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Shanika at the Plantation Club

Part 2

Shanika at the Plantation Club

by Neal

Chapter 7 - The Return

Several weeks had passed since Shanika's weekend at the Plantation

Club.  Some mornings she would wake having dreamed she was still

there: naked and chained, standing on the auction block, the lust in

the eyes of the white folks as they bid their money for her black


As she came out of her slumber, she'd become aware of her

surroundings: her bedroom in her apartment, the sounds of the city

outside her window.  Gradually the clarity of the dream would begin to

fade until nothing remained except a slight sense of longing and a

tingling feeling deep inside her.

It almost seemed like a lifetime ago for her, even though her hair had

only now grown to be stylishly short instead of slave stubble.  Had it

really been her?, she thought.  The whole adventure seemed like a

dream and lately her mind had kept wandering back there.

In the end all it took was a phone call.  The arrangements were made

and here she was, stepping off the bus and walking to where the van

waited to return her to that other life.  She recognized Steve the

driver as he watched her approach.

"Well, well, well," he leered.  "Looks who's back.  I was hoping I

hadn't seen the last of you."  He climbed out of the van and went

around the back to open the door.  Shanika followed without speaking.

"Hop in, nigger," he said.  "Get those clothes off.  You know what to


She stepped through the door into the van.  She'd forgotten how

exposed she felt undressing here, just a few feet from the sidewalk

where the occasional pedestrian walked by.  Nobody seemed to look her

way, though, except for Steve.  She had his full attention.  Shanika

pulled her tee shirt off and slipped off her sandals.  She came

dressed in clothing that would be easy to get out of knowing that

she'd be traveling nude.  Like a slave.

"That's ok, take your time," he encouraged her, "I could watch you all


She pulled down her pants together with her panties revealing her

naked black pussy.  Although she had let her hair grow back, she chose

to keep her pubic area shaved.

"Ah!" exclaimed Steve, "bald coochie!  Damn, girl!  You're making it

hard for me to keep from just jumping up in there and havin' me some

of that!"  Her face burned with embarrassment as she noticed that an

elderly white couple looked her way from the sidewalk having overheard

Steve's outburst.  She doubted that they could see her in the shadow

inside the van, but she felt exposed anyway.

He licked his lips as she removed her bra, her full black breasts

spilling out.  He watched intently as she bent over to put her clothes

in an empty box on the floor, displaying her ample negro ass to the

grinning white man.

"Now that is one fine booty, I'm tellin' you.  I mean, even for a

nigger that's a fine booty."  He paused for a long moment.  "Well,

might as well get comfortable for the ride.  Two more to go and it's

off to the ranch."

Steve's comments made her flush with shame.  It was if he was admiring

a prize animal instead of a young woman.  But mixed with the shame,

she felt that familiar tingle again.

He closed the door and she stepped through the curtain into the dimly

lit cargo area.  A very large, very dark black woman with short

cropped hair sat on the left bench.  She looked up and smiled at

Shanika.  Next to her sat an older, perhaps in her late thirties,

colored lady of average proportions.  This woman had very distinct

African features: broad nose, thick lips, dark skin, short nappy hair.

She, too, smiled at Shanika as she looked around to see her fellow

human cargo.

On the right sat Nydia, who Shanika remembered from her first journey

to the club.  She sat down next to her.

"Well, girl, where've you been?" asked Nydia.  "I thought fer sure you

be back sooner den dis."

"It took me a while to work up the nerve to come back," she replied.

"I just couldn't believe how it was there and how I felt about it."

"I knows what you mean," said Nydia.  "When I first gots home, it just

didn't seem real.  Like it didn't really happen.  But I kept thinking

'bout it all da time."

Shanika nodded.  "Yeah, it was strange.  I mean those white folks

treated me like I was some kind of thing.  Leading me around like a

dog.  The way they looked at me...  The way they used me for their own

pleasure like I didn't matter.  Like I was a sex toy or something.

Something to fuck.  Something to amuse them.  It was so humiliating

and degrading.

"But... I don't know... something about it was exciting.  I got so

turned on by it.  But I was so ashamed that I liked it.  To be treated

like an animal.  Like a slave.  It was so confusing.  But at the end I

just gave myself over to it.  When I got home I couldn't believe what

I'd done there.

Nydia smiled at her.  "I knows it, girl.  An' now you knows it.  It's

what I trys to tell you las' time."

The two black women sitting across from them were listening as they

spoke.  "That's why I come back," said the older one.  "My name is

Yvonne.  I don't mean to butt in, but that's exactly why I come back.

It ain't for the money.  It's for the thrill of it."  She lowered her

voice.  "My husband thinks I'm visiting my momma.  He just can't do it

for me like this.  When we're having sex, I'm thinking of those horny

white men.  He never looks at me like they do.  They see a sexual

animal when they look at me.  A bitch in heat.  A nigger.  None of 'em

care if I get off or not.  Neither does my boring husband.  But he

just goes through the motions like he don't care.  Those white men

love to use me.  And so help me, I love it, too."

The big colored girl joined the conversation.  "I'm Bernetha," she

said.  "I used to work in an office.  The people there made me feel

bad 'cause I was so big.  I could tell the way they talked.  I know

they was makin' jokes 'bout me.  I couldn't stand it.  But at the club

it's all different.  I been there a bunch of times.  Those men be hot

for me!  They think I'm sexy and they want me bad.  A couple of times

at the auction I went for more than any of the other girls there."

Just then they heard the van door open up.

"Get on up in there you two," said Steve.  The women heard footsteps

on the other side of the curtain.  "Now get them clothes off!"

"But people might see us!," complained a female voice.

"Tough shit," scoffed Steve.  "You better get used to it.  Niggers

wearin' clothes.  Tha's just stupid.  Don't you worry none 'bout that.

Jes get yo' black asses naked and do it now!"

"I tol' you already," said a second female voice.  "You do like you


"You listen' to yo' momma, girl," Steve said.  No more complaints were

heard, just the sounds of the two unseen females undressing.

"All right then," spoke the driver.  They heard the door shut and two

women entered from behind the curtain.

One was thick though not fat and appeared to be the same age as

Yvonne.  The other couldn't have been much older than eighteen.  She

was very dark and had big soft brown eyes that looked around at her

fellow passengers, clearly uncomfortable to be seen this way.  Her

long thin braids hung down past her shoulders.

They settled on the bench opposite Shanika, the young black girl

sitting nervously with her hands clasped in her lap.

The motor started and they began to move.

"Is this your first time?" asked Shanika.

The girl nodded looking at the floor.  The older one addressed them

all.  "I'm Maya, and this is my daughter Darla."  Darla looked around

at the others as her mother introduced her.  "She got no use for

school, jus' boys.  Well, she'll get plenty of that where we goin'."

"That's fo' sho'," said Nydia.  "Them white boys'll want some of that,

girl.  You just do like they say, an' you be fine.  Don' you worry


"I know," answered Darla.  And then to her mother, "I said I could do

this.  You'll see."

They rode on in silence.  After a while they turned down the rough

road and were almost there.  The trip didn't seem as long to Shanika

this time.  Finally they stopped and the rear door opened.

Steve pulled the curtain aside and outside light poured in.  The naked

black slave girls blinked at the sudden change in brightness.

"You all been here before," he said opening the foot locker where

their shackles were stored.  "You know what to do.  Get those collars

and cuffs on and be quick about it."

They each gathered up the hardware that they'd be wearing during their

stay at the club and began to put it on.  Darla looked frightened at

this in spite of her brave talk earlier.  Maya, having finished

putting the steel collar and manacles on herself, helped her daughter.

The young girl shuddered as the collar clicked around her lovely brown


In spite of her growing nervousness, Shanika could feel the excitement

between her legs as she finished putting the cuffs on.  The driver

looked up at her as he finished attaching the chain between her


"You one excitable nigger, ain't you?" he said and reached his hand

between Shanika's legs.  "You soaking wet!  Fuckin' A!"

Shanika looked away from him, embarrassed by her condition.  All the

other women looked away, too, except for Darla who watched with her

eyes wide.

"Shit.  You so fuckin' wet, they gonna think I busted a nut up in

there," said the driver.  "Bend over, nigger, and show me that ass.  I

might as well get some of that coochie now."

This humiliation only made her more excited.  She turned away from the

white man and bent over, resting her hands on the bench.  Her chains

jangled as she moved.  She could here the clanking of the other women

shifting around.  She heard the drivers zipper and then felt his cock

enter her wet black cunt.

"See, it slides right in."  Steve was breathless.  "You sure are one

hot nigger bitch."  He slammed his dick into her again and again.  The

sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the van along with the

scent of her musk.  He grunted which each thrust and her chains

jingled in response.

Two minutes was all he could last.  "Take it, bitch," he growled.  She

felt him ejaculate into her wet black pussy.  His cock started

softening immediately and he withdrew from her and slapped her on the

ass.  "That's a girl.  You like that white cock, don't you?" he asked.

"Yas, suh," she agreed though she hadn't been close to cumming.

"All right, fun's over.  Stand up," he ordered, pulling his pants up.

Shanika turned and stood.  She could feel his semen running down her

leg as he attached the chains between the slave's collars.  She looked

around at the other women who had just witnessed the driver using her

to relieve his excitement.

He led them out, with Shanika in the lead.  He like to have whichever

negress he'd just used as the first of the daisy chain of slave girls.

She surveyed the scene before her.  Nothing had changed.  The slave

barn, the main house, the platform, and the auction block were just as

she remembered them.  It was early, and only a few men had wandered

over to check out the new merchandise.  Soon enough she'd be on the

block and off to satisfy some white man's lust.

Yolanda came through the small crowd and accepted the chain from Steve

the driver.  She looked over the slave women, her eyes stopping

momentarily on the trail of wetness on Shanika's thigh.  She looked up

at the driver who met her gaze.

"She was like that," he lied.

"Yes, Massa," she replied.

Steve closed the van door and made his way towards the main house.

Yolanda led the chain of slaves to the barn to be prepared for display

and eventual sale.

"Well, missy, I see Massa Steve has a new favorite," she observed.

Shanika felt her cheeks grow hot with shame knowing that the older

woman had noticed she had just been fucked.

"No matter," she continued, "we'll get you all cleaned up now."

As they entered the barn, Shanika noticed another slave was being

washed ahead of them.  Mr. Richards stood nearby watching the

proceedings.  He came over to Yolanda when he saw her with the captive

colored women and looked each one over.

"Hmmm," he said.  "What is it about these braids that I love so well?"

Then he focused on Darla's face instead of her hair.  "How old are you


Darla looked back at her mother and then to Mr. Richards again.

"Uh... eighteen?" she stammered.

"Yolanda, leave the braids on the girl, shear the rest," he said.

He then turned to Shanika and reached out to touch her cheek.  "I

remember you, girl.  I was hoping you'd come back."  He looked her up

and down, noticing her bare pussy and raising his eyebrows before

looking back at her face.  "Nice."

Shanika looked into the older white gentleman's eyes for a moment and

then looked down and smiled, a little embarrassed.  "Thank you,

Massa," she said, "I's honored you remember dis nigger."

"Nice," he said again.  At that he walked away and outside.

The older colored lady turned to the slave girl.  "My, oh, my.  I

think he might want you for himself, missy."  She unclipped the next

girl's chain from Shanika's collar and led her to the stall.

"No need to shave that coochie, is there?" she said as she sheared off

Shanika's short nappy hair with the electric clippers.

"No, ma'am," she replied.

"Let's go over here now."  Yolanda led the hairless slave girl to the

hose stall.  "If you've got to go, you better do it now."

Shanika was feeling good about herself, remembering the warm tingly

sensation she got from pleasing the Massa.  This new humiliation,

however, urinating in front of Yolanda and the slave girls like an

animal, brought her quickly back down to earth.  She looked at the

ground as she squatted over the drain and emptied her bladder under

the older woman's watchful eye.

When she was finished peeing she looked up at her fellow slaves.  They

all were looking away except for Darla who stared with a panicked look

on her face.  Obviously the young black girl hadn't been prepared for

this kind of degrading display.  She was starting to realize what she

was in for.

Yolanda got out the brush and bucket of soapy water and began to scrub

Shanika down.  The bristles were harsh on her sensitive flesh,

especially her nipples and tender, recently used pussy.  Next she felt

the cold shock of the water from the hose as Yolanda rinsed her off.

Next it was Darla's turn.  The young woman stood stoicly as Yolanda

shaved her pussy hair off.  Led over to the drain, the older woman

told her to squat.  Darla shook her head.

"Listen to me, missy," scolded Yolanda, "you better not be pissing out

in the auction yard.  Massa will have you whipped for that.  Best you

do it now."

"I can't," whimpered the young negro girl, "not with everyone


"That's too bad.  Don't cry later that you weren't warned," Yolanda

told her.  She proceeded to begin scrubbing the colored teen with the

rough brush causing her to start fussing.  She cried out as the brush

scrubbed over her black nipples and pressed her thighs together as

Yolanda went to scrub her freshly shaved crotch.

"You better open those legs, girl," warned Yolanda.

"No!" cried Darla, "that brush hurts!"

Whap!  Whap!  Yolanda slapped the insolent slave girl twice across the

face.  "What did you say to me?"  Yolanda was angry.  "The word no

isn't in your vocabulary anymore, missy.  You'll do what you're told,

and you'll do it immediately!"

"It hurts!" whimpered the shocked teen, her eyes wet with tears.  "Not

on my pussy.  Please ma'am?"

"Open those legs now, bitch!" Yolanda ordered, "or you'll be sorry for

your disobedience.  Massa would be happy to have you whipped."

Still sniveling, Darla parted her legs.  Yolanda scrubbed her crotch

hard causing the poor negro girl to cry out in pain.

"Don't you *ever* disobey me again," the colored lady said in a voice

that made the teen cringe.  "This is your first time here so I won't

report you.  Believe me, if I did, you'd be the main event on the

whipping post.  Then you'd wish all that was happening was getting

your nasty coochie scrubbed."

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I swear I'll do what you say," sobbed the girl.

"I'll pee now if you want."

"Well, all right then," Yolanda said, her voice softening, "that's a

good girl."

Darla squatted over the drain, her eyes red, tears still running down

her face.  Her vagina burned where the brush had rubbed her raw.

Slowly she began to release her piss, first in fits and starts, then

in a steady stream.  Afterwards Yolanda rinsed the humiliated girl

down with cold water from the hose and returned her, shaking, to stand

with the other slaves.  She couldn't look the others in the face, not

even her own mother.

Yolanda led the big colored girl over to the stall to be shorn.  She

stood quietly as her hair was clipped off.  Like Shanika, Bernetha's

pussy was already bare.  She didn't flinch as she was scrubbed with

soapy water, even lifting her breasts so that Yolanda could get under

the huge black udders.

Eventually all the slaves were ready for display and Yolanda chained

them together again and led them outside into the hot sunlight.  The

number of bidders had grown slightly in the time the negro girls were

being shorn, shaved, and scrubbed.  Each of them were led to their

individual stations, a stool beside the exterior wall of the slave

barn, and had their collar chain attached to a nearby anchor point.

"Don't forget, girls, hands behind head, chest out, legs spread,"

Yolanda reminded them, "look pretty for the Massas and Mistresses."

Bidders circulated amongst the displayed colored girls.  Darla was

attracting a lot of attention, as the younger slaves usually did.

Shanika watched as she assumed the position as she'd been instructed

when a potential buyer approached her.  Beyond her, Shanika saw

Darla's mother, Maya, sitting on her stool with her legs spread,

showing her coochie off to an older white man.  Shanika looked the

other way and saw a white couple speaking to Nydia.  Past her, the big

girl, Bernetha, was bent over with a young white man enjoying the view

of her big black ass.  She could just see Yvonne further along, her

hands clasped behind her head.

Shanika displayed her black body for a thirtyish white man who

approached her.  "Let's see your pussy," he ordered.  She sat on the

stool and spread her legs.  He looked her over without further words

before moving on towards Darla.

Few of the other men spoke to her.  Displaying her front to them and

turning was usually what they wanted to see, though more than a few

liked to check out the coochie.

As this went on, Yolanda brought other girls out.  Probably for

resale, thought Shanika, since they hadn't come out with her in the

van.  She recognized a few, the teenage sisters Shonelle and Traleen,

though their aunt Geraldine was nowhere to be seen.  She remembered

the pregnant girl from her last visit, though she seemed ready to

burst now.  Even the older skinny negress who didn't make minimum bid

was chained to the wall in the display area.  Shanika still felt a

little sorry for the poor woman and the way she'd been led from the

auction block like a dog on her hands and knees for fifty dollars.

Finally, the auction was about to start.  Mr. Richards stood up to the

podium and the bidders began to take there seats on the benches in

front of the platform.  Yolanda led the first slave to be sold up to

the block.  It was Darla, the young negro teen.

"What do I hear for this fine young nigger?" asked Mr. Richards.  "I

understand she's just eighteen years old.  Maybe she's no virgin, but

she's pretty and I bet she's nice and tight.  I think we can safely

start at 250."

The bidding was fast and furious.  Darla was obviously a prize slave

girl.  Shanika saw Maya looking on as her teenage daughter was sold

for 650 to a well dressed older white gentleman.  He beamed as he

accepted her chain from Yolanda and led her towards the main house.

Maya was next.  She had half hoped that Darla's buyer would have stuck

around and bought her, too.  Some Massas liked to have mother and

daughter to use together.  Not this time, though.  She was pretty,

with smooth brown skin, a little on the thick side with nice full

breasts.  Maya was sold for 400 to couple of young white men who might

have been college students.

Yolanda then came for Shanika and led her to the auction block.  This

was the scene she kept playing over and over in her head since her

first visit.  She'd even dreamed of it.  Now it was real, she thought,

as she climbed the stairs and turned to face the crowd in display

position, chest out, legs spread as far as the shackles and chains on

her ankles allowed.

"Now this nigger really understands her place in our world," said

Mr. Richards.  "I promise you won't be disappointed with her.  Fine

looking, well behaved, and hot to trot to boot.  What am I offered for

her?  Who'll give me 100?"

There were only a couple of bidders for her, but finally Shanika went

for 450 to the thirtyish white man who spoke to her earlier.  He was

ordinary looking, brown hair, green eyes, average build.  She noticed

he wore a wedding ring.  Yolanda handed the collar chain over to him.

"Thank you for buying me, Massa," Shanika said to the man, her eyes

respectfully downcast.

Once again, naked, shorn, shaved, and shackled, Shanika was the

property of a white stranger.

Chapter 8 - The First Time

Shanika's new owner tugged on her chain.  "Let's go, girl," he said

and led her away towards the main house.

Shanika had never entered the main house other than by the service

door until this time.  Right in through the main entrance and into the

lobby the white man pulled her along.  He brought her right up to the

front desk.

Shanika saw that Debbie, the petite young white girl, was behind the

counter.  She was dressed in a grey jacket with a white blouse.  She

was wearing bright red lipstick, her blonde hair was tied back in a

pony tail with a scrunchie.  She took a condescending look at the

black slave girl as she shuffled behind her master with her chains

rattling.  Shanika felt totally out of place in these surroundings as

she stood there nude, shorn, no makeup whatsoever: a naked beast

standing amongst the well dressed guests in a luxury hotel.  Her

cheeks burned with shame

"May I help you?" Debbie asked, smiling broadly, her blue eyes

sparkling as she turned to the white man.

"Yes, I have a reservation for Howard.  A suite," he replied.

"209," said Debbie.  "Your wife already checked in."  Debbie glanced

at Shanika again and winked at her.

"Thanks," he said.

He led Shanika to the broad staircase that went up from the lobby to

second floor suites.  She struggled a little on the carpeted stairs

with her ankles chained together.  He knocked on the door of suite


A short brunette haired woman opened the door and let him in.  He

tugged Shanika in after him and closed the door.

"Is Brian here, Cheryl?" he asked.

"No," replied his wife.  "I wanted to wait to see what you came up

with before I got him.  I'm still not sure this a good idea, Matt."

"Believe me, hon, it's for the best," said Matt.  "He's of an age now

that he'll just get into trouble.  This way his curiosity is satisfied

with no angry phone calls from some girl's father."

"I don't know..." Cheryl looked the chained negro slave girl over.

"Isn't she a little old?  Couldn't you get one that was closer to

Brian's age?"

"There was this one girl they said was eighteen," he replied, "She

would have been perfect.  I just wasn't ready to spend 650 for her.

This suite is already costing us plenty.  I even had to pay 450 for

this nigger here!"

Cheryl still hadn't taken her eyes off of Shanika, who stood by humbly

in her chains, listening to them discuss her purchase price and how

she wasn't his first choice.

"How old are you, girl?" she asked naked black slave.

"Twenty eight, ma'am," Shanika replied without taking her eyes off the


"Well, that's not too bad," said Cheryl.  "At least she's younger than

we are."

"Go ahead and fetch Brian now," Matt instructed his wife.  "I'll get

the nigger ready."

"Ok," replied the white woman.  "I brought some clothes for the girl

to wear.  Get those chains off her and get her dressed.  I don't want

my son's first experience to be so... so...  rude.  I'm uncomfortable

with this enough as it is."

"Don't worry, hon," he said.  "It's going to be fine.  You'll see."

"And another thing, Matt," she looked sternly at her husband.  "I

don't want you messing around with this slave girl.  She's supposed to

be for Brian."

"I'm telling you, don't worry!" the white man was exasperated.

Shanika was embarrassed to be here hearing all this.  They spoke in

front of her like she wasn't ever there.  She couldn't believe what

these white folks were up to.

"I'll be back soon."  Cheryl let herself out leaving Matt alone with

his black slave.

The white man looked at her naked brown body, his eyes lingering on

her full, saggy breasts, her belly, and her smooth shaved pussy.  He

reached out and ran his hand over her soft warm flesh, taking extra

time to touch her breasts and gently pinch her nipples.  He let his

hand drop lower and she parted her thighs to give him access to her

vagina.  He caressed her pussy with the palm of his hand, running a

finger up and down her slit.  She could feel her heart beating faster,

her breath quicken, and the growing dampness between her legs.

He noticed her reactions to his touch and looked her in the face.  His

green eyes meeting her dark brown ones.

"You feel nice," he said.  "Too bad I promised I wouldn't fuck you."

His hand was still at her pussy, stroking her.  She closed her eyes

and let herself forget the humiliating circumstances and concentrate

on her arousal and the pleasure she felt at his touch.  She let out a

whimper and parted her thighs even wider as he penetrated her with a

finger.  She felt his other hand on her breast, gently brushing his

fingers on her brown skin.

"I can't help myself, girl," Matt finally said.  He dropped his hands

from her body and walked over to one of the easy chairs, dropped his

pants, and sat down.  "Come over here and suck me off."

Shanika was disappointed that Matt withdrew his touch, but did as she

was told.  She shuffled over in front of where he sat, her chains

jingling softly.  She got on her knees, awkwardly since her wrists and

ankles were each shackled together, leaned her bald head forward and

began to lick the white man's cock and balls.

"Ahh," he moaned as she took him between her thick African lips and

began to gently suck on the head of his penis.  He reached his hands

out and felt the scratchy stubble on her head, holding it as she began

to move her mouth up and down over his shaft.  Completely losing

himself in the act he started fucking the black girls face.  Shanika

choked a little, but continued to suck her master's white cock.

"Oh, fuck," he said in a husky voice, "fuck, oh, fuck!"  Shanika felt

his hot semen flood into her mouth.  She tried to swallow it, but

there was more than she could take and some leaked out of her lips.

He relaxed his grip on her head and she could feel him softening in

her mouth.  When he opened his eyes and looked down at her he could

see her looking back at him, her big brown eyes meeting his gaze, his

cock still in her mouth, cum running down her chin into his pubic


"Don't tell my wife about this," he said.  "She'd flip out."

"No, Massa," Shanika answered.  "I won't tell her yo' bizness."

"You are one great cock sucker, girl," said the white man, "my wife

could learn a lot from you."  He paused.  "But she can't know about


"No, suh, Massa," said the slave girl, "dis nigga won't tell.  I clean

you up good now."  Shanika licked up the cum from his flaccid cock and

sucked the drops from his hair.  He watched as she finished and

straightened up.  Still on her knees she sat back from him, wiped the

semen from her chin on her hand, and licked it off.

"Ok," he said, "now to get those chains off and some clothes on."  He

gazed down at her as he leaned forward.  She offered her wrists to him

and he removed the shackles.  Then he took off the collar.  She lay on

her back and raised her feet to him so he could get the ankle cuffs

off her.

He looked down at her with the ankle chains in his hand, her legs

slightly spread.  She noticed where he was looking and spread her legs

wider, providing her master with a nice view of her sex.  Presenting

herself like that always pleased the white men and make her feel sexy.

"Enough of that, girl," he smiled, "or I'll have to fuck you, too.

And you're supposed to be for my son."  He got up and went over to the

desk where the clothes she was to wear were.  He handed them to her.

"Get dressed.  They'll be back soon."

Shanika put on the wrap around skirt and denim shirt.  They were the

clothes that the negro attendant girls wore here at the club.

"When they get here, I'll introduce you to Brian..." he paused.

"Shit!  What is your name, girl?"

"Shanika, Massa," replied the slave girl.

"That's a pretty name.  Shanika."  He paused again.  "Anyways, I'll

introduce you and tell him what this is all about.  He's getting older

now, and I don't want him getting into trouble with girls.  I want him

to know there are ways to satisfy himself without risking getting some

nice girl pregnant.  My dad brought me here when I was sixteen.  Maybe

that was a little late, but I never forgot it.  I want it to be

special for him.  Understand?"

"I understan's, Massa.  Dis nigga treat you boy good," she said.

"Great!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, and afterwards I might want to... uh... you know... slip away

with you?" he stammered.  "You look mighty fine to me right now.  I

mean, I love my wife, don't get me wrong, but, well, damn, girl!"

