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Anita\'s Sex Sacrifice

Part 24

                               Anitas Sex Sacrifice Chapter 24

       Poor Anita was so dazed and in so much pain, that she wasnt able to understand the function of the wooden chair that was located in a corner of the room under a glaring lamp. Only when her saw the glistening cylinder jutting up from the seat of the chair did she realize what was to be her fate. Before she could even react, they removed her cuffs and began to force her down onto the massive piece of metal formed into the shape of a sex organ belonging to some animal. Her entire body began to shiver at the prospect of taking that monster. Her mind was still not clear from all the damage that had been done to her psyche to date. In her befuddled state she decided that it was to be her cunt that would be breached by the metal prong.

       She attempted to struggle and for her efforts she received a series of hard slaps to her face. Before she realized what was happening, her wrists and forearms were strapped down to the arms of the chair, even though she still fought them from forcing her down on the metal dildo. They solved this problem by having one of the men put Anita into a chokehold. Her struggles soon ended, allowing them to force their victim down inch by agonizing inch, her loose asshole accepting the intruder despite the pain associated with its entry. The one choking her increased his pressure and Anita passed out, her body limp and easily maneuvered to their satisfaction.

       Anita awoke to grinning faces that surrounded her. Despite the large metal cylinder now buried deep inside her rectum, there was very little pain being generated, for which she was thankful. She became aware that her legs were tied tightly to the chair legs, her feet now in pans of water that fully covered them. This made no sense to the dazed woman who also discovered that a thick leather strap was cinched tightly beneath her pendulous tits, making it very difficult to take a deep breath. One of the people enjoying her reactions to the situation delivered a powerful blow across her face that was so strong it made her neck twist awkwardly. The pain acted like a stimulant, making Anita aware that something very stressful was being prepared for her.

           Had she paid closer attention to the chair in which she now sat, she might have seen the wires running from the area below the chairs seat. She would soon learn about the wires and what they meant to her bare body. Two of the women busied themselves with attaching metal clips to various parts of her body including the nipples, the lower portions of those big tits, her ear lobes, the insides of her plump thighs, and the backs of her knees, a very painful experience.

Her eyes bulged with terror when she saw what one of the women was holding in her hand, only a foot or so from her face so she could understand what was about to happen to her. It looked like what was currently situated in her lower intestine, only not as thick. Tears began to flow, much to the delight of her tormentors, as Anita focused on the wires that hung from one end. It all came together! She was going to have electricity sent through her body! Anita panicked and began thrusting her bound body against the bonds holding her to the chair to no avail. Unfortunately the electricity was only part of the torments that they had planned. She was so involved with the wires that were now being hooked to the clips hanging from various areas of her body, that she was caught by surprise when she felt an agonizing pain beginning to radiate from one of her fingernails. She looked down and saw what looked like a hatpin now protruding from beneath the nail.

Anitas screams were music to the ears of her captors. One of the men stepped close and delivered a vicious blow to her mouth with his open hand. The womans head seemed to swivel on her neck that was already in quite some pain from a previous blow. She could taste her blood running from the top lip that had taken most of the last blow. He feigned another blow and she screamed in terror and a small trickle of urine ran down to the chair seat bringing laughter from the crowd that was less than a few feet from her bound, bare body. A debate occurred over whether or not to gag their victim, deciding that the noise that was going to be wrung from her was worth the minor discomfort.

Their helpless captive could do nothing but blubber and beg as the metal cylinder was thrust into her twat and moved around until it was properly seated inside the victims fuck tunnel that had been filled and refilled during this nightmare she was experiencing. There had been little pain that was a small consolation. She groaned loudly as clips were attached to the wires protruding from the end of the devilish torture device.

“I wonder how much power it will take before her worthless cunt starts to boil away. I want to see that but the stink may be too strong for my delicate nostrils.”

The womans remark brought laughter from the crowd followed by a call for some action. The fiends kept her in suspense; a needle went under another of her fingers, this time on the other hand in the interests of symmetry. No sooner had her shrill, raspy scream lost its power, another needle was driven into the soft flesh behind her knee, scant inches from where the metal teeth were anchored. That yielded a considerable amount of fresh piss that added considerably to the pool from her first accident. Someone remarked that there ought to be another wire placed in the piss to add to the fun. He was ignored as one of the men approached the small gray box located a few yards from where the victim sat, her eyes widening as she began to realize what was going to happen to her very soon.

