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Shanika at the Plantation Club

Part 1

Shanika at the Plantation Club

by Neal

Chapter 1 - The Interview

Shanika was puzzled as she got off the bus.  She knew that her

interview at the Plantation Club wouldn't actually be on the premises,

but she wasn't expecting it to take place in a second floor office

over a row of shops in a suburban commercial district.  She also felt

out of place here, only a few miles from the city where she lived, she

saw no black faces other than her own.

She was self conscious as she scanned the addresses, looking for the

number on the note she held in her hand.  Passers by would glance

briefly in her direction and she walked down the sidewalk and then

look away.  Shanika looked like an everyday African American woman,

dark brown eyes, chocolate complexion, collar length straightened

black hair in a stylish perm, and maybe a few extra pounds.  She

wasn't used to drawing the attention of strangers this way.  Hadn't

they ever seen a black woman before?

Finally she found the door with the right address on it.  It was

between a diner and a hardware store and it opened onto a narrow

staircase.  At the top of the stairs was a wooden door.  A speaker box

with a button was mounted next to the door.  Shanika pressed the


A woman's voice came over the speaker.  "May I help you?"

"Yes," Shanika spoke towards the speaker, "I have an appointment for

an interview."

"Your name, please?" replied the voice.

"Shanika Wilson."

There were a few moments of silence before she heard a buzzing sound

and the mechanical clicking sound of the lock.  "Come in.  I'll be

with you in a minute."

She opened the door and entered the room.  There were no windows, only

another door.  There was a small bench with what appeared to be

clothes hooks, much like in a fitting room.  She sat nervously on the

bench to wait.

After a minute or two the other door opened and a light skinned black

woman came into the room.  Shanika estimated her to be at least in her

forties.  She had short cropped hair and was dressed like a

professional secretary.

"Good afternoon, Shanika.  I am Yolanda Thomas.  We spoke on the phone

yesterday.  I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the office."

Shanika stood.  "No, no trouble at all."

"Good.  Now before we go any further I want to make sure you

understand the nature of the position you're interviewing for.  What

do you know of the Plantation Club?"

"Well, my girlfriend told me it's like a theme park where white men

can make like they're in the old south or something like that.  She

didn't know too much about it, she'd just heard it, that's all."

"Let me make it clear for you then," said Yolanda.  "The Club caters

to white men who want the experience of being slave owners.  We

recruit black women like you to serve as slaves.  Once we accept you,

you will live at the club for the duration of your contract.  You will

be well compensated at the end, but while in our service you will be

treated as a slave.  You will perform manual labor, cooking and

cleaning, but primarily you will service our club members sexually.

Do you understand?"

Shanika was silent as she absorbed what she'd just heard.  Yes, her

girlfriend had told her pretty much the same thing, but now the

reality was sinking in.  She really needed the money though.  All she

had to do was tough it out for a short time and she'd be set for much


"I understand," she replied.

"Good.  Now I'm going to take you and introduce you to the manager,

Mr. Richards.  Please remove your clothing," said Yolanda.

Shanika suddenly felt a knot in her stomach.  "Excuse me?  You want me

to take off my clothes?"

"That's right, missy."  Yolanda was getting impatient.  "I told you

your primary function at the club would be sexual.  You'll be naked

most of the time, so if that's going to be a problem for you, you

might as well leave now.  Mr. Richards will want to 'see the goods'."

Shanika thought for a moment and started slowly unbuttoning her

blouse.  She'd actually put some thought into how she had dressed for

the interview.  Somewhat businesslike, a little sexy.  It turned out

that it wasn't going to make any difference.

"Come on, girl!  I'm not looking for a strip tease!  Get those clothes

off.  Mr. Richards is waiting to see you."  Yolanda crossed her arms

over her chest as she waited for the younger woman to disrobe.

Shanika removed her blouse and hung it on one of the hooks over the

bench.  She slipped off her shoes and unzipped her skirt and stepped

out of it.

As she rolled her stockings down Yolanda spoke.  "Now let me give you

some advice.  Mr. Richards is 'old school' and you better treat him

with respect.  You will follow his instructions promptly.  You will

speak only when spoken to and answer his questions 'yes, sir' and 'no,

sir' when you do.

Her stockings now removed, Shanika unclasped her bra, revealing her

large, somewhat saggy, breasts.  She couldn't look Yolanda in the face

as she proceeded to pull her panties down and stepped out of them.

She was now completely naked, standing before the older woman.

"Hmmm," said Yolanda thoughtfully as she looked Shanika up and down,

"you've got some meat on your bones.  Don't worry about that, girl!

Mr. Richards is gonna like that!"

Shanika felt her face warm with embarrassment under Yolanda's gaze.

"Let's go."  Yolanda opened the interior door and entered the corridor

on the other side.  Shanika followed, flinching slightly as she heard

the door close behind her.

She felt very vulnerable as this woman she had just met led her naked

through the hall of the strange office suite.  It was quiet.  The only

sounds she could hear were the clicking of Yolanda's heels on the tile

floor, the soft slap of her own bare feet as she walked, and the

pounding of her heart in her chest.

Finally they arrived at their destination, a wooden door with a

frosted glass window.  Shanika could hear a woman's voice through the

door.  Yolanda knocked on the door and then opened it and walked in.

She looked back at Shanika and motioned for her to enter, too.

Sunlight streamed through the venetian blinds on the windows making

the room bright.  There was a desk with a young blonde haired white

woman sitting behind it.  She she looked up at Yolanda and glanced at

Shanika as she spoke on the phone.  Shanika immediately looked away an

instant after their eyes met.  The white woman was definitely younger

than Shanika and obviously slimmer.  She couldn't have been more that

twenty two years old.  The whole scene was quite ordinary other than

the fact that Shanika was buck naked standing there with two fully

clothed, professionally dressed women.

Shanika looked around the room and saw that there was no furniture in

the room other than the woman's desk and the chair she sat in.  She

felt very self conscious even though neither of the two women were

paying her any attention.  She shifted her weight from one foot to the


As Yolanda stood quietly waiting for the white woman to finish her

phone conversation, she took notice of Shanika's restlessness.  "Stop

fidgeting, girl!" she whispered, "stand still, eyes down!"

Another jolt of embarrassment made Shanika's cheeks feel hot again at

the older woman's rebuke.  She looked down at her bare feet on the

carpeted floor.

Finally the white girl hung up the phone.  "Hello, Yolanda," she said,

"what have we got here?"  She looked over at Shanika's nude form,

standing with eyes downcast.

"A new girl for Mr. Richards to see, Miss Debbie.  She's the one I

told you about yesterday."

"Hmmm..."  Debbie continued to look Shanika up and down.  "She's a

little plumpy..."

"Yes, ma'am, Miss Debbie, but I think Mr. Richards will like her,"

replied Yolanda.  Shanika couldn't help but notice how Yolanda, old

enough to be her mother, was clearly subservient to this white girl

barely out of her teens!

"Well, Yolanda, you always seem to pick good ones!," laughed Debbie as

she stood up and came around from behind her desk.  She walked around

Shanika, checking her out from the back.  "I just don't understand

some men, girl.  What guys see in a big assed colored girl like this,

I'll never know!"

"Anyways, " she continued, "I'll let Mr. Richards know she's here.

You can go now, Yolanda.  That's all for now."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Yolanda.  "Thank you, ma'am."  Yolanda closed

the door behind her, leaving Shanika alone with Debbie.  She didn't

know what else to do so she just kept looking down at her feet.  She

could feel a cool breeze from the air conditioner on her bare skin as

Debbie continued to look her over.

After what felt to her like an eternity, Debbie opened the inner

office door and poked her head in.  "Mr. Richards?  Yolanda just

dropped a new nigger off for you to see."

Shanika was stunned at the matter of fact way Debbie referred to her

as a nigger!  Like she wasn't even there listening to it!

"Good, Debbie.  Send her in," said a male voice from the inner office.

Debbie stepped back from the door.  "Go on in, girl," she said to

Shanika.  "Mr. Richards will see you now."

Debbie stopped her as she approached the door.  "Whoa, there, girl!"

she said.  "What do you say to me?"

Shanika looked up to see the cross look on Debbie's face.  What was

she talking about?  Then she remembered Yolanda's exit.  "Uh, thank

you, ma'am," she said quietly as she looked back down at the floor.

"Well, I guess that'll have to do for now," said Debbie with an air of

exasperation.  "But you better learn to do better than that!"  She

shook her head and sat back down behind her desk.  "I swear...!" she

said to herself.  Looking up, she noticed that the Shanika still stood

where she'd stopped.  "Well... Get on in there, girl!"

"Yes, ma'am," Shanika said and proceeded through the door.

Mr. Richards was an older white man with greying hair.  He was looking

over some papers on his desk as Shanika entered and stood just inside

the door.  "Close the door," he instructed her without looking up.

She closed the door behind her and continued to stand quietly.  She

was very aware of her nakedness as she waited for Mr. Richards to

finish what he was doing.

Finally, he turned towards her, looking her up and down.  She felt his

gaze upon her as he eyed her full brown breasts, her large nipples and

areolas so dark they were almost black.

"Turn around," he ordered.  She complied and he drank in the view of

her big black ass.  "Not bad," he said, "not bad at all.  Now spread

your legs and bend over."

Now, this was humiliating!  Shanika had been embarrassed at her

nakedness up to now, parading her brown body around, but this was much

worse.  She was being told to present herself like some kind of

animal!  But she'd come this far and wasn't ready to give up.  She did

as instructed, spreading her legs and bending over for this middle

aged white man.

"That's right," he said, "spread wider and grab your ankles.  I want a

good look at you."  Shanika heard him get up and step closer to her.

She felt his hand on her ass, rubbing on one cheek and then the other.

Finally he ran his hand down the crack of her ass, over her asshole,

then her pussy.  Her legs shook a little as she felt his fingers on

her sex.

"Very nice.  You are one fine negress.  Yolanda sure can pick 'em."

Richards sat back down.  "Stand up and turn around, girl.  Keep those

legs spread and put your hands behind your head."

She did what she was told, turning and facing him with her legs spread

as far as she could while keeping her balance.  She then placed her

hands behind her head, lacing her fingers together, never once looking

up at the man she was displaying her naked body for.

Richards looked her up and down, feeling his dick harden in his pants.

There'll be plenty of opportunity for that later, he thought.  He

stared at her full black breasts and then down to the thick curly

black pubic hair on her crotch.

"Yes, you are one fine looking negress.  Step closer to me."  He

glanced up at her face as he reached out to caress her breasts.

"You've got a fine set of nigger tits, girl."  He rolled one nipple

between his thumb and forefinger and then the other.  He reached down

to her pussy.  "Cunt's too hairy though.  I don't like a bitch to have

a thick bush.  It'll have to go."

He reached between the black girl's spread legs and pressed his hand

flat on her vagina.  "Mmmm, nice and soft.  Even with the bush," he

continued to talk to himself.  Shanika felt a finger probe at her

opening.  "Damn, girl!  You're wet!" he chuckled.

She couldn't believe it, but it was true.  This stranger examining her

most private parts, commenting on them like she wasn't there, was

actually getting her excited.  She felt ashamed that being treated

this way was turning her on.  She felt she had to say something, but

what?  "Uh, I'm sorry, sir," was all she could come up with.

"Don't apologize for a wet pussy, girl," he looked up at her as he

continued to finger her.  "No, don't be sorry at all.  It's perfectly

natural.  I've been in this business for years and I've learned that

nigger girls love to be handled this way.  They might not like to

admit it, but I know it's true."  He withdrew his finger from her

pussy and held it to her nose.  "See?  Anyone can tell."

Her nostrils filled with the scent of her musk.  She wanted him to

replace his finger inside her and continue what he'd started.  She was

very confused, humiliated by being treated like some kind of sexual

animal but aroused at the same time.

He sat back in the chair.  She would just have to stay frustrated.

"You can stand at ease now."  Shanika lowered her arms and stood with

her legs closer together.

"Let me explain how the Plantation Club works," he began.  "Our

facility sits on hundreds of secluded acres where we have a main

house, kind of like a hotel for our members, as well as private

cabins.  The members come to the club in order to enjoy a taste of the

way things used to be.  A time when a white man could purchase a fine

negress like yourself and enjoy her services however he liked.  Some

of the members bring their wives or girlfriends and we even have some

single white women as members.

"Slave girls are recruited and signed to contracts for providing

services for a fixed length of time.  A weekend, a week, a month, even

a year or longer.  At the end of the contract, they are paid and

provided transportation back to wherever they want unless they prefer

to stay on for another contract.

"Anyways, we bring them to the club where we get them ready for our

members.  They're put on display for inspection by potential buyers

and then sold at auction.  The slave's entire contract may be sold or

a day or anything in between.  The high bidder pays for his purchase

and can then enjoy her services anywhere on the grounds: a room in the

main house, one of the private cabins, or even just out in the woods.

"Slaves serve their masters however the master desires.  Most masters

use their slaves for sex and similar amusements.  They are also used

as domestics, cooking and cleaning and whatnot, especially by longer

term masters.

"The slave girl must always remember her place in the order of things.

She must be obedient and respectful at all times.  When given an order

you will carry it out immediately and to the best of your ability.