Shanika was embarrassed to be praised this way.  "I's yo' nigga,

Massa.  I do whatever you say."  He'd certainly warmed to her after

cumming in her mouth, she thought.  She smiled at him and felt the

tingly sensation she'd missed back in the other world.

They both turned towards the door as they heard it open.  Cheryl had

returned with Brian, a teenage boy that Shanika thought was kind of

cute.  He had brown hair and green eyes like his father.  The white

woman shut the door.  Brian stared at the colored slave girl, who

stood next to his father as he sat in the easy chair Shanika has just

sucked him off in.

"Brian," said Matt, "this is Shanika."

"Hi," said Brian.

"Pleased to meet you, Massa Brian," said Shanika, who curtseyed

slightly for the boy.  Cheryl looked on silently.

"You know your mother and I understand about what it's like to be a

boy your age," continued the father, "at least I know I do.  And we

also know how easy it is for a boy your age to get into trouble with

girls.  So we've brought you here to meet a nice colored girl that you

can be with and not get into trouble with.  My dad brought me here

when I was old enough, and now I'm bringing you."

Brian was obviously embarrassed by this.  Shanika could see him


"Cheryl," said Matt, "I think you're making the boy uncomfortable by

being in here.  Maybe you could go down to the bar or something.  This

is guy stuff here."

"All right, Matt," she replied, "you've gotten him this far, after

all."  She went to the door and looked back for a moment.  After a

long few seconds she opened the outer door and walked into the hall.

"I'll be down in a few minutes," he called after her as she closed the


"Ok, Brian," he asked, "better now?"

The boy nodded shyly.

"Shanika will do whatever you want," Matt explained, "so just tell her

what it is and she'll do it.  It's natural for a boy to want a girl to

do things, and it's natural for a nigger girl like Shanika to do what

you want.  Ok?"

"Yeah, dad," replied the boy.  He looked up at Shanika, who smiled at


"I'll just leave you two alone, then," said the father.  "I'll be back

up in a couple hours.  We'll be down in the bar if you need anything.

You can even use the phone to call us there."  He winked at the boy.

"But I doubt you'll need to."  With that he closed the outer door

after himself leaving Brian alone with Shanika.

Brian walked over to the colored slave girl.  "So you'll do whatever I


"Tha's right, Massa," agreed Shanika, "anything at all."

He stepped closer and tentatively reached out his hand and touched

her.  He looked up into her face as he put his hand on her breast and

started to feel her through the denim shirt she wore.

"Can we sit on the couch?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa," she answered.

The moved to the couch and sat down together, close enough to touch.

He reached out and once again was squeezing her breast through the

shirt.  Still looking into her face he started on the other one.

Shanika could feel her nipples harden.

"Can I see your boobs?" he asked awkwardly.

"'course you can, Massa," she answered and began to unbutton her

shirt.  "An' you ain't gotta ask or nothin'.  You jes tells me what

you want an' I do it.  You jes do what it is you want.  I ain't yo'

girlfriend, Massa, I's yo nigga."

She opened her shirt for the boy and displayed her brown breasts to

him.  He stared at them and reached out to feel them.  He squeezed one

and then the other and then the first one again.  His fingers brushed

over her hardened black nipples.

"You've got nice boobs," he said, "they're so soft."

"Thank you, Massa," she said, slightly embarrassed.

The white boy continued to fondle the negress's breasts as Shanika

held her shirt open.  She could feel she was getting wet from the

boy's clumsy attentions.

"Let's lie down," said the teenager.

They arranged themselves with Shanika lying on her back, her shirt

open, and Brian laying on top of her, his head between her breasts.

The white boy began to kiss the slave girl's nipples.  One and then

the other.  Then he started sucking on them.  The colored girl began

to involuntarily gently buck her hips.

"You like that, girl?" he asked, looking up at her, one hand on each


"Yes, Massa," she cooed.  "I surely do."

He went back to her tits, sucking harder, making slurping noises.  She

could feel his cock hardening through his jeans against her leg.  He

moved himself up and kissed her on her soft thick lips.  She returned

the kiss and felt him push his tongue into her mouth.  Her arms

wrapped around him as he kissed her deeply.  She could feel him

pressing his crotch against her leg.

"I want you to take off you clothes," he said, getting off her and

standing beside the couch looking down at her.

Shanika sat up and removed the shirt, dropping it on the floor.  She

stood and took off the skirt and stood naked in front of the horny

white teen.  It was a little embarrassing for her to be displaying her

self like this for the adolescent white boy.

"You don't have any hair down there!" he exclaimed.  He sat back down

with the colored girl facing him, his head at the level of her crotch.

He reached out and touched her pussy, she instinctively spread her

legs apart so he could put his hand between her thighs.  He reached

further and ran his finger down her slit as his father had done

earlier.  He looked up at her as he pushed his finger roughly into her

vagina.  She spread her legs wider.

"You're so wet down there," he murmured.  He leaned his head forward.

"And you smell so..." he inhaled her musk, "so good.

"Lie down on the couch and spread your legs," he instructed as he

stood.  Again she felt a strange mixture of shame and excitement,

being ordered around by this teenager.

She did as he told her and watched as the boy took off his clothes.

His cock sprung out when he dropped his pants.  Once he was undressed

he lay down between the colored girl's legs and tried, unsuccessfully,

to enter her.  Shanika reached down and gently took hold of him and

guided him into her wet black pussy.  He propped himself up on his

hands and thrust his cock deep into his slave girl.  Shanika looked

into his eyes as he thrust again and again.  After the next thrust his

eyes grew wide and he gasped and spasmed, she felt the warm sensation

of his semen inside her.  He collapsed on her and she put her arms

around him.

"Shit," he said, "I didn't mean for that to happen so quick."

"Tha's awright, Massa," she spoke soothingly to the boy, "Tha's


They laid like that for a few minutes then the boy got up and stood in

front of the couch.

"I want you to suck me so I can fuck you again," he stated.  She was

surprised as the boy went from being sweet to being demanding.  She

sat up, leaned forward, and took his soft cock into her mouth.  She

could taste her pussy on him mixed with his cum.  The colored girl

felt his cock begin to grow.  Boys could just spring back to life, she

thought as she slurped on him.

"Get on you back again," he ordered, "and spread your legs."

His cock was rock hard again.  She laid back down and he mounted her,

this time sliding his dick into her without any assistance.  He

immediately began pounding into her pussy hard.  Being ordered to fuck

by a white boy half her age made her aware of her lowly status as a

slave.  A fuck toy for any white man, even this boy.  But she loved

the feeling it gave her.

"Oh, Massa!" she cried.  "Oh, Massa!  Oh you fuckin' yo' nigga good!"

The boy responded by pumping even harder.  She could feel her orgasm


"Fuck me, Massa!  Fuck yo' nigga!  Ah! Ah!"  Shanika felt waves of

pleasure wash over her as the young white boy continued to pound into

her black cunt as if possessed.

"So, you're my nigger?," he asked breathlessly, "my nigger bitch?"

"Yes, Massa!  I is yo' nigga bitch," she cried out, panting.  "Oh,

Massa, you fuckin' yo' nigga bitch!"

He thrust once more into her, deeply, and she felt him cum in her

again, grunting with each spasm.

"Oh, Massa..." she sighed.

Again they layed together, the white boy and his colored girl.  His

cock in his black slave's pussy.  Slowly coming down from their


After a while he rolled off her and got to his feet, looking down at

the sweaty negro slave, her legs spread, her cunt glistening wet, a

dribble of semen running down the crack of her black ass.  He glanced

at the floor between the easy chairs and noticed the steel shackles

and chains.

"Were you wearing those?" he asked, indicating the hardware on the


"Yes, Massa," she replied.  "I's a nigga slave girl and I gots to be

chained up.  I's not 'allowed to run free."

"Put 'em on," he ordered.  "I want to see you wearing that stuff."

Shanika rose and went to where the instruments of her bondage lay.

She put on the ankle cuffs and chains, then the wrist cuffs, and

finally the steel collar.  He stared at his bound slave, his mouth

open.  She handed him the collar chain that masters used as a lead and

assumed the display position, hands behind her head, her chest pushed

out towards him, and her legs as far apart as the ankle chain allowed.

His eyes followed the line of the chain from her collar to his hand

and back again, then up and down her naked black body from her stubble

covered head, her dark brown eyes and full thick lips, her out thrust

saggy brown breasts with the hard black nipples, her slightly pudgy

belly and smooth shaved pussy, all the way down to her shackled


"Damn, you're beautiful," he sighed.

"Thank you, Massa," she smiled, "you da bes' Massa dis nigga ever


Brian blushed at the compliment from the older much more experienced

colored girl.  At the same time, blessed with youth as he was, his

cock began to rise, which didn't escape Shanika's notice.

"So, Massa, you want to use yo' nigga again?" she said, glancing and

his growing erection, a wry smile on her face.

"Yeah," he said.  "Let's go in here."  Leading her by her collar

chain, the white boy and his negro slave girl went into the suite's

adjoining bedroom.  He sat on the edge of the bed.

"I want you to suck it," he told her.

Shanika dropped to her knees and began licking the white boy's cock.

From his balls to the tip and back again.  Over and over, stopping to

slip the tip between her thick lips, releasing it with a slurping

sound.  Back down to his balls, she gently drew one into her mouth and

then the other.  Brian moaned with pleasure.  She moved further down,

running her tongue behind his balls and then began to lift and spread

his legs.

"What are you doing?" he asked breathlessly.

"Jes you relax, Massa," she said softly, "you been so good to yo'

nigga, I's goin' be good to you."

She licked further down, over his asshole, and began tracing circles

around it with her tongue.

"Ohhhh...," he murmured as he enjoyed the feel of her soft wet tongue

on his sensitive bud.  She started to push her tongue in firmly and he

grabbed the backs of his thighs, spreading himself out to her.  The

colored girl continued to rim her master as he made soft guttural

sounds.  His cock was rigid and with him holding his legs for her she

was able to firmly grasp his shaft and began to masturbate him.

"Oh, fuck!" he said, his voice husky.  "Oh, fuck, that feels so good."

Shanika continued to pump his cock and tongue his ass.  It didn't take

long before he came in several long spurts.  She released her grip on

him as she felt him soften in her hand.  She leaned back and smiled at

him, still on her knees.  She had a couple of spots of semen on her

face and another one in the stubble on her head.

He sat up and looked at her, amazed at the pleasure she'd just given


"That was fantastic," he said.  "I've never felt anything like that


"Thank you, Massa," she replied.  "I's happy to please you."

"You've got some spunk on your face," he said with a sheepish look.

"I don't remember ever shooting off like that before."

"Tha's fine, Massa.  I like wearin' yo' cum.  It means I's yo' nigga."

The phone beside the bed rang a couple of times before Brian answered

it.  "Hello?" he said.  "Yeah...  Oh, anytime now...  Ok...  Bye."

"It was my dad," he told her.  "Mom's ready to go and he wanted to be

sure it was ok for him to come up.  I better get dressed."  He thought

a moment.  "Are you s'posed to get dressed?"

"No, Massa," said Shanika, "niggas don't wear no clothes here."

Brian led her into the front room and then gathered his clothes from

the floor and dressed.  He was just finishing when there was a knock

on the door.  He went and opened it and let Matt in.

"Well, sport," he smiled broadly as he eyed the negro girl, cum on her

face and running down her leg, "I see you had a good time."

"Yeah, dad," replied his son, "Shanika was great.  Thanks."

"That's ok.  It's kind of a family tradition."

"Can I come back here again?" Brian asked.

"I think that can be arranged," said Matt, smiling at his son.  "Your

mom is already going out to the car.  I've got to take the girl back

now."  He thought for a second.  "Would you like to lead her

downstairs?  She's your nigger after all."

"Yeah," the boy said and picked up the chain to Shanika's steel slave


Father and son walked out the door, the boy leading the slave girl by

the chain.  They went down the stairs and past the front desk.  Debbie

was still there and looked up from the magazine she was reading and

took in the scene and smirked at Shanika, making the black slave girl

feel like a whore parading through the lobby.

"Look, kid," explained the father, "I'll go take her back, you go out

and wait with your mom."

"Ok, dad," replied the boy handing the slave's chain to his father.

He went out the door leaving Shanika alone with Matt.

"Come along," he urged her, tugging on the chain.  They went back

through the lobby, Debbie watching curiously, and down the hall to the

service door.

It was dark out.  The courtyard containing the auction platform and

benches was deserted and only lit by the moon.  Matt led the slave

girl to the platform.

"Bend over, nigger," he ordered her, "I've got to get a piece of


Shanika turned around and bent over, resting herself on the table

where the masters signed the papers for the slaves they'd purchased at

the auction.  She spread her legs so the white man could easily access

her vagina.  She heard him unzip his pants and let them drop.  His

cock was hard and thicker than his son's.  Her pussy was still wet

from the fucking she got from the teenage boy.

Matt penetrated her quickly and started pumping fast once he felt

himself inside the slave girl's cunt.

He grunted with each thrust, his hands on her hips.  It was almost as

if he were using her body to masturbate with and it was over before

she felt much of anything.

"Uh, uh!" he croaked as he ejaculated in her vagina.

He pulled up his pants and Shanika stood up, her pussy full of cum

from both father and son.

"You did good with my boy, girl," he told her.  "You've got a sweet

pussy.  We'll be back for sure, but don't ever let on to my wife that

we... uh... you know."

"I won't say nothin', Massa," she answered.  Again she felt ashamed.

Ashamed to be used this way by this man after the special time she had

spent with his boy.

"Let's go back in."  Matt led the wet fucked slave girl back into the

main house and through the lobby towards the desk.  Shanika could feel

the squishy wetness between her thighs and the semen running down her

legs.  Debbie eyed her as they approached.

"We're done with this nigger, miss," Matt said to Debbie, releasing

her chain from his grasp.  "We won't be staying the night."

"No problem," the white girl replied and grinned evilly at Shanika,

"I'll take care of her."

Matt hurried out the door leaving the naked black slave girl alone

with the fashionably dressed blonde.

Chapter 9 - The Bitch

So Shanika found herself standing in the luxurious lobby of the main

house.  Wooden paneling, fine carpeting, and a high ceiling complete

with a glass chandelier.  She stood at the front desk with her head

hanging down.  Naked, except for the two sets of shackles that

fastened both her wrists and ankles as well as the steel slave collar

around her neck, the black slave girl contrasted dramatically with the

the opulent surroundings.

Debbie stood behind the desk, her gray jacket and skirt complemented

her white pleated blouse.  Despite her professional attire, carefully

applied makeup, and red lipstick, the youth of the attractive blue

eyed blonde girl was apparent.  She looked with disdain upon the

humbled negress.

"Just look at you!," exclaimed Debbie as she looked the colored girl

over.  Drying spots of semen in her stubbley hair and on her face

along with the lines of wetness running down the insides of her legs

gave Shanika the appearance of a well used slut.  Which she was.

"Gross!" continued Debbie as she picked up the phone and dialed two

digits.  "Come to the desk right now," she commanded into the phone

and hung up.  The two women stood silently on either side of the front

desk and waited.  The blonde's nose wrinkled in disgust, the black

girl's head hung in shame.

A negro girl dressed in a denim shirt and a wrap around skirt appeared

from the direction of the service entrance.

"You called, Miz Debbie?" the girl said with her eyes downcast, not

looking up at the white woman.

"Yes...  About an hour ago!"  Debbie's voice dripped with irritation.

"Take this filthy nigger out and scrub the scum off her.  Clean up

that nasty coochie and hose her off."  Debbie smiled evilly and looked

at Shanika.  "Then bring her back to me."

The negro girl stepped towards the slave and slowly took hold of the

chain on her collar.

"Now, you stupid monkey!" she yelled.  "What's wrong with you!"

The attendant quickly led Shanika back towards the service door.  The

poor slave girl almost stumbled in her shackles as she could barely

keep up with the hurrying servant.

They went outside into the night.  The air was cool after the heat of

the day.  They passed the table where Matt had just had his way with

Shanika, a quick one before he rejoined his wife and son for their

trip back to where ever white folks like that lived.

She led her to the slave barn.  Once there the young attendant got out

the bucket and a rag and began to wash the slave girl down.

"You had yo' se'f a time, I kin tell!" she exclaimed.  "You all

nasty!"  Shanika felt her cheeks flush.  Even this young negro girl

was revolted by her used condition.

The negro girl washed Shanika's head and face.  "I ain't gonna use dat

brush on you, girl.  It hurt too bad.  Don't tell Miz Debbie I din't

scrub you.  She pretty, but she mean."

"Thanks," said Shanika.  "I'm Shanika.  What's your name?"

"Elois," replied the girl as she ran the cloth over Shanika's chest

and under her arms.  "Lift up yo' arms."

"How did you end up doin' this?" asked the slave girl as she complied

with her instructions.

"My momma work fo' Mr. Richards," said Elois.  "I be helpin' fo' a

long time now.  Spread yo' legs some mo'."

Shanika opened her legs further so the negro girl could wash her well

used pussy.  It felt strange to her to have this girl bathing her like

this.  Of course, she realized, Elois may have been like a servant,

but she herself was like livestock, at best a pet.

"Time to rinse you off, girl.  Dis water be cold," she warned and

turned on the hose.  The icy water shocked the slave girl.  She still

hadn't gotten used to it in spite of number of times she'd been

subjected to it.

"Well, I gots to take you back to Miz Debbie," Elois said and picked

up the chain.  "Let's go."

Shanika followed as the negro girl led her back to the main house and

in through the service door.  The lobby was quiet.  Elois brought the

black slave to the front desk.  Debbie sat in a chair behind the

counter, talking on the phone and sipping soda through a straw from a

paper cup.

She looked up at the negro serving girl and dismissed her with a quick

shake of her head.  Elois was slow to understand causing Debbie to

roll her eyes and give the young negro girl a dismissive wave.  Elois

walked away, her head down.  Shanika was left standing there in her

chains in the plush lobby in front of the dark wooden paneled desk.

Debbie chatted on, ignoring the naked slave girl.

Shanika didn't know what else to do, so she stood and waited, looking

down at her bare feet on the lobby carpet.  She tried not to eavesdrop

on Debbie's phone conversation.  Not so much out of politeness, but

because she was humiliated at being ignored in favor of a discussion

of the trivialities the white girl was going on about.

Debbie made slurping noises as she finished her drink and laughed with

the person she was on the phone with.  Shanika didn't look up.  The

conversation continued for a few minutes when the slave girl was

startled to feel something cold hitting her.  She looked up to see

Debbie, still chatting, smiling at her.

The white girl reached into the paper cup and flicked a piece of

crushed ice at her and restrained a giggle when it hit the colored

girl in the chest.  Shamed, Shanika looked back down at the floor.

She felt another piece of ice hit off her breast.  Then one hit her in

the face.  She stood stoically as Debbie amused herself with this game

of pelting her with crushed ice from her drink, never stopping her

phone chatter.

She stood and walked around to the front of the desk, Shanika could

smell her perfume she was so close to her.  "Look, I've got to go

now," she said into the receiver.  "Somebody's at the desk."  She

giggled at her joke and hung up.

"Stand back," she ordered the colored girl, "I want to see if you're

presentable now."

Shanika stepped back as instructed.

"Come on now.  You know how to display yourself," she said

impatiently, her hands on her hips.  "Do it, nigger."

The black slave girl slowly clasped her hands behind her head and

moved her feet apart.  She held her head up and her chest out, but her

eyes remained downcast.

"That's better.  Now jump." Debbie grinned at her.

Shanika jumped, her chains jingling and her breasts bouncing.

"I like the way your floppy boobs bounce," said the white girl.  "Do

it again.  Do it until I tell you to stop."

Her cheeks burning, the black slave jumped again and again.  It was

hard, what with the weight of the chains on her, and her heavy breasts

were sore from swinging as she jumped up and down.

"What do boys see in a fat dumb nigger like you?" she taunted.  "Maybe

they just like a pussy they can fuck without having to ask nice.  You

think that's it?"

Shanika didn't know what to say so she just kept jumping, though

slower as she was tiring from the exertion and her breasts were really


"Answer me, bitch!" she said crossly.  "They like you 'cause you're

just a nigger slut, isn't that right?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied the colored girl.

"Yes, ma'am what?" she asked.  "What are you agreeing with?"  The

young blonde raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, ma'am, I's a nigga slut jes like you say." answered Shanika.

"Tha's why da white massas like to fuck me."

"No.  You're not a slut.  You're a bitch.  A nigger dog," said Debbie.

"Stop that jumping and get down on the floor where you belong."

Shanika got on her hands and knees.  Debbie picked up a pen from the

desk and threw it across the lobby.  "Go get it.  Fetch, doggy."

Her chain dragging on the floor, the black girl crawled across the

carpet after the pen.  She grasped it in her hand and turned around

and began to crawl back to her blue eyed tormentress.

"Bad dog," Debbie scolded, "Doggies don't carry things in their paws.

Pick it up like a good doggy and bring it to me."

Humiliated, the negro slave girl set the pen on the carpet and leaned

forward, her face on the floor, and picked it up in her mouth.  She

crawled back to the front desk where Debbie waited for her.

"That's better.  Good dog."  She came out from behind the desk.  "Drop

it," she ordered.

Shanika let the pen fall out of her mouth onto the floor at Debbie's


"Now that's the way to play fetch," she said, picking the pen up and

throwing it out the main entrance door.  "Go on, doggy.  Fetch it."

The slave girl turned and went after the object of her mistress's

interest on her hands and knees.  The carpet hadn't been vacuumed yet

that day and Shanika picked up bits of sand and dirt in her knees and

hands.  She crawled as fast as she could, her chains jangling with

each step.

The main entrance door was open and the pen sat on the top step

outside.  Wet with her saliva, the pen had also gathered up some dirt,

but she picked it up in her mouth the way the blonde girl wanted.  She

returned to her and dropped the pen at her feet.

"Good dog!" she said, praising the humbled slave.  "I think I should

take you outside now.  We don't want any accidents in here, do we?"

She picked up Shanika's chain and led her on hands and knees back out

the door and down the front steps.  The rough cement of the outside

stairs scraped the colored girl's knees painfully.  The night air was

cold on the negress's naked body.  Debbie pulled her along across the

dew covered grass and stopped.

"Time to do your business, doggy," she ordered.  "Lift that leg and

pee for me or you'll be sleeping outside."

The poor slave was already cold and sore.  What was one more degrading

act? thought Shanika.  She raised one leg and let loose a stream of

piss onto the ground.  Steam rose off the spot where her warm urine

hit the cool grass.

"All done?" asked Debbie.  She jerked the chain hard.  "Ok, back

inside."  She walked quickly.  Shanika fell forward a few times trying

to keep up and not be choked by the steel collar around her neck.  The

white girl led her captive through the lobby and around behind the

front desk.

"Roll over," she instructed.  Her chains jingled as the negro slave

girl lay on her side and rolled onto her back.

"Stop there, girl," Debbie said.  "Stay on your back like the black

slut you are.  Lift your arms over your head so I can see you all

stretched out for me."

She rolled her chair over to where Shanika lay.  She unbuttoned the

gray suit jacket she was wearing and sat in the chair, kicking off her

black pumps.  She starting rubbing her nylon stockinged feet on the

prone slave girl, one foot on her pubic area, the other on her

breasts.  The young blonde played with one nipple and then the other

with her big toe.

"Mmmm," she cooed, "you like being my doggy?  You like having your

white mistress's feet on you?  You do, don't you, girl?"  She waited

for Shanika to respond for a few seconds and then gently kicked at one

breast when none was forthcoming.  "Answer me, nigger," she said


"Yes'm, Miz Debbie," said the humbled slave.

"I wonder if you're telling me the truth?" Debbie mused.  She moved

her other foot over and put her toe between Shanika's legs.  The black

girl felt a wave of shame flow over her as she parted her thighs to

give the smiling white girl's foot access to her most intimate parts.

Debbie poked her toe into the slave girls slit and moved it down to

the entrance to her vagina and penetrated her slightly, probing


"My, my, girl," said Debbie gleefully.  "You're all wet!  You love

it!"  She looked thoughtfully into Shanika's brown eyes.  "You see,

the coochie doesn't lie," she explained.  "Your nigger mouth lies, but

the coochie?  Never.  You love it all right and you can't deny it.

You *are* a nigger slut!"

Shanika was mortified.  But she knew it was true.  The whole time her

young blue eyed mistress was tormenting her she could feel the

excitement from it.  She was shamed to be receiving such dehumanizing

treatment, but the fact she was aroused by it thoroughly humiliated

her.  Even now she was opening her legs wider in the hope the blonde

girl would press her foot against her cunt harder.  She knew she was a


Debbie smiled down at the negro slave on the floor in front of her.

"I want to try a little experiment to prove you're a nigger slut," she

said, pushing back in her chair and withdrawing her foot from

Shanika's crotch. "Get on your feet."

Shanika struggled to her feet, chains jangling, and stood before her

mistress.  Debbie leaned forward and began to remove her shackles.

Shanika wondered what she was thinking of.  Finally she removed her

collar and set the hardware on the desk.  Now free of her bonds, the

black slave waited for what the pretty blonde girl had in mind.

"I'm going to give you a choice now," stated the young white woman. "I

assure you that you're free to choose either one and that I'll abide

by your wishes."

Shanika was confused by this.  She looked into Debbie's blue eyes with

a puzzled look on her face.

"Here's the deal," the white girl smiled back at her.  "There's a room

in the back with a cot in it.  I'll let you go back there and spend

the night.  I'll leave you alone until morning when you have to go to

the barn to get ready for tomorrow's auction.  You'll get an entire

night of unmolested sleep."

"Or..." her smile broadened.  "You can lie back down on the floor in

front of me like a nigger dog and I'll play with your pussy some more

with my foot.  I might not let you cum.  I'll probably think of some

other delicious ways to degrade you and have you service me."