Once again Anita paid attention to the wrong person. The penalty was excruciating pain generated from her kneecap that had just been skewered by a three-inch steel needle. The man who did it smiled at her agonized face and took a small bow to his audience. She would later learn that he was a surgeon well versed in the females bone structure as well as all her pain points. The pain was so intense that Anita fainted dead away. That did not deter her torturers who went about readying other surprises for their victim once she was revived. As one put it, it was a multimedia method of waking their victim from her deep sleep.

Anita awoke with a start, alternating between screaming and chewing her tongue in agony as the first massive jolt of electricity took a path that ran between her plump tits, providing a degree of pain that poor Anita had never experienced in her entire life. Why her heart didnt stop beating was miraculous. Coupled with this was the first of many hatpins that would find their way into her tongue in such profusion that it was impossible for her to close her mouth. In this state it was also impossible for her to speak, but she still was capable of screaming and screeching, sounds that were discordant and offensive to her audience.

Their prisoner was still disoriented to the point that she was unprepared for the next burst of electrical energy that ran from her sphincter to deep within her lower intestine. The first jolt was less than a few seconds; just enough to make her pay attention and then a bolt of power followed that made her believe that her bowels were on fire. The one operating the power switch turned it on and off in a random pattern that drove the poor wretch nearly insane. First deep inside her rectum, then a jump to between her big tits, then the fun part, making the power jump from one side of her head to the other by means of the wires attached to her ear lobes. There could be very little doubt that after a time this form of pain began to reduce the ability to reason as brain cells were destroyed each time one of the bolts of electricity wended its way through her brain.

Finally they used the cylinder embedded inside her cunt. The first time it was discharged it flew from her twat like a projectile. The audience was less than happy with this reaction so some minor modifications were made to guarantee that no matter how much electricity was run through her cunt, the source would not be expelled. All that was required was a collar around the middle of the metal dildo that was opened once the tube was in place. Even before the next application of power, Anitas tears were flowing fast since the collar was eating away at the mucous lining of her cunt. The switch was opened and the juice flowed through her birthing tunnel for a few seconds just to make sure that the collar was doing its job. Satisfied by this quick test run, Anitas twat was fried by the next blast of electrical power. Her cunt was being slow cooked and the stench reached the group rather quickly. The power was shut down and the area around their captive was allowed to clear of the awful smell.

They decided to see what might happen to Anita if they put wires into the pans of water containing her feet. The juice was turned on, but the reaction of their captive indicated little response. It was the host who came up with a solution, namely add salt to the water to make it able to carry more electric current. It took a few trials, but at last a goodly amount of power was going into her feet, up her legs and passing through the insides of her thighs, thanks to the metal clips piercing her skin. From there they decided to see what might occur if both cylinders were part of the same electrical circuit. The result was spectacular and terribly messy. Anita lost control of her bowels and bladder at the same time, relieving herself of everything formerly controlled by those two organs. So ended the experiments but not the ability of their captive to endure further pain and punishment.

The latest breach of decorum seemed to infuriate them to a new level of sadism. A water hose was brought over to wash the filth from the chair and send it into one of the floor drains. At the same time they made sure that the two probes inserted into her asshole and cunt were firmly fixed in place. As soon as the water began blasting against the chair and the poor woman bound to it, electricity began flowing from between the two metal probes. Gradually the power was increased as the water continued to batter her bare body. There were shouts of satisfaction as the water began striking her big tits, making them flap and shake The shouts grew louder as the water stream was aimed at the mouth of her cunt, driving the electrified probe deeper still as her eyes bulged and her face grew paler.

Anita was too weakened to realize what new torments were being planned for her. One of the group knew some chemistry and thus both pans of water were liberally salted once the electricity had been cut. That accomplished, the electricity was now run through her entire body and there was clapping and cheers as her plump body shook and jiggled as the current raced between her ears to toes. Still not totally satisfied, the bloodthirsty crowd sought even higher levels of pain for their victim. A wire was carefully clipped to her tongue, the other end to one of her ear lobes. The burst of power paralyzed her face into a distorted mask, causing the group of fiends to stand there in total silence as the plump, naked womans face took on a feral cast. Someone finally realized that any further electricity might leave her brain dead and grossly disfigured, something that could not be easily explained away to her pimp. So ended that phase of her torture.

