet in diameter. Holding her upright with one arm he strapped a cuff around a wrist.  As she hung by one arm he stretched the other over her head and strapped it beside the first.  He nodded to an acolyte who then turned a large crank on the side of the wheel rotating it.  As it turned Collette was raised up till she stood on her toes.  She hung, her stretched arms supporting her. 

"CONFESS!  Confess your pact with the unholy forces of hell.  Confess and this will end."

"I have nothing to confess!  I am not a witch and nothing you will do can change that!"

"Continue torture master.  Show this harlot the error of her ways."

As the wheel turned a ratchet kept it from turning back.  The acolyte turned the crank and a few more notches clacked into place, lifting Collette until her entire body was suspended from her arms.

"Ahhh ohhhh!"

Heavy leather cuffs were fastened about her ankles, from which short chains dangled. These chains were in turn hooked to two stout rings imbedded in the stone floor.

Gurd himself grasped the handle of the crank and turned it.  As the wheel rotated the slack in the chains tightened, as they tightened they pulled on Collette's stretched body. 

"Now my recalcitrant doxy.  Tell us the truth!  CONFESS!

"Please!  I am innocent!  This is a mistake!  I am no witch!  Please!"

A smiling Konrad waved a hand to the fiend leaning on the crank.


"Uhhhhhhh!! Ohhhh!   STOP!"


Collette groaned and pulled against the straps biting into her wrists and ankles.
They continued tightening.



Collette twisted and strained against the cruel leather, the tendons in her arms and legs standing out in sharp relief.  Her muscles trembled and shook.  The infernal machine was doing it's work.  Her limbs were being torn from her body. A lancing pain shot up one arm, her shoulder joint screaming in pain.  A terrible scream hurtled from her lips as the machine tore at her.




She shook her head.



Collette's head thrashed from side to side.  She howled in agony as the wheel turned.  Each click dragging her feet a millimeter further from her wrists.

With a wet squishy click a shoulder slid from it's socket.  A moment later the other followed.


CONFESS you devils whore!  CONFESS!"

Collette ceased screaming long enough to shout, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Very well torture master, leave her hang and we will talk with the miscreant we were questioning earlier."

"NO!     NOOOOO!  You can't leave me this way."

"Ah but we can you misguided harlot.  And we WILL!"


Poor Ilse, left in the embrace of the water torture's framework had witnessed the monstrous torture of the unfortunate Collette.  The barbaric torture she was forced to hear and watch turned her stomach, even as she remained bound for further torment. 

When Gurd left Collette and Konrad ordered him to return to Ilse, her blood froze in her veins and her frail body trembled in terror.

To Be Continued.......

Review This Story || Author: Von Schmiser
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