"So what's it going to be?"  Debbie slowly licked her bright red lips,

her blue eyes sparkled.  "I know I'm a bitch," she smiled, "but I'm

serious.  I'll let you in to that room and you can sleep peacefully

until morning.  I won't even chain you back up until then.  No

surprise punishments or anything; whatever you decide."

Shanika was speechless.  She was tired and sore.  But that tingling

feeling was throbbing now.  Her mouth was dry, her cheeks burned and

she felt light headed.  She could hear her heart beating fast in her

chest.  She looked down at the blonde girl in her fine gray suit,

clean white pleated blouse as she stood naked before her.

Slowly, wordlessly, Shanika dropped to one knee and rolled onto her

back at the white girls feet.  Debbie smiled down at her triumphantly.

"I knew it," she said softly.  "You *are* a slut.  A horny nigger

slut.  And right now you're my nigger slut, aren't you?"

"Yes'm, Miz Debbie," answered the colored girl.

"Tell me," prompted Debbie.  "Tell me what you are.  I want to hear

you say it.  So we both know for sure."

"I's yo' nigga slut, Miz Debbie," replied Shanika from her position on

the floor.  "I's yo' horny nigga slut."

"And what do you want me to do?" asked the white girl.

"Play wit' my nigga coochie, ma'am" answered the shamed slave girl.

"Very well, slut.  Twist around here and pull your legs up,"

instructed the young blonde woman.  "The wider you open yourself up to

me, the better I can get at that nigger cooch."

Shanika wiggled around on the floor to position herself as she was

told, her head pointed away from her seated mistress.  She grasped her

legs behind her thighs and spread herself out so wide that her pussy

lips parted and everything from her clit to her asshole was plainly

visible to the white girl.

The young blonde reached her leg forward and placed her foot directly

onto the prone slave girl's crotch and pressed firmly.  Debbie could

feel the colored girl's wetness through the nylon stocking she wore.

Without thinking, Shanika began to rock, rubbing herself against her

mistress's foot.

"That's right, girl," Debbie cooed, "hump your mistress's foot like a

good little nigger."  She pressed harder and Shanika humped faster.

"You know, I've only been working here for a couple of years, but I've

learned a lot in that time," mused the white girl as the negress

continued to masturbate herself against the sole of the blonde's foot.

"The niggers that come back are sluts," she continued.  "Every one of

them.  Most of them come here for the money at first, and plenty of

'em never return.  But the one's that do?  Those are the sluts.

They'll take the money, sure.  But they come back because they *are*

niggers and they *are* sluts and they love it.  They love being a

nigger for the white folks.  Just like you love being my nigger right

now.  Don't you?"

"Yes'm, Miz Debbie," panted Shanika, still rubbing herself on her

mistress's foot, her floppy black breasts jiggling.  "I sho' do love

bein' yo' nigga."

"Hmmm," she said, "you sound kind of breathless girl.  You better not

be thinking about cumming without permission.  That just wouldn't do.

Niggers don't get to cum unless they ask first.  And they better ask

nice.  Niggers better beg for it."

"Kin I cum, Miz Debbie, ma'am?" asked the colored girl, "Please,


"Oh... I don't know...," Debbie smiled wickedly.  "Haven't you already

cum enough for one night?  I bet that white boy I saw you with made

you cum.  That black coochie of yours was just dripping with his goo

when he led you down the stairs.  Everybody could see it..  It was

positively obscene!"

"Please, Miz Debbie!"  Shanika cried, humping furiously and obviously

close to orgasm.  "I gots to cum.  Please, ma'am, let yo' nigga cum."

"Well, since you're begging so sweetly, all right," she said softly,

"you have my permission to cum for me."  The white girl began actively

rubbing the negro's pussy with her foot.

"Oh, thank you, Miz Debbie, ma'am," the slave girl said breathlessly,

"Thank you for lettin' yo' nigga cum... Oh!... Ah!!"

"That's it, girl," cooed the blonde, "cum for your mistress.  It's all

right.  Cum for your mistress like a good little nigger girl should."

"Ah!!  Ah!!" cried Shanika as her naked black body writhed on the

floor beneath the white girl's foot.  "Oh, yes!  Oh!  Ah!!"  The

orgasm washed over the negro slave girl's body in waves as she

continued to grind her cunt against her mistress's stocking clad foot,

leaving it wet and sticky.  Finally her spasms subsided and she began

to catch her breath.  Debbie withdrew her foot and looked down on the

black slave girl.

As she regained her senses, Shanika started to become aware of her

surroundings and what had just taken place.  She was totally naked and

lying on the carpeted floor of the plush lobby at the feet of fully

dressed white woman at least six years her junior.  She had

masturbated herself to orgasm, on this girl's foot, no less, and had

begged her for permission to cum.  It was the most humiliating thing

she had ever done.  Why did it feel so good, she wondered.  She was

ashamed that she loved it so much.

"What do you say, girl?" asked Debbie, her blue eyes looking directly

into Shanika's face.

"Thank you, Miz Debbie, ma'am," she said sincerely, "Thank you fo'

lettin' yo' nigga cum."

"Well, you're welcome," replied the white girl.  "Now let's do

something about this."  Debbie rolled her chair forward and put her

foot, wet and sticky with Shanika's juices, in front of the colored

girl's face.

Without further prompting, the negress began to lick her cum off her

mistress's foot.  She continued until the stickiness was gone.

"Good girl," Debbie praised her.  She stood up, towering over the

prone negro slave, and pulled her panty hose down and stepped out of

it.  "Get up," she ordered as she proceeded to remove her panties,

pulling them down and holding them in her hand.

Shanika scrambled to her feet, and wanting to please her mistress,

stood with her legs far apart, her breasts thrust forward, and her

hands clasped behind her head as a show of her submission.

The white girl smiled when she saw that her slave had assumed the

display position for her.

"You are just precious," she said kindly.  "Now you've got me all

excited, too.  See?"  She held the crotch of her panties under the

colored girl's nose.  Shanika could smell the strong scent of the

white girl's musk.

"Open your mouth," ordered Debbie.  Shanika complied and the young

white woman stuffed her soiled panties into the slave girl's mouth.

"That's right," she cooed, "you just hold onto those."  She looked

into Shanika's brown eyes.  "You're still my nigger slut, right?" she


Unable to speak with the her mistress's cotton underpants in her mouth

she quickly nodded her agreement.

"Very good," she said.  Then, looking at her watch, "Time to lock up.

Want to come along with me, girl?"

Again, Shanika nodded.

"Ok," said the blonde.  "Now get back down on the floor where you

belong and you can follow me.  Don't drop my panties."

The negress got down on her hands and knees and followed her mistress

around the lobby, her mouth stuffed with the white girl's

undergarment.  Debbie closed the front door and locked it and then

went to the light switch to turn off the overhead chandelier.  Shanika

scampered after her on all fours like a puppy.

"Now we can go to my room.  Up the stairs.  You first," she

instructed.  "I want to watch that big black ass up ahead of me.  I'm

starting to see how cute it is."

Shanika crawled up the stairs with Debbie behind her.  She waited for

her mistress at the top since she didn't know which way to go.  The

white girl passed by her and went to the room at the end of the

hallway near the door to the service stairs.  The young blonde snapped

her fingers and slapped her thigh to call the black girl over to her

as she unlocked the door.

They entered the room, mistress first, slave on all fours following.

Debbie closed the door and walked to the bed that was on one side of

the room.  She removed her jacket and skirt and reclined on the bed,

still wearing the white blouse.

"Come here, girl," she called, "up on the bed."

Shanika crawled to the bed and as she climbed up onto it, Debbie

spread her legs revealing a thick bush of dirty blonde pubic hair and

pink pussy lips.

"Time for you to please me, nigger girl," she said.  "Drop those

panties and eat me."

The negress let her mistress's underwear fall from her mouth and

crawled between the young white woman's legs.  She immediately began

to kiss her pink pussy lips up and down the length of her slit.  After

a little of that she started to lick her.  Tentatively at first and

then lapping her like a puppy.  From her opening to her clit, the

black slave girl ran her tongue over her blonde mistress's vagina.

Debbie murmured with pleasure and opened her legs wider.  Shanika

pushed her tongue in the white girl's pussy and gave a few thrusts

before running it up to her clit, which she gently took between her

thick African lips.  She alternated between flicking at it with her

tongue and drawing it into her mouth, softly sucking on it.  Debbie

responded by bucking her hips.

Shanika returned to licking the length of the white woman's sex and

drawing her pussy lips into her mouth and sucking on them.  Gently at

first and then harder as Debbie's bucking became stronger.  The blonde

girl's scent was heavy in Shanika's nostrils as she rapidly thrust her

tongue in her mistress's cunt, fucking her with it, stopping only to

suck on her pussy lips to give her tongue a rest.

"Mmmm," moaned the white girl, "that's the way.  You suck your

mistress's pussy like that.  Just like that."  Her thighs closed on

Shanika's stubbley head and squeezed as she felt a climax building in

her.  Debbie humped her slave girl's face hard and fast.  Shanika

gasped for breath, but the blonde woman, lost in her pleasure, didn't


"Oh!," she said in a surprised voice, her blue eyes open wide.  "Oh!"

She shuddered and the colored girl was rewarded with a rush of wetness

on her face as her mistress came on her.

It was several minutes before Debbie released her grip on her black

slave's head.

"You are a good pussy eater, girl," she signed, "it's what you were

born to do.  A nigger slut born to suck white pussy.  That's what you

are.  Isn't that right?"

"Yes'm, Miz Debbie," she replied from between the white girl's legs,

her face shining with her mistress's juices.  "I's yo' pussy eatin'

slut, ma'am.  Yo' coochie suckin' nigga."

The white girl ran her hand over the black slave's head, feeling the

scratchiness of her close shorn hair.

"Ok," she instructed, "get off the bed and come with me."

Shanika got back on the floor and followed her white mistress into the


"On your back, nigger girl," she ordered, "I think I'd like a little

more of that tongue."

The colored girl lay on her back on the cold tile floor as ordered.

Debbie got on her knees with her slave's head between them,

positioning her vagina over the negress's mouth.

"Let's get that tongue working again," instructed the blonde girl.

Debbie's pussy was soaked and it didn't take much tongue lapping from

Shanika to get her rocking back and forth, using the black slave's

face to masturbate against.

"Oh, yeah," she cried, "oh, yeah.  Right there, girl.  Use that tongue

on me.  Suck your mistress's pussy.  Suck it, slut.  Oh!  Oh!!"

The young white woman came in the colored girls face again, soaking

her with a fresh dose of pussy juice.  She lifted herself slightly,

allowing Shanika to catch her breath.

The black girl was surprised when she felt another jolt of hot liquid

on her face.  The pungent smell of urine filled her nostrils as her

mistress emptied her bladder on her slave's face.

"Drink it, nigger girl," she commanded.  "Drink my piss, you slut."

Shanika tried to swallow, but there was so much.  She choked and

sputtered even after Debbie was through peeing on her.  The white girl

stood up and looked down on her debased slave girl.  The humiliated

negress valiantly tried to suppress her coughing, her head lying in a

pool her mistress's urine.

"Now you truly are my nigger," she stated.  "No matter how many men

use that black body, you will always be my nigger.  Isn't that right?"

"Yes,m, Miz Debbie," she sputtered.  "I's always be yo' nigga."

"Good girl," she said and stepped over the negro slave, carefully

avoiding the puddle of piss she lay in on the floor.  "Now get this

mess cleaned up and get showered.  Be quick about it."

Shanika stood up, urine still dripping off her face and down onto her

chest.  Using a towel she mopped it off the floor and stepped into the

shower.  It has been a while since she'd bathed in hot water.  It felt

good as did the warm feeling she got from having served her white

mistress and earning her praise.

The slave girl found her mistress lying in bed when she emerged from

the bathroom, clean and dry.  Debbie looked up at her and sat up.

"That's all the fun for tonight girl," she said, "but I'll give you

another choice.  You can spend the rest of the night in the cot

downstairs I told you about or you can sleep on the floor near my bed.

Which do you prefer?"

The negress replied immediately, "I wants to stay here wit' you, Miz


The white mistress smiled.  "That's sweet," she said.  "Display for


The colored girl was used to the position and stood with her legs

spread in the proscribed manner.  Debbie reached between her slave's

thighs and stroked her pussy as she looked into her eyes.  She leaned

forward and kissed each of Shanika's black nipples and looked back up

at her.

"You're a good nigger.  Get yourself a blanket from the closet and

come lay her on the floor next to my bed," she said.  "But first,

let's have a kiss."

Shanika bent over to meet her mistress's red lips.  Debbie kissed the

black girl hard and pushed her tongue in her mouth.  She broke off the

kiss and settled back into her bed.

"Go on, now, nigger girl," she said, smiling, "go get a blanket and

come lie down here where I can see you from my bed."

As instructed, Shanika went to the closet, found a blanket, and

brought it with her to the spot on the floor she was to spend the

night next to her mistress.  She saw that Debbie's eyes were already

closed as she lay on the floor, covering herself with the blanket.  It

wasn't long before she was asleep, too.

The next thing she noticed was the sun streaming in the window.

Shanika sat up on the floor, remembering where she was.  Debbie was

stirring in her bed.

"Well," asked the white mistress, "did you sleep well?"

"Yes'm, Miz Debbie," she replied, "I surely did."

"I better take you back to the barn now.  I'm sure they're already

scrubbing today's niggers down for the auction."  Debbie got out of

bed and Shanika saw her naked for the first time.  The white girl had

pale skin and small perky breasts with pink nipples.  Her waist was

slender as were her hips.  The slave girl watched as her mistress went

to the closet and got out a pink robe and put it on.

"Let's go down and get your chains on," she said.  "Can't have niggers

running around free."  Debbie walked to the door and opened it.

Shanika simply got up from her spot on the floor onto her hands and

knees and followed her blonde mistress into the hall.

Debbie beamed at her, noticing her on all fours.  "Awww!" she gushed.

"You're still my nigger doggy?  That's sweet.  I wish I didn't have to

give you back so soon.  We could have such fun together!"

Shanika followed the white woman down the stairs over to the front

desk.  Her shackles and collar were still there.

"Ok, stand up, doggy," she coaxed.  The colored girl stood patiently

as Debbie put her back in chained bondage.  "I think you can walk the

rest of the way," she said and led the slave out the service door and

into the bright morning sunlight.  It was early enough that there was

still a chill in the air, the negress's brown skin broke out in goose


Yolanda appeared, walking out of the slave barn and approached the

white mistress and her black slave girl.  Debbie handed the older

colored lady the chain attached to Shanika's collar.

"Take good care of my nigger girl, Yolanda," she said.  "She's been a

very good doggy."  Debbie leaned towards Shanika and planted a wet

kiss on her thick black lips.  Giggling she turned and walked back

towards the main house.  The two black women, the elder in work shirt

and wrap around skirt, the younger in chains, watched as the blonde

girl's pink robe disappeared through the service door.

"Well, well, missy," observed Yolanda.  "Now you're Miz Debbie's

favorite, too.  You do get around."

Shanika hung her head, imagining what the older colored lady must

think of her.

"Time to get you ready for sale, girl," she said.  "Those white men be

showing up soon."  Yolanda then led the chained negro slave girl into

the barn.  Shanika wondered what lay ahead for her even as she

remembered warmly what had already taken place.

Chapter 10 - The Gala

Elois, the negro attendant, dressed in her usual denim shirt and wrap

around skirt, took Shanika's chain from Yolanda as the two colored

women entered the slave barn.  The young negro girl led the black

slave to a stall.  After brushing Shanika's teeth she lathered her up

and began to shave her pussy.  She was just about finished when

Mr. Richards walked in.  He stood with Yolanda and spoke quietly to

her as he watched the attendant lead her charge to the wash stall.

"Time to pee," instructed Elois.

In spite of being forced to urinate in front of her keepers, Shanika

was embarrassed to have to squat and relieve herself while

Mr. Richards looked on.  She tried to avoid looking in his direction

the entire time Elois soaped and scrubbed her.

The hose water was as cold as ever, and being rinsed in it left the

colored slave girl covered in goose flesh, her nipples rock hard.

Mr. Richards walked back out the door and Yolanda approached her.

"Well, it looks like you won't be going to auction today, missy," said

the older colored lady, "Massa Richards wants you up to the big house

for the big party tonight."  She turned towards Elois, "Get those

chains off her, girl, and be quick about it.  Don't want to keep the

Massa waiting."

Freed from her shackles, Shanika followed Yolanda as they walked up to

the main house and into the service entrance.  The older negress

knocked on Mr. Richards office door.

"Come in," he called.

The slave girl followed Yolanda in and then assumed the display

position in front of the older white man's desk.

"Tonight is a special night at the Plantation Club," he said. "It's

the annual anniversary gala commemorating the opening of the club.

This is no ordinary shindig, it's strictly black tie.  You'll be

serving our guests in the main dining room."

He stood and walked around the front of the desk to face her.  Looking

her up and down, he ran his hand over her head and down to her crotch.

Shanika reflexively parted her legs further, but he didn't move to

stroke her pussy.

"I want her to look her best, Yolanda," he instructed.  "She needs to

be waxed."

"Right away, Massa," she replied.  "Let's go, missy."

Yolanda led the slave girl out of the office and into the next room

down the hallway.  Inside was what appeared to be a doctor's examining

table, complete with stirrups.  "Get up there.  You know what to do."

Shanika climbed onto the table and lay down, placing her feet in the

stirrups.  Yolanda adjusted them so that the colored girl's legs were

splayed wide, facing the door.  She began to rummage around in the

cabinet under the table.

"I'll have to go get the wax," she said, "I'll be back.  Don't go

away."  Yolanda left the room leaving the door open.  The black slave

could look down between her legs and see out into the hall.  A negro

girl dressed in the usual denim shirt and wrap around skirt was

vacuuming.  She looked into the room and stared momentarily at

Shanika's sex but looked away as soon as their eyes met.  The cleaning

girl returned her concentration to the carpet and the displayed

negress felt a fresh wave of humiliation.

Yolanda returned shortly and applied the wax to the black slave girl's

pubic area.  Mr. Richards came into the room as she began to peel it


"Sorry, but I love this part," he said.

Shanika cried out in pain as the stubble was pulled out of her tender

flesh.  The colored lady stepped out of the way when she was finished

and Mr. Richards came forward to run his hand over the slave girls

smooth pussy.

"Mmmm," he murmured.  "That's just fine.  Good work, girl.  You may go


"Thank you, Massa," replied Yolanda and she walked out of the room.

Just then a tall white man with salt and pepper hair stopped in the

hallway outside and looked into the room.

"Carl Richards!  You old dog!," he greeted Mr. Richards and stepped

through the door, his eyes darting between the white man and the slave

girl's vagina.  "What've you been up to?  Other than playin' with the

niggers that is!"

"I wasn't sure you'd be able to make it this year, Jake," he replied,

extending his hand to his old friend.

They shook hands.  Shanika looked on, mortified at her obscene

condition.  She dared not move without instructions from Mr. Richards.

"I'm just making sure everything'll be ready for tonight," said Carl.

"Yeah, right!" laughed Jake.  "She looks ready now!"

"Say," suggested Carl, "not to early for a drink is it?"

"Never too early," Jake replied.

"Step into my office," he said and then turned to Shanika, "you, too

girl.  Come in and look pretty."

Carl and Jake walked into the office with Shanika following.  Jake sat

in one of the chairs and Carl went around, sat in his chair, and

pulled a bottle out of a desk drawer along with two glasses.

"Why don't you pour, girl?" he said to the negress.

Shanika picked up the liquor bottle and poured some in each glass.

She stood by as the two old friends clinked glasses and sipped their


"Say, Jake," said Carl as he took another sip from his drink, "Did I

ever tell you about my first nigger?"

"What's this?" asked Jake, "Another of your tall tales?"

"No, seriously," he replied.  "It all started when was a boy.  I was

thirteen or fourteen, I don't remember for sure, it bein' over fifty

years ago."

"I was livin' at home with my widowed momma.  My daddy got his self

killed during the war so she had to work in an office to support us.

She didn't have a lot of spare time so she hired this colored lady

named Beula to come over and do the cleaning and laundry and be there

for when I got back from school.  She'd make our supper and have it

ready when Momma got home and then take care of the dishes before she

went off to where ever it was she lived.

"Beula always used to call me 'Mister Richards' when ever she spoke to

me even though she was at least as old as Momma.  I asked her one day

why she did that.  She told me, 'It's 'cause I'm a nigger and you a

young white man, Mister Richards.  I gots to show you respect and I

gots to do things the way you like.  That's all.'

"It was around that time I started to really take an interest in girls

and started noticing the female form.  And there wasn't no form more

female than Beula.  She was a large woman with big nigger tits and a

great big booty.  I wanted to feel those titties in the worst way.

"One day I asked her, 'Since you a nigger, you got to do what I say,

right?'  She agreed.  So I says, 'then open up your blouse so's I can

see your boobs.'

"So she says, 'Mister Richards!  You know that ain't right!  I's

older'n yo' momma!  That ain't nothin' for a polite young man to ask a

lady.  What would yo' momma think?'

"I told her my momma wasn't going to know about it and she couldn't

tell her 'cause she had to do what I say.  She didn't have much to say

about that, and I was already committed so I tell her again to show me

her boobs.  Damned if she didn't unbutton her blouse and lift her big

ol' bra up and let 'em pop out.  I couldn't believe she'd really do


Jake spoke up, "Now you're bullshittin' me, Carl.  You and your good

old days stories.  Ain't no middle age lady gonna show her hooters off

to some young punk.  Don't matter if she's a nigger or not, it ain't

gonna happen."

"I shit you not," said Carl.  "She did it.  They was fuckin' *huge*!

I went over and felt the hell out of her titties.  They was so soft!

She couldn't hardly look at me while I did it.  She just stood there,

looking off to one side.  I tried to squeeze on 'em, but they was too

big for me to get my hands on."

"Anyways, once I had enough, I told her she could put 'em away.  I was

afraid she was gonna tell my momma what I did when she got home, but

she never did.  It took me a couple weeks to work up the guts to tell

her to do it again, but I did.  That time she didn't argue or nothin'.

She just opened up her shirt and let me do what I wanted.  I even

kissed and sucked on her nipples and she didn't say anything or try to

stop me.  Afterwards she'd act like nothin' happened.

"This went on for months, but more and more often.  At night I'd think

about those big nigger tits and how soft they were and how she'd just

let me do what I wanted.  Then I started to get some other ideas.

"I wanted to see how far she'd go, so I told her I wanted to see her

naked and that she should take off her clothes.  She said that me

havin' her titties was enough and that it wasn't right for me to be

carryin' on this way.  I told her she had to and finally she gave in

and stripped down to her underwear.  She had a big ol' white bra for

them big nigger tits, and big ol' white cotton drawers for her big ol'

black ass.  She wanted to stop there, but I wouldn't let her.  Finally

she got all naked, right there in the kitchen.

Jake couldn't hold back.  "You tellin' me she took off all her clothes

'cause you told her to?  Just some kid?  You had me goin' up to now,

but come on, Carl!"

"Are you gonna keep interruptin' me?" asked Carl.  "Or do you want to

hear this story?"

Jake didn't say anything.  Shanika stood quietly.  She wanted to hear

more of the story that the old white man was telling.

"All right then," he continued.  "She did.  She took off everything

and was standin' there buck naked for me to see.  Man, she was a sight

to behold.  Those big nigger tits and plump belly and she had a bush

of curly black hair.  I was sittin' in a chair at the kitchen table

and I made her come over to me so I could touch her.  I felt those big

black boobs and then I went for that bush.  It was kind of wiry but

still pretty soft.  I pushed my hand between her legs, but she didn't

want to let me so I had to tell her spread 'em.  She kept looking away

from me and opened 'em up.

"Her coochie was real soft and warm, I tried to finger her, but she

was pretty dry, so I just kept feelin' it on the outside.  I never

felt a girl between her legs before and it was great.  I put my finger

in her crack and it felt kind of wet so I tried to finger her again

and this time it went right in.  She made a noise and I was afraid I'd

hurt her or somethin'.  I took my hand away and asked if she was ok

but she wouldn't say nothin' so I told her she could get dressed.

"Once she had her clothes on again I asked her if she was ok and she

said she was and I asked about how she got wet.  She says, 'I ain't

just a nigger, Mister Richards, I is also a woman.  An' when a woman

gets her privates played with like that she gets wet.'  See, I didn't

know shit then and she had to explain it to me.

"It was quite some time before I dared try anything again.  But when I

did, and told her to get naked, she just did it without talkin' or

complainin'.  She'd just stand there, lookin' the other way while my

hands had their way with her.  An' when I'd go to finger her coochie,

it'd already be wet.  It smelled good, too.  I never smelled nothin'

like that before, but I liked it.  I don't mind tellin' you I'd have

to go whack off pretty soon after I let her get dressed again.

"I wasn't so bold as to do it too often, but I did it now and then.

It must have been over a year after I started playin' with her that I

came home from school early one day.  Beula was still makin' the beds.

I found her in my room and she was surprised to see me that time of

the day.  It's funny, but I could tell by the look on her face that

she knew what I wanted now.

"'Mister Richards, it ain't right what you want.' she said.  'An'

what's that?' I asked.  She told me, 'I is older than yo' momma.  It

ain't right!'  But I didn't care.  I told her to take off her clothes

and lie on my bed and spread her legs out.

"She was beggin' me, 'Don't make me do this, Carl.  What would yo'

momma think?'  I told her my momma wasn't gonna think nothin' 'cause

she wasn't gonna know about it.  So she got naked and lay on my own

bed and spread her legs for me.  I couldn't believe she was doing it!

Well, I pulled down my pants and hopped in bed between her legs.  She

didn't even look at me the whole time I fucked her.  Bein' a kid, I

didn't last very long.  I got up and pulled up my pants, but she just

lay there looking away from me.  Those big floppy nigger tits were

hanging over sides of her chest and I could see a little cream in her

coochie.  I told her she could get dressed again so she did and went

downstairs to start supper.