You will address your owner as "Master" or "Mistress" unless they

instruct you otherwise.  You will address other white folks as "Sir"

or "Ma'am".  You will not speak unless spoken to.  Failure to follow

these rules will result in punishment.  Never forget that you are just

a nigger to be used by your owner.  You exist to serve him.  Masters

are forbidden to seriously injure or disfigure slaves, but other than

that restriction, your body belongs to your master to do with as he


"Do you understand?" asked Mr. Richards.

Shanika was still absorbing what had just been explained to her.  She

was being asked to surrender her body, her whole person in fact

Surrender herself and just be a nigger to be used.  The idea horrified

her and scared her.  But there was a part of her that was excited by

it.  She felt a tingle between her legs imagining herself as a slave.

Naked, examined by strangers and sold.  Plus she was desperate for the


"Yes, sir," she heard herself say.  "I understand, sir."

"Excellent!" exclaimed Mr. Richards.  He looked her naked black body

up and down slowly as he spoke, his eyes lingering on her chocolate

brown breasts.

"I think it wise to start with a short contract.  Hopefully you'll

want to extend it, but it's best not to make commitments you may not

be able to keep.  What do you say?"

"Yes, sir.  I'll do that.  Just a weekend."  She couldn't believe she

was agreeing to this, but her desperation (and desire) got the best of


"Fine, then," Mr. Richards said, "I'll have the contract drawn up

right away."

He got up and went to the door and opened it, calling out to his

secretary.  "Debbie, draw up a weekend long contract for this nigger

and arrange her transportation to the club"

He turned to Shanika, "You may go now."  He winked at her, "but I'm

sure I'll see you later."

"Thank you, sir," said Shanika as she stepped back into the outer

office.  Once again she felt the coolness of the air conditioning on

her bare flesh.  Her nipples were hard and she could still smell the

faint scent of her musk.

Debbie went to the filing cabinet and produced a form and a pen.

"Fill in your name here, the date here, and sign here," she said,

indicating the appropriate places on the form.

Shanika did as instructed and bent over Debbie's desk to sign the

document, her breasts hanging and swaying slightly as she wrote.

Debbie took the signed paper and filed it.

Turning towards Shanika, Debbie wrinkled up her nose, "Whew!  I guess

you liked talking to Mr. Richards.  I can smell that poontang from

here!  Let me check.  Open your legs for me, nigger," she demanded.

Not knowing what else to do and feeling completely at the power of the

young white woman's will she complied and moved her feet further apart

where she stood.  Debbie looked Shanika in the eye as she reached

between the colored girl's legs and stroked her black pussy.  Debbie

smiled as she felt how wet Shanika was.

"Mmmm, you like this, don't you?" cooed Debbie.  "You like my hand on

your coochie, don't you, you black slut?"  She then stuck her finger

into Shanika's vagina and at the same time kissed the surprised

colored girl on the mouth.  The young white girl forced her tongue

between the negro's thick full lips.  Shanika couldn't help feeling a

wave of pleasure at her touch and pushed her pussy towards Debbie's

hand, driving her finger in deeper.

"I think you and I will have some fun," said Debbie.  She stepped

back, still smiling, and picked up the phone.  "Yolanda!  Get your

black ass in here and get this nigger ready to go to the club."

She winked at Shanika and hung up the phone.  Then she reached out and

pinched her nipple.  "Tell me you're a nigger slut.  I want to hear

you say it."  The white girl looked at her, still smiling, increasing

the pressure on her sensitive black nipple.

Shanika hung her head.  "I'm a nigger slut, ma'am."

"That's right."  Debbie let go of Shanika's nipple.  "And you want me

to play with your nigger pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well... ask me!"  Debbie looked over her shoulder at Mr. Richards

office door.  It was still closed.  She looked back at Shanika.

"Don't be shy."

"Uh, please, ma'am.  Please play with my nigger pussy."  Shanika felt

a powerful wave of shame and desire.  This white girl was purposely

humiliating her, but still she couldn't deny the pleasure she was


Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Too bad!" laughed Debbie.  "No time now.  You have to get going.  But

I'll see you tonight.  For sure."

Yolanda poked her head in.  "Are you done with her now, Miss Debbie?"

"Yup, take this nigger away."

"Let's go, girl," Yolanda told Shanika.

They left Debbie's office.  Shanika could still feel the heat of shame

on her face as well as the wetness between her legs from her encounter

with Debbie.  The two black women walked down the hall, with only the

clicking of Yolanda's high heels and the sounds of Shanika's bare feet

on the linoleum floor breaking the silence.  At last they reached the

reception room where Shanika's clothes were as she had left them.

"Get dressed," ordered Yolanda, who stood watching Shanika's every

move as she put her clothes back on.  She felt as if she had been

naked for much longer than the short time she actually was there.

"Go home and get ready to spend the weekend away.  Don't worry about

packing anything.  The club will provide anything you'll need.

There'll a van here tomorrow morning to pick you up in front of the

door to the street.  Be here by ten o'clock," Yolanda instructed.

"You may show yourself out now."  At that Yolanda left through the

door that led back to the offices where Shanika's "interview" had

taken place, and she was alone.

Shanika finished dressing and left.  She felt as if she were in a

dream as she went down the stairs, out the door, and onto the street.

It seemed as if every person she encountered on her way to the bus

stop was looking at her, knowing what she had just done, knowing what

she was about to do...

Chapter 2 - The Journey

Shanika arrived the next morning with plenty of time to spare.  Not

having been instructed as to what to wear, she just wore jeans and a

tee shirt.  She was very nervous, but excited.  The van parked in

front of the door to the office looked like a delivery truck, not a

passenger van.  A white man who appeared to be about Shanika's age was

behind the wheel reading a newspaper.

"Excuse me, sir," she said, "I'm supposed be meeting someone here for

a ride"

The driver looked up from the newspaper, slowly looking Shanika up and

down.  "I see.  And what are you supposed to be?" he asked, continuing

to let his eyes rove over Shanika's form.

It took a momement for her to understand the question properly.  She

glanced around to see who might be listening.  There were people

about, walking down the sidewalk, just going about their business.  No

one seemed to be paying her any attention other than the occasional

glance.  Like yesterday, she was the only black.

Looking down, she replied quietly, "A nigger, sir."

"Hmmm," he smiled, "A nigger, eh?  Any special kind of nigger?"

Remembering her exchange with Debbie the day before, Shanika had a

pretty good idea what the right answer was.  But saying it to some

stranger while she stood in the street wasn't easy.

Barely audible, she spoke the words she thought he wanted to hear.  "A

nigger slut, sir."

The driver was clearly enjoying Shanika's discomfort.  "What was that?

You'll have to speak up, girl."

"A nigger slut, sir," she spoke clearly and looked up into his

grinning face.

"Well," he said, "you ain't the only nigger slut today and they ain't

all here yet," he said as he opened the door and stepped out.  "You

might as well make yourself comfortable."  He led Shanika around to

the back of the van which had double doors with no windows.  The

bumper served as a step.  He opened one of the doors.  There was a

black curtain just inside the door that she couldn't see past.

"Get in," he instructed.

The driver watched as she did as she was told and climbed into the

back.  It was dark, and after the bright daylight outside she couldn't

see very well.

"Strip," the driver ordered her.  "Niggers don't need no clothes.  Put

'em in one of them boxes.  You'll get 'em back afterwards."

She looked around the back of the van.  A couple of empty cardboard

boxes were on the floor along with a few closed ones.  Then she looked

back out the door where the driver stood with his hands in his

pockets, waiting for her to disrobe.  Even though it was so much

darker inside the van than outside, she wasn't sure passersby couldn't

see her.

Resigned to this latest humiliation, she pulled her tee shirt up over

her head and dropped it into the box as the driver watched.  She

slipped off her sandals, unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down, and

stepped out of them.  As she straightened back up and began to unclasp

her bra, she looked back at the driver.  His eyes were fixed on her


"That's fine, girl," he said, still staring at her chest.  "Take your

time, I'm enjoying the show.  Don't be too embarrassed.  It ain't like

I ain't never seen no nigger's tits before."

She removed her bra, revealing her ample brown breasts to the leering

white man.  Finally she slipped her panties off and stood in the back

of the van.  Anyone on the sidewalk could see her naked black body if

they looked carefully enough.

"My, but you look good from here, girl!  I may just have to get with

you later!"  He paused as he continued to appraise the colored girl's

body.  "Go ahead and pack those clothes up."

Shanika bent to pick up the clothes on the floor of the van and placed

them in the box under the watchful eye of the driver.

"You know, girl, I ain't never seen no nigger didn't have a fine big

black ass.  And you ain't no exception!" he said.  "Go on through the

curtain and find a seat.  We'll be on our way soon.  One more nigger

to go."  He closed the door.

She stepped through the curtain and discovered benches on each side of

the van's dimly lit cargo area, with maybe enough room for six on each

bench.  Presently there were three women on one bench and one on the

other.  Like Shanika, all four were completely nude.  They all watched

but none spoke as Shanika sat down next to the lone woman facing the

other three.

Her neighbor was young, no older than twenty, slender with long hair.

She looked away rather than meet Shanika's gaze.

Looking across at the three women on the other bench she was surprised

to see such a resemblance between them.  All three were fairly heavy,

lighter skinned women.  The older of the three looked to be almost

forty and had very short cut hair.  The other two were just teenagers,

eighteen or nineteen years old.  Both in long thin braids.  They could

easily be related.  The older woman looked at the floor while the two

younger ones watched Shanika.

A few minutes later Shanika heard the rear door open and someone

climbed in.  "Get those clothes off, girl," she heard the driver say.

"You know the drill."  After a minute or so she heard him say, "It's

good to have you back again!  I'm definitely going to have me some of

that this time!"  Then she heard the door close.  Apparently the young

driver watched all his passengers undress for their journey to the


The curtain was pulled aside and a woman about the same age as

Shanika, though much thinner and darker in complexion, stepped in and

sat next to her on the bench.  She had close cropped curly hair, very

pronounced African features, small breasts, and narrow hips.

"Hi," said Shanika nervously.  She wasn't sure if speaking to the

other girls was allowed.  "My name is Shanika.  This is my first


"I'm Nydia," the recent arrival replied quietly.  "Keep it down, girl.

We ain't s'posed to be talkin'."  She paused.  "First trip, eh?  Why

you here?"

"Mainly I need the money," Shanika replied.  "A friend of mine had a

friend who knew a girl that spent a summer at the club.  She made as

much in three months as I made in a year even when I had a job.  This

girl told my friend's friend that it wasn't so bad and it wasn't like

being some kind of street whore or nothin'.

The van proceeded slowly, stopping and starting frequently.  They were

still in traffic.

"No, you ain't gonna get robbed or beat up by a pimp," said Nydia.

"But you will be spreadin' those legs for the white men.  Spreadin'

those lips and that ass, too.  It's a lot safer than bein' some 'ho,

and you get to keep yo' money, but you got to be a slave to those

white men.  They do what they like and you do like they say.  They

like to fuck and they like you to suck."

"They all different.  Some just want to stick they dicks in you.  Some

like to make you crawl around like a dog.  Some like to slap you

around some.  The club don't let 'em beat you bad, but you will get

yo' face slapped and yo' ass whipped.

"Once, one of 'em whupped my ass with a switch, turn me 'round,

whupped my tits, then my thighs, an' between my legs.  Girl, it hurt

bad!  They was welts all over me!  I was cryin' an' beggin' him to

stop an' he pushed me on the ground, shoved his dick in me and started

fuckin' the shit out of my poor whupped pussy!

"So I kept beggin' him, 'Please, Massa, don't hurt yo' nigger no mo'!

You hurtin' yo' nigger's pussy so bad, Massa!  Please, have mercy on

yo' nigger!'  Well, that got him so hot he 'bout 'sploded in me right

away.  Then he pulled out of me and stood up.  I couldn't believe it

when he stood there and started pissin' on me!

"He peed on you?"  Shanika was incredulous.

"Shit, yeah," replied Nydia.  "And it burned like hell where he'd been

whuppin' me with that switch.  He had another girl take me and hose me

off.  That was the worst I ever got while I was there. The club

wouldn't let 'em do much more than that."

Now the van picked up speed.  They must be on the interstate now,

thought Shanika.

"How come you're going back, then?" she asked.

"Well, you ain't gonna believe this, girl," Nydia said, "the money's

good and all that, but sometimes at night I be thinkin' about that

time that white man whupped me and fucked me and I's just some nigger

bitch to him.  I think about that and my coochie starts to tingle and

I gets to playin' with it...  I can't explain it, but I want to go

back and feel that way again.  I can't tell nobody, but I got off on

bein' a nigger for the white man."

Shanika felt a wetness between her legs.  Nydia's story was getting

her excited.  She was surprised at herself, but then she remembered

how she felt yesterday, presenting herself to Mr. Richards.  That got

her hot.  And Debbie!  That white bitch!  But she liked the way it

felt when Debbie's hand was between her legs, her finger probing her

black pussy as she stood naked and vulnerable in front of the younger,

professionally attired white girl.

Shanika noticed that the other women were listening to Nydia.  Even

the girl on the other side of Shanika on the bench had turned to hear

her.  The older light skinned woman sitting across from her didn't

seem to be paying attention, but the two younger girls were hanging on

every word.

