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Review This Story || Author: Willow

The Sentence

Part 1

Man the sentence of this court for your immoral conduct is that:

We were taken early one afternoon when we were making love in an old barn just outside town. Our spouses came with the court officers and identified us. We were barely aloud to put some clothing on before being dragged away. A night in the dungeon, separate but in sight of each other was followed by a court appearance the next morning. The trial was not going to be a long one and there was only one verdict as we were caught in the act of adultery. There was also one sentence, torture, humiliation and then death by crucifixion.  At least by the time we got to that we wouldn’t be in a condition to suffer long. The dreaded sentence came soon.


“This court sentences you both for your adultery as follows:


Tonight you shall be imprisoned in separate cages in the dungeon facing each other. At 9 in the morning tomorrow you shall both taken to the square, stripped of your clothes and displayed naked in public with cuffed wrists whilst your crimes and sentence are read out.


You shall then be stretched between the posts facing each other and shaved of all hair on your head and body. You shall then have hot peppers inserted into your anus and for the women your vagina. The man shall have a pepper attached to his genitals. Your chests shall be spread with honey to attract insects. You shall then be put in punishment chains and left there until sunset whilst the peppers burn into you. At sunset the garment and peppers will be removed and you shall be taken to the dungeon in your chains and placed in the same cage.


The second morning you will both be taken back to the square and your chains removed. You will be hung in a frame facing each other and flogged 100 strokes with the light whip and 100 with the heavy whip in lots of 50 strokes. After each lot you will be soaked with brine. You will remain hanging there until sunset when your chains shall be restored and you will be removed to the dungeon and placed in the same cage.


The third morning you will both be again be taken to the square and clad in your chains, with the crotch chain released you will be sat on the “horse” facing each other with weights attached to you ankles, and you wrists cuffed behind your back, until sunset when your crotch chain will be replaced and you will be removed to the dungeon and placed in the same cage.


The forth morning you will be returned to the square and your chains removed. You will be tied naked to either side of the cross and left hanging there, until you shall die.


Any person showing mercy towards you from this time on will also be subject to the punishment remaining to you.



Account of the punishment from the condemned


Day 1 (The Woman’s Story)


After that terrible sentence was pronounced we were dragged down to the dungeon and locked in our cages facing each other but not quite able to touch. We were told to remove our clothes which would be returned briefly the next morning. We were then left alone and our desires overwhelmed us, knowing the next time we were able to touch we would not be capable of any act of sex. We both masturbated freely that night both to relieve our tension and to exhaust ourselves before our punishment started.


The next morning our clothes were returned and our wrists were cuffed behind our backs. We were taken out of the jail and straight into the square where we were led to the large punishment platform in the centre. Climbing up to it we saw our spouses and their families crying out for justice. When we got to the middle of the platform our clothes were cut off us and it was then that the true extent of the humiliation that would go with our pain started to come home to me. We stood there facing the jeers of the crowd as the details of our adulterous relationship were read out and our punishment confirmed to the crowd. We both had magnificent bodies and the crowd called for us to re-enact our crimes on the platform for their entertainment.


Then came the moment when our torture was to begin. We were each taken to one side of the platform and stood between two posts. Our wrists were uncuffed and then cuffed to leather bands attached to the posts by rope. The ropes were wound onto small winches and they were tightened until my arms were horizontal. Then they were tightened a little more to give me some pain and the realisation that this was not going to be an easy way to spend the day. Cuffs, fixed to more ropes, were then attached to my ankles and the ropes similarly tightened pulling my legs apart until l I could only just keep my feet touching the ground. This total display of my body with no hope of modesty mortified me and as I looked across the platform at my partner I could only shudder at what I looked like hanging there naked and spread.


Then came the shaving and with a twist I had not foreseen they had a man shave me and a woman shave my partner. The head was not so bad. They cut my hair very short and then used the razor to finish it. It was sore and stung but was soon over. Then the humiliation of have my pubic hair removed. This time they rubbed soap and water into the hair the man taking care to touch my sex as he did it. Then he knelt very close to my lower regions and slowly started to shave being sure to handle my genitals be to get the right angle. My whole person was mortified as cheers and jeers went up around the square. I then knew why a quick death was often seen as a mercy. When all was complete then man took a sponge and soaked it in brine. He then mopped my head and pubic area and the sting of the brine entering the wounds where the razor had nicked me made me twist and jerk in my bonds causing me real pain.