Jake said to Shanika, "Pour us another drink, wench!  Listenin' to

this tall tale is makin' me thirsty!"

"You never fucked that old nigger, Carl," said Jake.  "No fuckin' way.

I mean if your old lady found you pokin' the cleanin' lady she'd fire

her ass.  No fuckin' way she'd risk that."

Shanika returned to the desk and poured each white man another drink

from the bottle.

"You can say whatever you want," said Carl.  "I was there.  I know

what happened.  It ain't no lie.  I fucked that old nigger.  As it

turned out, plenty more times, too."

"I'd get home from school and call her up to my room.  She'd come up,

get naked, and lie in my bed.  I'd get in and fuck the shit out of

her.  She wouldn't look at me but I could tell she was humpin' me

back.  Sometimes she'd make little noises, like sighs and whimpers.

I'd bust my nut in her and say she could get dressed and she'd go

about her business.  It was great!

"I mean, it actually got to where sometimes I'd come home and go to my

room and she'd just come up and knock on the door.  'I figger'd you'd

want some,' she'd say or somethin'.  I'd let her in and she'd strip

down and get in my bed and I'd fuck her.  For the most part, though,

the most she'd do was hump back a little with her head turned to one

side.  I tried to kiss her, but she wouldn't kiss back, so I just

kissed her thick nigger lips anyways.  I didn't think she liked it too

much, but I was so horny I didn't give a shit.  Then again, a couple

times I came home and she was already in bed waitin'!  I figured I had

her totally trained to be my nigger.

"When I was sixteen I got me a girlfriend.  She was so pretty.  Betty

Lou was her name and she had long blonde hair and big blue eyes.  Once

I started going with Betty Lou, I kind of stopped messin' around with

Beula.  Actually, I started to feel kind of ashamed at the way I'd

been treatin' her all this time.  She was sweet and kind and I took

advantage of her somethin' terrible.

"I remember that it'd been awhile since I'd had her up to my room when

she said to me, 'Well, Master Carl, now you got yo' white girlfriend,

you don't need no nigger no more?'  So I told her, 'No, Beula.  An'

I'm truly sorry for how bad I treated you.  You been nothin' but nice

to me and I am shamed what I did.'  And that was that.  I didn't make

her do nothin' after that.

"I was tired of school and Betty Lou started goin' out with some other

poor sucker.  When I turned seventeen, Momma signed the papers so I

could go in the army.  The night before I was to go, I was out on the

porch and Beula was leaving to go home for the night.  'I'm gonna miss

you,' I told her.  And she said, 'I'll miss you, too, Carl.  Jus' like

I miss comin' up to your room.'

"I didn't know what to say for a moment.  'I thought you hated that,'

I told her and she said, 'I didn't hate it at all.  I's a old colored

lady, no husband since the war, and I had me a fine young white boy

just couldn't get enough of my coochie.  How could I hate that?'  I

was so confused.  'But you wouldn't even look at me!  After a time I

felt like maybe I was rapin' you.'  She laughed at that.  'No, you

wan't rapin' me or nothin'.  It just wasn't right, me, older 'n yo'

momma, carryin' on wit' you.  But I wasn't gonna stop you.  You

understands, Carl?'

"At that moment I think I did understand.  I told her I'd give her a

ride home.  I took her to her small one room apartment in town.  I

walked her to the door and then told her to let me come in.  She told

me it wasn't right, but I told her she had to do what I said.  We went

in and I told her to strip down and she did it with no argument.  I

got naked, too, and we went into her bed.  I fucked her like I never

had before and she looked into my eyes and told me she was my nigger.

I never came so hard in my life before.  An' thinkin' of it now, I

never did after, neither.

"I spent the night with her and we did it again in the morning.  That

day I went to the train station and went off to boot camp.  I never

saw her again.  When I got out of the army later she'd gone away to

live with family someplace or other.

The room was silent for a long moment.

"Bullshit," said Jake finally with a smile.  "You old liar.  None of

that ever happened."

"It did, old friend," Carl replied quietly.  "No lie."  He drained his

drink.  "Look, I've got to go check on a few last minute items for the

big to do."

He noticed his friend kept eyeing Shanika.  "You horny bastard.  I bet

you want to fuck my nigger, don't you?" he asked.

"Well..." Jake said.

"Look, she's ready for tonight so no pussy, ok?" said Carl.  "I've got

to get going so you can have the office to yourself.  Use her mouth

and don't make a mess."  He laughed.

"Thanks, Carl," he said, "I don't mind if I do."

"Leave the door open when you're done and my girl will come and take

the nigger away."  Carl left the room, closing the door behind him.

Jake unzipped his pants and slipped them down to his ankles.

Shanika knew what to do.  She kneeled before him and took his cock in

her hands, gently caressing it.  She leaned her head forward and began

to lick his shaft, occasionally running her tongue over his balls.  He

started breathing faster and she took the tip of his white cock in

through her thick lips and sucked.  He moaned with pleasure.  She took

more and more of his dick into her mouth, all the time stroking the

base of it with her hand.

Whether it was her ministrations or that he was already heated up from

Mr. Richards story, it didn't take long before she felt him stiffen

and then release a hot gush of semen into her mouth.  Respectfully,

she swallowed all she could and stood up.  Wordlessly, Jake pulled up

his pants, opened the door and walked out leaving Shanika with his cum

drooling off her chin and her cheeks burning with shame.

In a few minutes Yolanda came in and looked at her shaking her head.

She took out a handkerchief and wiped off the slave girls face.

"Let's go, missy," she said and Shanika followed her through the hall

to the lobby and a set of double doors.  Yolanda opened it revealing a

large high ceilinged room with a dozen cloth covered tables with

chairs around them.  Two other naked slave girls were setting the

tables.  She recognized Nydia and Yvonne.

"Here's where you'll be serving later," said Yolanda.  "Right now

you'll help get the dining hall ready."

Shanika joined in and help set the tables and otherwise prepare for

the gala.  The slave girls worked silently under Yolanda's watchful


Finally they were finished.  "All right, girls.  Into the kitchen."

Yolanda led the slave girls to the back of the hall and through a

swinging door to the kitchen where the meal was being prepared by

negro girls in kitchen whites.  Trays of hor'dourves were on a side

table along with trays of glasses of champagne.

"Guests are arriving in the lobby," she instructed.  "Circulate

amongst them and offer them something to eat or drink.  No talking.

Expect some grabbing so don't drop anything.  You've each been chosen

personally for this by Massa Richards.  Do nothing to shame him or

yourselves.  When you run out, come back here for more."

Each slave girl took a tray and headed back out through the dining

hall into the lobby.  A couple of dozen white folks were already

there.  Mostly men, all in elegant jackets and ties, but also several

women, each in a long evening gown.  The naked black women circulated

amongst the formally attired crowd offering them hor'dourves and


Shanika had begun to become used her nudity in the presence of clothed

white men and women, but to be completely exposed amongst these

elegantly dressed people had her mortified.  She looked around and saw

Nydia and Yvonne.  They seemed so totally out of place, but none of

the party goers seemed to take much notice of them or their nakedness.

Her tray empty, she headed back for the kitchen and felt a pinch on

her ass.  She didn't turn around, but kept walking.  She didn't break

stride or even look down when she felt a hand squeeze her breast.  She

went through the double doors away from the crowd and through the

dining hall to the kitchen.  More trays were ready to be taken out.

She reached for the tray closest to the screen door that led from the

kitchen into the courtyard.  She looked and saw that it was twilight,

glancing around she saw Debbie in a flowing gown and open toed high

heeled shoes.  She wore eye shadow in addition to her traditional red

lipstick.  She had a pearl necklace on with matching earrings.

The white girl appeared to be leading a tall black man towards the

kitchen door.  He was at least a head higher than she was even though

she was wearing her blonde hair up.  He was naked except for the thick

chrome studded black leather collar he around his neck.  Shanika saw

he was completely hairless other than his eyebrows.  She was surprised

first because she hadn't seen any black boys at the club and second at

the obviously subservient posture he struck in spite of the size

difference between him and his white mistress.

"Stop here," she commanded him.  She turned and looked up at him, her

face turned angry.  In one move she reached out her hand and grabbed

his testicles, Shanika saw him wince in pain.

"On your knees, nigger!" she barked and virtually pulled him down by

the balls, her leaning forward, him dropping to his knees as she

released them.  "What's the idea staying up on your hind legs like

that, boy?"

"I's, sorry, Miz Debbie," said the chastened negro boy.

"I'll say you are!" she said.  "Now you listen to me, boy.  You stay

here and wait for me.  This will only take a few hours.  I don't want

you talking to these nigger girls.  If I catch you so much as looking

at them wrong, I'll put a hurtin' on you.  And you know I'll do it!"

"Yes'm, Miz Debbie," he drawled, "I won't talk to dem nigga girls."

Her voice softened.  "Now you be a good nigger and I'll save you some

of my supper and try to sneak away and bring it out to you."

"Thank you, Miz Debbie," he said.

"All right then, boy," she said, putting her hands on her hips.  "You

may pay your respects before I go."

The slave boy bent over on his knees, resting himself on his elbows.

He crawled like that for the couple of strides required to reach her.

He proceeded to kiss and lick each of her toes that was exposed

through her shoes.  When he'd done both feet, he rested his head on

the ground before her.

"Good boy." she said quietly and then turned and walked out of sight

around the building, heading for the front entrance.  The black boy

sat back on his knees, presumably to wait for his mistress's return.

He looked around and he saw Shanika through the screen door watching

what had just taken place.  His eyes went immediately to the ground

and he hung his head.

Shanika was startled by Yolanda's voice.  "You there!  What's the hold

up, missy?  Get a tray and get back out there."

The slave girl quickly did as she was told, returning to the guests

with a full tray.  She couldn't get the image of Debbie and the black

boy out of her mind.  She hadn't ever seen anything like it.

Soon it was dinner time.  The guests took their seats and were served.

While they ate, Shanika and the other slave girls made sure their

glasses were full.  Afterwards they cleared the dishes away, and then

served the white diners their dessert.

She was in a constant state of shame and excitement.  Serving the

elegantly clothed ladies and gentlemen while she was completely naked.

She never saw the hands, but she felt them as she moved from table to


"You, there!" called Carl towards Shanika, "Come up here!"

The negro slave girl immediately hurried to the head table.  She could

feel every eye in the room on her naked black body.  Mr. Richards

pushed his chair away from the table and turned it towards Shanika.

She wasn't quite sure what to do.

"Display, girl," he said softly.

Facing the entire room of formally clad white folks, she slowly spread

out her legs and put her hands behind her head.  She looked at the

floor, unable to look at all the white faces pointed in her direction.

Carl reached his hand out and caressed her breasts causing her nipples

to become erect.  He reached between her legs and softly stroked her

sex.  She parted her legs still further.

"She is so wet!" he told the assembled diners.  "This is one of the

most responsive niggers I've come across.  Ain't that right, girl?"

"Yes, Massa," she said quietly.

"Tell them.  Tell them what you like," he laughed, "I already know!"

"I's wet, Massa," she said, feeling light headed, her face was burning

with embarrassment.  "I likes it when Massa play wit' my coochie."

She heard some laughter and opened her eyes.  Every white face in the

room was looking at her.  She felt Mr. Richards finger enter her and

she gasped.

"So you like that, do you?" he asked, playing to the crowd.

"Yes, Massa," she said, shaking both from the humiliation and the

excitement, "I likes what you doin' to my coochie.  It feel real


She tuned out the audience and just concentrated on her master's

touch.  She felt another finger reach for her clit, as Carl continued

to manually work her pussy.  She gave in completely and began push

back against it, grinding herself against his hand.  Gradually she

unconsciously lowered her hands, her master said nothing.  He just

kept stroking her faster and faster.

"Oh!" she exclaimed amidst the whimpering noises she made, her eyes

closed.  "Ah!"  She could hear the sloppy sound of her master slipping

his hand in and out of her soaking wet pussy.  It was the only sound

she could hear as the room had gone still.  Every eye was on the black

slave girl as Carl brought her near climax.

"Oh, Massa," she whispered, feeling it build inside her.  She had put

the onlookers out of her mind.  She focussed entirely on the growing


"Oh!  Kin I cum, Massa?" she whispered.

"Louder," he prompted.

"Massa," she said louder, "kin I cum?  Please, Massa?"

"Yes, you may," he told her.  "Cum for your master like a good nigger


"Ah!"  Her eyes opened as if startled and her jaw dropped.  "Ah!  Oh!"

Carl felt her gush on his hand as the negro slave girl tensed and then

relaxed.  It was a quiet climax.  A quiet climax in a silent room.

She could hear only her own breathing and heart beating.

"Thank you, Massa," she said softly.  She got on her knees before him

and he reached out with his hand, sticky with her cum, and rubbed it

on the stubble on top of her head.  She backed away from him far

enough to be able to bend forward and touch her head to the floor in

front of his feet.

"Good girl," he said, "now go to the kitchen and have your supper."

Shanika kissed her masters feet and rose up.  She slowly went to the

kitchen, her eyes straight ahead.  She could feel the eyes of everyone

in the room on her along with the squishy wetness between her legs as

she walked.  She pushed open the door and walked in.  The other slave

girls along with the kitchen help and Yolanda all looked up from the

table they sat at as she entered the room.

"Well, girl," said Yolanda, "damned if you ain't Massa Richards'

favorite, too.

Chapter 11 - The Dirtballs

The next morning the cycle began again.  Elois, the young negro

attendant prepared Shanika for the day.

"Yo' coochie so smooth, girl!" she observed, stroking the slave girls

waxed pussy.  "Won't be needin' to shave you for a while!"

The experiences of the previous evening were still fresh in Shanika's

mind.  She closed her eyes and remembered the touch of Mr. Richards on

her as he masturbated her to orgasm for the amusement of his dinner

guests at the anniversary gala.  It was embarrassing to have so many

white folks watching as she stood there naked with his hands between

her legs, but it felt good and he seemed almost proud of her.  She was

humiliated having to ask permission to cum, but even now she could

feel herself moistening with the memory.

After Elois was through washing her off, Yolanda took her and helped

the black slave girl on with her collar and shackles so she'd be ready

for the auction.  The heat of the sun had burned off what was left of

the morning chill by the time the older colored lady led the negro

slave girl to her station in shackles.  She chained her there by her

collar.  She sat on her stool waiting for prospective buyers of her

body to come by and take a look at the goods.

Mostly it was solitary white men who came by to check Shanika over.

Sometimes there would be couples who mostly spoke quietly to each

other so that she couldn't hear what was said.  Occasionally a group

of two or more white men would inspect her at once.

She displayed herself in the proscribed manner as they approached and

turned slowly around to give them a complete view.  Frequently they'd

want to see her bend over with her legs spread wide so they could see

everything.  As often as she was forced into this demeaning position,

she never got used to it and felt a fresh wave of humiliation each


Sitting on her stool with her legs spread to show off her genitals was

also a favorite demand of the bidders who inspected her.  This, too,

left her face hot with shame in spite of having repeated the display

so many times.  The colored girl didn't understand why the shame she

felt was alway accompanied by a tingle of excitement and a familiar

growing wetness between her legs.

At one point, a group of four white men walked over to her station.

All wore blue jeans, tee shirts, and work boots.  Shanika assumed the

display position for them.

"If you want big tits, Ed, you've gotta be ready for her to be on the

chubby side," opined a bearded, fortyish white man who was quite

chubby himself.  "These nigger's ain't a bunch of Playboy bunnies

after all."

"I'm just sayin' there ain't no reason we gotta settle for no fat

fuckin' bitch just so we get one with more than a handful of tit

meat," replied the skinny, younger one.  "Auction ain't for over an

hour, Al.  One could still turn up."

"Boys," advised the oldest of them, a gray haired white man wearing a

baseball cap with a farm equipment logo on it, "if'n there's a nigger

like what you want here, you can count on her costing more than we

got.  We just gotta pick out one we can all agree on.  Shit, most of

'em look good enough to fuck to me."

"I like this one, Cy," said the youngest, a little younger than

Shanika with blonde hair.  "She's kinda pretty and she got big boobs.

Kinda looks like that colored girl works in the office.  And look at

that booty!  Man, oh, man!"

The slave girl completed her turn and faced them standing with her

legs apart and her hands behind her head.

"Jesus, Bo!  You horny bastard!  You like all of 'em," said Ed.  "Now,

me, I got refined tastes."  He spoke to the negress, "Bend over,

bitch.  Show us that big black ass."

Shanika turned around and bent over keeping her legs as far apart as

the chain connecting her ankles allowed.

"See, she ain't too fat," observed Al, "You can see her coochie even

though she can't spread her legs all the way.  I'd fuck her in a


"What wouldn't you fuck, Al?" asked Ed.  Cy and Bo laughed out loud.

"Plenty more niggers to look at, boys," said the older white man.

The group moved on leaving Shanika burning with shame.  These men just

looked on her and the other slave girls as so much fuck meat, she

thought.  All they saw was tits, pussy, and ass.

The parade of bidders continued.  The negress posed as demanded,

exposing herself to potential buyers.  The sun grew hot.  Yolanda

moved down the line of slave display stations with a bucket of cool

water.  Shanika drank thirstily when the older colored lady handed her

a cup.

"Auction'll be starting soon," she said before she moved on to the

next girl.

After a few more bidders inspected the negro slave girl's body,

Mr. Richards took the podium and the auction began.  Yolanda led slave

after slave up to the block where they were sold to the highest

bidder.  Shanika was one of the last to go up.

She shuffled in her shackles behind Yolanda as the older black woman

led her to the platform.  Once she had climbed up onto the block she

assumed the display position and the bidding began.

"This nigger never fails to please.  You can see she's quality

merchandise," Mr. Richards went on.  "She knows her place and she's

always ready.  Let's start her off at 100.  How about it gentlemen, do

I hear 100?"

The bidding went up to 350 for Shanika.  She came down from the

platform to be handed over to the four white men who had taken an

interest in her earlier.  She noticed there were few bidders left and

saw Yolanda leading a skinny older negro with droopy breasts up to the


"Thank you for buying me, Massa," she said to the eldest of the group,

who now held her chain.

"Hang on there, fellas," said Bo, the youngest.  "We had 400 and only

spent 350.  Let's see if we can get this scrawny one cheap.  Two

niggers gotta be better than one."

"Ok," said Ed, "but you get to fuck that one."

Al, the heavyset one, laughed at this.

"What're you laughin' at?" asked Bo defensively.  "You tellin' me you

wouldn't fuck her?"

"We ain't got her, yet," Cy reminded them.

Shanika recognized the slave who had only fetched 50 when she was at

the club the first time.  The poor negress was led away on all fours,

like a dog, after she was sold that time.  This time she climbed the

steps, assumed the display position with her eyes downcast looking at

the dirt in front of the platform.

"This one may have some miles on her, boys, but there's still plenty

left," Mr. Richards called out.  "She knows how to do what you like.

How about 100 for her?  Do I get 100?"

Like last time, there was no answer from the bidders for 100.  The

older colored slave stood in shame on the auction block, unable to

fetch the initial minimum bid.

"Ok, looks like somebody's gonna get a bargain," said the auctioneer.

"What do I hear for this nigger?"

"Fifty bucks!" shouted Bo.

"I've got 50," Mr. Richards said to the bidders, "how about

75?... 75?...  going once... going twice... sold for 50!"

"See?  I got us another nigger," said Bo proudly.  "Ain't you glad

y'all brought me along?"

"She's older than your momma, Bo," said Al.  "But I'll fuck her."

The skinny negress came down the steps and was presented to Bo.

"Thank you for buyin' me, Massa," she said, her eyes still downcast.

"Hook 'em up and let's go to the cabin, boys," instructed Cy.

Bo hooked the older slave's chain to Shanika's collar and Cy led them

both away.  The other white men went along, too.  They all headed

towards the path the led to the cabins.

Upon arrival at the cabin, Shanika noticed that it was larger than one

she'd been in with Roy on her first visit.  When they went inside she

saw there were two bedrooms off the main room, which had a table and

several chairs and another bed.  There was a counter with a sink along

the back wall and an ice chest sat on the floor in front of it.

Cy let go of chain and sat in one of the chairs.  "Get the chains

off'n these niggers," he said.  "They's just for show anyhow.  These

bitches ain't goin' nowhere no how."

Ed removed Shanika's chains while Bo did the same for the skinny

negress he'd bought.  Al sat at the table.  Ed finished with Shanika

and gave her a slap on her big black butt before taking his seat.  Bo

was taking his time and some how managed to give each of his nigger's

droopy tits a squeeze while ostensibly taking off her collar.  The

older colored woman's shackles now off, Bo joined his friends.

"Make yourselves useful and go get us some beers out of that there

cooler," Cy ordered.  The two slave girls walked to where it was.

Shanika bent over to get the cans out of the ice, the white men's eyes

all drawn to her ample ass.

"I haven't seen you before," whispered the older slave to Shanika.

"I'm Jackie.  I've been coming here for years."

Whap!  Shanika looked around.  Ed had stood back up and held a switch

made from a narrow straight green wooden stick.  Jackie startled,

stood up instinctively putting her hands on her ass where a red line


"No one told you to talk, nigger," scolded Ed.  "Fetch those beers.

No more yammering."

Shanika went back to fishing beers out, handing two to the chastised

Jackie.  They put them on the table.

"Open 'em up!," said Ed, exasperated.  "You s'posed to be servin' us!"

The younger colored girl popped the tops of the beer cans and passed

them out.  Jackie stood silently and watched.

"I think the fair way to do this is play a little game to see who gets

first dibs," said Cy.  He produced a deck of playing cards and began

shuffling them.  "Here's what we do.  I'll deal out five cards to each

of us, and we'll pick which nigger we want in order, high hand first.

You all agreeable?"

The other three nodded their agreement.

"I'd like a better look at what we're playin' for," Al chimed in.

"How about we get 'em up on the counter there and squat for us, all

pretty like?  I mean it ain't every day we get a couple of nigger

bitches to do what we want with.  I say let's put 'em where we can see

'em proper like."

"That's the first good idea I've heard you come up with, Al," said Ed.

He looked towards Shanika and Jackie.  "All right, ladies, get up

there and show us what you got for us."

Using a chair to help, the two colored girls climbed up on the

linoleum counter top.  One on each side of the sink.  Shanika squatted

down and opened her legs so wide she could feel the tension in her

thighs.  Jackie did the same.

"Say, that *is* nice," observed Cy.  And then to the negresses, "Put

your hands on top of your heads."

The black slave girls did as ordered.

"Damn!" said Bo incredulously, "So long as I sit down, I can even see

their assholes like this!"

Although she had been forced to show off her naked black body so many

times before, there was something especially demeaning about

displaying her sex so obscenely.  It was if she was nothing but tits,

cunt, and ass to these white men.

"That's right,' said Ed with satisfaction.  "They look just like the

nigger fuck meat they is."

Shanika shuddered.  It was almost as if he had responded to her own

thoughts.  Mortified, she felt that tingle again, betrayed by a part

of herself she seemed unable to control.  She knew her pussy was

getting damp.

She watched as Cy dealt the cards.  No one picked up their hand since

they were all enjoying the view of their negresses, completely exposed

to them for their amusement.  And they *were* amused.  She noticed

them shifting in their seats trying to adjust their hard ons.

"Looks like I go first," Cy observed.  "Three jacks.  I think I'll go

first with the plumpy nigger."  With that he took a long swig of beer.

Shanika was quietly pleased to be first choice even if it was with the

gray haired old man.

Roused from gaping at their captive black sex slaves, the others

picked up their cards.

"I'm next," said Ed.  "Two black queens.  You'd think I'd get both

those colored girls.  But I'd rather have sloppy seconds with chubby

than old droopy tits there."

Jackie hung her head and her shoulders dropped when she heard Ed's

comment.  Shanika felt kind of sorry for her.

Bo had ace high.  "Well, I'll take her.  She's got a pussy.  I don't

mind suckin' on those little floppy tits.  I think I'll like 'em just

fine."  Jackie perked up at being chosen at last.

"I ain't got shit," said Al, "I ain't proud, just horny.  I'll take

whichever one's available to me first."

Cy pushed back from the table, unzipped his pants, and dropped them to

his ankles.  "Over here, girl," He said, patting his thigh.  "Time for

you to do your stuff."

Shanika carefully climbed down from the counter and went over to him.

It was clear to her he wanted his dick sucked.  She dropped to her

knees and started licking his cock and balls.  She heard the sound of

a chair sliding on the floor followed by pants being unzipped.  As she

took Cy's white cock between her thick black lips, she felt another

cock probing between her legs.

"Oh, man," said Ed.  "This nigger is hot!  Her cunt is dripping!  I

think she likes you, Cy."  She felt Ed's cock push into her pussy.

"So long as she sucks my dick good, I'll like her, too!" he replied.

"That's it, nigger.  Suck it good.  Suck it like you was born to suck


Shanika started bobbing her head up and down on Cy's cock as Ed picked

up the pace, drilling her from behind.

"What're you waitin' for, bitch?" she heard Bo say.  "Get your nigger

ass over here and suck my dick."

She heard Jackie get down off the counter and walk across the floor.

Shanika imagined what it must look like, two black slave girls on

their knees servicing their white masters.  The thought made her more

excited.  Much more excited than Ed's thrusting into her made her.

"Agh," croaked Ed.  He grunted and she felt him ejaculate inside her

vagina.  "Man," he gasped, "that was good."  He pulled out and slapped

her on the ass.  She continued to work Cy's cock with her mouth.

"Out of the way," said Al, "my turn."  She felt the big man's gut

against her ass as he pushed his dick into her cunt and started

banging her.

Meanwhile she could hear Cy's breathing quicken.  He was ready to pop.