Finally, one of the younger girls broke the silence.  "Did you really

like it?" she asked.  "How could you like it when that man hurt you

like that?"

"Like I say, I can't explain it," Nydia looked her in the eye.  "Maybe

you'll find out for yo'self."

The younger girl looked around.  "My name is Traleen, and this is my

sister, Shonelle," she said, indicating the other young girl.  "And

this is my Aunt Geraldine."  The older woman quickly glanced around at

the others as she was introduced.

"We live with Geraldine now," continued Traleen.  "She told us about

the club and how we could be set for a year if we just stayed there a

month!  She's been there a few times and said it wasn't too bad, but I

never heard 'bout nothin' like you was just sayin'"

"How old are you, girl?" asked Nydia.

"I'm eighteen," said Traleen.  Shonelle nodded in agreement.

Shonelle asked the long haired girl, "What's your name?"

"Leesha," she said without looking at her.  Leesha was alone in her


They rode on in silence.  Finally she could tell they were off the

interstate.  It must be a rural road, she thought, since they didn't

seem to slow down.  Fifteen minutes later the van slowed and turned

off the road.  This new road was rough, perhaps unpaved.  They stopped

and they heard the rear door open.

The driver pulled the curtain aside, and stepped between the benches.

Bright daylight streamed in the open door making it difficult for

Shanika to see.  "We're at the club now," he announced.  "Until you

are sold, you will be chained."  He opened a foot locker that was on

the floor of the van.  It contained steel collars, cuffs, and chains.

"Take a collar and put it on.  Cuffs go on your wrists and ankles," he

said.  "I'll take care of chainin' y'all up."

Shanika stepped to the foot locker and removed a collar.  It was cold

and heavy.  It had a hinge on one side and a clasp on the other.

Several eye bolts were attached to the outside of it.  She opened it

and closed it around her neck, fastening the clasp.  The cuffs were

similar, though of course smaller.  She attached one to each of her

ankles and wrists.  The other women did the same while the driver

supervised them.

"Ok.  You first," he indicated Nydia, "come here."

Nydia stood and stepped forward.  The driver took a short chain about

two feet long and connected each end to one of Nydia's ankle cuffs.

Next he fastened the two wrist cuffs together in front of her with a

short chain only a few inches long.  Finally he clipped a chain on the

front of her collar.

Shanika watched in fascinated horror as Nydia was placed in chains,

realizing that the same fate awaited her.  "You're next," he said to

Shanika.  She stood quietly as he attached the chain between her

ankles.  He had Shanika hold her hands outstretched and fastened them

together as he had Nydia.  Finally he attached a longer length of

chain to her collar.

"Now you," he said.

Leesha stood up.  The pretty black girl stood passively as he attached

the chain between her ankle cuffs and fastened the wrist cuffs

together with a short chain in front of her.  The chains jingled as

the young woman shifted on her feet while he attached the chain that

connected to her collar.

The women waited quietly and patiently as the driver repeated the

procedure on each one.

When he was finished, he turned back to Leesha.  "On you knees,

nigger," he ordered.  The girl had a puzzled look on her face.

Whap!  He gave her an open handed slap across the face.  "Get on your

fuckin' knees!"  The other women all watched as the long haired girl

got on her knees on the floor.

"They don't like me using the niggers' pussies," he explained as he

unzipped his fly and dropped his pants to his knees revealing his

fully erect white cock.  "Chaining you bitches up always gets me hard

and I'm gonna bust a nut in your mouth."  He put the tip of his cock

at Leesha's lips.  "Suck it, nigger!"

Her lips parted and the driver's dick slipped into her mouth.  The

other captive women watched as Leesha's head bobbed up and down on his

stiff white cock.  Her sucking made slurping sounds as he grunted and

began thrusting into her mouth.  Her chains jingled to the rhythm as

he fucked the black girl's face.  He quickened the pace of his thrusts

and the girl made gagging sounds.  "Oh, yeah!" he cried, "that's the

way.  Suck it good, bitch.  Ah!  Here it comes!"

He grabbed her head by the hair and his whole body stiffened

momentarily before he started ejaculating in the girl's throat.  She

tried to swallow, but started choking on the white cock in her mouth.

He pulled out and semen dripped from her lips and onto her breasts.

"You better learn to do what the fuck you're told, you dumb nigger.

When you're told to suck, you'll fuckin' do it or get the shit slapped

out of you," he said as he pulled up his pants.

He then turned to Geraldine and attached the end of her collar chain

to the back of Shonelle's collar.  Next he connected Shonelle's chain

to the back of Traleen's.  Traleen's to Nydia's and Nydia's to

Shanika's and finally Shanika's chain to the back of Leesha's collar

as she continued to cough and sputter, his cum all over her face and


The driver led the slave girls, now daisy chained together, through

the door to the outside.  Shanika was scared by the scene she'd just

witnessed, though part of her wondered why he hadn't chosen her for

his use.

Chapter 3 - The Auction

The light was even brighter outside the van and Shanika was

momentarily unable to see.  She heard her chains clank and jangle as

she stumbled out the door and onto a dusty stretch of ground.  As her

eyes adjusted to the light she saw that a few white men had gathered

to watch the new slaves be unloaded.

She could feel the heat of the sun on her naked dark colored flesh.  A

light breeze blew against her skin, providing a little relief.  She

looked around, trying to see past the men who were checking out the

new arrivals.

She was on the edge of a large dusty courtyard.  What appeared to be a

weathered looking barn sat to the right side and a larger two storied

white clapboard sided building was on the left.  On the far side

opposite where she stood Shanika saw several rows of wooden benches

set in two sections with an aisle between them.  At the head of the

aisle was a raised platform with steps leading up to it.  On the

platform was a podium and what appeared to be another, smaller

platform also with steps leading up to it.  There was a table

immediately to the left of the platform.  Beyond the platform was a

path that led into a wooded are.  A few cabins were visible there.

Shanika saw Yolanda and Mr. Richards, whom she'd met at the office

yesterday, approaching them.  The white man walked slowly past the

line of chained colored girls, looking each one over, smiling and

shaking his head as saw Leesha's cum drenched face.

"Ok, get these niggers into the barn and get 'em ready," he said to

Yolanda.  "Some of the boys are already chompin' at the bit to check

'em out so hurry it up.  Get rid of the bushes.  Leave the braids on

those two light skinned bitches, I like 'em, but I want the others


"Yes, Massa," Yolanda replied and jerked the chain attached to the

first girl's collar.  "Let's go," she ordered and led the slave girls

into the low building.  Shanika shuffled along as the chain between

her ankles didn't allow her walk normally.  Her eyes fixed on Leesha's

shapely black ass.

"Well, well," said Yolanda to the long haired girl, the cum starting

to dry on her face and breasts, "I see Massa Steve likes you best!"

Shanika watched as Yolanda detached her chain from Leesha's collar and

led the pretty slave girl to a low walled stall with a wooden stool in

it.  She couldn't see what was going on, but she could hear the buzz

of electric hair clippers.  After a few minutes the girl was led back

out, her hair cropped to her scalp, her pussy freshly shaved, and

tears running down her cheeks.

Yolanda led Leesha to another stall where there was a hose and bucket

of soapy water.  She took a brush from the bucket and proceeded to

scrub the girl's dark brown body from head to toe.  Shanika could see

her flinch as the brush touched her nipples and between her legs.

Replacing the brush into the bucket, she hosed her down.  Finally she

returned the dripping girl to where the others stood and watched.

Without her long hair it was hard to believe she was the same girl.

"All right, missy, your turn," Yolanda said.  She released Shanika's

collar from the chain of the girl behind her and led her to the stall.

"Sit," she said as if talking to a dog.  She proceeded to cut off

Shanika's hair.  She had never worn her hair so short, she felt the

sensation of cool air on her scalp.

"Stand now," ordered Yolanda.  She traded places with Shanika and sat

on the stool herself.  Yolanda used the clippers to shear the negro

slave girl's pubic hair off.  Next she produced a razor and shaving

cream and shaved her pussy smooth.  Shanika had never been more naked

in her life.  She was then led to the next stall.

"Do you have to pee?" asked Yolanda.  It had been long trip and she

hadn't relieved herself since she left home what seemed so long ago.

"Yes," she replied.  "Where do I go?"

"Right here!" she laughed.  "Where do you think you are, missy?  If

you've gotta pee, you better squat over the drain and let it go.  You

won't have another chance for a while."

Shanika hadn't prepared herself for this indignity.  Not only was she

to be led around naked by a chain like some kind of animal, but she

would have to relieve herself with an audience.

"Well?  Get on with it!" Yolanda said impatiently.

Finally Shanika squatted over the drain as instructed.  She could hear

the sound of her urine splashing on the concrete floor near the drain.

She stood when she was finished, but she couldn't look at Yolanda even

as she got the brush out of the bucket and started scrubbing her down.

The brush was rough and it hurt her skin.  She winced as she felt the

stiff bristles on her sensitive nipples.  Yolanda continued to scrub

her, almost as if she was washing a car.

"Spread those legs," she ordered.  "The Massas don't like a nasty


Shanika did as she was told and spread her legs, exposing her

sensitive sex to the harsh bristles.  The scrubbing left her skin

feeling raw.

Yolanda worked down her legs and then hosed her off with cold water.

Her nipples hardened and she broke out in goose flesh.  She was

thoroughly humiliated by this treatment.  Naked, virtually hairless,

forced to urinate in front of Yolanda, and finally hosed off like a

farm animal.  She wondered what she must look like now.

Yolanda led Shanika by her collar chain back to where the other black

girls were standing.  She took Nydia next, and one by one Shanika

watched as her fellow slaves were shorn, shaved, and scrubbed.  Only

Shonelle and Traleen were spared the shearing since Mr. Richards liked

their braids.

"Time for you to look pretty," Yolanda told them as she reconnected

the daisy chain of collared slave girls.  "The auction will be held

once the bidders have had a chance to look you all over."

She led them out into the courtyard.  Again Shanika couldn't see

immediately as her eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight.  The sun felt

good on her naked flesh, warming her after being hosed down with cold


There were eye bolts mounted as anchors every ten feet or so on the

side of the barn they had just come out of.  There was a wooden stool

at each station.  One by one Yolanda disconnected a slave's collar

chain and attached it to an anchor until all six women were so


Yolanda walked away as two men approached, looking over the human

merchandise.  They were immediately drawn to Leesha, who stood

seemingly unaware of her surroundings.  Probably still stunned over

the loss of her hair and the earlier rape of her mouth by the driver.

Then they walked over to Shanika.  "This nigger is kind of chunky,

don't you think, Dave?"  asked the first man.

"Yeah, but she's got a nice pair of boobs," replied the second.  Then

to Shanika, "Turn around, nigger.  Let's see that black ass."

Shanika shuffled her feet and turned around to display her ass for the

two men.

"Bend over so I can see the goods, proper like," said Dave.

She did as she was told.  She couldn't spread her legs too far apart

because of the chain.

"Shit, man, I can't hardly see her cunt!  Fucking chain won't let her

legs spread out.  Sit down and spread those legs, nigger.  I want a

better look at that coochie."  She sat and spread her legs to show the

men her freshly shaved pussy.

"That's more like it!" said Dave.  "I like this one's pussy, Rick.

Sometimes they're too pink.  I like a nigger with nice black pussy

lips like this bitch here."

"Yeah, not bad.  Not bad at all," replied Rick.  "I still want to

check out those fat light skinned niggers, though.  Eddie says the old

bitch's the mother of two young ones!"

"No shit!" exclaimed Dave.  "Man, wouldn't that be sweet?  I'd fuck

the daughter while her mama sucks my balls!  I bet they sell 'em as a

set, what do you think?"

"If they do, they won't be cheap."

The two men lost interest in Shanika after a moment as she displayed

her most intimate parts to them.  They wandered off to look at Nydia

who was attached to the station next to Shanika, a few yards away.

She watched as they had that girl turn for them then sit and spread

her legs as Shanika had done for them.

After a few minutes another man walked over to where Shanika sat.  He

was middle aged and balding.

"Stand up, nigger," he said.  Shanika struggled to her feet under the

man's gaze.

"You know how to suck cock?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," she replied.

"Any good at it?" he smirked.

"Yes, sir, I can suck cock good."

"Ever take a cock up the ass?"

"No, sir.  Never."

"I may just put in a bid on you.  Get me a piece of that fat black ass

of yours.  I bet it's nice and tight since it ain't been fucked.  You

ain't lying to me are you, nigger?"

"No, sir.  I ain't lying."  Shanika wished this man would go away.  It

was bad enough to be displayed like this without this disgusting white

man going on about fucking her up the ass.

"Bend over and spread your cheeks so I can see for myself just how

virgin that black asshole is."

She did as he ordered, turning, bending over, and spreading her ass

cheeks for him.  After a minute of not hearing anything further from

him she looked around behind her only to discover he had moved over to

check out Nydia.  Shanika stood, waiting for the next potential buyer.

After a minute or two a couple approached.  It was Debbie from

Mr. Richards office and a young white man she hadn't seen before.