When I looked up I saw the woman was still working on my partner. His head was shaved but he has a lot of hair on his chest they were removing. The woman was touching him in such a way as to give him an erection. Clearly the exertions of the previous night had clearly not sated his desire. His eyes were closed and I hoped that the excitement was caused by his imagining the woman was me. Having finished his chest she moved to his pubic hair. To shave here she had to handle his penis now very erect. Having removed half the hair he came, blasting out a stream of fluid all over the woman’s face. A great roar went up and he hung his head in shame. The woman wiped her face and went on completing the task. When it came to his turn for the brine sponge she was particularly fastidious to ensure plenty got into his shaved body.


I didn’t know what to expect with the peppers but was soon to find out. Once again the male executioner dealt with me. He took a large red pepper, split it and turned it inside out. He then took some grease and went behind me. I felt his hand stroke my buttocks and his finger, slippery with the grease enter my rear cavity. He massaged the grease into me and then I felt the sharp end of the pepper being pushed inside me. This was a struggle and the process of inserting it was painful but once it was there it felt exciting.  At first I did not feel anything but gradually the burning became more intense until I was not certain I could control myself. I saw the same process being applied to my partner across the platform and his growing discomfort. Then the man came round to the front of me and started to do the same procedure but this time to my vagina. By now I was almost past being ashamed and actually enjoy having the grease applied and feeling the pepper being pushed inside me. Whatever the torture of the burning in me anus it was nothing compared to the agony I felt in my sex organs. I was truly on fire and just wanted the terrible sensation to go away. Across the platform my partner was having a pepper that had been split in two tied either side of his penis. He was limp at this stage and if he got an erection this would be painful as the ribbon had been tied very tight. The next act of this punishment was having the honey spread on my breasts. Once again the male executioner did this with relish ensuring he rubbed it well in. The torment of this little diversion would become clearer later in the day.


Then the chains were brought forward. We were to get very familiar with the feel of these on our bodies over the next few days and nights. They are designed to both weigh the victim down and provide considerable discomfort. First they put a chain collar around my neck. Then a long heavy chain was tightened around my waist, secured at the back and the free end was passed under my crotch, being pulled tightly into my ass crack and vagina and secured at the front. There was still a length left free and this was brought up between my breasts and attached to the neck chain. Then a second heavy chain was attached at its middle to the front of the neck chain, brought down under my breasts, around my back and back to be secured at the front across my stomach. Two metal cuffs were then attached to the neck chains and that is where at night my wrists would be locked leaving me helpless.  


Then the long hours of suffering started. The burning of the peppers in my anus and vagina intensified to the point of agony. The one in my anus was working as a suppository but I was determined not to shame myself. As the day heated up every insect in town seemed to be attracted to my honey coated breasts. The itching became unbearable and was made worse by some bites. To add to this the chains digging into my body made every movement agony. As the day went on I sunk lower and lower in my bonds until my arms were stretched almost to breaking point. We were given water regularly, they did not want us to pass out or die on them. Added to all of this was the intensity of the sun burning my skin. I looked across at my partner to see him suffering similarly, his large testicles blue through lack of circulation where his chains had been pulled between them.


Gradually the day cooled down and sunset arrived. The executioners cam to release us and return us to the dungeon but first they would need to remove the peppers. They undid my crotch chain and the male executioner slipped his fingers into my vagina and took out that pepper. There was no relief from the burning but at least I knew it would end eventually. Getting the pepper out of my anus could only be done by my moving my bowels. They put a bucket between my legs and ordered me to do that. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and my bowels exploded to a great cheer from the crowd. My humiliation was complete, or so I thought. I saw my partner suffering a similar humiliation although I noticed his penis was erect once again following the female executioner handling it to remove the pepper tied around it.  We were then sponged down with brine again, our sunburn and insect bites stinging at the touch of the liquid but removing the honey from my breasts and the faeces from my bottom.


The crotch chain was locked back in place but some relief was at hand as the cuffs around my ankles were released and I was able to move my legs at last. I was going to have difficulty standing when the released my arms and indeed as the wrist cuffs were undone I fell to the floor. When I had recovered a bit the executioner pulled me to my feet, locked my wrists into the cuffs attached to the neck chain and dragged me to the edge of the platform. My whole body was in agony, the burning from the peppers still inside me and the irritation from the insect bites and the sunburn on my skin. Worse was the pain in my shoulders, thighs and hips from being stretched between those posts. That would only get worse as the sentence proceeded. I walked through the crowd unable to cover myself from their gaze, almost past caring any longer.