She started to bob and suck at a faster pace.  Al continued to pound

her pussy.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Cy, "oh, fuck!  That's it.  Suck it you nigger

whore.  Suck yo' daddy's dick.  Suck it!"  He started to cum in her

mouth and she sucked harder.  "Oh, baby, that's it!  Suck yo' daddy's

dick, nigger!"  She let his rapidly receding erection slip out of her

mouth and a little semen drooled from her lip down into his gray pubic


"This cunt's just too sloppy," said Al breathlessly.  Shanika felt him

withdraw from her pussy and then start probing for her asshole.  She

had never been taken anally and the sharp pain she felt when Al shoved

his cock up her ass made her cry out.

"Take it, bitch," growled Al.  "Take it up your ass the way a nigger

was made to take it."

"Oh, Massa," she cried, "You hurtin' yo' nigga bad!  Please, no mo',

Massa!"  She felt as if she where being split in two.  "I's sorry I so

sloppy, Massa.  Let me suck yo' dick.  I suck it good fo' you.  Please

don't fuck yo' nigga's ass no mo'!"  Tears rolled down her face.

Her pleading had the desired effect as Al couldn't hold back any

longer.  He grunted wordlessly and filled her ass with cum.

She looked over at Jackie, on her knees she had grasped Bo's cock with

one hand and was stroking it while holding the head in her mouth

slurping on it.

"That's enough of that," Bo panted.  "Turn around.  Time for you to

get butt fucked, nigger."

Jackie immediately let go of his hard white cock and turned around,

presenting herself to him like a bitch in heat to be mounted.  He got

on his knees and shoved his saliva coated dick up her skinny black

ass.  She grunted and exhaled noisily as he pushed it in until his

balls were slapping against her neglected pussy.  She dropped from her

hands to her elbows

He began to slam into her and her droopy tits swung back and forth in

response to his thrusts.  The room reeked of sex and rang with the

sound of flesh slapping flesh.  Shanika watched from her hands and

knees, semen leaking out of all three of her openings.  The other

white men had taken their seats and were enjoying the show.

"Yeah!," cried Bo, still slamming into the skinny negro slave , "I'm

gonna cum up you nigger ass, bitch.  Ah!  Ah!!"  He stiffened,

emptying himself into the colored woman's rectum.

All was quiet for a moment other than the sound of heavy breathing.

Bo stood up looking down on the still kneeling form of the older

negress he'd just violated.  He was young enough to be her son and he

had just used her in the most humiliating way he could think of.  He

paused for a minute, drinking in the scene and then reached for his

pants on the floor.

"Damn, Bo," said Cy.  "You just 'bout tore that poor nigger girl up!"

"She'll get over it," the young blonde man replied.  "I need a beer.

Fetch me one, girl."

Shanika stood up.  She could feel how sore her ass was and how stiff

her muscles were after being used by the white men while kneeling on

the hard wood floor.

"Not you," he stopped her.  "I want *my* nigger to get it."

Slowly, Jackie got to her feet.

"No, no.  Not like that.  On your knees.  Do it."  Bo was feeling

powerful after having his way completely with the older black slave.

She sank back down and walked on her knees over to the cooler.  She

returned to him where he now sat and placed the can in front of him on

the table.

"Now go get one for each of my friends like a good monkey," smirked


They all watched as Jackie went back to the ice chest on her knees.

The white men in their chairs, Shanika standing nearby.  The younger

black slave girl felt bad for the older negress as she was being

tormented this way.

Jackie retrieved three beers and held the cold cans to her chest with

her arms to keep from dropping them.  When she got back to the table

she carefully put one in front of each of her masters.

"Back on the counter, you two," demanded Al.  "Let's see how you look

after the workout y'all got."

Jackie, still on her knees, went to the counter, climbed up and

reassumed the humiliating wide open squatting position.  She put her

hands on top of her head and spread her legs wide.  Shanika did the

same.  Splayed out like this, she could feel the semen dripping out of

her cunt and asshole.  It formed two creamy white puddles on the


"Damn, there's spunk coming of every hole on that chubby one,"

observed Ed.  "Kind of disgustin', but that's a well fucked nigger

whore for ya."

"So what do we do now?" asked Bo.

Cy sipped on his beer.  "Relax, boy.  We got all day to enjoy these

niggers.  You got to learn to slow down and enjoy yourself.  Here we

are, havin' a beer takin' in the sights."  He nodded to the two slave

girls.  "Take it easy."

Ed picked up the green wood stick and swished it through the air.

"Man, I'd like to try this out on one of those bitches," he said.  "I

bet they'd squeal like pigs gettin' whupped with it."

"Which one?" asked Al.

"Shit, I dunno," Ed replied.  "I think the chubby one would be more

fun.  On the other hand, I did just fuck her.  Maybe I should whup the

skinny one."

"The thing to do is have a contest of some kind," said Cy.  "Then whup

whichever one loses."

"How 'bout we take 'em outside," suggested Al.  "We could make 'em pee

for us like dogs.  Then whup whichever one makes the smallest puddle."

"Jesus, Al!" Cy exclaimed.  "You are one nasty motherfucker, you know


"I like it," said Ed.  "Al is full of good ideas today.  I say let's

do that."  He swished the switch through the air a couple more times.

"All right," sighed the older man.  "Bo, get the rope.  Al, bring the

niggers out."

Cy and Ed got up and headed for the door.  Bo went rummaging in a

duffle bag on the floor.  Al went to the counter.

"Ok, you heard the man," said the fat white man, his eyes drawn to the

slave girls' intimate regions as he spoke.  "Hop down from there and

let's go outside."

Slowly, Shanika and Jackie climbed down and stepped towards the door.

"No, no, no," chided Al.  "Down on all fours.  Like nigger dogs."

Resigned to their station, the two colored girls did as they were

commanded and got down on their hands and knees and crawled towards

the door.

"That's better," he said.  "Out you go."

The afternoon sun was still high in the sky and it was hot outside

compared to the shade of the cabin.  With Al walking behind them, the

negresses awkwardly came down the steps and crawled through the dust

to where the other three white men stood.

"Squat, dogs," commanded Ed.  "Squat and piss on the ground.

Whichever one of you makes the smallest puddle gets this."  He

swooshed the switch through the air.

The younger black slave girl was having trouble starting the flow in

front of an audience that was watching her so intently.  She could

hear the sound of Jackie's urine hitting the ground where she squatted

next to her.  Shanika looked away from the white men and finally

managed to start a trickle going.  She just couldn't do anymore.

"Well, what d'ya know?" said Bo.  "I woulda thought the big one would

make the biggest puddle.  Looks like *my* nigger is the pissin'


"Tie her hands," said Cy.  "Then put the rope round this here tree so

her arms are up.  Ed'll be able to get at her good that way."

"Let's have your hands," Bo ordered Shanika.

She submissively held out her hands, the wrists touching.  He wrapped

the rope around her wrists several turns and then wrapped the rope

around the turns between her hands, binding them tightly.  He led her

to the large tree in front of the cabin and threw the other end of the

rope up over a low limb, tying it off around the trunk.  Shanika now

stood out from the tree with her bound hands stretched over her head.

She had to stand on her toes some to relieve the pressure of the rope

on her wrists.

"Looks good," said Ed.  "I think I'll get warmed up on her ass."

He walked around behind the tied slave girl, drew back his arm, and

layed the switch across the negress's ass with a resounding thwack.

Shanika yelped at the blow.  A red line appeared where she'd been


Thwack!  She yelped again.  Another red line.  Thwack!  Again she

yelped.  Again a red line on her black ass.  Thwack!  This time he hit

a spot for the second time.  She cried out.  "Ow!"  She felt him run

his hand over her cheeks.

"I can feel the welts rising," reported Ed.  "Nice and warm, too."

She heard him step back.

Thwack!  "Owww!" she cried.  Thwack!  Thwack!  She tried to avoid the

blows, but she was stretched to her toes by the rope and couldn't do

anything except twist around.

"Dance, monkey!" yelled Bo.  Cy and Al laughed.  Thwack!  Thwack!

Shanika's tears flowed freely.  Her ass was burning.

"Do the front," suggested Al.  "Whip those udders!"

Ed didn't need any more encouragement and walked around the bound


Thwack!  This blow went across the top of her breasts.  She cried out

in pain.  Thwack!  Thwack!  The last one hit one of her black nipples.

"Owww!" she sobbed.

He reached out and ran his hands on her breasts.  She tried to recoil

from his touch, but she couldn't, tied as she was.  It hurt where he

touched the welts.  Her face was wet from tears.

"I know I just fucked you, nigger," he said to her, "but whuppin' you

like this is gettin' my dick hard."

Thwack!  Right across her thighs.  Thwack!  Another one to the thighs.

Thwack!  A little higher, this blow left a red line that crossed her

slit.  She cried out again.

"Ok, that's enough," said Ed releasing the rope from the trunk of the

tree.  Shanika lowered her arms as the rope went slack and tried to

rub on her sore breasts but it was impossible with her hands still

tied together.

"Lie down and spread 'em," he ordered.

She couldn't believe he was going to fuck her again after having just

beaten her with the switch.  She felt completely degraded as she lay

in the dirt and spread her legs, offering her welted sex to her

tormenter.  Ed stood over her and took off his pants revealing a

raging hard on.  He quickly got down on the ground between the colored

girl's legs and slid his hard white cock into her abused black pussy.

"So, who's nigger are you now, bitch?" he whispered huskily to her.

"Let me hear it."

"I's yo' nigga, Massa," she replied, still sniveling having not

recovered yet from the beating.

"That's right, bitch," he said, pumping faster, "you're mine.  Mine to

whip.  Mine to fuck.  Ain't that right?"

"Tha's right, Massa," she said back to him, "I's yo' nigga to whip and

fuck.  I's yo' nigga."

He continued to pound her sore pussy as the other three white men

looked on along with Jackie, who also watched with fascination.

Finally he tensed and Shanika felt him cum inside her.

"Man, what a ride," he said, rising to his feet above the used slave

girl.  Shanika lay in the dirt, her face streaked with tears, three

welts across her breasts and three more across her thighs.  Semen

leaked out of her vagina and down the crack of her ass.

"Get up," her ordered as he put his pants back on.

She did as ordered and looked around as she got to her feet.  Bo was

sitting on the ground leaning against another tree.  Jackie was on her

knees, her head bobbing on Bo's cock.  Obviously, watching Shanika's

debasement had aroused the young white man so much that he needed some

relief in his slave's mouth.

Cy stepped forward and removed the rope from her wrists.  "Come inside

with me," he said, "and we'll get you cleaned up."

Ed had wandered over to where Bo was getting sucked off by Jackie as

Cy led Shanika into the cabin.  He found a clean cloth and wet it at

the sink and sat in a chair.  The colored girl stood quietly as the

old white man wiped off her face.  He resoaked the cloth in cool water

and gently cleaned the dust from the welts on her black body.

"Old Ed really went to town on you, girl," he said, "I didn't realize

what a mean streak he has."

The cool wet cloth was soothing to the young slave girl and she began

to feel a little better.

"Open your legs so I can get at that fine coochie of yours," he said

softly.  She complied and felt the wet cloth between her legs as Cy

gently clean the semen and dust off her.

"There you go," he said.  "Now come and sit in my lap."

She felt even better now and sat in the old man's lap.  He was kind of

grandfatherly in a way.  It was hard for her to imagine that this was

the same man whose cock she had in her mouth earlier.  He stroked her

back with a calloused hand.  He brought the other hand to her breast

and squeezed it gently.  She started as he brushed a rough hand over a


"Did I hurt you, girl?" he asked.

"Tha's ok, Massa.  You touch what you want," she told him.  "I's yo'

nigga, too.  It don't hurt too bad no mo'."

He continued to fondle her saggy black breasts, squeezing them and

lifting them.

"You got fine titties, girl," he praised her.  "Even for a nigger.they

fine.  Colored girls all got nice titties.  Nice booties, too.  But

you are a fine picture of a negress."

"Thank you, Massa," she said, warming to him, "I's glad you like me."

"Oh, I like you, girl," he replied.  He moved his hand down between

her legs.  She parted them so he could get at her sex.  "Yeah, you are

fine.  And well trained, too.  Opening those legs up for me like that

without being told.  With some niggers, it takes a long time to train

'em so good."  She felt his fingers on her pussy.  In spite of the

pain she'd felt earlier, she noticed the tingle was starting inside.

Just then she heard a yelp from outside.  Then another.  Then

footsteps on the wooden porch floor.  And voices.

"Get on in there, girl!" she heard Bo's voice.

Thwack!  The sound of the switch on flesh.  Another yelp.  Then Jackie

appeared, crawling on all fours she scampered into the cabin.  Bo was

right behind her, brandishing the switch.  Thwack!  He smacked her on

the ass with it.  She yelped again.  Shanika could see several welts

forming on the older negresses' black flesh.  Ed and Al followed,


"That's right, Bo!" laughed Ed.  "Beat that nigger like the dog she


"No, Massa!" cried Jackie, "No mo'!  You beatin' my poor black ass

raw!  Please, Massa!  Please fuck yo' nigga an' don' whup her no mo!"

"But I feel like whuppin' your bony black ass!" objected Bo.  "I

already done fucked you enough."

"God dammit, boys!" Cy raised his voice.  "Can't you see I'm enjoying

a peaceful moment here?  You fools got to raise such a ruckus?"

"Sorry, Cy," whined Bo.  "We was jus' havin' some fun, that's all."

Jackie cowered against the wall.

"Y'all got to think up something better to do," said Cy.  "Fun's fun,

boys, but enough's enough."

"You ain't our daddy, Cy," said Ed.  "'sides, we done whupped this

nigger much as we wanted anyhow.  All fucked out, too."

"Go clean that poor girl up some," said Cy to Shanika, handing her the

cloth he'd used on her.

Shanika went over to the sink and rinsed the cloth out.  Jackie stood

up and the younger woman wiped off her face.  Rinsing the cloth out

again, she continued to clean the dust off the older negress's body.

She rubbed it over her chest and breasts, lifting one small floppy tit

to get under it, and then the other.  She rinsed it again and brushed

the dust off her back, she'd apparently been on her back outside.

Another rinse of the cloth and she used it to get the dust off her


She soaked the cloth under the tap again and went to clean the semen

from between her legs.  Jackie parted her legs to give her access.

Shanika squatted on the floor wiped down the older colored woman's

legs.  As she was finishing she noticed that the only sound in the

room was Jackie's breathing, which was getting heavier.  She glanced

towards the table where the white men sat and saw she had their rapt


"That's hot," said Al.  "Seeing them niggers like that's kind of like

the girlie show they got in the city.  Why don't you two get down with

each other?  I'd like to see that."

"Al, you old pervert!" said Ed.  "Another fine idea.  I'm all tuckered

out.  Let's just have 'em put on a little lezzie show for us."

"See, I knew you boys could come up with somethin' better," Cy agreed.

"Finish what you doin', girl.  Then give her a nice wet kiss.  Then

let's just see where it goes."

Shanika couldn't believe this.  After all that had gone on, now they

wanted to watch the objects of their torment make love for their

amusement.  She had never been with a woman before she got involved

with the club.  And until now she had only serviced her mistress's at

their command.  This was different.  And to do it in front of the

leering white men shamed her completely.  But she knew she must do as


She looked up at Jackie and their eyes met.  The older negro woman

smiled down at her.  Shanika stood and leaned forward to press her

lips to Jackie's.

"Better'n that!" complained Al.  "I want to see some tongue.  Kiss her


Shanika felt a fresh wave of humiliation.  She fought to forget the

onlookers and focus on Jackie.  She looked into her dark brown eyes.

She did look sweet, she thought.  She put her arms around her and

pressed her lips to those of the other colored woman and kissed her.

Then again.  She felt Jackie's arms go around her.  They pressed their

lips together and Shanika started pushing her tongue into the other

black girl's mouth.  Jackie's tongue met hers.  In spite of

everything, she could feel her growing arousal.

They stood there kissing for the white men for several minutes.  Their

tongues in each other's mouth.  Their arms embracing each other.

Shanika felt Jackie's hand running over her back and caressing her

ass.  She reciprocated and began to rub on her new lover's skin.  She

ran her hand over the raised welts on Jackie's soft skin, causing the

older negress to flinch slightly.  She pulled her hand away.

"Sorry," whispered Shanika so that only Jackie could hear her.

"That's ok, baby," she whispered back.  "It feels good.  Don't stop."

Shanika returned her hand to Jackie's ass, gently running it over her

soft flesh trying to avoid the welts left by the switch.  She also

resumed their long deep kiss.

"Enough of that.  On the floor and get down to business," instructed


This reminded Shanika that they weren't alone and as much as she tried

to block it from her consciousness, this intimate act was for the

amusement of their masters and not their own pleasure.  They lay on

the hard wooden floor, Jackie on her back, Shanika on top of her.

Kissing her one more time, the younger woman began tracing her tongue

down to the older negress's breast.

Holding one floppy tit in her hand she ran her tongue around the dark

brown nipple.  It was already hard.  She started to suck on it,

eventually she was able to draw the entire breast into her mouth.  She

could feel Jackie barely humping against her thigh.

Switching breasts, she licked the other nipple and then sucked the

whole tit into her mouth.  She had never suckled a woman before, and

it felt strange to her, especially with Jackie's small floppy breasts.

She felt the older slave's hands on her back, rubbing her as she

licked and sucked her breasts.

"Now you," she heard her whisper.  They reversed positions, with

Shanika on the bottom.  Jackie held the young negro slave's breasts,

on each hand as she gently licked and sucked her nipples.  Shanika

could feel herself getting more excited.  The older black woman kissed

her way down her belly to her pussy and started lapping her tongue

along her slit.

"That's it!" exclaimed Bo.  "Eat that poontang!  Get over her face so

you can sixty nine!"

Her face hot with shame at the reminder of their audience's presence,

Shanika looked up to see Jackie straddling her head making her vagina

available to the younger colored girl's mouth.  She reached her hands

to the older negress's ass and pulled her down so she could lick her

cunt.  Thus interlocked, the slave girls licked and sucked each

other's pussies.  Gradually, Shanika began to tune out the onlookers

and concentrated on pleasuring Jackie as she was pleasuring her.

After a few minutes of this she heard one of the men get up and walk

towards them.  A pair of hairy white knees rested on the floor above

her head and a pair of white hands lifted Jackie off Shanika's mouth.

She watched as a hard white cock was shoved into the black pussy above

her face and began fucking it.

"Don't stop eating her, girl," said Bo's voice, "I never fucked a

nigger dyke before.  You can lick my balls, chubby."

Shanika was shamed to be interrupted this way, but strained her head

up to comply.  She felt the tingly feeling from Jackie's ministrations

fade as she began using her tongue on her master's testicles.  She

could hear the soft slurping sounds mixed with the slap of flesh on

flesh as the fucking display continued before her eyes.  She

discovered that all she had to do was hold her tongue out since Bo's

fucking motion would drag his balls back and forth over it.

"Oh, fuck, this is great!" he gasped.  "Oh, man!  Ah!"

She watched as he shoved his cock hard into Jackie's cunt as he came.

He slipped it out while he was still ejaculating, spraying the outside

the the older colored woman's pussy and Shanika's face.  Semen dripped

off Jackie's labia as well as out of her vagina on to Shanika's

immobilized head.

Every time she thought she'd experienced the worst humiliation

possible, it would be surpassed.  To have her face used as a cum

catcher this way left her totally debased.

She saw Bo stand up finally and Jackie continued to lick her pussy

until Al ordered her to stop.

"My turn to fuck this nigger," he announced, "but I want her on top.

Clean that shit off your face and come here, bitch."  He went to the

bed on the other side of the room and lay on his back.  "Mount up."

Shanika got to her feet and rinsed her face off at the sink.  She went

over to the bed and got up on top of Al, straddling him between her

thighs.  She lowered herself onto his cock and started humping him.

"Oh, yeah," he sighed, "that how to do it."

He looked up at her as she bounced on his cock, her breasts swaying

with each thrust.

"You like that, Massa?" asked the young slave girl.  "You like havin'

yo' nigga fuck you like this?"

"Yeah," he said.  "Fuck me like that."  His closed his eyes as she

continued to move herself up and down on him.

She was getting tired and wanted to finish him.  She'd learned what to


"You gonna cum in yo' nigga, Massa?" she cooed.  "You gonna cum all up

her coochie?  Huh? "

"Oh, yeah," he murmured.

"You gonna cum, now?  You gonna make me yo' nigga?"  She was bouncing

hard and fast.  Her breasts were swinging back and forth.  "Please,

Massa.  Please cum in yo' nigga.  Please, Massa."

His eyes opened suddenly and she felt the warm jolt of his


"Tha's it, Massa," she whispered to him.  "I's yo' nigga now.  All

full a yo' cum.  Yo' nigga slut."

She looked up and saw that Jackie was sucking Ed off as he watched her

fucking Al.  Bo was drinking beer, glassy eyed.  Cy was looking at

her, or at least her tits, anyway.  She was just a thing for these

white men to put their cocks into.  A nigger fuck thing.  Her

intimacies an amusement for them.  Sexual entertainment.  But

somewhere inside her, the idea thrilled her.  She didn't understand

why, only that it did.  And that shamed her more than any degradation

she'd suffered directly from them.

The next morning, Shanika awoke on the bed in the main room.  Al was

gone and it was Bo between her legs.  It wasn't the first time she'd

been fucked in her sleep at the club, waking to a stubble faced white

man with his cock in her cunt.  But it was always a humiliating

experience.  She felt like she was less than a slut or a whore.  She

was just a black pussy for white men to use.  It didn't matter to them

if she was asleep when they did it.

He ejaculated in her vagina with a grunt and got off of her, not

noticing that she was now awake.  She watched him walk outside.  Cy

came over to her carrying her collar and shackles.

"Time to get you back," he said.

"Don't you want to fuck yo' nigga first, Massa?" she asked.  Of the

lot of them, Cy had been the kindest, caring for her after the

whupping she'd gotten from Ed.

"Sorry, girl," he said, "I'm an old man now.  I just don't have it in


She wasn't sure why, but she got up on the bed on her knees and

assumed the display position she knew the white men liked.  Her legs

were spread, her breasts thrust forward, her hands clasped behind her


"You sho I can't do nothin' fo' you, Massa?" she asked.  "I's yo'

nigga.  I does whatever you like."

He reached his hand out and ran it over her breasts and then down

between her legs, still sticky with Bo's semen.  Even though she'd

just been fucked, his touch was the first pleasure she'd felt that


"This is enough," he said.  "You're a fine nigger.  I wish I was

younger.  I'd do you up right now."  He put the hardware on the bed.

"Get this shit on.  I gotta get you back."

Now shackled and collared again, Shanika shuffled out and down the

stairs of the cabin to where Cy waited with Jackie.  He hooked the

older colored woman's chain to the younger slave girl's collar and led

them silently to the slave barn.  The other white men were nowhere to

be seen.

Yolanda was in the courtyard and accepted the chain lead from Cy.

"These two are fine niggers, girl," he said.  "I'll have to come back

by myself some time so's I don't have to share 'em.

He walked away.  Yolanda led the two black slave girls into the barn

to get them ready for the day.

Chapter 12 - The Coworker

Yolanda unhooked Jackie's chain from Shanika's collar and handed the

black slave girl off to Elois, the young negro attendant.

"Damn, girl," said Elois looking at the welts on Shanika's body,

"what'd you do to get that?"

"Nothin'," she replied.  "My massa jus' like to whup on me.  He got so

'cited by it he jus' push me down an' fuck me."

"Damn," Elois shook her head.  "I try to be careful washin' you."

Since her pussy waxing the day of the gala, Shanika still didn't need

to be shaved so Elois took her straight to the wash stall.  She

squatted and relieved herself while the attendant girl got the bucket

of soapy water to wash her with.  It was a relief for her to pee

without an audience for a change.

Elois returned and used the cloth rather than the harsh brush on

Shanika's welted flesh.  It still stung her, especially on the spots

that Ed had hit more than once with the switch.  The cold hose water

actually helped numb the lingering pain and ease the swollen lines

across her chocolate brown skin.

The girl returned the negro slave to Yolanda, taking Jackie in

exchange.  Shanika stood with the older colored lady and watched as

Elois fretted over Jackie's welts as she prepared to shave her pussy

smooth.  Yolanda heard someone approach from outside and went out the

door only to return a minute later with Bernetha, the big black slave

girl who had accompanied Shanika to the club a couple of days earlier.

Unlike most of the slaves, Bernetha had long braided hair, apparently

favored by the club director.  Mr. Richards had insisted that she not

be shorn and her long braids were spared the clippers.  The fat negro

girl glanced at Shanika, her eyes drawn to the marks on her body.

"That hurt bad?" she asked.

"It looks worse than it feels now," replied Shanika.  "Ain't you never

been whupped like this?"

"Yeah, I been whupped worse," said the big girl.  "I had a massa,

whupped on my boobs and left 'em bruised for days afterwards.  He made

me lie on my back and hol' my legs open so's he use his stick on my

coochie.  Good thing they won't let em use anything worse than that

here.  That man woulda tore me up.  I's lucky he got so horny doin'

it.  He jus' threw *that* stick down and put *his* stick in me, if'n

you know what I mean.  I was cryin' an' shit, but he didn't care.  He

jus' wanted to bust a nut in his nigga."

"So why you come back if they treat you so bad?" asked Shanika.

"Like I tol' you on the ride here, these men, they crazy for me," she

said, looking Shanika in the eye.  "An' I like the rough stuff,

believe it or not.  'sides the club won't let 'em hurt you too bad."

"When I get led up to that block, they all lookin' at me like they

gotta have me", she continued.  "An' I stands up there while they

biddin' fo' me and I feels all 'cited 'bout it.  Some strange white

man 'bout to buy me an' use me an' I's already wet fo' him an' I don'

even know which one it'll be.  Don't you feel that way?"