"This nigger's hot, Bobby," said Debbie.  "She came out of Uncle

Carl's office yesterday all hot and bothered.  I mean I could smell

her pussy from across the room.  I know he doesn't fuck the niggers

when he interviews 'em, so she must have just been gettin' off

prancin' around naked for him."

"No shit!" Bobby replied to Debbie, but his eyes were fixed on

Shanika's nude black body.

"No shit.  I checked her cunt and it was drippin'!  Fuckin' nigger

started humping my hand she was so horny!"  Debbie smirked at Shanika

who hung her head in shame as the young white couple talked about her

as if she wasn't there.

"Damn!" exclaimed Bobby still staring at Shanika's bare breasts.  "You

mean you fingered her pussy?  I didn't know you liked girls."

"Jesus, Bobby!" Debbie rolled her eyes.  "It's not that I like girls.

There's just something about playin' with some horny nigger like that.

She can't do shit about it.  Just take it and like it.  It's just the

power, I guess.  The power to do what I want with her and make her do

shit.  That's what I like.  Don't you?"

"Yeah, I like that," said Bobby.  "I want to buy her, Debbie.  Buy her

and fuck her.  Is that ok with you?  I mean it's not like I'm fucking

some other girl or anything.  She's just some nigger.  It's almost

like whacking off."

"Oh, I think you'd like that pussy better'n your hand!" laughed

Debbie.  "Go ahead.  Buy the nigger and fuck her if you want.  But let

me play with her, too."

Debbie looked Shanika in the eye and licked her lips.  "So would you

like that, girl?  Want me to play with that pussy?"

Shanika cast her eyes down.  "Yes, ma'am."

"How about my boyfriend fucks me and then you eat me?"  Debbie asked.

"You want to suck my pussy, you nigger dyke?"

Shanika looked around without looking either of them in the eye.

"Yes, ma'am."  She could see Bobby shifting uncomfortably, trying to

hide his hard on.

"Yes, ma'am, what, you stupid bitch?"  Debbie was enjoying humiliating

the black slave girl.

"Yes, ma'am, I want to suck your pussy."

Debbie laughed.  "I bet you do."  She turned to Bobby.  "Let's go

check out the others."

Debbie and Bobby walked over to torment Leesha leaving Shanika alone

for the moment.

Another young white man approached Shanika.  He was alone and just

stood drinking in the vision of the naked black slave girl.

"Hi, there," he said.  "What's your name?"

She didn't think she could be surprised by anything, but this question

did it.  "Shanika, sir."

"Hi, Shanika.  I'm Roy.  Is this your first time here?  I don't think

I've seen you before."

"Yes, sir."

"I think you're pretty.  Do you mind having to be naked outside here

with all these guys looking at you?"

"No, sir."

"I was thinking of bidding on you," said Roy.  "Would you lift your

arms and put your hands behind your head for me?  I really like the

way that makes a woman's breasts hang.  You've got such beautiful


Shanika did as Roy asked and put her hands behind her head.

"That's hot.  I love that pose.  Could you get on you knees like that?

And spread you legs?  That's my favorite pose for a girl."

She kneeled down before Roy, spreading her legs as far as she could

for him.

Roy reached in his pants to adjust his hard on.  "Man, that's hot!

You are so hot!  If I put in the high bid for you, do you think I

could, you know, do it with you?"

"Yes, sir," Shanika said, looking up at him from her knees.  "You

could do whatever you wanted with me.  I'd be your slave."

"Wow, that would be great!" exclaimed Roy.  "Just what could I do with


"You could do anything, sir.  You could fuck me.  In my pussy.  In my

mouth.  In my ass.  Between my tits.  Anything."

"Would you like that?  Would you want me to do that to you?"  asked


"Yes, sir," she replied, "I'd like that."

"So, how come you're a slave?" he asked.

"Because I'm a nigger, sir."

"I better go.  I'll be bidding on you, Shanika."

"Thank you, sir."  Shanika watched from her knees as Roy walked off.

The sun continued to beat down on the chained slave girls.  Yolanda

appeared carrying a bucket of water.  She offered a cup of water to

each girl.  When it was her turn Shanika gulped the water down

greedily, holding the cup in her cuffed hands.  She hadn't realized

how thirsty she was.  Yolanda scooped another cup of water for her and

then went to Nydia with the water bucket leaving Shanika alone again.

Shanika saw that there were more men here now.  Occasionally another

slave was led by and fastened to an empty station.  She hadn't seen

these girls before and she imagined that they had already been here

for awhile and were about to be resold.  Some were young, not even

twenty.  She saw a skinny woman with short cropped hair and small

droopy breasts who had to be old enough to be Shanika's mother being

led by.  A couple of them were quite fat with huge breasts.  One was

pregnant.  All were black and naked except for their chains.  She

noticed that all of them drew interest where they were on display for

potential buyers.

In the center of the courtyard, the benches were beginning to fill

with the white men and the occasional white woman who had been

inspecting the displayed slaves.

Mr. Richards stepped to the podium.  "All right, folks.  Get to your

seats.  We're going to start with the short term sales.  All bids on

these niggers are for a day.  After that we'll move on to longer

terms.  We'll start in ten minutes."

The white folks continued to take their seats.  Shanika again felt a

knot in her stomach.  She had just spent a couple of hours naked in

the hot sun, her private parts on display to these white strangers,

many of whom talked about her and her body amongst themselves as if

she wasn't there hearing every word.  That experience had been

humiliating enough, but now she was to be sold like livestock to

whoever would pay the most for a day of her forced servitude.  Her

body to be used for their pleasure like some kind of fuck toy.

Yolanda came for Leesha first.  She unclipped her chain from the

anchor and led her through the crowd to the platform.  Leesha looked

scared and just looked down at her feet as she climbed the stairs to

the platform and then again up the stairs to the block where all could

see her fine naked body.  She raised her arms and placed her hands

behind her head, looking down the whole time.

"Ok," said Mr. Richards.  "Let's begin.  Now this nigger is a first

time slave.  Nice and young the way I know you like 'em.  Just look at

these tits!  Firm and full.  Fine tight ass, nice figure.  I bet she's

got a sweet pussy on her, too.  I'm gonna start her off at 100.  Do I

hear 100?"  A hand went up.

"I've got 100, how about 125?  125?"  Another hand went up.  The

bidding continued until Leesha went for 400 to the fat man who asked

Shanika if she'd ever been fucked in the ass.  Shanika knew what he

had in mind for Leesha.

Leesha's expression didn't change as Yolanda led her down the steps

and presented her charge to her new owner, who led her away into the

big house to enjoy his purchase.

Next up was a big black girl who might have been in her early twenties

or younger.  Each of her breasts was almost as big as her head, the

dark areolas were so big she probably couldn't completely cover them

with her hand.  Her massive mammaries and big black ass shook as

Yolanda led her up the stairs to the block.  Her thighs were so big

that her shaved pussy was barely visible as she displayed herself to

the bidders.

The bidding got up to 500.  A grey haired white man, who wasn't much

more than half the slave girl's weight, stepped forward to claim her.

He smiled happily as he led the big colored girl towards the main

house, her black ass shaking and her chains jingling as she shuffled

behind him.

The auction continued.  Yolanda had gone over to the display area and

returned to the platform leading a skinny dark colored woman with

small sagging breasts, who looked to be in her forties.  She hung her

head down as she displayed her body to the bidders, hands behind her

head, legs spread as far as her ankle chains would allow.  The opening

bid of 100 wasn't met and she went for 50 to heavy set white man in a

plaid shirt and overalls.

The poor negress suffered more indignity when the man forced her to

follow him like a dog on her hands and knees across the dusty

courtyard as he pulled on her chain.  She had difficulty keeping up

with him with her wrists chained together.  Her chains rattled and her

drooping breasts swung as she crawled.  She fell forward into the dirt

a couple of times making her new master wait as she struggled back to

her hands and knees.

A slender girl who looked more Asian than African in spite of her

brown skin fetched 400.  A pair of college aged white boys seemed

eager to enjoy their purchase as they went into the woods towards the

cabins.  The one holding her chain tugged at the petite girl hard

enough that she stumbled on her tethered ankles several times as they

led her away.

A pregnant slave girl who was black as onyx went for 300 to a well

dressed young man about Shanika's age.  He rubbed the negro girl's

bulging belly and squeezed her swollen breasts as she stood passively

with her eyes downcast before taking her off to serve his pleasure.

Yolanda then came for Shanika.  She heard her chains jingle as Yolanda

led her, shuffling towards the platform and up the stairs onto the

block.  "Raise your arms, hands behind head, legs spread" whispered

Yolanda.  Shanika complied.

Mr. Richards began again.  "This is one fine negress here boys.  She's

hot to trot I can tell you.  You fellas who like a real nigger type

are gonna love her.  Just check out these big ol' titties!  Look at

the size of the nips on 'em!  Yeah, she's got a bit of a belly on her,

but, man, that ass!  She's ready to fuck, I'm tellin' you!  Let's

start her off at 100.  How about 100?"

The sun shone in Shanika's eyes and she couldn't make out who was

bidding on her.

"Ok, 100.  125?"  Mr. Richards continued.  "I've got 125, who'll go

150?, 150, who'll go 175, ok, 200?  200, good, 225?  225 it is, how

about $250?  250?  This nigger is a fine one, boys, I ain't lyin'.

Let me here 250!"

There was a pause in the bidding.  Shanika strained to see who was

bidding.  "225 once.  225 twice.  Sold for 225!"

Shanika had just been sold.

Chapter 4 - The First Master

Yolanda led Shanika down the steps to the front of the platform.  The

chain connecting her ankles clanked on the steps.  Her new owner, her

new master, was facing away from her, signing a slip of paper.

He turned to face his purchase, his new black slave girl.  Shanika was

relieved to see it was Roy.  Yolanda handed him the chain.  "What do

you say, girl?" she whispered to Shanika.

"Thank you for buying me, Master," she said to Roy, eyes downcast.

"It's my pleasure," he replied as he led her off into the woods.  "You

may address me as Massa now that you're my nigger.  I'm also partial

to that down home style of speech from my niggers.  It would please me

to hear it from you while you're in my possession."

"Yes, Massa.  I do my best fo' you, Massa."  Shanika felt silly

talking this way, but she wanted to please her new master.

"Good girl!" said Roy.  "I've got a cabin for us this way," he said

and tugged on her chain causing her to stumble.  After a short while

they came to the cabin.  It appeared to be a small one room cabin made

of weathered wooden planks in a clearing.  It had a front porch.

As he led her into the clearing he turned to Shanika.  "I expect I'll

be enjoying you for some time once we're inside.  If you need to

relieve yourself, better do it now before we go in."

"Where, Massa?  I do needs to pee."

"Why, right here!" he replied.  "Niggers can just go in the woods.

Now hurry it up, I'm anxious to get started on you."

Shanika squatted and peed on the dusty ground.  Her urine splashed on

the ankle chain and flowed into a puddle between her feet as her

master watched.  She stood, embarrassed, when she was through.

"That's a good girl.  Now let's go inside."

Roy led Shanika into the cabin.  There was a table, a couple of

chairs, and a bed.  Roy sat in a chair and pulled Shanika's towards

him by the chain on her collar.  He unfastened her wrists and removed

the cuffs, placing them on the table.  Next he removed her ankle

cuffs, leaving them on the floor.

"That's better," he said to himself.  Then to Shanika, "I think I'll

just leave the collar on.  There's something about a chained nigger

bitch that makes me just want to put my cock in her.  Turn around,

face the bed, and bend over.  Spread those legs wide."

Shanika complied.  She bent over, resting her body on the bed,

spreading her legs as wide apart as she could.

"Excellent!"  She felt his hand on her ass.  Gently caressing her

chocolate colored flesh.  He rubbed on each cheek briefly before his

hand drifted down between her legs and started rubbing on her bald

pussy.  She trembled slightly as he pushed a finger into her and then

out again.

"You are one hot nigger bitch all right.  Your pussy is sopping!  You

love this, don't you?"

"Yes, Massa, Ah sho' do."  she heard him unzip his pants.

"You are so fucking hot that I just can't wait any more to try out

that black pussy.  I probably won't last long.  You won't mind too

much, I hope?"

"No, suh, Massa.  You jus' use yo' nigger's pussy how ever you like."

She felt him enter her easily, she was so wet.  He started slowly, but

in a few seconds he was slamming his white cock into her black cunt so

fast and hard that she could here the slapping sound of flesh on flesh

along with the creaking of the bed supporting her.  In less than a

minute, before she even had a chance to begin to reach a climax, she

heard him grunt and felt him cumming in her.  As he pulled out she

heard him collapse back into the chair.

"You've got a sweet pussy all right, girl.  Why don't you just stay

like that for me for now.  Your big black ass is a fine sight."

"Thank you, Massa.  I's glad you happy wit' me."  Shanika stayed bent

over, displaying her ass and freshly fucked pussy for her new master.

The scent of her musk was in the air and she could feel his warm semen

mixed with her own juices running down her legs.

After a time, as the cum was drying on her black skin, he was ready

for some more fun with his new slave girl.

"Why don't you turn around and kneel before me?" asked Roy.  Shanika

stood, her joints a little stiff.  She turned and knelt at her white

master's feet.  "Keep those legs spread for me," he said.