Before they freed Anita from the “electric” chair, she was forced to drink the contents of the two pans in which her feet had been in the past hour or so. First however, retrieving the hatpins that had been skewering her lips and tongue left some blood blisters, but this was only minor damage considering what could have been. Now there was no obstacle to having her fill her belly with what must have been over two quarts of salty water. She did this with a knife held to her throat so close that when she swallowed, it nicked her neck. The first pan went smoothly, but she fought against the second large quantity of heavily salted water that was presented to her. His knife moved down to her big tits and sliced a small piece from one of her nipples. Just as the knife was contacting her other nipple, she capitulated, noisily downing the contents of the second pan. Unfortunately for her all that salt did not react well with her roiling stomach and so she vomited most of the water all over her bare body.

To demonstrate just how angry they were with Anitas behavior, they drove hatpins beneath every fingernail. Her thumbs took three each despite her screams and begging. More pins were thrust into the webbing between each finger and driven into the hand itself, causing her to faint repeatedly. The ladies did not forget about Anitas pristine toenails. They got the same treatment as her fingernails, with the same terrible results. At this point in the evening, actually it was early morning; a part of the group took their leave, making sure to thank the host for this most enjoyable session. Now Anita faced only the more sadistic members of this group. She was too confused and in such terrible pain from what had been done to her body so far, that she could not even worry about what other things they might do to her before she was allowed to leave this place of horror.

She was freed from the chair, then her hands cuffed behind her back. She made no attempt to escape, knowing full well that she would be overpowered and subjected to even worse treatment. They dragged her to a corner that held a large commode; from the stench emanating from it, there was a great deal of piss and feces within the porcelain toilet. She was thrown to her knees in front of the bubbling toilet, and then unceremoniously her head was jammed into the foul mess and held below the surface. She had not had enough time to react as a result of the damage to her brain from the electricity that had been used to torture her previously. It was only seconds before she began ingesting the sewage. It was an unequal struggle between her urge for self-preservation and the strength of the assailant holding her head beneath the surface of this bubbling, stinking mess. Everything went black and the next thing Anita knew she was gasping and coughing up the stinking contents of the toilet. She heard laughter and then under she went once more with the same result. Anita soon lost count of the number of times she was dunked and held under until she blacked out.

She was brought around by something warm that bathed face. It still took a mine or so before she realized that people were pissing on her as a way to wash some of the filth away that had caked on her face. She quickly realized that women as well as men were abusing her in this manner. Worst were the streams of piss that were aimed directly into her eyes. The burning liquid made it almost impossible to see anything. Then strong hands held her head immobile, as her face was jammed into the cunt of one of the women who began delivering a powerful torrent of piss into her mouth. Anitas jaws were too weak even to keep her mouth stay completely closed from this disgusting deluge. Even though her mind was wandering, occasionally she would hope to survive this nightmare and return to the studio where she was someone important.

Anita was finally moved to the tub for a lengthy submersion to rid herself of most of the filth she had absorbed from her toilet session. By then she was beginning to respond to the damage that had been done to her finger and toenails. They throbbed and sent waves of pain from where the hatpins had been driven. She began to cry from the pain mixed with frustration, because there was nothing she could do to change the situation in which she found herself. She resigned herself to whatever fate had in store for her.

Into the tub she went and soon the weights were loaded onto her shoulders and around her thick waist. She gasped from the shock of the first contact with water than felt like ice to the distraught victim. They wasted little time in filling the tub until her face disappeared beneath the frigid water. Her nipples had blossomed into icicles and her weighted body was quickly covered with goose bumps. The water was invading her nostrils and there was nothing she could do to prevent whatever was going to be her fate. The blackness came quickly, but her captors made no effort to rescue her, arguing among themselves about how long they should keep her submerged.