"I think I do," replied Shanika.  Just hearing Bernetha's description

of the auction experience had her feeling tingly and she grew excited

at the prospect of displaying herself for her potential white masters

and mistresses.  She was looking forward to being led to the block

herself and sold to a stranger to use for his own gratification.

But at the same time, she felt there must be something wrong with her

to want that kind of treatment.  She could only admit it to someone

like Bernetha who understood.

Another arrival sent Yolanda back outside, this time returning with

Maya and Darla, the mother and daughter who had also made the journey

with Shanika.  It seemed they had been purchased as a pair the last

time they were sold.

Maya looked none the worse for wear other than the streaks of dried

semen on her chin and chest, but her teenage daughter, who had seemed

so sure of herself on the trip, now just stood humble in her chains,

eyes focussed on the ground in front of her feet.  Like her mother,

she too wore her previous master's cum on her young black body, only

more, especially on the insides of her thighs.  She had obviously been

used repeatedly.

"So you still all full of yo'self now, chile?" said mother to

daughter.  This was probably the first chance they'd had to speak.

"Now you full of white man's spunk.  Now you know what bein' fucked

all about."

Darla didn't respond or even look up.

Elois finished hosing Jackie off and brought her back to where the

other slaves waited.

"Take this disobedient one next, girl," Yolanda said to Elois,

indicating Darla.  "And use that brush on her nasty coochie."  Yolanda

still remembered the hard time the young girl had given her upon her


The attendant girl led the shamed teenager away to where her pussy

could be shaved.  She showed no reaction to the razor.  When her pubic

area was smooth Elois brought her into the wash stall and she

immediately squatted over the drain and urinated.  She looked up for a

moment to make sure that Yolanda noticed her cooperation.

Darla stood stoically as she was scrubbed with the brush from the

bucket.  She spread her legs obediently and suffered the harsh brush

on her tender nether region without complaint.

Hosed off, she was returned to the gaggle of slave girls.  Elois took

Bernetha off to be shaved.

Yolanda put her hand under Darla's chin, lifting her head, and the

teenager looked up into her eyes.  "Good girl," the colored lady

praised her.  "You're learning now."

Darla's expression softened a little and when Yolanda took her hand

away the teenager held her head up, her eyes straight ahead.  She

looked into the wash stall where Bernetha was squatting and peeing

into the drain.  She continued to watch as Elois bathed the big

colored girl, scrubbing her dark flesh with the brush.

She saw the slave girl lift one of her large breasts and then the

other to allow the young negro attendant to get the brush under them.

The large negress even squatted some so that the harsh scrub brush

could be used on her sensitive pussy.  The teenager was proud that she

hadn't flinched either, even though the rough treatment hurt.

After Bernetha was hosed off it was Maya's turn.  Darla watched a

little gleefully at first at the sight of her mother suffering the

indignity of having her pubic hair shaved off by the the young negro

girl.  She especially enjoyed watching her shame as she was made to

squat and urinate in front of her like an animal.  The teenager took

some delight in seeing her scrubbed down with the painful scrub brush

and rinsed off with cold hose water.

All the slave girls were now ready for inspection.  Yolanda chained

them together and led them out into the yard, leaving each one at her

individual station.  The white men, and a couple of white women, were

already standing around waiting for the spectacle to begin.

Shanika dutifully displayed herself to potential buyers as she had

many times already.  Clasping her hands behind her head caused her

saggy breasts to hang nicely and spreading her legs plainly showed off

her slit.  Turning to show off her ample ass completed the routine.

Bidders gathered to watch and then moved along to inspect the other

human merchandise.

Another lone white man approached her and she assumed the display

position for him.  Something about him seemed familiar, but so out of

place that she didn't know him.

"Shanika?" he asked incredulously.  "Is that you?"

"Yes, sir," she replied, trying to remember, "I's Shanika."

"Jesus, Shanika!" he said, "Don't you remember me?  It's Dave.  You

were the receptionist where I used to work.  I barely recognize you."

He began to drink in the vision of the naked slave girl, displaying

herself so erotically for him.

She did remember him now.  Dave.  The computer tech.  She'd rebuffed

him when he asked her out over a year ago.  She'd forgotten about him

quickly when he got a better job at another company.

"Yes, sir," she said her face burning, "I remember."

She was mortified at this development.  It had never occurred to her

that someone from her other life might find her here.  Back then, she

was too fine.  She wore slightly sexy business clothes from the high

class stores at the mall, had her hair and nails done every week, and

spent a lot of time on her make-up before going to the office.  She

was biding her time as a receptionist until she could move up to be a

secretary and then and executive secretary.

The nerdy white boy was not the kind of person to get involved with.

She had her sights set higher.  But now, she stood naked and chained,

her black body on display for his inspection.  And later that black

body he'd desired would be available as merchandise for him to

purchase and use however he desired.  His eyes slowly took in her bare

breasts and shaved pussy.  She noticed him do a subtle double take

when he noticed the fresh welts on her flesh.

"What are you doing here?  I heard there were layoffs, but, Christ!"

He spoke to her but was unable to break his gaze away from her chest.

"I's a nigga slave, sir," she said, humiliated by the words she must


"I never heard you talk like this either.  I can't believe it's you,"

he said and paused for a moment as he looked her over again.  "Jesus,

you're hot.  I mean I thought you were attractive before, that's why I

asked you out, but now...  Jesus!"

"Thank you, sir." she replied, trying to think of him as an anonymous


"Sit down and spread your legs, Shanika," he ordered.  His little head

was overcoming the inhibitions in the big one.  She was a slave now

and he was a potential buyer, he thought.  Might as well examine the


The colored slave girl complied and spread her legs for her former

coworker.  He gladly took a long look at her black vagina.

"Man, how I've dreamed about what you might look like naked and now,

here you are," he said, never taking his eyes from her private parts.

"So you're a nigger now, are you?" he asked rhetorically, his voice

hardening.  "Well, I came here to buy a nigger.  I kept thinking about

you so I came here to buy a nigger to fuck.  And here you are.  A

nigger.  This is going to work out perfectly.  Stand up and bend over,

nigger.  Spread those cheeks so I can see the asshole I'm gonna stick

my dick into."

Shanika stood, her legs trembling slightly.  She turned and bent over

as Dave commanded.  The colored girl felt light headed and her face

was hot with shame.  This was just the latest humiliation in a long

line, she thought, her heart pounding in her ears.  She reached her

hands behind her, pressing the chain of her wrist shackles painfully

against her body, and spread her ass cheeks, displaying her asshole

for the white man's inspection.

"This is so sweet.  It took me a while to get up the nerve to come up

here," he continued, "But it looks like I picked the right day.  You

look good, Shanika.  Good enough to fuck.  And today that's what's

going to happen."

He turned and walked down to the next station.  Even as he had Maya

showing off her sex to him, he kept looking back at Shanika.

A white couple approached and her attention was directed away from

Dave.  The man looked her up and down, while the petite woman

concentrated on her saggy breasts, blushing when she realized she was


As they moved on, Yolanda moved down the line to water the slave

girls.  Shanika was thirsty from the hot sun, but running into Dave

had really made her mouth go dry.  She drank from the cup the older

negress gave her and wondered what lay ahead.

"It's almost time to start, girl." said Yolanda, moving on with the

bucket of cold water.

A white teenager walked over to Shanika's station next.  Ordinarily

being forced to display herself for a boy so much younger than she was

humiliated her greatly.  But all she could think about was Dave and

what he might have in mind for her.  She remembered how crushed he'd

seemed when she dismissed his offer of dinner or drinks after work.

She was ashamed to remember that she'd even taken a little delight in

putting the nerd in his place at the time.

"Show me your cunt, nigger," ordered the white boy.

Shanika sat and spread her legs for the teenage boy.  He smirked at

the power he had over the black woman.  He obviously knew she had to

do what he said and he loved it.

"Not bad," he commented.  "Now get up and bend over.  Show me both

your fuck holes."

She stood and turned around and bent over, spreading her cheeks for

the leering white boy.

"I've only got ten bucks," he laughed, "so I hope you go cheap!"  He

walked away, leaving her alone in the degrading position.

Mr. Richards took the podium.  "All right, settle down, folks," he

called, "We're gonna start now."

Shanika stood and turned back around to watch the proceedings.

Yolanda walked by her leading Bernetha to the auction block.  The big

black girl's breasts and ass trembled with each step.  She held her

head high as she climbed up on the platform and displayed her nude

body for the crowd.  Hands behind her head, she slowly turned around

to give them a good look at her ample charms.

"We're gonna get goin' with this fine negress." he announced.  "She's

a big girl so she's got plenty to offer.  They say the softer the

cushion the better the pushin'!  Whoever buys this nigger will find

out that's no lie!  I'm gonna start her off at 200."

The bids started noisily.  Bernetha was obviously a highly desired

prize.  She finally went for 650.  She smiled slightly as she was led

down to her new owner, a little chubby himself, and obviously pleased

to have won the bidding for her.

Yolanda came for Maya and Darla next, leading the chained naked mother

and daughter to be sold together.  With just enough room on the block

to accommodate them, the two black women assumed the display position

side by side.

"Now here's an opportunity we don't have every day," called out the

auctioneer.  "A mother and daughter, a terrific combination of

experience and youth.  She may be a little young to have an eighteen

year old child, but I guess this nigger got started early.  I know

they'll go high, so let's start at 500."

Mr. Richards obviously knew his business since the bids went up

quickly.  Maya and Darla went for 1350 to a nicely dressed white man

who looked much closer to Darla's age than Maya's.

Finally it was Shanika's turn.  Yolanda led her through the crowd to

the platform, her bare feet shuffling in the dust, her chains jingling

softly.  She climbed up on the block and faced the crowd with her legs

spread and her arms up, hands behind her head in the proscribed


"I can attest to the excitability of this next negress," said

Mr. Richards.  "This nigger's always ready and knows how to please her

master.  Do I hear 100 for her?"

When the bidding got to 500 there were only two white men left in the

auction, but each was determined to get her.  675 was the winning bid.

Yolanda led Shanika down and handed her chain to Dave, who smiled

broadly at her.

"Thank you for buyin' me, Massa," she said humbly, her eyes downcast.

Dave looked her up and down as he held her chain in his hand.  Yolanda

went off to fetch the next slave girl up for auction.

"So it looks like I have you after all, Shanika," he said with a sense

of satisfaction.  "Want to go on a date with me now?"

She looked up at him with a puzzled look on her face.  Their eyes

locked for a long moment.

"Get down on the ground, nigger," he commanded her finally.  "Get down

and lick my shoes."

Shanika saw she was the center of attention.  She could see Yolanda

hadn't reached the back benches yet as she led Jackie to the block.

All eyes were on her as she dropped to her hands and knees.  With her

ass in the air facing the crowd she started licking the dust off of

Dave's sneakers.

He stood reveling in the attention from the onlookers and his black

slave girl's total humiliation.  Without further instruction, Shanika

continued to run her now dry tongue over her white master's shoes.

She could hear the sound of foot steps along with a chain dragging

across the wooden steps to the platform.

"Let's go, bitch," ordered Dave turning and tugging on her chain.  She

crawled along behind him, a black dog on a leash.  He led her slowly

away from the platform as Mr. Richards began his spiel for Jackie.

"This negress has skills," he called.  "She may have some miles on

her, but there's no substitute for experience.  I'm going to start her

off at 100.  Do I have 100?...  I have 100.  How about 125?... 125?...

125!  Ok, how about 150?..."

The sounds of the auction faded as the white man led his black slave

down the path into the woods towards the cabins.  The rough ground

hurt Shanika's knees.  They came to a cabin after a few minutes.  It

might of been the one she'd spent the day with Roy in, Shanika wasn't

sure.  Dave led her to the porch steps and put her chain on a hook

that was mounted on the railing.

"Stay," commanded Dave.  He disappeared inside leaving Shanika on her

hands and knees in the dirt, chained to the porch railing.

Had she really treated him so badly back then, she wondered.  She

hadn't realized how mean he could be, he seemed so nice and respectful

of her at the time.  It was hard to believe he was now calling her

nigger and treating her like a dog.  It was harder still, to believe

that her pussy was wet as a result.

He came back outside with a camera.

"I wanted to have something to look at later," he said, snapping a

picture of his slave girl on her hands and knees in the dirt.  "Look

at me," he commanded and snapped another when she did.

"Now I want you to squat and spread that coochie all out for me," he

said, looking through the view finder.

Shanika tried to comply, but her ankle chain wouldn't let her spread

her feet far enough apart to keep her balance.  She fell into the dirt

a couple of times before Dave took the chain off the cuffs.  Then she

was able to lean against the porch and display her sex for her white

master.  He clicked a couple more pictures.

"Now pee," he ordered.  "Pee on the ground."  When he noticed nothing

was forthcoming, he raised his voice.  "I said pee, bitch.  Don't put

on that shy act with me, you whore."

She had been trying to urinate for him, but she was so embarrassed it

was hard.  Once the flow started, though, it gushed out.  She heard

the shutter click again and again as the puddle of piss formed in

front of her.

"Look at me," he commanded again.  "I want a picture of your face

while you're forced to pee for me.  I know it'll be a favorite."

She looked up at him with a defeated look on her face.  He kept

snapping pictures until the flow of urine subsided.

"Damn," he said, looking at the camera.  "I shot a whole memory card

already!  I'll call it 'pissing nigger' in my photo album.  What do

you think about that?"

Shanika didn't think he really expected an answer and hung her head in

shame.  Dave plucked the chain from the hook and jerked it to get her


"Ok.  Step over your puddle and get back down," he instructed.  "I'm

taking you inside and I don't want you covered in your own filth."

She rose and stepped over the urine soaked spot on the ground.  She

noticed the chain slacken and started to look up at her master to see

why he was just standing there.

Whap!  She felt the sting on her face as he bitch slapped her.

"I told you to get back down, nigger!" he growled.  "Now do it before

I slap the shit out of you."

She immediately dropped to the ground, tears forming in her dark brown

eyes.  He jerked the chain again and led her inside.  She scrambled to

keep up as she crawled up the wooden steps and across the porch.  The

chain between her wrists clanking as it was dragged along the floor.

"Get up on the bed," he directed her.  "On your back."

Not wanting to anger him further, she quickly climbed up on the bed

and rolled onto her back.  He came over to her and removed the chain

connecting her wrists, leaving the cuffs on.

"Now hold your legs open," he ordered.  "I want to see that coochie

spread out nicely."

Shanika held her thighs just above the knees and spread herself out as

far as she could.  She could see him reloading his camera.  Finished,

he walked back to her and snapped several flash pictures of her

obscene display.  The black slave girl stared expressionlessly into

the camera.

He set the camera down, removed his shoes and pants, and approached

the wide open slave girl.  She continued to look into his face as he

admired the view of his slave in her humiliating pose of total


"So, you want to be fucked now, nigger?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa," she said, not knowing the answer he wanted to hear.

"Please, Massa, suh.  Please fuck yo' nigga."

"No," he said, pausing briefly as if to consider her request.  "You

can stop showing off now, monkey.  I'm not going to fuck you just yet.

Let go of your legs.  I've seen enough of that nasty nigger cunt for


Shamed again, she released her thighs and rested her legs on the bed.

He climbed up on the bed and straddled his colored slave girl's belly,

facing her.  He leaned forward and spat on her chest between her


"Lube those udders up, cow," he said.  "I'm gonna fuck you 'tween the

titties and spray you in the face."

Shanika used her hands to spread his saliva between her breasts.  He

scooted up and lay his hard white cock in her cleavage.

"Hold them together," said her master.  "I want to pretend they're a

pussy, so hold 'em tight."

She put a hand on the outside of each breast and pushed them together

around his dick.  He started stroking off slowly, looking down into

her face.  The negro slave girl looked up into his eyes trying to find

a sign of approval from her master.

"So you're a nigger now, are you?" he asked as he fucked her tits.

"Yes, suh, Massa," she replied.  "I's a nigga now.  Yo' nigga."

"My nigger, huh?" he mused.  "And what would I do with a fucking

nigger?"  The bed creaked in time to his strokes.

"Anything, Massa," she answered.  "I's yo' nigga.  You kin do anything

wit' yo' nigga.  An' I do whatever you say."

"You like having your tits fucked this way, nigger?" the pace of his

stroking picked up.  "You like being used?"

"Yes, suh, Massa," replied the colored girl.  "I likes fo' my Massa to

use me."

"Kiss it," he instructed, thrusting longer until the tip of his dick

was touching her chin on the up stroke.

Shanika leaned her head forward so that his stroke brought his cock

head to her lips and kissed it.  She kept kissing it on each up

stroke.  He thrust further and she parted her lips, allowing him to

penetrate her mouth.  She gave it a little suck each time and made a

soft slurping noise as he withdrew.

"Oh, man!" he cried.  "Open you fucking mouth, bitch.  Here it comes!"

He got up slightly so that he was only resting his upper body on one

hand and grabbed his cock with the other.  Shanika opened her mouth as

her master had commanded and looked up into his face.

"Oh, yeah!" he said huskily, "yeah..."

The white man then ejaculated into the open mouthed black girl's face.

The first shot was strong and left a line of semen across her lips,

nose, forehead, and into the stubbley remains of her hair.  The second

was equally strong and landed slightly to the right of the first

leaving a line across her eye.  The third followed the second as Dave

grunted and continued to stroke his cock off into Shanika's face.  The

next ones were weaker and he pointed his penis between her lips,

landing a few more loads of cum in her mouth as his orgasm subsided.

He sat back on her, resting some of his weight painfully on her chest.

He looked down on her cum covered face.

"Now that's a picture I've got to have," he said getting up.  "Hold

your legs open again, cum face."

He returned with the camera and snapped several pictures of her

expressionless face, dripping with his semen, staring into the camera.

Without further instructions, she continued to hold her breasts as she

had while he was masturbating against them.  He took more pictures,

close ups at first, then wider angles as he stepped back, documenting

her humiliation.

He set the camera down and walked back to the foot of the bed and eyed

her from her spread legs up to her semen covered face.  He noted that

her vagina was spread wide enough to clearly see the opening as well

as her clit and asshole.  She saw him cock an eyebrow and reach for

her pussy.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed.  "You are fucking soaked!"  He seemed

genuinely surprised.  She was totally humiliated at this revelation.

"You liked that!  I can't believe it!  I treat you like some nigger

dog, worse than you could do some street whore, and you get off on


He pushed finger into her vagina.  She unconsciously pushed back

against his hand.

"And now you're humping my hand!" he said uncomprehensively.  "You are

a total slut!  So that's the way it is.  Why do I never learn?  Chicks

don't like nice guys.  They like bad boys.  Nice guy asks you out and

you're all 'fuck off, pal'.  Bad boy slaps you around and you're on

your back spreading your legs like 'do me now'.  Shit!"  He withdrew

his hand and paced back and forth as Shanika watched him from her back

on the bed.

"Well, you're in for treat, Shanika," he said as he stopped pacing and

faced her.  "I'm a bad boy now.  And you are a nigger dog.  A fucking

nigger animal.  And now I know how to treat a nigger dog.  You're

gonna love it!"

He stepped closer to the foot of the bed, drew back his hand, and

slapped her thigh with a resounding smack.  The colored girl flinched

and gasped.  Smack!  He slapped her again, this time on the other

thigh.  Smack!  He planted one right on her splayed pussy and she lost

her hold on her legs.

"Pick those fucking legs back up, nigger," he growled.  "I haven't

even started yet."

Tears ran from eyes, mingling with the drying semen on her face.  She

grabbed her legs again and presented her vagina to her master for

further abuse.

Smack!  She yelped.  Smack!  She yelped again.  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!

"You didn't want to give that pussy up to me, huh?" he said excitedly,

"But how about now?  You want to give it up now?"


"Yes, Massa!" she sobbed, "Please, Massa!  Take yo' nigga's pussy.

Fuck yo' nigga's pussy.  You hurtin' me, Massa!"

Smack!  Smack!

"No shit." he said.  "It's supposed to hurt, you stupid monkey.  Keep

those legs open.  I'm not done yet.  And, you know what?  I think I'm

tired of your pleading.  Beg me to beat you instead.  That's what I

want to hear."


"Oh, Massa!" she cried, her pussy burning, "Please beat yo' nigga!

Beat yo' nigga's pussy, Massa."

"That's more like it," he said.  Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  "I guess

that's enough for now.  My arm is tired.  Let me get a couple of close


Again he got the camera and this time took several pictures of the

hand prints on Shanika's thighs as well as her swollen pussy lips.

Then a few more of her tear stained, semen covered face.  Finally some

wide angle shots showing the completeness of her degradation.  He put

the camera away as the beaten slave girl sniveled while continuing to

hold her legs wide open for her master.

"I've got to take a piss," he announced.  "Outside, you."

She let go of her legs and went to wipe her face with the back of her

hand after getting up.

"You better not do that!" he warned.  "You'll wear my cum until I say

otherwise.  Now get your black ass outside."

She went out the door, semen dripping off her face onto her breasts.

"All right.  Lie down," he said, indicating the wet spot where he'd

forced Shanika to urinate earlier.  "On your back."

She layed down on her back in the dampness left by her own piss.

Naked from the waist down, Dave grabbed his cock and proceeded to

empty his bladder onto the prone slave girl.

"Open your fucking mouth, bitch" he demanded.

She complied and he directed the stream of piss onto her face and then

into her mouth.  She started sputtering as the hot liquid splashed on

her nose and mouth making it difficult to breath.  As the stream

finally subsided he stepped closer to her and shook the last drops off

onto her body.  He then turned and went back inside leaving Shanika

coughing and sputtering, lying in a urine soaked puddle in the dirt.

As she got over the coughing and got her breath back she turned her

head to one side to let the piss that had pooled up on her face run

off so she could open her eyes.  The smell wasn't as strong as she had

expected but her eyes burned.  She could see the blue sky through the

tree tops.

After a few minutes he reemerged from the cabin carrying a bucket of

water and the camera.  After snapping a few pictures of his debased

slave girl he threw the contents of the bucket on her without warning

to rinse her off and then returned inside.  He came back out having

refilled the bucket and set it on the steps.

"Get up," he ordered.  "Clean your nasty self off.  You're a fucking


She stood and went over to the bucket.  There was a rag in it that she

took out and started to use it to wipe the semen and urine soaked dirt

stuck to her face off.  She could hear him taking more pictures as she

cleaned herself off but she couldn't bear to look at him until she was

finished.  He came down the steps to look her over.

"Turn around.  You've still got dirt on your back," he observed and

took the cloth and cleaned the rest of it off.  He then picked up the

bucket and emptied it over her head to finish rinsing her.

"I guess you'll do now," he said.  "Now back inside."

She wasn't sure what the right thing to do was so she took a step to

where the ground was dry and got down on all fours.  She started to

crawl towards the steps.

"Get up on your hind legs, girl," he said.  "I just finished getting

you cleaned up.  Go in and get dried off."

The fact that she was trying her best to do what he wanted in spite of

what he'd done to her wasn't lost on him.  He admired the view of her

from behind as he watched her go up the steps and into the cabin.  He

waited for a minute and then followed her in.  She was just finishing

drying herself off with a hand towel that had been hanging on a peg

near the sink.  He sat in a chair at the table, setting the camera


"Come here." he said.

Shanika walked over to him and still trying to please her master

assumed the display pose in front of him.  Looking up at her standing

there, legs spread wide, breasts thrust out, hands clasped behind her

head, got his dick stirring.  He reached up and caressed her breast,

tracing a finger along a fading welt left by the beating she'd taken

at the hand of a previous master.

"How's you get these?" he asked.

"My massa beat me with a stick," she answered.  "Massa beat my ass, my

udders, and my coochie.  It hurt me bad."

"Worse than what I just gave you?" asked Dave as he looked down and

saw the welts on her thighs.

"Yes, Massa," Shanika told him.  "Dat stick hurt worse'n any slap."

"Why'd he do it?" he asked, moving his hand down and touching the welt

that ran across the colored girls slit.

"He jus' like to beat his nigga," answered the slave girl.

"Did you like it?" he moved his hand between her legs and started to

stroke her pussy.

"No, suh." she responded.  "It hurt too bad."

"You're wet," he said.

"I knows it, Massa."  She felt her face flush.

"You like having your pussy touched?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa."  The colored girl shifted on her feet as she felt her

arousal growing.  "It feels good."

"You want to be fucked?"  He started to probe her vagina with his

finger.  He felt her legs tremble.

"Yes, Massa," she replied.  "I sho' do."

"You want it in your pussy or up your ass?"  His white cock was

standing at attention.

"Whatever you want, Massa," the black slave girl said.  "I's yo'

nigga.  You kin use me however you want."

"Go get on the bed.  On your knees," he instructed.  "Stick that big

black butt up in the air for me while I decide which hole to stick my

dick in."

Shanika got on her hands and knees and went over to the bed.  She

climbed up, and resting her head and shoulders on the mattress,

presented her ample black ass out like an animal for her master's use.

She felt him climb in behind her and gradually, but steadily, slip his

cock into her pussy.  He pushed his entire length inside his negro

slave girl and began to slowly move in and out.

"So, you my nigger, girl?" he asked, fucking her.

"Oh, yes, suh, Massa," she answered.  "I's yo' nigga fo' sho'."

He continued the slow pace of his thrusts and felt her moving to meet

them.  This went on for a while before he started to pick up the pace,

fucking her harder and faster.

"Oh, Massa!" she said breathlessly, "You fuckin' yo' nigga good."

Her master said nothing.  He just continued to pump his negro slave


"Massa, kin I cum?" she panted, remembering her place in spite of her

excitement.  "Please, massa.  Kin yo' nigga cum now?"

"I don't think so," he answered.  "Maybe later.  I think I'll use your

other hole now.  That ok with you?"

"Yes, suh," she said, hiding her disappointment.  "Please use yo'

nigga's ass, Massa."

He withdrew from her well lubricated cunt and pushed his cock up her

black asshole causing her to gasp.  He felt how tight it was and knew

he wouldn't last long.  She whimpered as he fucked her.