The chain from her collar rattled on the floor as she settled on her

knees, spreading her legs as far as she could for him.  He reached out

with one of his legs and rubbed her pussy with the top of his foot.

Her cunt was still wet and sticky from the quick fucking it got


"Good girl.  Now arms up, hands behind head, mouth open.  This is how

a nigger slave should display herself for her master," he explained.

Sitting up in his chair he reached out with his hand and caressed her

face and ran the palm of his hand over the stubble that had been her

hair.  She watched his face with her dark brown eyes as he used his

finger to trace her lips and then her chin.  His hand moved down to

her breasts and he gave one a squeeze before he took the thick black

nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  She gasped as he pinched it

painfully.  She saw him smile at her reaction and pulled her nipple,

lifting her breast.  He reached his other hand to her other breast and

took that nipple in the same manner, lifting both breasts, pinching

both nipples.

"Does that hurt?"  he asked.

"Yes, Massa, a little," she responded, still looking into his face.

He pulled harder, stretching her black tits out from her body.

"How about that?"

"Ah!  Yes, Massa, it hurts."

He then twisted both nipples at once.  Shanika cried out in pain.

"Shhh," he said softly as he continued to man handle the colored

girl's mammaries.  Shanika tried to endure the pain quietly, but

grunted and moaned occasionally.  He looked up from her breasts and

into her eyes.  "You're my nigger whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, suh, Massa.  I is yo' nigger ho'."  Her eyes were tear-ring up,

it was hard for her to maintain her posture.

"I like hurting nigger girls like you.  I hope you don't mind," he


"No, suh, Massa.  You do like you want."

He gave her nips one last tug, causing her to cry out again, and let


"Now I'd like you to suck my cock.  Suck it like the nigger bitch you

are."  He moved forward in the chair, giving her access to his stiff

white rod.  Shanika bent forward and took the head of it between her

dark brown lips.

"Go ahead and use your hands, girl.  You know how to suck a white

man's cock."  She moved her hands from behind her head, her shoulders

were stiff from having held her display position for so long.  She put

one hand around the base of his cock and gently rubbed his balls with

the other.  She bobbed her head up and down on it, stopping to lick it

every once in awhile with her wet pink tongue.  She could taste her

pussy juice on it still.

"That's it, girl.  I knew you were a cock sucking nigger whore.  Just

the kind of nigger I like best."  He was loving the feel of the

colored girl's mouth on his white dick, the sound of her slurping at

it.  Having just fucked her, he was in no danger of cumming soon and

ending the pleasure he was enjoying.  His slave continued to eagerly

service him as he held her stubble covered head in his hands.  The

sound of her chain rattling gently which each thrust of his dick into

her mouth reminded both of them of her status as slave.  A slave to be

used for his pleasure.

"Ok, that's enough sucking for now," he said.  She let his cock slide

out of her mouth and looked up at him with her big brown eyes.  Saliva

drooling from her lips and chin.  He took her chain is his hand and

stood up.  He pulled on the chain, lifting her to her feet.

"Bend over and present your nigger ass to me," he ordered.  As she

bent over she heard him stepping out of his pants.

"I'm going to take my hand to your black ass now.  Is that all right

with you?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa, please beat my nigger ass."  Shanika knew that this would

hurt.  She wished he'd just do it instead of asking her like that.

Actually having to ask for this treatment just added to the

humiliation of the entire scene, but that's probably what he had in

mind, she thought.

Whap!  Whap!  He slapped each cheek.  Shanika had to restrain herself

to keep from trying to cover her poor sore ass with her hands.  Whap!

Another slap on the same spot as a previous one.  She couldn't help

but cry out.

"Just a couple more," he promised.  "I just want to warm it up a

little, that's all."

Whap!  Whap!  Whap!  Her tears were flowing freely now, her ass was on

fire from the spanking.

"There, there," he said running his hand gently over her ass.  He

could feel the heat and could see the hand prints he left.  "That

wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, Massa," she sobbed.

"Shall I continue?" he teased.  "I'm really enjoying this."

No more! she thought.  But she said, "yes, Massa.  Please beat on my

ass some more."  She choked back the sobs as she spoke.

"Well, I think I'll stop for now anyways, but it's sweet of you to

offer.  Why don't you come here and sit in my lap?"  He sat in the

chair and held his arms out for her.  Shanika stood and gingerly sat

in his lap.  Here eyes were red and tears rolled down her cheeks.  She

was still sniveling and her nose was running.  He reached over to

where he'd dropped his pants and produced a handkerchief from the

pocket and offered it to her.  She wiped her face and blew her nose.

"Thank you, Massa," she said.

"I thought you took that very well for a first time slave girl," he

praised her.  He held her until she seemed to have recovered from the


"Ok, time to get on the bed," he announced.  They stood and Shanika

sat on the bed.  Roy pushed her on her back.  "Grab your legs behind

your knees and spread 'em out for me."  She did as instructed, holding

her legs apart, splaying her black pussy for him obscenely.  She could

feel the cool air on her cunt and and asshole.  He admired the view of

her bald nigger gash and her welt covered ass.

"Tell me again what you are and what you're for.  I never get tired of

hearing it."

She looked up at him from between her spread legs.  "I is yo' nigger

'ho, Massa.  Yo' cocksuckin' nigger 'ho.  I is fo' you to fuck.  Dats

all, Massa.  I is a nigger slut fo' you to fuck how you want."

"Have you ever been had your pussy spanked?" he asked nonchalantly.

"I'd love to smack that cunt up a little before I fuck it."

"No, Massa, never."  Shanika was a little scared at this.  Her ass was

burning from the beating and her breasts were still sore from the

treatment they'd just received.

"Just a couple to warm it up, that's all.  Is that ok?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa, please beat yo' nigger's pussy."  She felt herself

starting to cry again even though he hadn't started on her sensitive


Whap!  Whap!  Both blows landed right between her legs, but she

continued to hold her legs back, offering up her womanhood to his open


"All right.  You've had enough now," he said.  She flinched when he

put his hand between her spread legs.  Her pussy lips were red and

swollen.  Her cunt was hot from the spanking.

"Ok, you can let go of your legs now," he said, removing his hand.

She lowered her legs and squeezed them together in an effort to ease

the pain.

"I know I'm a bastard for this, but seeing you like this, the hand

prints on your body, and where they are, I've just got to fuck you.

Would that be ok?" he asked.

Her poor pussy was burning still and he wanted to stick his dick in

her!  How could he take such pleasure in her discomfort?  But she knew

what her answer had to be.

"Yes, Massa.  Please use my pussy," she said, her eyes wet with tears.

She opened her legs to give him access so he could mount her.

"Good girl," he said as he climbed between her legs.  She cried out as

he pushed his hard white cock up her sore black pussy.  "Shhh," he

murmured quietly, "hush now, girl."  He started gently thrusting into

her abused cunt.

He kissed her face as he slowly began to pick up the pace.  She

whimpered as he started to pound into her harder and harder.  He

kissed her on the lips but she was lost in a mix of pain and the

beginnings of arousal and didn't kiss back.  Her moaning grew louder

as he fucked her harder still kissing her unresponsive lips until

finally he could hold back no longer thrusting his hard white cock

deep inside the poor black slave girl, filling her with his seed.

He lay on top of her for awhile before he got up and dressed.

Shanika, sore and unsatisfied lay on the bed, semen dripping out of

her pussy onto the bed sheets.  Her thighs exhibiting several hand

prints from the spanking she'd endured.  She knew she was just a

nigger to be used, and she had just been well used indeed.

"You're kind of a mess, girl.  Let's take you outside and clean you up


Shanika got up from the bed.  Roy took her chain in his hand and led

her out the door and down the steps into the clearing.  It was

twilight and the air was much cooler than earlier in the day.  They

had walked almost to the tree line when Roy spoke to her.

"I want to make sure you understand your place as my nigger.  Get down

on the ground.  On your knees.  Display yourself like I told you."

Shanika kneeled in the dirt facing her white master.  She spread her

legs and placed her hands behind her head.

"Open that mouth, girl," he instructed as he unzipped his fly.

She knew what was coming next, but obediently did as she was told.

Roy took his cock out and hit Shanika in the face with a blast of warm

urine.  She closed her eyes as the stream hit her forehead.  He aimed

lower, directly into her open mouth.  She sputtered and choked as he

emptied his bladder in the slave girl's black face.  As the stream

subsided it went lower on her body, her breasts, then her belly.

Rather than shake it off, Roy stepped forward his crotch in her face.

"Clean it off, nigger," he demanded.  She licked the tip of his now

flaccid cock with her pink tongue and then took it between her lips,

sucking gently.  He stepped back and his dick popped out of the slave

girl's mouth.  He pushed it back into his pants zipped his fly.

"Ahh," he signed.  "The pause that refreshes!"  He reached for the

chain and jerked her to her feet.  "Now to get you cleaned up!"

He led her through the woods back to the main area.  It was dark in

the woods and Shanika stumbled often.  She was wet with her master's

piss and she could taste it in her mouth.

At last they reached the main building.  It was lighter there in the

clear and the outside lights were on.  Several white men were standing

around near the side of the building along with a white woman and a

couple of naked black slave girls.  They all watched as Roy led

Shanika in their direction.  As they drew nearer, Shanika recognized

Debbie as the the white girl as well as Shonelle and Traleen, the

teenage sisters who had arrived with her earlier that same day, so

long ago.

"Damn, Roy!" exclaimed one of the men.  "I see you went to town on

this nigger!"  Debbie and the white men smirked at Shanika while

Shonelle and Traleen looked down, embarrassed for her.  Shanika was

wet and reeked of urine and semen ran down her leg from her well used

and abused pussy.

"Just came by to hose this nigger off!" Roy replied.  He led Shanika

to where a garden hose was attached to a spigot on the side of the

building.  Dropping her chain he picked up the hose and turned on the

water.  Starting with her head, Roy sprayed black girl up and down

with the cold water.  She sputtered some as he hosed her face.  The

force of the water was hard and it hurt her tender breasts.

"Turn around now.  Got to get your nasty black ass!"  Shanika turned

obediently as Roy sprayed her back and ass.  "Bend over, nigger.  I

can't get that asshole with you like that."  She bent over, her legs

spread.  "C'mon now!  Spread those cheeks!"

Humiliated, she reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks,

revealing her puckered black asshole and swollen abused cunt to the

small group of onlookers.  She could here laughter from them as Roy

directed the stream right into the crack of her ass.  He left it

there, the cold water blasting her asshole and then her pussy.  She

could feel the liquid entering her most intimate parts as she listened

to the amused chatter of crowd watching the proceedings.

Finally it stopped and Roy turned off the water.

"I think that nigger was startin' to like it too much!"  Shanika

recognized Bobby's voice, Debbie's boyfriend.  "So, you gettin off on

that, bitch?  C'mon you can tell us!"

"No, suh.  I ain't gettin' off on it, suh," replied Shanika to the

taunt.  She looked at the ground as she spoke.

The white folks all laughed.

"Tell us what mean old Roy did to you, girl!"  said Debbie.  "He can

be a real bastard!"

Shanika thought for a moment and looked at Roy.

"It's ok.  Go ahead and tell 'em," he said.  He turned and winked at

the others.

"Well, Massa took me home an' fucked me after he buy me."  Shanika

still couldn't bring herself to look up at her audience.  "Then he

pinched at my tits and..."

"Udders," Debbie interrupted.  "Niggers have udders.  Like cows.  Get

it, bitch?"

Shanika felt her face flush and started again.  "Iz sorry, Ma'am.  Iz

tries to gets it right fo' you."  She continued, "Massa, he was

pinchin' on my udders and dey wuz hurtin' an' den he make me suck his

cock a while.  Den he whupped my black ass wit' his hand an' it hurt.

He make me hold my legs open so's he can spank my pussy and then fuck


"Roy!  You *are* a bastard!" laughed Debbie.  The other white folks

laughed, too.  "Go, on..." she prodded Shanika on.

"Well, ma'am, dat's all dey iz.  Massa took me outside and peed on my

face so he bring me here so's to clean me up."

"Why you poor, poor nigger!"  Debbie laughed again.  "You're so polite

and respectful, you don't deserve that!  I hope he had the decency to

make you cum!  Didn't he?"

Shanika didn't know the right answer so she told the truth.  "No,

ma'am.  Massa din't let me cum."

"I think we should fix that right now!"  Debbie looked around.  "Why

don't we have these niggers right here take care of you?"  She was

looking at Shonelle and Traleen.

"All right, all right," said Roy.  "Go ahead.  Maybe I was a bastard.

Lie down and spread those legs for us.  Nice and wide.  We'll have you

feeling better in no time."

The ground was muddy after she had been hosed off, but Shanika did as

she was told and laid on her back, opening her legs for the white


Debbie turned to Shonelle and Traleen.  "Go get to lickin' on that

bitches cunt, niggers.  You make her cum, or I'll slap the black off

your asses myself!"

The two teenage slaves looked at each other.  Neither had ever tasted

a woman's pussy before, and didn't like the idea too much, but the

alternative was worse.  They went over to where Shanika lay, legs

spread, on the muddy ground.  Both got on hands and knees, but it was

Shonelle who went first, putting her face right between Shanika's

thighs and she started gently kissing one.  Traleen did the same as

her sister, softly kissing along the other one.