When their captive was revived, she discovered she was out of the tub, but still very cold. She was put into a kneeling position and warned that any attempt to move would bring a terrible penalty. The group of men and women lined up and one by one they pissed into her open mouth, warning her to swallow every drop or her big tits would look like a pincushion. They all went out of their way to make her ordeal as humiliating and painful as possible. The women held her face to their cunt mouths and made sure that every drop was swallowed before they were satisfied. The men were more creative; some aiming for her eyes on occasion, others making her tilt her head back so they could direct the streams into her nostrils. The latter made her cough and move her head. At first she only took slaps, then one of the men punched the side of her head and she toppled to the floor.

The nightmare continued, this time it was the women who took a turn. Anita was put on her side and the pair took up positions, one preparing to fist her twat, the other her devastated asshole. Both lathered their hands and forearms with a greasy substance and t the urging of their companions they began the contest to see who could get more of her fist and forearm into their victims passageways. Anita lost her composure and began whimpering and then crying loudly as first one and then the other fist wormed its way past her entrances. Her reaction angered one of the men and he stepped forward and kicked the helpless woman in the belly without touching the lady who was now concentrating on getting her forearm into Anitas cunt as well. This vicious blow landed dead center against her piss filled potbelly that made an easy target. She began retching as her stomach convulsed, spewing the piss all over the floor, some of it reaching the shoes of the men. For this she took not one but two more kicks aimed as low on her gut as they dare without striking the lady fister.

The two women did their best, but were unable to move past Anitas sphincter and pussy mouth. Declaring the contest a draw, they pulled out and made Anita lick their fists until they glistened. The poor woman was beyond caring, they could have done anything they wanted to her at this point and she would not have resisted. Next their torture toy was made to lick up the piss she had vomited onto the floor before they were convinced that her ability to amuse them further had ended.  To prove the point one of the sadistic male members of the group began to stick hatpins into Anitas tits without getting much response even when he pushed two into her nipple at ninety-degree angles to each other. That signaled the end of the session except for calling a cab to transport Anita back to her owners.

The driver almost refused to take the woman, considering her condition. She was incoherent and reeked of stale piss and sweat. Hatpins poked from under her fingers and toenails, a potential for damaging the interior of the vehicle. All she wore was a pair of full cut panties, the rest she clutched to her tits. They compromised by suggesting he put his passenger into the trunk of his taxi, to which he agreed. One of the men pulled him aside and suggested that since she was a professional prostitute and they had already paid for her services, he might avail himself of her charms before dropping her off at the address they provided. He nodded his head and smiled coldly as he opened the trunk and forced the nearly naked woman into it.

The drive was a bumpy one and Anita nearly vomited on a few occasions. She was too dazed to respond to anything about her; just clutching her sari and bra as she was buffeted from side to side of the cars trunk. Finally the car stopped and a minute or so later the trunk opened. She was only able to see a dark shape; so dark were the surroundings. She heard a voice telling her to get out of the trunk, which Anita did slowly, still badly confused, her body riddled with pain from the terrible things that had been done to her. She turned around, put her hands on the back of the car and spread her legs apart. His heavy hand yanked the gusset of her panties to the side, exposing her swollen well-fucked cunt to the new customer. She grunted in pain as the head of his cock rammed against her cunt mouth. He forced his thick length slowly into her sore cunt as she gasped and whimpered from the pain. Now his hands wrapped around her tits and began pulling and twisting them as he moved deeper and deeper into her twat before he was fully erect and ready to fuck her.

Anitas mind began to wander as she was being raped by the cab driver. His big cock was stretching her sore cunt to near its limits and reaching areas inside her twat that were rarely touched. She began to focus her attention on the slapping sound that he made as he slammed his cock into her cunt without any consideration for her. Gradually her reactions started to change as his hoary hands squeezed and toyed with her aching tits. It was Pradeep who was mastering her body, making her do his will. Yes, this is the way it should be between a man and a woman; the man is master, the woman is his slave to do with as he wishes. Now her battered body began to move in rhythm to the rapists moves. Anitas nipples hardened and her cunt began to drip with her juices that had now been stirred to a boil by her masters cock. Abruptly her dream was shattered as her assailant came with a loud grunt and pulled his cock free of her clasping cunt. He rubbed the head against her ass cheeks, and then ordered her back into the trunk so he could finish his trip. Poor Anita, her dream had been replaced by a harsh reality.

                                ( To be continued jethro jodhpur )            

Review This Story || Author: Jethro Jodhpur
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