"Does it hurt?" he asked as he pumped in and out of his slave girl's


"Yes, Massa," she responded.  "But it ain't so bad.  You use yo'

nigga's ass like you want."

"Good," he said.  "It's supposed to hurt."  He started pounding her


She felt his balls slap against her now neglected pussy as he used her

black body for his own gratification.  Her pleasure didn't matter to

him.  In fact, he preferred to deny it to her in order to make it

clear to her that her sole purpose was for his use.

"Ow!" she cried out as he slammed into her ass with more force.

"Please, Massa, please cum in yo' nigga's ass!  She hurtin' now,

Massa.  Please, Massa, suh!"

"I'll cum up that ass, bitch," he said huskily.  "Fuck!...  Ah!..."

Her pleading pushed him over the edge and spasmed into the negro

girl's rectum.  "Ahhh..."

Shanika could feel him ejaculate deep in her bowels.  She felt like a

used animal this way, denied any pleasure for herself.  She ached for

some relief, but none was forthcoming.  At last he withdrew from her

and stood up admiring the view of his fucked slave girl.  Her pussy

glistened with her own juices and semen drooled out of her ass.

Obediently, she maintained the humiliating position, waiting for his

instructions.  Shanika saw the flash from his camera go off several

times as he recorded her debasement for future reference.

He sat in one of the chairs and continued his enjoyment of the scene.

The woman he desired so much but seemed out of reach to him was ass up

in front of him, his seed leaking out of her as he watched.  Now she

was his property.  No need to coax or cajole.  No need to wine and

dine.  No sweet talk even.  Her desires were irrelevant now.  She was

just his slave to use as he pleased.

"Ok, quit lying around and get me cleaned up," he said at last.

Shanika climbed off the bed and crawled over to him on her hands and

knees.  He watched as she moved to take his cock into her mouth in

spite of it having just been up her ass.

"Stop!" he ordered.  "Jesus, you are a total whore."  She looked up at

him, her mouth open, her tongue already partly sticking out.  "Go get

the cloth and clean off my dick.  I haven't decided what all I want to

do with that nigger mouth of yours yet.  I don't want it all shitty."

Embarrassed, but secretly relieved, she got to her feet and walked

over to the sink where the bucket and wash cloth were that she'd used

on herself earlier.  She rinsed the cloth out and returned to her

master.  Kneeling before him she gently cleaned his cock off with it.

She went to the sink and rinsed it out again when she was finished.

Returning to him she again displayed herself for him.  He reached

between her legs to check her pussy.

"Wet." he stated.  "I bet you still want to cum, don't you, nigger?"

"Yes, Massa," she answered.  "I shorely do wants to cum.  But it ain't

up to me no mo'.  You is my Massa an' I is yo' nigga.  I can't cum

'less you say I kin."

He pushed his finger into her vagina and ran his thumb over her clit.

Her legs trembled and she gasped as she felt pleasure from his touch.

He continued to play with her sensitive private parts and she started

to rub her pussy on his hand.  Abruptly he stopped and withdrew his

hand leaving Shanika frustrated.

"Get on you knees," he ordered as he reached into the overnight bag on

the table.

She kneeled obediently as he produced a red ball gag on a black

leather strap.  Though she hadn't been gagged by any previous masters

she understood what she was to do and submissively opened her mouth to

accept it.  He pressed the ball between her thick lips and cinched the

strap up tight, buckling it behind her head.

"I want a drink," he said, "so we're going to the bar at the main

house.  You won't need your mouth for anything there, and I think the

gag makes you look precious.  In fact, I'll just get another picture."

He picked up the camera and took a close up of Shanika's gagged face,

her thick lips stretched around the red plastic ball.  She was already

beginning to drool.  He stepped back and took a picture that included

her entire kneeling form, her brown eyes looking pitifully into the

lens, a string of drool extending from her chin to her breasts.

He stood and picked up the chain dangling from her collar.  "Get up,"

he instructed, "and put your hands behind your back."  The black slave

girl stood and her white master fastened her wrist cuffs directly

together in the small of her back.

"Now you're ready to go," he said, satisfied.

He led her out the door.  It was getting dark out and Shanika's

nipples hardened in the slight chill in the air.  Dave led her down

the path towards the main house.  They walked in silence during the

few minutes it took to get there.  The white man lost in his own

thoughts, the negro slave girl forcibly silenced by the large ball gag

that filled her mouth.  Her jaw began to ache and she continued to

drool onto her swaying breasts.

As they approached the main entrance Shanika could see a few white

folks standing around in the grass in front of the building.  As they

drew closer she notice that one of them was Debbie.  Their attention,

however, was diverted in the other direction.  On the ground, she saw

Bernetha and Jackie.  They were in the classic sixty nine position

with the big black girl on the bottom and the skinny old negress on

top.  Both were busily sucking the other's pussy to the delight and

amusement of the gathered onlookers.

Debbie turned as they walked by.  She looked Shanika in her gagged

face and then to Dave.

"I'm going to the bar," he said.  "Would you look after my nigger for

me?  I'll only be a few minutes."

"No problem," said Debbie, a smile forming on her bright red lips.

Dave handed her Shanika's chain and went inside.  The petite blonde

girl pulled the negro slave over to her by the chain attached to the

steel collar around her neck.

"Hmmm," she pondered, "I see your master thought of something new to

do with that mouth of yours.  Too bad.  It's such a talented mouth."

Debbie's hand went straight for Shanika's crotch.  The negress quickly

opened her legs allowing her access to her vagina.

"And dripping wet, too," she observed.  "Why am I not surprised.  You

are one of the friskiest niggers we've ever had here.  I declare, that

coochie of yours is always ready, isn't it?"

Shanika nodded, her mouth full.

"You want me to play with your nigger coochie?" she cooed.  "Is that

what you want?"

Shanika nodded again.

"I don't know if I should.  Your master might not like it." said the

white girl.  She began to lightly stroke the slave girl's pussy.

"Have you been a good nigger?" she asked.

Shanika nodded, longing for her to touch her pussy instead of just

teasing her.

"I bet you have," she said.  Debbie pushed a finger into the colored

girl's vagina.  The black slave started to rub herself on the white

girl's hand.

"You're still my nigger, aren't you?" the blue eyed girl smiled

sweetly at the gagged negress.

Again Shanika nodded.  Debbie rubbed the slaves pussy faster and she

in turn humped harder against the young blonde's hand.

"You are such a horny bitch.  Didn't your master make you cum?"

This time the colored girl shook her head.

"You poor thing!" said the blonde haired tease.  "Well, I'm sure he

has his reasons."  At that she withdrew her hand and rubbed her

fingers, sticky with Shanika's juices, under the slave's nose.

"Sorry, sweetie," she said, "I better not do anything to upset your

master.  He paid good money for you and if he doesn't want you to cum,

then that's the way it is.  Do you want me to play with those udders

of yours?  Would you like that?"

Shanika nodded with less enthusiasm.  She knew better than to say no,

but all having her breasts fondled would do would be to make her even

hornier and no closer to release.

Debbie put one had under each breast and began to lift and knead them.

Shanika closed her eyes and felt her arousal grow.

"My, my," said Debbie, "you appear to be drooling.  It is so cute I

can barely keep my hands from between your legs.  I do *so* want to

make you cum.  Should I?"

The gagged black girl nodded vigorously.  The petite white girl


"Too bad," she laughed and turned her attention back to the show put

on by the two slave girls on the ground lapping at each other's


Shanika also looked down and saw Jackie kneeling with her ass pointed

at her.  Bernetha's head was between her legs.  She could see the big

black girl's pink tongue between the older negress's labia.  The

gagged slave imagined how good it would feel to have that tongue in

her pussy, licking her clit.

Finally, Dave appeared and picked up Shanika's chain.

"Hey, thanks for watching my nigger for me," he said to Debbie, who

turned away from the spectacle to face him.  "I hope she wasn't any


"No trouble at all," Debbie replied and winked.  Dave thought the wink

was for him.  Shanika knew it was for her and felt the shame burning

on her face.

"Let's go girl," he said and gave the chain a short jerk to get her


The black slave was aware of the wetness between her legs as she

walked along behind her master.  The aroma of her own scent was strong

from where Debbie had wiped her sticky fingers off under her nose

They reached the cabin.  Dave led his slave inside, sat on a chair,

and pulled Shanika over to him.  He grabbed a breast in each hand and

began to suck on the nipples.  First one and then the other.  The

negress stood silently as the white man enjoyed himself with her

mammaries, her jaw aching from the ball gag and her wrists fastened

behind her back.

"You drooled all over your udders, you clobbering cow."  He scolded.

He resumed sucking on them anyways.

His mouth on her nipples felt good to the colored girl.  But although

it added to her arousal, it only made her more frustrated.  He reached

between her legs and she eagerly spread them apart to encourage his

touch.  At last she was rewarded as he began to stroke her neglected

wet pussy.

She imagined how ridiculous she must look, naked, hands fastened

behind her back, her mouth stretched around a big red ball gag,

drooling from her chin to her chest, desperately humping the hand of a

fully clothed white man while he sucked on her breasts.  She felt like

a big black sex thing.  Her mouth was put away, her breasts and vagina

in use.  She was so ashamed and so wet.

"Mmmff", she said through the gag.  "Mmmff!"

He stopped stroking her and stood up.  Unbuckling the gag he took it

out of her mouth.

"What?" he asked.

"Massa, I jus' want to cum so bad," she said breathlessly.  "I know I

gots to get permission first.  Please let me cum, Massa!"

"Is that what all this is about?" he asked.  "Not yet, you horny

bitch.  No cumming for you.  Maybe I'll use that coochie later.  Maybe

I'll let you cum then.  You be a good nigger, and maybe you'll get to


He sat down and resumed stroking her pussy.  "Your pussy is nice and

soft even if it is always wet.  I just can't keep my hands off it.

But you better not cum.  You ask nice first.  Maybe I'll let you.

Maybe if you beg pitifully enough you'll get what you want."

He slipped a finger into her vagina, then two, and started rubbing

her.  He pressed the heel of his hand against her clit.  His slave

girl responded by grinding herself against it.

"Now, Massa?" she pleaded, "Kin I cum now?  Please let yo' nigga cum,


He slowed his masturbation of the slave and lowered his hand to reduce

the pressure of her humping against it.

"No," he replied.  "Maybe I should fuck you now.  Would you like that?

You want your master's dick in your pussy, nigger?"

"Yes, Massa," she cried.  "I shorely do.  Please fuck me, Massa.

Please fuck yo' nigga!  I gots to cum!"

"All right.  Go lay on the bed," he said.  "Show me how bad you want

it.  Make me want to fuck you."

She stood up and he took the wrist cuffs off her.  She walked quickly

to the bed and lay on her back.  She spread her legs with her legs

bent showing her genitals off to him.

"Here I is, Massa," she said huskily, "Ready for fuckin' You kin jus'

come here and fuck me now.  Please, Massa!  Please use my coochie.

Please fuck me, Massa!"  She was totally humiliated by her shameful

display of wanton lust.  She was a bitch in heat.

Flash.  The shutter clicked as Dave took another picture to

commemorate the occasion.  Flash.  A picture of the black slave girl

begging for his cock.  He undressed and climbed between her legs.  He

slid his cock into her sopping wet black cunt.

"Oh, thank you, Massa," she exhaled.  "You gon' fuck yo' nigga now.

Oh, fuck me, Massa.  Please fuck me."

He slowly began to move his white cock in and out of his slave girl's

black pussy.  She responded by meeting every stroke.

"You are sloppy wet, girl," he said.  "Put those legs down and squeeze

them together."

The negress did as instructed and he moved his legs so that they

straddled hers.  Her cunt had a firm grip on him now and he began to

fuck her faster.

She humped right along with him, as he pounded into her.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried, "Oh!!"

The bed creaked loudly in time with each thrust.

"Kin I cum, Massa?" she asked with an urgency in her voice.  "Please,


"All right, Shanika," he answered, breathing hard, "you can cum now."

"Oh!  Massa!" she cried.  "Oh!  Oh!.... Oh!!"

He kept pounding his slave girl's pussy hard through her orgasm and

even after it subsided.

"Oh!  Thank you, Massa," she cooed, "You so good to yo' nigga.  Oh,

Massa, you usin' me so good."

That was all her master could take.  "Agh!  Oh!" he came hard and

filled her with his seed.  In spite of having already cum twice

recently he managed to get several strong shots into her as she

gripped him tightly inside her.

He sought out her thick lips, with his own and kissed her deeply.

Over and over again.  She wrapped her arms around him.  They kissed

for several minutes.  Ultimately, Dave rolled off Shanika and

gradually they both fell asleep.  Master and slave.

* * *

Dave awoke the next morning feeling something soft and warm between

his legs.  Shanika was gently sucking his cock.  He could feel himself

hardening in response to her talented mouth.  He reached his hand down

to her and stroked her stubble covered head.  She looked up at him,

his cock still in her mouth and let it slip out.

"You want yo' nigga suck you off, Massa?" she asked sweetly, "Or you

wanna use my coochie?  I's still yo' nigga.  Use me how you want."

"Get on me, girl," he said.  "I want you to fuck me."

The colored girl straddled her white master and slipped his cock into

her cunt.  She started humping him slowly, gradually building to an

easy moderate tempo.  Dave watched contentedly as her heavy black

breasts swayed while she fucked him.  She smiled as she looked into

his eyes.  After a time she sped up some.

"Kin I cum fo' you, Massa?" she asked, smiling happily.  "Kin I,


"Yeah," he replied, a little disoriented.  "Come for me, girl."

Shanika continued humping him even more vigorously and he felt himself

going past the point of no return.

"Oh, Massa!," she cried.  "I's cummin' fo' you, Massa!...  Ah!...


"Oh, yeah," he murmured.  "Ohhh...."  He released into her warm pussy

as he looked into her dark brown eyes.

She felt him cum inside her and let herself down on top of him.  They

lay like that for a long several minutes.

"Time to get up now," he said.  "I've got to get you back."

Shanika put her shackles back on while Dave dressed.  He led her

outside into the morning sunlight.

"I gots to pee, Massa," she said.  "I rather do it here fo' you than

back in the barn.  Ok, Massa?  I knows you like to watch me."

"Yeah," he said.

Shanika squatted and pissed in the dust looking up at him, still

smiling.  When she was finished they walked down the path towards the

main house and the slave barn.

"What if I see you back in the city somewhere?" he asked, "What do we

do then?"

"I still be yo' nigga, Massa," she replied.  "We do what you want."

Yolanda saw them approach from the barn and came out to accept

Shanika's chain from Dave.

"Goodbye, Shanika," he said.  "Take care of yourself."

"Bye, Massa," she replied as he walked back to the cabin to collect

his stuff.

"You knew him from outside?" asked Yolanda.

"No," Shanika responded.  "Not really."

Chapter 13 - The Old Man

Shanika and Yolanda stood together watched as the negro slave girl's

most recent master disappeared down the path to the cabins.

"It's time for you to get ready to go back home," Yolanda said.

"Let's get you washed up."  The colored lady led the black slave into

the barn and handed her chain over to Elois, the young attendant.

Maya and Darla, the mother and daughter, had already been bathed and

were waiting for the rest of the slaves making the return trip to be

ready.  The older married negress, Yvonne, stood with them.  All three

watched as Elois soaped Shanika up and hosed her off.

After chaining them all together, Yolanda led them across the

courtyard to the back benches of the now deserted auction area.

"The van won't be here for a while, ladies," said she said, "so you

might as well get comfortable."  The slave girls all sat on the bench

facing away from the platform so they could see when the van arrived.

"Yvonne?" asked Shanika, "How is it you started comin' here?  You said

you was married when we rode out."

"Well, that's an interesting story," she replied.  "But it starts way

before I ever heard of this club."

* * *

"I was only sixteen at the time.  Momma didn't want me going to no

public school.  She said it was full of punks and low lifes and I was

gonna have a chance to really learn somethin'.  So, she sent me to

catholic school.  We weren't catholics or nothin', but she thought it

was better than what else there was.

"I had to ride the city bus to get there instead of the school bus,

but so many of the other kids who went there did that, it almost

seemed like the school bus when we were on it.  We all had to wear

uniforms.  I had a black and yellow plaid jumper that I wore over a

white blouse.  White knee socks and saddle shoes.  Keep in mind that

this was twenty five years ago.

"That was the first time I ever thought about bein' a slave.  We was

studyin' the civil war and there was first hand accounts of negro

slaves and a couple of those old time photographs.  There was a

diagram of how they layed the captured Africans out on the deck of the

slave ship for transit, but the pictures that stuck in my mind showed

real slaves standing in front of wooden shacks and there was this one

drawing from the time that showed slaves being sold.  They was wearin'

clothes, though, not like at the club.

"I was one of the only black faces in the class and I remember how the

other kids looked at me afterwards.  I couldn't tell if it was because

they was embarrassed for what their great great great granpappies did

or if they saw me as a real life negro and wondered about me bein' a


"Well, I know I thought about me bein' a slave.  Like in the pictures.

At night I'd think about bein' sold to some white massa who'd take me

to his plantation and make me his house nigger.  I knew it was some

twisted shit I was thinkin' about, and I was ashamed to think that

way.  What would Momma think if she knew what her little girl was

imaginin'.  But they was jus' my own private thoughts, so she couldn't

know.  I remember I gave Miz Clitty a real work out thinkin' about

that shit, if you know what I mean.  Playin' with Miz Clitty was

somethin' else she didn't know about.  'Course now, I know she knew

all about it jus' like every girl know about it.

"One day I was on the bus comin' home from school.  It was real

crowded, like always, on the first one after school let out.  As

usual, there was no place to sit, so I stood there holdin' onto one of

them polls.  All of a sudden I felt somebody touch me.  At first I

didn't think anything of it since it was so crowded.  But I could

swear there was a hand on my ass.  I didn't want to look around or let

whoever it was know that I noticed.  When we got to my stop I kind of

looked when I was gettin' off, but didn't see anybody lookin' back at


"That night I remember I was extra horny and really went to town with

Miz Clitty.  I was the nigger house girl again, and Massa was puttin'

his hands all over my ass.  After I got off, I thought about it some

more.  I put the stuff from what happened on the bus into my fantasy!

"The next day on the ride home I was standin' in the same place.  It

jus' worked out that way.  Then I felt it again.  This time the hand

was rubbin' on me a little, not just stayin' in one place.  I didn't

do anything but keep standin' there like I didn't notice.  Whoever it

was took their hand away and then I felt it on my leg!  They moved up

my bare thigh and then put it back on my ass under my skirt but on top

of my panties.  I couldn't believe it!  But still, I didn't let on

that anything out of the ordinary was goin' on.  When I was gettin'

off at my stop I looked around and still couldn't see who'd been doin'


"Man, did Miz Clitty get a workout that night!  My Massa jus' loved

his little nigger slave girl.  He couldn't keep his hands off her ass.

Of course I didn't mind 'cause it felt so good.  I caught myself

startin' to make too much noise and I was afraid Momma would catch me

playin' with myself.  I didn't know how to feel about it all.  I felt

kind of cheap havin' jus' stood there and not doin' somethin' to see

who was gropin' me and makin' 'em stop.  But I was imaginin' it was my

Massa on the plantation and it felt good.

"All through school the next day all I could think about was ridin'

home and havin' some stranger put his hands up my skirt and rub on my

butt.  I couldn't concentrate or nothin'.  Time moved so slow, it

seemed like forever when the bell finally rang.

"This time I make sure to stand in the same place as before.  I felt

strange since I was actually lookin' for it to happen again.  When I

felt that hand goin' up my leg and onto my ass I jus' closed my eyes

and thought of my imaginary Massa doin' what the stranger was doin'.

The hand went away as we came to my stop.  Whoever it was knew that I

was gettin' off here.  They really were feelin' *my* ass, not jus'

anybody's, since they remembered me.  I looked around and finally

noticed a gray haired old white man wearing an old suit and tie.  He

seemed like somebody's granddaddy or somethin' I couldn't believe it

was him, but thinkin' back I remembered him bein' there the other


"Now my Massa had a face.  I took care of Miz Clitty that night while

I thought about him.  Not sittin' there on the bus in his wore out

suit, but on the porch of the plantation house in one of those white

suits.  I know it sound stupid, but I was sixteen, and that's what I

thought a Massa should wear.  He was rubbin' on me and smilin' up at

me.  And I was so proud to be his favorite nigger.

"You can imagine I couldn't keep my mind on anything at school the

next day.  My last class just dragged on and on.  The teacher noticed

I wasn't payin' attention and kept me after class to give me shit

about it.  She was all 'blah, blah, blah' and all I could think of was

that my Massa was waitin' for me.  Yeah, I know it sound stupid for me

to think of that dirty old white man as my Massa, but what can I say?

"I ran out to the bus stop, but it was already gone.  I waited for the

next one hopin' he'd be on it but, no.  I was real disappointed.  That

didn't stop me from thinkin' about him that night.  He'd be rubbin' my

ass and I'd be standin' close to him and he'd say, 'You my favorite

nigger, Ruby.'  That was my slave name for myself.  Ruby the precious

one.  I could hear my bed creak I was workin' Miz Clitty so hard, but

in my mind Massa was askin' me, 'You know you my favorite nigger,

don't you, Ruby?'  and I'd smile at him and say, 'Oh, Massa, you is so

kind.'  Don't laugh, I know how it sound.

"When I got on the bus to go home the next day I got a lump in the pit

of my stomach when I saw he wasn't there.  I had missed him the day

before and now he wasn't gonna come back.  It actually made me sad.

Then it was the weekend.  I couldn't wait for Monday, though at night

we were together.  Jus' the three of us.  Massa, me, an' Miz Clitty.

"Monday on the way home, he wasn't there.  Tuesday neither.  I was

givin' up hope.  I was mad at that teacher for makin' me miss the bus

that time.  I figger'd he'd stopped ridin' that bus when I didn't show


"So you know I was happy when I saw him there on Wednesday.  But for

some reason the bus wasn't as full as usual and I was the first one on

and there were empty seats near the front.  He was my Massa and

everything, but he didn't know it.  He didn't even know that I knew

who he was.  But now I'd have to go past empty seats so I could stand

in my usual spot.  If he saw me do that, he'd know I knew and he'd

know I wanted it.

"My stomach was in knots as I walked past those seats.  I saw him

looking at me while pretending to look out the window.  I stood there

where I usually stood and the bus filled up with my classmates.  The

bus lurched and I almost lost my grip on the poll and fell on him!  I

was so embarrassed!  But I held on and stood there.

"Before long I felt his hand on my leg again.  I could feel my heart

pounding and my hand was sweaty on the poll.  He rubbed on my ass

again over my panties and then he moved it down to my bare leg again

and then back up, but through the leg hole!  He was rubbin' on my bare

ass!  It felt so good and I go so tingly!

"We got to my stop and he took his hand away.  I turned around and

looked at him as I was gettin' off the bus out the back door.  For the

first time I saw him lookin' back at me.  He smiled at me.  He had a

kind smile.  Just like I imagined my Massa would have.

"I dropped my back pack on the floor when I got into the house and

went right up to my room.  Miz Clitty wasn't gonna wait for bedtime.

Massa was smilin' at me and I was so happy and Miz Clitty was so wet!

When I went to bed that night, Miz Clitty didn't get no rest.

"Thursday he was there.  I was walking on air all the way to stand

near him.  I didn't care about the empty seats this time.  My secret

was out, at least to the gray haired old man.  He watched me walk down

the aisle, but other than the smile he gave me, he didn't let on he

knew me or anything.

"The bus filled up and lots of other kids were standing as the bus

pulled out of the stop.  I felt his hand on my leg right away.  He

went straight under my panties through the leg hole this time.  He

even squeezed on me a little.  I was so excited.  I wasn't ready for

him to move his hand down between my legs and I made a little noise

when he did.  He was goin' for my coochie and I wanted him to touch me

there so bad.  I moved my legs apart for him, but I guess my movin'

like that scared him and he pulled his hand away.  He musta thought he

was gettin too bold with me or somethin' and didn't understand that I

was trying to make it easy for him!

"I was relieved when I felt him put his hand back up on my bare ass

and start to go for my coochie again.  He must have noticed I opened

my legs for him 'cause he put his hand there so that his finger was

right on my slit.  He had to be able to tell how wet I was, too.  I

was a little embarrassed for him know that, but with me opening up

like that for him, he had to know I liked what he was doing.  He even

started rubbin' on me.  He sho' had Miz Clitty's attention!

"Now, I had boys fingerin' at me before, but they was clumsy.  They'd

accidentally pinch my tender parts while trying to shove their fingers

in me and I wouldn't be turned on at all.  My coochie'd be dry and it

would hurt.  But Massa was gentle and it felt so good.  Even better

than when I touched myself.  I closed my eyes and I was in heaven.  Or

at least on the porch of the plantation mansion, My white Massa

playin' with Miz Clitty.

"I woulda missed my stop if I hadn't felt his hand go away when we got

there.  I didn't want it to end, but this was the end of the ride for

me.  I went down the steps of the back door and turned around and

looked at him.  This time I smiled at him, to make sure he knew I

liked what he was doin' to me.  He smiled back and scratched his

mustache with the finger he'd been playin' with me with.  Anyone else

wouldn't think nothin' of it, but I knew he was smellin' my scent.  My

legs got all wobbly.  Other kids tryin' to get off almost pushed me

out the door I was takin' so long.

"I stood and watched the bus go down the street and then went home.

Like last time, I dropped my backpack and headed up the stairs.  Me

an' Miz Clitty must have been makin' too much noise 'cause Momma came

and knocked on my door askin' if I was ok.  It kind of spoilt the

mood.  I told her I was fine, but it wasn't 'til I went to bed that

night that Massa an' me were out on the porch.  This time he was

touchin' my coochie and playin' with Miz Clitty.  He was smilin' an'

tellin' me what a good nigger I was.  I was so happy and content.