Shanika was sorry that the young sisters had to share in her own

humiliation, but at the same time their ministrations felt good after

all she had suffered.

"You niggers better start eatin' some pussy!" urged Debbie,

unsatisfied with the pace of the show the slave girls were putting on

for their owners.

Shonelle kissed her way over to Shanika's slit and began kissing her

swollen pussy lips.  Tentatively at first, she poked her tongue out

and began licking the older black girl's vagina.  She could taste

Shanika's growing excitement and ran her tongue along the length of

her pussy.  Shanika, tuning out the onlookers, began to relax a little

and allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure that the young slave girl

was giving her.  She moaned quietly as Shonelle pushed her tongue into

her entrance and then lapped up her gash all the way to her clit.

Traleen continued to kiss Shanika's thighs while her sister started

sucking gently on her clit.  Shanika started bucking her hips in

response and Shonelle alternated between licking her pussy and her


"Let me now," Traleen whispered to Shonelle.  Shonelle moved out of

the way to allow her sister at Shanika's sex.  Traleen had been

watching her and took over running her tongue flat on the darker

girl's pussy.  Shanika moaned loud enough for the small crowd of young

white folks to hear.  They moved in for a closer look as she ground

her cunt into the young teenagers face.

"Get to work on her udders, bitch.  Suck 'em good!" demand Debbie.

Shonelle went on hands an knees to where she could reach Shanika's

breasts and started licking her nipples, which hardened immediately.

She let the nipple slide between her lips and Shanika put her arms

around her as she suckled.  Traleen licked faster and Shonelle sucked

harder and Shanika bucked her hips harder, moaning loudly as she

neared orgasm.  Finally she could hold back no more, and in spite of

the humiliation of cumming in front of the leering white men and their

cheerleader, she cried out in pleasure.  Traleen continued licking and

sucking her pussy as Shanika's orgasm came in waves.  Shanika held

Shonelle tightly to her breast and unconsciously squeezed Traleen's

head between her thighs.  Gradually she relaxed her holds on the two

teenage slaves as she came down from her climax.

"Woo hoo!" cried Debbie.  "Now that was an orgasm!  I never seen a

nigger cum like that before!  You bitches'll have to do me next!"  The

young men also voiced their approval.

"Ok, fun's over.  Get up, you nigger dykes!" Debbie ordered.  The

slave girls got to their feet, all with mud on them where they'd been

on the ground.  Traleen's face was shiny with Shanika's cum.  "So,

girl, what do you say?"

Shanika looked at Debbie, "Thank you, ma'am."

"Oh don't thank me!  Those nigger dykes are who did it."

Shanika looked at the two sisters.  "Thank you," she said quietly.

Traleen smiled, happy to have given her new friend such pleasure.

"C'mon now," cried Debbie.  "Kissy, kissy!  Go ahead now.  I know the

boys want to see it.  Tongues and everything!"

Shanika leaned closer to Traleen, and touched her lips to hers.  The

slave girls put their arms around each other and kissed.  Shanika

could taste herself on the the young girl's mouth as she pushed her

tongue between her lips as the smirking white girl had instructed.

They broke their embrace and Shanika turned to Shonelle, putting her

arms around her and kissing her on the lips.  She felt Shonelle's

tongue against her own as she gently probed the light skinned negro's


"All right!  Break it up now!"  Debbie reached in and grabbed the

chains attached to the sisters collars and tugged them away from

Shanika.  "Damn, you bitches are filthy!  Somebody turn on the hose.

Line up so we can clean you up!"

The three black slave girls, who had just shared a moment of intimacy

together for the amusement of their white masters, were now forced to

stand in a line, as the dirt was hosed off them like livestock.

Once the hosing down was complete, Debbie and Bobby each took one of

the slave sisters and led them away by the chains hooked to their


Roy grabbed Shanika's chain and hurried her back to the cabin.  "Damn,

girl.  That was hot!  I'm gonna have to fuck you all over again!  That

ok with you?"

"Yes, Massa.  Please use yo' nigger's pussy."

As soon as he got her inside, Roy picked Shanika up and laid her on

the bed, and stripped off his clothes.  His white cock was standing

straight and tall as he climbed between his slave girl's legs and

pushed it into her pussy and started pumping furiously.

Shanika was spent and sore from all that had transpired.

"Tha's right, Massa.  Use yo' nigger.  Use yo' nigger's pussy."  She

wanted to hurry him along and knew that dumb nigger talk was just what

he wanted to hear.  "Oh, you fuckin' yo' nigger 'ho now, Massa.

Fuckin' her good."

Roy pounded into her cunt like a man possessed.  "Tell me you're my

whore, nigger.  Tell me you're my fuckin' whore!"

Yes, that's just what he wants, thought Shanika.  "Yes, Massa, Iz yo'

fuckin' nigger 'ho.  Use me, Massa.  Fuck yo' nigger, Massa!"

Roy stiffened and spasmed, grinding against her crotch as he let loose

another load of seed into Shanika.  Although she'd gotten no

satisfaction from it, she was glad that Roy was finally spent.  After

a while he rolled off his slave girl and fell asleep.

Shanika lay awake, wondering what kind of master she'd end up with

tomorrow until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Roy woke up hard the next morning, Shanika asleep beside him.  He

spread his slave girl's legs and reached between them discovering her

black pussy was dry.  Wanting one last piece of her ass before

returning her for resale he spat in his hand and rubbed it on her

crotch, rolled over between her legs, shoved his stiff white cock into

the sleeping black girl, and started fucking her.

Shanika awoke just as Roy finished with her, rolled off, and got up.

Momentarily disoriented, the events of the previous day started coming

back to her.

"Time to take you back," said Roy.  "I hope I wasn't too mean to you.

You are one hot bitch, and I just couldn't control myself."

Shanika stood, feeling the wetness between her legs as Roy's semen

began to leak out.  "Thank you, Massa.  Iz glad you liked me."  Her

bladder was bursting.  "Iz got to pee, bad, Massa.  Please take me


"Sure thing," he replied, grabbing her chain and leading her outside.

She was less self conscious this morning as she squatted and began to

piss on the dusty ground in front of the cabin as her master watched


"You like watchin' yo' nigger pee for you, don't you, Massa?" she said

looking up at him, smiling.

"Er, yeah," he replied.  In spite of just having cum in his slave

while she slept he could feel his cock getting hard again.  Shanika

noticed it, too.

"You want yo' nigger to suck yo' dick now, Massa?  I suck it good fo'


He stepped over to Shanika's squatting form and she reached up and

unzipped his fly, pulling his cock out, looking him in the eye the

whole time.  She smiled as put it to her lips and gently sucked on it.

She played with his balls with both hands while she held his cock in

her mouth, running her tongue over the head.  She started sucking

harder and then was bobbing her head up and down on his stiff white

prick.  One hand moved from his balls and grabbed his shaft and

started masturbating him.  She looked into his face with her soft

brown eyes as she continued to work him.  She could feel his balls

start to twitch and could tell he was close.  She jerked him off

harder and just as he started to cum she let his cock out of her


Shanika looked up at Roy, smiling at him as he ejaculated in her face.

There wasn't so much since he'd already come that morning, but she

took some on the cheek and chin.  The semen dripped off her face onto

her breasts as she kissed the tip of his cock.  This caused a thin

string of cum to stretch from his cock to her lips as she leaned her

head back.  She leaned forward again and licked the remaining semen

off and replaced his cock into his pants and zipped his fly up.

Roy pulled her to her feet by the chain and led Shanika back to the

cabin and had her put on the wrist and ankle cuffs she had on when he

bought her.  He fastened her wrists together in front of her and

replaced the chain between her ankles.  Finally he led her back

outside and through the woods to the main building, his semen dripping

off her black face as she shuffled along, her ankles shackled.  She

smiled at him as he handed the chain to the waiting Yolanda.

"You are one fine negress, let me tell you, girl," he said.  "I'll be

bidding on you again.  That's for sure."  He turned and went into the

main building leaving Shanika behind.

Chapter 5 - The Gift

Yolanda tugged at the chain connected to Shanika's collar and led her

to the barn where she had initially been shorn and shaved to be

prepared for resale.  The older black woman took the young slave girl

to one of stalls equipped with a hose to get her cleaned up.  She

started by spreading shaving cream on her pussy and used a razor to

get it nice and smooth the way the bidders liked it.  Next she

scrubbed her down with a bristle brush and a bucket of soapy water.

She was more gentle with the brush when cleaning Roy's sperm from

Shanika's face.  Finally Yolanda hosed her off with cold water and led

her back outside.

Today wasn't an arrival day.  No new slaves had been recruited for

sale.  Only slaves to be resold would be auctioned today and Shanika

noticed fewer bidders were gathering near the platform.where she had

been sold the day before.  Yolanda attached Shanika's chain to an eye

bolt mounted on the wall of building to display her once again to

prospective buyers.

There were at least a dozen white men checking out the merchandise.

Shanika had learned to display her body to them by placing her hands

behind her head to get her breasts to hang nicely and then turn around

to show off her thick black ass whenever someone approached.

Occasionally she'd be instructed to bend over or sit with her legs

spread for a more intimate inspection.

Right before the auction a middle aged white lady walked towards her,

stopping before she got as close as the men usually did.  Shanika

displayed herself for the woman.

"You're pretty for a colored girl," said the woman.

"Thank you, ma'am," replied Shanika.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Twenty eight, ma'am." answered the black girl.

"I need to have a better look at your... uh... you know, between your

legs," the older lady stammered.

"Yes, ma'am," said Shanika, who sat and spread her legs wide so the

white lady could get a good look at her pussy.

"I just want to see that you're... uh... you know, healthy, if you

know what I mean."

"Yes, ma'am."  She didn't know, but it didn't matter.  If the white

lady wanted to see her pussy, Shanika would show it to her.

The woman looked her over again and hurried to the next slave girl on


And then it was time for the auction.  Shanika watched as a young

nervous looking teenage slave girl, maybe nineteen at the most, was

sold for 450.  A scruffy looking white man, old enough to be her

daddy, happily led her away in chains.

Nydia, who Shanika remembered from the ride to the club, was next.

The slender black woman seemed to be a returning favorite as the bids

went all the way to 600 for her.  Two twenty-something white men

exchanged high fives when their bid proved to be the winner.  They

took Nydia off down the path towards the cabins.

Then it was Shanika's turn.  Yolanda led her to the block through the

dusty court yard.  She felt the eyes of the white folks on her as she

climbed the steps up the platform and up on to the block.  She

displayed herself to the bidders without having to be told.

One man she recognized from last night started the bidding off.  He

was part of the group that watched Shonelle and Traleen bring her to

orgasm at Debbie's instructions.  Then the white lady who had spoken

to Shanika prior to the auction raised the bid.  It went back and

forth with the lady finally putting forth the winning bid at 300.

Yolanda led her down the steps and presented her to her new mistress.

The white lady signed the paper and accepted Shanika's chain.

"Thank you for buying me, Mistress" said Shanika, without being

prompted.  She was learning quickly to be an obedient slave girl.

"Yes.  Uh, no need to call me Mistress.  It sounds kind of strange to

me," she said.  "My name is Helen, all right?"

"Yes, ma'am, Miz Helen," Shanika replied.

Helen spoke to Yolanda, "I've arranged for a suite in the main house,

can you have the girl sent to me in half an hour?  I've need to attend

to a few things first."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Yolanda.  "She'll be delivered to your room


Again Shanika was to be an object.  Something to be sent up to this

white lady's suite like breakfast from room service.  She watched as

the woman walked away and disappeared into the main house.

Yolanda led Shanika to the side of the platform, securing her chain to

an iron post set into the ground.  "You'll wait here until it's time

to deliver you to your mistress."

She recognized Shonelle and Traleen as they were led to the auction

block.  Apparently the two sisters were to be sold as a set.  There

was barely room for both of the large light skinned teenagers to

display themselves to the potential buyers.  The bids increased

quickly with three separate parties participating.  The girls finally

went for 950.  Their new master seemed quite pleased to be leading the

two girls towards the main house.

As Shanika watched them heading away she saw a short negro girl

wearing an old cotton skirt and a denim work shirt approached her from

the direction of the main house.  Younger than Shanika, she wore a

bandana over her close cropped hair.  The girl also wore a thick

leather collar fastened with a silver colored buckle around her neck.

"I is s'posed to take you to yo' mistress now," she said, reaching for

the chain that hung from Shanika's collar.  The girl led her at a

slower pace that made it easy for the shackled slave to keep up,

leaving some slack in the chain.

They entered through a service entrance and then went up a narrow

staircase.  Shanika's ankle chain clanked on the wooden steps as she

climbed.  At the top of the stairs the negro girl pushed open a door

and led the chained black woman through.  Shanika felt the plush

carpet under her feet as she was taken down the corridor.  The place

reminded her of a nice hotel.

A heavy set black woman with short graying hair in a faded grey work

dress and white apron was vacuuming floor.  She looked up from her

work and exchanged nods with the girl leading Shanika to her new

mistress's room.  Shanika became more aware of that she was completely

naked and in restraints as the old housekeeper looked right at her,

the gray haired negress's eyes slowly taking in the slave girl's nude


They walked past her and she returned to her task.  The negro girl

knocked on one of the doors and looked Shanika up and down as they

waited for an answer, there eyes met as the door opened.