When we got down into the dungeon they released our hands and we had a bucket of fresh water thrown over us to clean us further. We rubbed ourselves down with rough cloths. They gave us bread to eat and water to drink and when we had finished they secured our wrists again and took us to our cage.  We were laid down on our sides on a pallet facing each other and ankle cuffs attached to bolts in the floor stopped us moving about. As a final touch they joined they chains running up our chests by a shackle so we were locked close together and could not move independently. Our bodies ached for each other but our chains and the burning still present in our genitals prevented us from reaching the necessary climax. We slept fitfully awaiting the flogging we knew we were destined to receive the following day.         


Day 2 (The Man’s Story)


Being chained together all night was driving me mad. The crotch chain was splitting my balls in two and the feel of her body against mine was driving me mad with a lust I could not satisfy because of the chains. The memory of the climax I had on the platform the previous day was mortifying and now I knew I would go into the flogging desperate to cum. They came for us early the male and female warders. They released the ankle cuffs and then the shackle joining us at the chest. We both rolled back relieved at some movement after a long night. I was as erect as my crotch chain would allow and both the woman and the warders looked at me with some shock. We were taken out of our cage and our wrists were freed allowing us to eat some bread and drink some water. With our wrists locked again to the neck chains we were then led out into the square and onto the punishment platform.


I was surprised how big the crowd was that morning, but the flogging day of a punishment is always the main show. There was a great cheer when we appeared and many comments about our bodies and my semi erection particularly. The posts between which we suffered the previous day had been replaced by two frames with wrist cuffs hanging from the cross bar and ankle cuffs attached low down on the uprights. They were quick this time, our wrists and ankles were cuffed and the ropes tightened so we were held in an “x” position.  They then released all the chains on our bodies pulling the flesh as they came off and leaving sore mark all over our skin. The relief of having my balls freed and the sight of the woman facing me were too much for me. I looked over at her magnificently proportioned body, her firm full breasts and broad hips. Even shaved and tortured she looked magnificent and any regrets I had over our crimes disappeared. My penis became erect again and a loud roar came from the crowd clearly expecting a repeat of the previous day. I had given up caring and became proud that I could still react like this despite all the torture. The woman let out a soft smile knowing she still thrilled me. I wondered how she was feeling between her legs.


The part of the sentence to be carried out that day was read out again and the whips displayed to the crowd and us. They were both short nine stranded whips but not as terrifying as I had feared. The light whip was made of thin leather thongs and the heavy with thick cords. I would later find that one would sting and the other would take the breath out of us. It was announced that the whips would be used for alternate lots with the light whip used for the first lot.  The heavy whip could only be used on our backs buttocks and thighs but the light whip could also be used across our chest and, for 5 strokes in each lot, on or genitals.


They decided to start on my partner, giving her first 50 in the first half hour. The female executioner, who had tormented me so effectively the previous day, went behind her with the light whip drew it back and then swung the first stroke into her back. There was very little noise just a light his as the whip was swung, but the effect was instant. The woman let out whimper as the stinging thongs caught her sun burned flesh and she jerked forward in her bonds, thrusting her ample breasts out from her body and causing them to bounce. This caused a great roar to come up from the crowd sensing that the day’s entertainment promised much. “One”, cried the male executioner. Slowly but steadily the flogging continued, almost as regular as a metronome but to beats 15 seconds apart. The cries moved from whimper to groan to a sob to a subdued scream. Her body jerked back and forth as much as the bonds would allow, those breast dancing to the rhythm of the whip. To my shame I found seeing this pain being inflicted in a cold, calculated way hugely erotic. My erection grew and hardened and my balls ached fro relief.


Then the executioner stopped after 35 strokes and came round to the front of the woman. There she laughed in her face, stood to one side and laid a stroke on the woman’s right breast. This caused a great scream to come forth from the woman’s mouth. Resuming the same regular beat four more strokes were applied to that breast. At each one the woman cried out loud and wrung in her bonds. The whipping on top of the sunburn and the insect bites of the previous day were causing terrible agony. Because the whip had 9 strands of leather at least one landed on the nipple. This was real torture and I wondered how long I could last watching it before I exploded again. Than the left breast was punished and I knew that any hope I had of preserving any dignity that day was gone. But more was to come, after five strokes to the left breast the executioner took a step back and looked down to the woman’s sex spread for all to see.