Helen was wearing a robe and had a towel around her hair.  "Has it

been a half hour already?" she asked.  "Well never mind.  Bring her in

and put her where she'll be out of the way for now."

Shanika felt as if she were luggage being delivered to a traveler's

hotel room.  The negro girl let go of the chain leaving Shanika

standing near the wall in the entrance way.  She looked around her

surroundings and saw a couch and two big easy chairs facing a heavy

wooden coffee table.  A desk and chair were facing a wall with a

doorway in it.  Through the open door, She could see an old fashioned

four poster bed.

"Don't forget, I want champagne sent up on ice in half an hour," Helen

instructed the young negro girl.

"Yes'm.  I won't forget," she answered and left, closing the door

behind her.

Helen took the towel of her head revealing her wet auburn colored

hair.  The white lady stepped into the bathroom and Shanika heard the

sound of a blow dryer start up.  The slave girl stood where she'd been

left and waited, wondering what this white woman was up to.

After a few minutes she heard the blow dryer stop and Helen emerged

from the bathroom still in her robe.  She removed the robe and hung it

up.  She was wearing shear panties but no bra.  Shanika saw her firm

white breasts and pink nipples.  Tan lines clearly showed the contrast

with the rest of her body.  Helen seemed totally oblivious to

Shanika's presence while she put on a shear negligee gown.  She showed

no modesty and made no effort to hide her nudity from the black slave

girl.  It was as if she were dressing in front of a pet.

She briefly stepped back into the bathroom and emerged wearing red

lipstick, spraying herself with perfume.  Finally she walked over to

Shanika, looking her over carefully.

"I didn't get a good chance to look you over properly earlier.  Open

your mouth," she ordered.

Shanika complied and the white lady pulled her bottom lip out and then

the top examining her teeth.

"Lift your arms."

Again, Shanika did as instructed.  "Hmmm, kind of stubbley, but there

isn't much time and it's not that bad," she said to herself.

"Ok.  Come with me," she ordered.  The older woman picked up the chain

on Shanika's collar and led the negro slave girl into the bedroom.

The links jangled as she shuffled where she was pulled to.

"My husband will be here soon and I want everything to be just so for

him.  You are not to speak, just do what I say.  Is that clear?" she


"Yes'm, Miz Helen," replied Shanika.

"Now I want to get these chains off of you.  I'm afraid they'll catch

on my gown."  Helen removed the wrist and ankle cuffs and then looked

her naked slave girl over again.  "You know, I think I'll leave the

collar on.  John will get a thrill out of it."

There was a knock on the door to the outside hall.

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed Helen.  "That might be him.  Quick, I want you

on your knees facing away from the door."

Shanika turned around, her back towards the doorway to the living room

of the suite and got on her knees.

"Now bend over with your face on the floor.  I want your ass up in the


The slave girl bent over pushing her black ass up and placing her face

on the carpeted bedroom floor.

"Spread you legs more.  As far as you can, but keep that ass up."

Helen had lost whatever inhibitions she'd had ordering her black slave

girl to do her bidding.

Shanika complied, spreading her legs as wide as she could as she heard

another knock on the door.

"Stay like that," ordered Helen, who left the bedroom, closing the

door behind her.

Shanika heard muffled voices followed by the outer door closing.

Immediately the bedroom door opened.

"It was just the champagne, but John will be here soon," she said,

thoughtfully inspecting the slave girl, her most private parts

obscenely presented to her.

"Damn, that just won't do," she said, more to herself than to Shanika.

"I like the kneeling and face on the floor, it's so deliciously

submissive.  But I want him to be able to see what he's getting

without crawling around like some animal.  Get up on the bed, same


Climbing on to the bed, Shanika again assumed the position with her

ass in the air, her legs spread wide, her face on the bed.  Apparently

crawling around an animal was fine for the young black slave girl.

"That's good.  He'll be able to see everything this way.  Stay like

that," Helen instructed as she laid out Shanika's chain past the

kneeling negro girl and hung it over the far side of the bed.  Shanika

heard the bedroom door close and she was alone, waiting to be

presented to Helen's husband.

Time progressed slowly for the naked colored girl.  She waited

patiently, bent over as if in supplication.  Her legs spread wide

giving anyone who entered the room an eyeful of black ass and cunt.

She felt her muscles stiffening in the cool air.  She was alone with

the sound of her own breathing and heart beating to keep her company.

After many minutes passed Shanika heard a knock on the outer door.  A

few seconds later she heard muffled voices, a man and a woman.

Helen's husband must be here, she thought.  The voices continued,

broken occasionally by laughter.  After a few minutes she heard a loud

pop, followed by more laughter.  They must have opened the champagne,

thought Shanika.  More time went by, the naked slave girl simply

waited to be used.

Finally she heard the bedroom door open and felt the breeze it stirred

on her bare flesh.

"No peeking, now," laughed Helen.  Shanika couldn't see the door from

her position on the bed but could sense another presence.

"Ok, you can look now," Helen giggled.  "Happy birthday, darling!"

"Holy shit, Helen!" a male voice exclaimed.  "How did you know?  You

know I had a feeling when you called me to come up here, but I

couldn't believe you'd really do it!"

"Well," Helen said softly, "you're a wonderful husband and I thought

'What would John like more than anything?'.  And this is what I came

up with.  A nigger girl for you to use!  She's ours for the rest of

the day."

"I don't know what to say, Helen," the man said, "this is great!"

Shanika heard the sounds of the couple kissing.

"Go ahead, go and touch her.  I know you want to!" said Helen,

obviously pleased by her husbands reaction to her gift.

Shanika shuddered as she felt the man's hands on her ass, gently

caressing her.

"Don't be shy, John.  You can play with her pussy or whatever you

want.  It's ok.  You'll be able to fuck her and everything!  It's not

like your cheating on me with another woman.  It's only a nigger!"

Helen's voice suddenly got sultry.  "But I get to watch."

His hands roamed to her pussy and rubbed the entire length of her

slit.  Shanika wiggled her ass a little in response.  Encouraged, the

caresses continued and she felt his finger penetrate her.

"Wow, she's really wet," said John.  "She must like it like this."  He

put a second finger in Shanika's vagina.

"Probably," said Helen.  "So what do you want to do first?"

"I don't know," replied John.  "This is just so cool!"

"Well, you've been bugging me to go down on you even though you know I

don't like it.  Why don't you have the nigger suck your cock?"

suggested Helen.  "I want some of that cock myself, so if you get off

in the nigger's mouth first I'll be able to get a nice long fucking."

"Sounds good to me.  How about we go in the living room so I can sit

in one of those over-stuffed chairs?" he asked.

"Grab that chain and bring her on out," she replied.

John slipped his fingers out of the slave girl's cunt and grabbed the

chain.  "C'mon, girl.  Let's go, I've got something for you."

Shanika got up and John led her into the living room where Helen was

already waiting.  He undressed and Shanika could see his white cock

was fully erect and throbbing.  He sat in the chair and pulled her

towards him by the chain.  She dropped to her knees, knowing what she

was expected to do.

She started licking the tip of his cock and the up and down the sides.

John moaned with pleasure.  She reached one hand up between his legs

and began caressing his balls as she took his white cock between her

dark lips.  She sucked him and used her tongue on him even while he

was in her mouth.  His hips started bucking gently and she felt his

hands on her stubble covered scalp.

"Oh, yeah," murmured John as Shanika began bobbing her head up and

down over his shaft.  She was slurping loudly as he bucked harder.

Helen got out of her chair and walked behind John's.  She reached over

and began gently rubbing her hands on her husbands chest as the black

girl continued to suck him off.

"You like that, baby?" Helen whispered to him.  "You like having that

nigger suck your cock?"

"Uh, huh."

"Mmmm.  I thought you would," she cooed.  "Just relax and enjoy it.

We've got all night.  You can use her however you want.  She's your

nigger tonight.  All yours, baby.  My gift to you."

John clutched Shanika's head in his hands and thrust his white cock

into the negro girl's mouth faster and faster.

His breath quickened and he groaned.  Both Helen and Shanika knew he

was close.

"You gonna cum now, baby?" asked Helen.  "You gonna cum for me?  All

up in your nigger's face?  That's right, baby, fuck her black face.

Cum in those big soft nigger lips.  It feels good, doesn't it baby?

Your nigger's mouth feels good for you?"

"Oh, yeah," gasped John.  "Oh, yeah."

Suddenly John started cumming, quickly filling Shanika's mouth with

hot sperm.  She continued to suck and tried to swallow as much as she

could, but semen started to leak out from between her lips, running

down his glistening member.

"That's it, baby.  Let it all go.  Keep cumming for me," Helen coaxed

in a husky voice.  "Right in the nigger's face."

He spasmed a couple more times and then relaxed.  Shanika started

licking up the cum that had leaked from her mouth, sucking it up from

the pubic hair on his cock and balls.

Helen came around and kissed him deeply and he released Shanika's head

and put his arms around his wife.  Finished with the tongue bath she

was administering, she moved back out of the way of the couple,

remaining on her knees, waiting for further instructions.

The white woman slid into her husband's lap and they continued to kiss

as John wound down from his orgasm.

"Thank you, darling," he said.  "That was fantastic."

"Well, I'm glad you liked it," she replied and kissed him again before

getting up.  "How about some more champagne?"

Helen walked over to the table where a champagne bottle in an ice

bucket and two champagne glasses sat.  She filled both glasses and

walked over to her husband who stood to accept on of the glasses.

They silently toasted each other, kissed, and went to sit on the couch

to enjoy their drinks.

The couch faced the spot where Shanika kneeled on the floor.  Helen

whispered in her husbands ear and then spoke to the black slave girl.

"Display yourself like you did at the auction, girl," she ordered.

Shanika spread her knees wide and placed her hands behind her head

thrusting her full black breasts forward.  Her chain hung between

them.  There was small amount of semen on one cheek and her chin.

"Isn't that darling?" Helen asked John.  "It almost gets me hot seeing

our little nigger girl showing off like that!"

John stared and the negro slave girl drinking in the sight her

displaying her young black body to him.  "Yeah," he agreed.  "It's


Helen put her hand between her husband's legs.  "My, my, my!" she

laughed.  "I think you'll be ready for action again soon!"

"I think I'm ready now!", he replied, standing up.  He helped Helen up

and the two of them walked to the bedroom.  "You don't mind if I bring

the nigger, too, do you?  I'd love to have her with us.  It'd be like

a threesome."

"You're the birthday boy," she replied, "but this time I get the

present!  Bring her along."  Then she spoke to Shanika.  "Come along,

girl.  Don't get up.  Stay on all fours.  Like a nigger dog."

John picked up Shanika's chain and she put her arms down and leaned

forward on her hands.  The black slave girl followed the white couple

into the bedroom on all fours, led on a leash.  As she went along

behind them like that she couldn't help noticing that tingling feeling

in her stomach and the wetness between her legs.

Helen laid on the bed, opened her gown, revealing her breasts, and

motioned to her husband to join her.  He climbed into bed with her and

sat on his knees looking at her.  Shanika's chain was still in his

hand.  He bent over his wife and began to kiss her pink nipples,

taking one into his mouth and gently sucking on it.  His ass in the

air, he tugged at the slave girls chain.

"Lick my ass, nigger," he ordered, momentarily letting his wife's

nipple slip out of his lips.

Shanika climbed into the bed and put her face up to the white man's

ass.  She began to kiss it.  Again and again, moving closer to his

asshole.  When she reached it, she kissed it a couple of times and

then began to run her tongue over it.  John moaned and his dick jerked

as she pushed her tongue it.  She reached between his legs and started

massaging his balls as she rimmed him.  Moving her hand forward she

started squeezing his raging hard on, causing him to gasp.  Shanika

kept licking, running her tongue between his asshole and balls and

back again, pausing to push it in.  Each time she did it he groaned in

pleasure and pre-cum started dripping from his cock.

Noticing how worked up her husband was, Helen told him, "time to fuck

me.  Time to fuck your baby, Daddy."

"Pull my panties off, nigger," she ordered Shanika.  "Pull them off,

my little black bitch."

The black girl stopped tonguing the white man's ass and moved around

to remove Helen's panties.  The white woman lifted her hips to allow

her slave girl to pull them down her legs and off.  She spread her

legs and her husband got between them, mounting her.

"Now put them over your head, you black bitch," she said.  "No


The panties were wet and smelled of Helen's musk.  Shanika put them on

over her head as ordered.  Even this latest humiliation did nothing to

dampen her arousal.  She listened as John plowed into Helen's cunt.

She could hear the slapping sound of flesh on flesh as he pounded his

wife's pussy.  She almost put her hand between her own legs in order

to get some relief for herself.

"That's it, Daddy.  Fuck baby's pussy.  Fuck it good," cooed the white

woman.  The vigor of John's fucking increased.  "Fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck

me!  Oh, yes.  Yes!  Yes!"  Helen climaxed loudly and her husband

couldn't hold back any longer.

"Here I cum, Baby," he cried.  The bed creaked in time to the married

couple's fucking and gradually slowed as they lay spent.

"Oh, Daddy!" cooed his wife, "you were wonderful!"

Shanika listed as the two gradually caught their breath.  Finally, she

felt the bed bounce a little as John rolled off Helen and lay on his

side next to his wife.

"Daddy?" she said to her husband in a little girl voice.  "Would it be

ok if I have the nigger go down on me?  I've always wanted to see what

it would be like to have another woman eat me."

"I was hoping you'd want to do that!" he replied.  "I fantasize about

that allot."

"Thank you, Daddy!" she exclaimed.

"Ok, girl.  Take those panties off and come and eat me." she said to

Shanika.  "Suck all that cum out of my pussy like a good nigger."

The slave girl took her mistress's wet panties off her head and saw

the white woman lying before her with her legs spread.  Her husband's

semen was leaking out of her pussy.  Some in her curly brown pubic

hair and some in a puddle on the sheet between her legs.

Shanika had never gone down on a woman before.  She hadn't even had a

lesbian experience until the day of her interview.  That was just

getting fondled a little by Debbie, and last night she was on the

receiving end from Shonelle and Traleen.  She considered herself

completely straight and didn't find the prospect of eating Helen's

cream pie very appetizing.  But she was a slave and she must service

her mistress.

The colored girl leaned forward on her hands and knees and crawled

between the white woman's legs.  She put her mouth right in front her

mistress's sticky, wet, cum covered pussy.

"Kiss it!" ordered Helen.  "Kiss it, you black bitch."

Shanika pressed her black face into the white woman's crotch and

kissed her.  Then again.  She could feel the the combination of semen

and pussy juice smeared on her as she put her lips to Helen's freshly

fucked pussy.  She kissed it a few more times before she poked her

pink tongue from between her brown lips and started licking.  She

pushed her tongue into her hairy white cunt and started lapping up

mess left by the woman's husband.

Helen responded by closing her thighs on the negro girl's head,

moaning with pleasure.

"Oh, you are a good little pussy licker.  Such a good licker!" she


The black girl continued to lap at the white woman's cunt and then

started to flick her clit with her tongue.  Helen responded with

another loud moan and squeezed Shanika's head tighter between her

thighs.  Her hips started bucking, literally masturbating herself on

negro slave's black face.  Shanika licked and sucked furiously.

"That's it, my little nigger pussy girl.  Lick me good.  Suck my

pussy, my little black bitch.  Make me cum."

The bed creaked in time to Helen's thrusts.  Shanika could barely

breath as she continued to service her mistress.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she cried.  "Oh, kiss me, Daddy.  I'm almost there!" she

said to her husband.  At that Shanika felt new wetness on her face as

the white woman climaxed.  "Mmmm," she moaned.

At last her humping subsided and she released her grip on her slave

girl's head.  Shanika sat back, gulping for air.  The scent of the

white woman was strong and the black girls face was shiny with her

juices.  She saw that Helen had her arms around her husband and he

held her as she came down from her orgasm.

Shanika just sat there on her knees, waiting for further orders, as

the mix of pussy juice and semen dried on her face.  Her own pussy

throbbed with unsatisfied desire.

"Damn, that was hot, baby," said John breathlessly.  "I always

imagined what it would be like to see you with another woman, but that

was incredible."

Helen looked up at him.  "I thought so, too."  She pulled him toward

her and kissed him again.

"You're not going to believe this, baby, but I'm ready to go again,"

he said, "I mean that was so hot, I'd have to be dead not to get hard

again after seeing it."

"But, Daddy, your baby's exhausted!" she complained.  "Why don't you

use the nigger's pussy?  I bet she's ready to be fucked."

"Her face is a mess," said John.

"Then bend her over and fuck her!" replied Helen.  "C'mon, Daddy,

Hurry up and use the nigger's pussy and come back to me!"

"Turn around and bend over, nigger.  Time for you to get some white

cock in you," he ordered Shanika.

The cum covered negro girl turned around on her elbows and knees,

displaying her sex to the white man.

"Oooh, look!," exclaimed Helen.  "She's just like a little nigger

monkey presenting like that!  Use her, Daddy.  I want to see you use

the little black bitch."

Her husband required no further prompting.  He went up to Shanika and

easily slid his stiff white cock into her wet black pussy and started

pumping with no preliminaries.  He fucked her hard and fast.  Shanika

gasped and her chain jingled melodically with each stroke.  She had

been denied any pleasure for herself up to now and she was ready to

explode.  She could feel his balls slapping against her and his hands

gripping her hips.  She could tell an orgasm was building up inside

her just as John grunted and ejaculated weakly inside her leaving her

frustrated and unsatisfied.

"Oh, man," he said as he lay beside his wife.  "I've had it.  I

thought I could fuck that nigger bitch all night, but that's all I've


Shanika, not knowing what else to do, remained on her elbows and

knees, her cum covered face resting on the mattress at the foot of the

bed.  Her ass was in the air and a little semen ran out of her used

black pussy and down one leg.  She wished that John could have lasted

a little longer, she had been so close.

Helen rolled on her side and ran her fingers through her husband's

chest hair.  Then she looked at Shanika.  "All right, fun's over.  Off

the bed, nigger.  Get on the floor where you belong."

The black slave girl got off the bed and laid on the floor at the foot

of the bed like she was the family dog.  Meanwhile the white couple

held each other in post-coital bliss.

She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew, daylight

was streaming in the bedroom window.  John and Helen were stirring in

their bed.  Shanika was cold and stiff on the floor, a crust of dried

cum on her face and between her legs.

"Well, Daddy, it isn't your birthday anymore, but you're present's

still here," she giggled.

"Sorry, baby.  I'm not recharged yet.  Maybe twenty years ago I'd be

raring to go," he explained.

"Ok," she said, "I'll call and have them take her back.  I've got to

take a shower."

Helen picked up the phone next to the bed.  "This is room 205.  Could

you send someone up to take this nigger away?"  There was a pause.

"That's right, we're through with her now.  Thanks."

In a few minutes there was a knock at the door.  "Time for you to go,

girl," she said to Shanika.  She handed the slave girl the ankle and

wrist cuffs.  "I'm sure they'll want these back, too."

Helen went to the door with her slave in tow.  The same negro girl in

the bandana and work shirt was there.  "Here girl, we're all done with

this nigger."  She handed the negro girl Shanika's chain.

"Yes, ma'am," said the girl who then pulled on the slave's chain and

led the naked black girl to the service stairway.

Once again, they encountered the old cleaning lady pushing a

housekeeping cart.  The gray haired black woman looked Shanika over,

Shanika lowered her head in shame knowing what a sight she must be.

She was led down the stairs and outside into the sunlight.  The negro

girl pulled on Shanika's chain to hurry her towards the slave barn

where she would be made presentable again.

Chapter 6 - The Departure

It was hard to imagine that the weekend was almost over.  It seemed

like a long time since she'd started out down the path that led here,

but a week ago she hadn't even heard of the Plantation Club.

This time it was the young negro girl who led Shanika to the wash

stall in the barn.  "No need to shave that coochie since you be goin'

back today," she said.  The girl looked the other way as the slave

girl squatted over the drain and relieved herself.  She soaped her up,

scrubbed her, and turned the hose on her.

Yolanda appeared as the negro girl finished hosing Shanika off.

"Massa Richards wants to see you," she said.

She picked up the black slave girl's chain and led her from the barn,

and across the courtyard to the main house, Shanika shuffled her

shackled feet in an effort to keep up with older black woman.  Yolanda

pulled Shanika along into the house, past the service stairs leading

to the guest rooms, and down a plushly carpeted hallway.  They came to

a door marked 'Private'.

"When you're presented to Massa Richards, you will display yourself

properly.  Hands behind head, chest out, legs spread, eyes down.  Is

that clear, missy?"  Yolanda asked.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Shanika.

"Good."  Yolanda knocked on the door.

"Come, in," called Richards from inside.  Yolanda opened the door and

led the chained slave girl into the room.  He sat in a leather

upholstered chair behind a large wooden desk.  There were two similar

chairs in front of the desk, presumably for visitors, but he made no

indication to the two black women to sit.

Shanika stood in front of Mr. Richards desk as she had been

instructed.  He watched as she spread her legs apart as far as the

ankle chain allowed, clasping her hands behind her head.  Yolanda

stood to one side, holding Shanika' chain.

"So, girl, how have you enjoyed your time here with us?" he asked the

black slave standing naked in front of him.

"I likes it jes fine, Massa," she replied, continuing to look down at

the desk top.

"Good, good," he said, coming around from behind the desk.  He looked

at Yolanda.  "Wait outside, Yolanda," he said to her.

"Yes, Massa," she said, letting Shanika's chain down.  She left the

room and closed the door.

"It's my custom to photograph every slave that serves at the club," he

said, opening one of the desk drawers.  He produced a camera and

pointed it at her and the flash went off.  "Open your mouth," he

ordered.  She complied and the flash went off again.

He walked slowly around the colored girl, drinking in the vision of

the chained slave displaying her naked black body for his pleasure.

He lined up a full length shot from behind her and snapped the


"Bend over as far as you can," he instructed.  She did as she was told

and he took another picture.  "Good.  Now stand back up and turn to

one side, so I can get a profile."  Again she complied.  The camera

flashed.  "Now face me."  She turned to face the camera, her mouth

still open.  Another flash.  "Hands down, mouth closed."  Flash.

"Eyes up.  Look at me."  Flash.  "Excellent!"

He sat in the guest chair directly in front of her and reached between

her legs, stroking her black pussy.  "Excellent," he said softly,

"nice and wet.  Just the way a nigger girl should be."

Shanika had been aware of her growing arousal and could feel the

dampness between her legs.  His touch brought her pleasure and she

squatted slightly to give him fuller access to her sex.  She closed

her eyes as he reached his free hand up and began to caress her heavy

black breasts.

"Mmmm," she murmured as her excitement mounted.

"What's wrong, girl?" he asked quietly, "didn't you get to cum enough?

I would have thought a fine negress like you would have been fucked


"No, Massa," she replied, her voice husky, "my massas dint let me cum

at all.  Only time I cummed wuz when Miz Debbie made two nigger girls

suck my coochie."

"Poor, nigger.  Would you like to cum now?" he asked as he rubbed her

pussy faster, slipping a finger into her with each stroke.

"Yessa, Massa.  Ah sho' do wants to cum," she gasped.

"Ok," he said, withdrawing his hand.  "Sit in the chair.  I want to

watch you make yourself cum."

Shanika opened her eyes, disappointed that he wasn't going to bring

her off.  But she needed to cum bad.  She quickly shuffled over to the

other guest chair.  She stumbled, causing her chains to jangle, and

then sat in the chair, spreading her legs wide and reaching her

shackled hands down to her crotch and began rubbing herself furiously

as the white man looked on.  Her breathing quickened as she got


"You must ask me permission to cum, girl.  Niggers can't cum without

asking first," he said.

The chains on Shanika's manacles jingled almost continuously as she

masturbated.  "Please, Massa, kin I cum?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes, girl," he replied gently.  "Cum for your master."

"Oh, ah, ah," she cried out lost in the throws of her orgasm.  She

barely noticed the flashes of the camera.  She was still breathing

hard when she heard him open the door to let Yolanda back in.

Shanika's scent was heavy in the air.  She looked up and saw

Mr. Richards and Yolanda looking down at her.  Her hands were still

between her legs.  She felt very exposed like this having just shared

this most intimate act with the older white man.  Her legs gaped wide

open, her black pussy glistened.

"Stand up, girl," said Yolanda, picking up her chain.  Shanika stood.

"Display," she commanded.  The slave girl resumed the position she had

been taught.  Her heart was still beating rapidly, having not

recovered completely from her self induced climax.

Mr. Richards stood beside his desk.  Shanika stood before him, her

chest out, her legs spread, and her hands behind her head.

"Your contract is up today and you'll be transported back in a little

while.  You've done well here this weekend.  You're a good slave and a

fine nigger," he praised her.  "Please contact us again.  You'll be

welcome here."

"Thank you, Massa," replied the slave girl.  Without prompting, she

got on her knees, bent forward, and placed her head on the floor in

front of her master's feet, resting it there for a moment.  Then she

kissed each foot and got back on her feet.

Touched by her submissive display, he reached out and touched her

cheek.  She turned her head and kissed his hand.

"You are one fine negress for sure," he said.  "I do hope you'll be


He looked at the older black woman. "Yolanda," he said, "you may go


Yolanda jerked on the chain and Shanika turned and followed her out of

Mr. Richard's office.  His eyes followed the slave girl's black ass as

she shuffled away.

The colored lady led her, still in her chains, across the courtyard.

Slave girls were being brought out and put in their stations for

display and the white men were circulating amongst them, inspecting

their potential purchases.

Shanika could see the van waiting ahead.  Yolanda led the shackled

black slave girl to the rear door and opened it.  She removed the

cuffs and collar from the naked colored girl.  It felt strange to

Shanika to be entirely free of her bonds.  She looked longingly over

the scene before her, feeling a twinge of excitement as she recalled

her own moment on the auction block.

"Get in and get dressed, girl," said Yolanda.  Shanika leaned forward

and kissed the older black lady on the lips before climbing into the


Yolanda smiled, a little surprised at the display.  "Oh, you'll be

back, missy," she said.  "You'll be back."

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