 “NO!” came the agonised cry as she realised what was about to happen a cry that turned into a terrible scream as the whip was brought up in an arc between her legs. The woman tried to bring her thighs together to protect herself but her bonds were too tight. The executioner struck here again and then three more times as the square echoed with screams that left no doubt as to the agony being inflicted. At the fifth stroke between her legs the male executioner shouted 50 and for a while everyone in the square was still. The woman slumped forward in her bonds exhausted with a look of despair on her face as she realised this was only the start of a long day.


Then it was my turn but not before an extraordinary occurrence. Before handing the whip over to the male executioner the woman came over to me and looked down at my erection. She took the whip and rested it on my penis and then started to stroke me by dragging the whip across my member first one way and then the other. After three or four times I could stand it no longer and I came spectacularly. A great cheer went up from the crowd and I hung my head in shame, not at my humiliation but because I had found watching my lover suffer so terribly so exciting. I couldn’t look her in the face and saw my first 50 as punishment for my sin towards her.


The next 15-20 minutes were unforgettable in their horror and the shock they gave me. Even watching the woman suffer gave me no idea of how it felt to be flogged. Not just the pain, although that was bad enough, but the shame of my body jerking involuntarily around in my bonds and my genitals shaking in front of everyone. Also the terror of waiting for the next blow to fall and the counting telling me how much more suffering was to come overcame me. Each blow to my back stung as nothing had stung me before and the pain got worse and the welts built up on over another. I could feel the welts on my back and could tell where each blow fell long after it was past. When he moved to my chest the executioner did not move from one side to another and I did not suffer there as much as my partner. The look of relief on my face made him smile as he knew I would soon suffer terribly.


The first stroke that came up between my legs set a fire going in my penis and caused a dull but clear agony in my balls. Like the woman I tried to close my thighs but could not and could only sob as I awaited the second. I had let out a loud cry as the first blow fell but the second occasioned a scream of deafening proportion. The fire and the ache we getting unbearable and I can barely remember the next three strokes. All I really recall is hanging semi conscious in my bonds whimpering and wanting the whole punishment to stop even if that meant death.     


Then they got the sponges out and soaked them in brine, the woman coming over once again to me and swabbed my back, chest and genitals. After the beating I had taken between my legs there was no chance of me reacting to her touch, but the sting of the brine on my welts and bites and sunburn was worse than ever and tears came again to my eyes. I looked across at my partner on hearing a deep moan as she was also soaked in the stinging liquid. After we had been well bathed we were given water to drink and there was a lull in the proceedings as the executioners rested and took their own drinks. Then the woman executioner picked up the heavy cord whip and moved towards my partner with an evil grin on her face.


Moving around again to her back she shouted out, “Now we’ll put some colour into that lovely round arse.” and brought the whip hard down on my partner’s buttocks with a great thud. Her body tightened in her bonds and she pushed forward arching her back. An agonised cry came from her mouth as the pain reached its fullness. Once again the flogging proceeded at a slow steady pace, thirty strokes to her buttocks and then twenty more to her already badly punished back. Looking across I saw a face resigned to the pain and humiliation as her body was tortured. The strokes to her buttock were received with quieter and more determined cries more like grunts as they progress. The strokes to her back occasioned great cries of agony as the effect of sunburn and the previous whipping where added to by the thudding weight of the heavy whip. When it was finished she hang there semi-conscious here head falling forward and virtually all her weight supported on here arms. There was no stirring in my groin this time, the sight of a broken woman before me and the lingering pain in my own genitals ensured this. This was a brutal punishment just for loving each other.       


Once again it was my turn. I tried to steel myself for what was to come but I was really past caring. If we survived today there was only more torture to look forward to. When the first stroke hit my buttocks there was a great roar as my genitals bounced with the movement of my body. That soon subsided as the crowd realised there was no more potential in me for giving them amusement. The next few hours were a blur. I was in a daze throughout the rest of the flogging hardly knowing what was happening  just feeling the lash bite and hearing myself and my partner crying out as we were torture more and more. I had lost all sense of my surroundings and when they took us down at the end of the day they had to carry us back to the dungeon. That night chained together our emotions overcame us and we sobbed, with pin from our wounds and with sorrow that it had ended like this. We longed for death as in death we could be together again without the pain, but we knew that such release would come at a price.


The Executioner’s Story


They were a brave couple but the torture they faced had exhausted them and they were just waiting for the end of the pain and death. They were also a handsome couple and my female assistant and I enjoyed the sight of them when we started. We were an ugly couple and didn’t often get the chance to touch such magnificent bodies. When we dragged them from the dungeon for the third day they looked pityingly at us begging us to end it for them. We couldn’t and didn’t want to, adultery is a terrible crime. If you commit to someone you should be faithful to them it is as simple as that.


The horse was there waiting for them. We released their crotch chains. Some wonder why they are not left in place during this torture as they would worsen the pain. Well they would also make the pain unbearable and perhaps the victim would faint or even die so they are released to prolong they agony. We had a hoist to get them up. They were not capable of climbing even if they had been willing to. We put the man up first and then the woman facing him. When they were there we moved them as close to each other as we could get and adjusted their position to ensure the apex of the horse cut into them where it would hurt most. Then we joined their chains at the neck chest and waist and strapped their thighs and ankles together. After that we attached their wrists to the hoist and lifted their arms above their heads, not for support but to make sure they stayed upright. Then a 10 pound weight was hung from each of their ankles to make sure they were pressing down on the horse. They said nothing just hung there their cheek touching tenderly, taking what pleasure they could from each other’s presence. It was going to be a long day for them.


We gave them water at regularly to keep them conscious but even though they breathed they were already dead as people. They had given up and their bodies kept going from habit. The sun beat down on them adding to the pain of the sunburn, insect bites and whippings of the previous days. I think their genitals were numb from the chains and the whippings and the pain there had now become part of their existence. The only hope they has was that their bodies would give out and spare them the next day’s suffering. But these two were to strong and lasted the day.


We didn’t need the hoist to get them off the horse. When we undid the links and straps holding them to each other and released their wrists they simply keeled over and we had to catch them as they fell. When we came to restore their crotch chains we noticed how terrible the damage to their genitals was. Even if they were not to die the next day they would never be any use each other again. Carrying them back to the dungeon there was an air of sorrow at what had happened however much we despised their crime.      


That night, as an act of mercy by the court, they were allowed to lie in the dungeon in their chains but not free of each other. This in fact allowed them to lie with each other in a more comfortable way. We gave them no food that night only water. In the morning they would receive neither food not water. Their time on the cross would be less for that.


The Friend’s Tale


For four days I had been present at my friend’s trial and punishment. He had been infatuated by this woman. I had warned him but he could not help himself. When I saw her I knew why. We don’t know who informed on them but I had heard that the woman’s much older husband was looking for revenge as she had refused to give him sex because he repelled her. As soon as I heard of their arrest I knew that was the end. I watched their trial, such as it was and then the humiliation of that first day in the square. I felt every stroke of the whips the next day and could barely look at the agony on their faced as they sat astride that terrible instrument for their third day’s humiliation.


Now we at last were at the end. The upright of the cross had been set up in the square with the cross beams at it bottom. My friend and his woman were carried out as they had long since lost the ability to stand without help. They were laid on the ground both side of the upright and their wrists tied to each end of their cross bar. There were no nails, we were supposed to be too civilised for that. Then the cross bars were hoisted by rope and pulleys and fixed into sockets bolted onto the top of the upright. This act meant my friend and his women were dragged along the ground and up a wooden post by their already badly injured. They moaned as this was done but both screamed as they were lifted clear of the ground and the weight of their bodies hung from their wrists bound to the crossbars. The executioners quickly brought their feet back to rest them on pegs driven into the sides of the upright and secured their ankles to the upright so their feet would not slip. This temporary relief was of course only a way of prolonging the agony. Also it exposed their bruised and bloodied genitals for all to see, a final humiliation.


For four hours they hung there their already shallow breath getting steadily shallower as their legs became weaker and their weight was borne more heavily by their arms slowly strangling them. They moved to try to ease themselves and this made my friend genitals and his woman’s breast move but this was no longer erotic or a source of amusement. Those attending that day were quiet and subdued. My friend went first letting out what seemed to be a sigh but was probably one last attempt to breathe. He slumped forward and was still at last. Not long after the woman gave one last defying scream and then gave up her life. They were at last together in death their suffering over.      






Review This Story || Author: Willow
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