"I fell asleep dreamin' about the plantation house with big green

willow trees in the front and a big grass lawn and Massa in his white

suit sittin' on the porch.  And me, his favorite nigger, standin'

beside him.

"Friday.  There he was on the bus, just like always.  Lookin' around,

nothin' more than a smile for me.  My coochie was wet and Miz Clitty

was ready.  The weekend was comin', and though I was happy to see

Massa sittin' on the bus, I was sad thinkin' I wouldn't see him again

'til Monday.

"I felt like a fool to have a crush like this on this old white man.

I was ashamed that I let him do to me the things that he did.  I was

humiliated that I liked it so much and wanted it so bad.  I stood next

to him like always.

"And nobody knew.  Nobody knew how I was carryin' on this way.  He

didn't even know what I was thinkin' while he was gropin' my ass and

my coochie.  We hadn't exchanged even a single word.  Just a smile.

That and the fact that I kept coming back.

"We pulled out of the stop, people bumpin' into each other while we

settled into the ride.  Then I felt Massa's hand on me.  I moved my

foot right away so my legs would be spread for him and he could get at

my coochie easy.  He musta noticed 'cause his hand went straight

between my legs.  He also had to see how wet I was for him.  'Bout the

only thing he didn't know was that he was my Massa and I was his

nigger.  His favorite nigger, at that.

"He took his hand away when we got to my stop.  I didn't look at his

face, but I bet he was surprised when this time I didn't get off.  I

made up my mind to stay on the bus.  The weekend was just too long.

The bus pulled away from the curb and in a minute his hand was back.

I wondered what he must be thinkin' seein' as how I was still there.

Whatever it was it didn't make him wanna keep his hands to hisself!  I

could feel him playin' with Miz Clitty and I could barely stay on my

feet my legs was tremblin' so much.

"The next stop must have been a popular one 'cause so many people got

off.  Now there were lots of empty seats and if I didn't sit down, I'd

be the only one standin'.  He musta known about that since he took his

hand away when the doors opened.  There was a seat open next to him so

I sat down.  We kept goin' and we didn't say nothin' or even look at

each other.  It was so weird, sittin' there, my coochie all wet from

this old man havin' his hand between my legs, and now we jus' sat

there like strangers sittin' together by pure chance.

"A couple of stops later he finally spoke to me, 'This is where I get

off.'  He stood up and since I already came this far I figger'd I'd

just keep goin'.  I stood up too and got off the bus with him.  We

stood there together while it pulled away, leaving a cloud of diesel

exhaust behind.  The other passengers who got off there all walked off

to wherever they were going and only Massa and me were left on the


"'Why'd you come here?' he asked me.  I told him I didn't know, 'cause

really I didn't.  'Shouldn't you be home now?' he asked.  'Won't your

folks be worried?'  I told him I sometimes got home late so they

wouldn't worry for a while.  Then he asked me if I wanted to go inside

with him and I nodded that I did.  We were on a street with shops on

the street level and apartments on the second and third floors.  He

opened a door that went straight to a narrow staircase.  There were

metal mailboxes in the wall at the bottom of the stairs.  Our

footsteps echoed loudly as we climbed.

"We went up one flight and then down the hall.  He used a key to open

the door to his apartment.  It was small inside.  There was just one

window that looked onto the street.  There was a kitchen against the

back wall and he had a table and chairs near it.  There was a TV near

the window on a table and a big easy chair with worn upholstery in

front of it.  There was one of them oval shaped braided rugs on the

wooden floor.  He had some pictures on the wall.  They was all old and

looked like school pictures.  There was one of a young white man in an

army uniform with a flag in the background.  It was old, too.

"He sat in the chair and looked up at me.  'Why'd you come here?' he

asked again.  'What do you want from me?'  I was horrified to realize

that he might think I was here 'cause I wanted to make trouble for

him.  What he did to me on the bus wasn't right, really.  Folks

wouldn't understand at all.  Even knowin' I liked it and wanted it

wouldn't make no difference.

"'It ain't nothin' like that, sir!' I told him.  I liked him a lot,

and I trusted him and it hurt me to think he didn't trust me.  But I

guess followin' him home like I done spooked him.  I told him I liked

what he did and that he had to know that, seein' as how I kept comin'

back.  That made him relax some, but then he got angry with me.

"'What're you thinkin' of comin' home with some strange man?' he

scolded me like he was my daddy.  'You don't know me.  A pretty young

girl like you.  I could be some kind of pervert who'd rape you and

leave you in the alley.'

"I told him I ain't never done nothin' like this before and that the

only reason I followed him home was that I liked him and was gonna

miss him so much 'til Monday.  I said I was sorry and asked him if he

wanted me to go.  I started cryin' 'cause he was so disappointed with


"He had me sit in his lap and he held me like that.  He didn't try

anything with me or nothin'.  Just held me in his lap like a little

girl.  I felt so close to him right then.  So I started tellin' him

about my fantasy.  About how I pretended we was on the plantation and

he was my white massa and I was his favorite nigger.

"He seemed kind of surprised by that.  He told me it wasn't right for

nobody to call me no nigger.  So I told him it was ok and that the way

I meant it wasn't no insult or nothin' hurtful.  I said that to me,

bein' his favorite nigger was a honor and that it made me feel proud.

"'So, you want me to be your massa,' he asked.  I nodded at him.  'And

jus' what does a massa do?' he wanted to know.  I said that to me a

massa took care of his nigger and would touch her and praise her if

she was a good nigger and pleased her massa the way he liked.

"He kinda lost that granddaddy look in his eyes hearin' that.  Now I

saw the same eyes he looked at me with when he was takin' in my scent

off his finger back on the bus the other day.  He shifted around in

his chair some and I could tell his dick was gettin' hard.

"'I can't believe I never asked you this, girl, but what is your

name?' he asked.  'I can't be your massa unless I know your name' I

thought about it for a second and said, 'Ruby.'

"'Stand up, Ruby,' he said.  So I got up from his lap and stood in

front of him.  He just looked me up and down, standin' there in my

plaid jumper and white blouse.  I didn't know then that men really

liked the schoolgirl fantasy and seein' me all dressed up like that

with my white knee socks and saddle shoes was like something out of a

girlie magazine.  But I could tell he was really turned on by me.

"He didn't tell me to, but I reached up under my skirt and pulled my

panties down to my knees.  His eyes were riveted on me.  Then I picked

up the front of my skirt and showed my coochie off for him so he would

want to touch it.  It musta worked 'cause he reached right out for it.

He curled his hand and ran the backs of his fingers over my bush.  It

was like he was teasin' me.  Miz Clitty wanted to be touched so bad!

"'You look so fine, Ruby,' he said.  'Such a pretty girl.'  He put his

finger in the top of my slit and traced it down between my legs.  I

spread as far as I could with my panties around my knees.  He reached

in and started rubbin' on my coochie and pokin' his finger in me.  He

played with Miz Clitty and I couldn't hardly keep standin'.

"'Oh, Massa,' I said, 'Is I yo' favorite nigga?'  I even started using

that slave talk the white massas like so much.  But then it was the

first time I'd ever done it out loud.  I could tell he liked it.

"'Of course you are, Ruby,' he said.  'You're the best nigger a massa

could have.'

"It was just like my fantasy, except that we were in a one room walk

up apartment instead of the plantation and he was wearin' his same

wore out suit that he always wore.  But I didn't care.  I was Massa's

favorite nigger and he was strokin' on my coochie.  That wasn't no

fantasy, that was really happenin'.

"His hand felt so good on me.  He was gentle, but he was all in

control.  He was playin' me like some kind of musical instrument.  I

was so excited by it.  I know he could tell 'cause he started

concentrating' all his attentions on Miz Clitty.  He rubbed faster and

stronger as I got more and more excited.  I could feel it comin'.

"I felt so submissive to him it was wonderful.  When I was almost

there, I asked him, 'Kin I cum, Massa?  A nigga gots to ask

permission.'  Sayin' that made me tingle somethin' fierce and I knew

if he didn't say yes it wasn't gonna stop me.

"He liked that a lot.  'Yes, Ruby, you can cum,' he said, 'you such a

good nigger.'  Oh, it felt so good!  I never felt like that when it

was just me an Miz Clitty.  Massa made me cum good.  I sat back in his

lap, my coochie was all sloppy now, but Massa didn't mind.  He just

held me and I felt so safe and happy.

"After I calmed down I told him, 'Thank you, Massa.  You so good to

yo' nigga.'  And he smiled at me and said, 'Well, Ruby, you are my


"He told me that it was gettin' late and my folks would worry 'bout me

and that he would walk me down to the bus stop.

"I told him, 'I gotta do somethin' fo you, Massa.  You treat yo' nigga

so fine.'  I could tell he liked that and it made me happy to please

him talkin' that way for him.  But I wanted to do more.

"He seemed kind of flustered and said that there was somethin' I could

do for him but he was too embarrassed to ask.  I told him not to be

embarrassed about nothin' with his nigger and I'd do anything he asked

and not think poorly of him.

"I was kind of surprised when he asked for my panties, but if that's

what he wanted, I was gonna give 'em to him.  I mean I was ready to do

anything for that old white man right then and I mean anything.  I had

fooled around with boys before like I said, but I was still a virgin.

I would have given him that if he asked for it and been happy about

it.  Tell the truth, I hoped that's what he wanted.

"They was still around my knees, I know, what a slut!  I stood up and

was gonna take 'em off for him when I started to get why he wanted

them.  So I pulled 'em back up so hard they kind of worked their way

into my crack.  I lifted up my skirt for him and spread my legs,

offering him my coochie.

"'Please, Massa,' I says to him, 'touch you nigga's coochie a little

first.'  I was really wet already, but I wanted those panties soaking

for my Massa.  I could tell he was pleased when he figger'd out what I

was up to and put his hand on me.  When he took his hand back I asked

him, 'Massa, would you take yo' nigga's panties off for her?'

"I was afraid he was gonna have a heart attack or something from the

way he was breathin' after that, but I guessed he jus' really liked

the idea.  He grabbed my panties with both hands and slowly pulled

them down.  He had to lean forward and his nose was inches away from

my coochie.  I heard him inhale deep.

"'You like yo' nigga's scent, don't you, Massa?'

"'Oh, yeah,' he said, real quiet like.

"'Well, I hope her panties'll do 'til I see you again,' I said.

"He pulled them down the rest of the way and I stepped out of them and

let my skirt fall back down.  He stood up and looked into my eyes.

'You a sweet girl, Ruby.  Thank you.  I haven't felt so good in a long

long time, he said.  'Can I kiss you?'

"Can you imagine?  He was so sweet!  Here he'd just had his fingers

all up in my coochie and he was askin' if he could kiss me.  I thought

I was gonna melt.  'You don't hafta ask that, Massa!' I told him,

''Course you can kiss me!  I's not playin' wit' you when I say I's yo'

nigga.  I *is* yo' nigga and you is my Massa.  You can do whatever you

want wit' me and I'll do anything you want me to.  Jus' tell me what

it is an' I'll do it.

"So he kissed me right on the lips.  Too bad my panties was already

off 'cause I woulda got 'em even wetter for him.  I almost was gonna

open my mouth for him and give him my tongue the way the boys liked,

but it wasn't my place to start that.  I wished he would, but it

wasn't my place.

"He walked me down to the bus stop and waited with me until it came.

It was gettin' dark and the lights were on inside the bus.  I had a

hard time seein' him through the reflections on the windows, but I

waved at him and smiled.

"Momma didn't say nothin' to me when I got home late like that, it was

a relief.  I went up to my room and changed out of my school clothes.

'Course I had to put on new panties!  It's funny.  That night I left

Miz Clitty alone.  I was afraid it would take away some of the memory

of Massa's touch.  I went to sleep and dreamed about the plantation


"I got on the bus on Saturday and went over to Massa's apartment, but

he wasn't home.  I waited around outside for a while and then I saw

him walking down the side walk.  When he saw me I could tell he was

happy to see me.  I went straight to him and walked with him back up

to where he lived.

"'You sweet to come back, Ruby,' he said.  'I don't know what to say.'

"'You ain't gotta say nothin', Massa,' I told him.  'I's yo' nigga

from now on.'  I thought about it for a second and then asked him,

'You do want that, don't you?  You want me to be yo' nigga, right?'

"'Course I do!' he said.  'Old man like havin' a fine sweet young

thing like you?  I still can't believe it!'

"He unlocked the door and we went in.  Everything was just like it was

the day before.  He kissed me on the lips again and I put my arms

around him.  He told me I was still his favorite nigger.  He so sweet.

He asked me if my folks knew where I was.  I told him no.  Momma

didn't ask where I was goin'.

"He said that wasn't right, and that I should have at least tol' her

when I be back so she won't worry.  He was sounded like my daddy

again.  Then he say he sorry, but he got to punish me.  I didn't know

what he meant and I hoped he wasn't gonna send me away.  But then he

sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and tells me to pull down my

pants and he watched while I did it.

"I knew I was in some kind of trouble with him and he was cross with

me when he saw my little surprise for him.  I don't know why, but I

got the razor I used for my legs and took off all my coochie hair for

him.  I figger'd it was proper for a nigger to be shaved for her

massa.  When he saw that he couldn't hardly stay mad at me.

"'You do that for me, Ruby?', he asked.  I tell him yes I did.  He

tol' me it was sweet, but he still had to punish me for makin' Momma

worry about me.  He tol' me to come over to him and I kind of shuffled

over to him since my jeans were down around my ankles.  It's funny but

even after all I did with him the day before, showin' him my coochie

and him fingerin' me I never felt embarrassed until now.  Shufflin'

around with my pants down like that shamed me and I could feel myself

blush.  I don't know if he noticed or not, me bein' a nigger an' all.

I also could feel I was gettin' wet.  I bet he noticed that.  I could

smell it my own self.

"He made me lay across his lap, and I knew he was gonna give me a

spankin'.  He rubbed on my ass a little and then he started hittin' me

with the palm of his hand.  For an old man, he packed a whollop.  The

sound of his hand on my ass rang off the walls.  I tried not to cry

out so he'd be proud of me, but I couldn't hold back the tears.  He

musta given me a couple dozen spanks before he let me get up.  I stood

there with my pants down rubbin' on my burning ass.  Well, my ass may

have been burnin', but Miz Clitty was on fire!  I never thought a

spankin' would get me so hot.  It hurt at first, but now the heat I

felt made me so horny.

"'You understand why I had to do that, don't you, Ruby?', he asked.  I

nodded yes and wiped the tears out of my eyes and tol' him how sorry I

was to disappoint him like I did and how I wanted to be such a good

nigger for him.  He tol' me I was a good nigger and he had to spank me

like that to make sure I stayed a good nigger.

"I looked at him and he looked a little flushed.  I was happy to see

he was as turned on as me.  I got down on my knees in front of him,

and even though I was afraid it might not be my place to do it, I tol'

him that he should let me do somethin' for him.

"I undid his pants and he got up a little so's I could pull 'em down.

His cock was standing straight up.  I felt good I could get him like

that and then I leaned over and started kissing and licking on him.  I

pushed his legs open and started sucking on his cock and reached in

and started playing with his balls.  He really loved that, I could

tell.  His eyes closed and he put his hands on my head.  Not like that

boy who made me put his dick in my mouth all pushy an' shit.  No, he

just rested his hand on my head and stroked my hair.  I kept sucking

him and moving my head up and down on him.  I looked up at him and

he'd opened his eyes again and was looking right at me while I sucked

him off.  I let his cock slip out from my lips and grabbed it with my

free hand and started strokin' him off, still playin' with his balls

with the other.

"I looked up at him and asked, 'You like this, Massa?  Is yo' nigga

treatin' you good?'  He was so 'cited he just nodded, never breakin'

away from lookin' me in the eye.  He was breathin' hard and I could

feel him buckin' into my hand.  I smiled as sweet as I could and

kissed on the tip of his cock.  I could feel the stirrin' in his balls

and knew he was about there.  I took his cock head into my mouth for a

second or two and then looked back up at him.

"'You wanna cum in yo' nigga's mouth, Massa?  Huh?  Or, maybe you

wanna cum all over her black face.  Do you, Massa?'  I talked to him

in my little girl voice and I thought he was gonna explode.  'Tell me

what you want, Massa.  You know yo' nigga do it fo' you.'

"He was gettin' all red an' his cock was gettin' all purple.  Then I

barely heard him say, 'face.'  So I smiled sweet at him again and held

his cock close to my face and kept stroking it.  Next thing I know

he's spurtin' all over me.  I had cum in my hair, on my cheek, on my

nose, and on my lips.  I even got some in one eye.

"But I didn't care.  The look on his face while he came all over mine

was worth a little sting in the eye.  I was surprised an old man could

cum in buckets like that.  When he stopped shootin' off I started

kissing it, all covered in his cum.  Then I started in on it with my

tongue and licked it all clean for him.  After I was done, I just

looked up at him again and smiled for my sweet Massa, his cum runnin'

off my face.

"He was all out of breath and said, 'Ruby, you're the best nigger a

massa could have.'  All I could say to that was 'Thank you, Massa.

Tha's what I wanna be fo' you.'  He tol' me to go wash my face off and

get naked.  So I did and went to sit in his lap.

"He held me like that, all naked for him, for a long while.  Then he

kissed me and said I better get home so nobody would worry about me.

I stood up and he pulled me to him and kissed my nipples real soft

while I rubbed my hands through his gray hair.  I felt his hand going

south so I spread my legs out for him so he could get to my coochie

like he wanted.  I think he really liked it shaved the way I had it.

I was so glad to please him.

"He finally stopped, too soon, I thought, and I got dressed.  He

walked me out the bus stop and waited with me until it came.  I don't

know what people may have thought seeing us there together like that.

It was obvious I wasn't his grandbaby, but we didn't care.  I got on

the bus when it came and watched him standing on the curb until he was

out of sight.

"When I got home, Momma wasn't in the least worried.  But at least

concern for her had earned me a spanking from Massa.  I knew I'd have

to think of way to tell him they were more of a reward than a


"Things went on like this for the rest of the time I was in high

school.  I'd always be looking forward to seeing him on the bus after

school if he were there, and he usually was, I'd go stand on my spot,

neither of us acknowledging the other.  It was so naughty.  No one

knew that this old white man had his hand up my skirt playing with his

nigger's coochie the whole way along until empty seats opened up and I

had to sit down.  We'd get to his apartment and play.  He was pretty

frisky for an old man.

"Sometimes we'd play colored schoolgirl and I'd let my panties drop

and lift up my skirt for him so he could keep playing with my smooth

naked coochie.  He'd play with Miz Clitty until I'd beg him to let his

nigger cum for him.  Usually he'd get so worked up from that game that

I'd have to suck him off and I'd go home with cum on my plaid jumper.

"He learned that I loved the bare bottom spankin's he gave his nigger.

He seemed to like me with my pants pulled down for that, so we'd

usually save it for weekends when I wasn't already in my school

clothes.  He'd warm my ass up and and I'd get all wet and next thing

I'd know he'd be putting Miz Clitty though her paces.  I loved cumming

while bent over his knee, my black ass squirming.

"But no matter how it started, it always ended with him tellin' me how

I was his favorite nigger.  And me going home wet.

"One thing bothered me, though, and that was that he wouldn't use my

coochie for himself.  He kept telling me I should save that for when I

got married.  It's funny.  The kinds of things he did to me, and still

he was old school on that score.

"I never had a boyfriend the whole time in high school.  Why would I

want some boy when I had a Massa?  It came time for me to go off to

college and I went to visit him before I left.

"He bought a going away present for me, which was sweet, since I knew

he didn't have much money.  It was an oversized red sweater with a big

R monogram on it.  I had already told him long before that my name was

really Yvonne and that Ruby was the name I liked to have as a slave.

"He said I should wear it when he wanted to feel him hold me.  I

thought I goin' to cry.

"I tol' him that I wanted to give him somethin', too, 'I knows it

ain't my place to tell you instead of ask you, Massa.  So I hopes you

forgive me, but I's got something for you and you gots to take it.'

"'What's that, Ruby?' he asked me.  'You my favorite nigger, how could

I say no to you?'

"'I want you to take me and use me, Massa.  I ain't savin' it for

nobody but you,' I tol' him.

"'I'm an old man.  You're a young woman,' he said,. 'How could I

satisfy you that way?'

"I tol' him, 'I is yo' nigga.  An' you is my Massa, You takin' me is

what satisfies me.'

"I stripped down for him and led him to his bedroom.  I helped him off

with his clothes and he lay on his back.  I kissed him, and sucked

him, and then I got up on him.  'You jus' lay still, Massa.  Yo' nigga

gon' take care of you.'

"He was old so I was gentle with him even though it was my cherry

gettin' popped.  I put his cock in me and lowered myself down on him I

felt the resistance and then a little pain.  It wasn't near as bad

some girls make it out to be.  'Course Massa an' me been givin' my

coochie such a workout for long, maybe it was broke in some.  I tol'

him, 'You got my cherry now, Massa.  No matter what, you always be the

one who got it.'

"I just kept goin' up and down on him.  'You fuckin' yo' nigga now,

Massa.  You like that, don't you?'  He looked up at me and nodded.  He

was a sucker for that nigger talk and I felt him release inside me.

'Thank you, Massa, I said.  You too good to yo' nigga.'  I bent over

and kissed him.  Then I rolled off him and we held each other until we

fell asleep.  It was the first time I ever spent the night with him.

"He walked me to the bus in the morning and said goodbye.  I was sad I

was leaving, but he tol' me how important it was for me to go to on to

college an' how I can come visit him anytime.

"The bus came and even though the sidewalk was crowded with people,

this old white man, my Massa, kissed his nigger right on the mouth

where everybody could see.  I got on and went to the back of the bus

so I could see him there on the curb until he was out of sight.

"I saw him a few more times over the years I was in college.  It was

far away so I didn't get back to the city too much.  Last I knew he'd

gone to live with some nephew or other.

* * *

Shanika, Maya, and Darla were silent after Yvonne finished her story.

Even Yolanda was quiet.

"Damn, girl," said Shanika.  "That was some story."

"Yeah," Yvonne replied.  "So I got married a while after college to a

nice respectable black man.  Momma was so proud.  She never knew about

my Massa.  Now I love the white massas who play rough with me and make

me feel like a nigga slut, but the old man was the best.  I was his

favorite nigger."

Chapter 14 - The Ride Back

The sound of crunching gravel was heard and the van arrived, kicking

up a small cloud of dust.  The front door opened and Steve the driver

stepped out and went around the back.  Pausing briefly to survey the

negro slave girls waiting naked in chains on the bench, he let himself

in the back and closed the door after him.

Shanika and the others remained on the bench watching.  They knew it

would be a little while before Steve had the new arrivals in chains

and collected his gratuity.  Five minutes later the door opened and he

led his captive cargo blinking into the bright daylight.

The lead girl had long straightened hair that reached her shoulders.

She was quite shapely with dark skin and small breasts.  She appeared

to be in her mid twenties.

Behind her was another pretty slave girl but somewhat older.  She had

a medium complexion and slightly smaller than average, slightly saggy

breasts.  She sported nicely styled hair.  Cute, thought Shanika, but

it would be gone soon enough.

Third in line was another light skinned negress with hair that would

have just reached her collar and she been wearing any clothes.  She

was a big girl with big floppy tits and a nice wide booty.

The last in the line may have been a returning slave judging by her

short curly hair.  Closer in age to the first girl, she was pretty and

petite and held her head high even though she was naked except for her

shiny steel collar.

Yolanda led her charges to the van to exchange them with the driver's

so they could be returned to where they came from.

Shanika could tell that the lead girl was also Steve's favorite,

judging by the semen in her hair and on her face which was still

dripping down onto one of her breasts.  Well, she thought, that girl

won't have a problem washing her hair once she gets her head clipped

bald in the slave barn.

Steve the driver admired the view of the four naked black slave girls

being led in chains towards him, having already lost some of his

interest in the ones he'd just delivered.  Their wrists and ankles

manacled, they shuffled along, their bare feet kicking up the dust.

His dick stirring at the sight in spite of having just used one of the

new arrivals mouths for his pleasure.  He was already trying to decide

which one of his next passengers he'd be using as a reward for his


"You'll be taken back to where you were picked up now," Yolanda

addressed the departing slave girls.  "Your clothing will be returned

to you when you arrive.  All of you are welcome to return here as

slaves if you so desire.  You each have the number to call."

Yolanda looked at each negress in turn before handing Shanika's chain

to the driver and accepting the long haired black girl's from him in


"I felt this nigger's teeth and I had to slap her," he told her.

"Make sure to scrub her real good."

"Yes, sir, Massa Steve," she replied, eyeing the cum faced negro as

the driver grinned, looking on.  "I'll see she gets proper treatment."

The colored girl under discussion hung her head.

At that Yolanda jerked on her chain and led the new negro slaves to

the barn.  After watching them shuffle away, the sound of their

jangling shackles fading, Steve opened the door to the van.  He led

the departing slave girls inside and removed their chains.

"Let's see," he said, surveying the female negro flesh available to

him.  He looked at Darla.  "On your knees, girl," he said to the black

teenager.  "I think I'll have you suck my dick now."

Darla looked at her mother as she sank to her knees before the driver.

He unzipped his jeans and let them drop around his ankles.  The young

colored girl reached her hands out and fondled the white man's cock,

still wet from the servicing he got from the long haired negress he'd

just dropped off.  Looking up into his face she leaned forward and

took his dick into her mouth as far as she could and started sucking

on it.

The other women sat on the benches and tried not to watch as the

teen's mouth was used by the driver.  In spite of this, the young

black girl was very embarrassed to be performing the humiliating act

in front of her fellow slaves, including her own mother.

"You gotta sweet mouth, girl," he complimented her.  "You niggers all

know how to suck dick good.  Natural cocksuckers, that's what you

are."  Each of the women were shamed by this comment.  Darla continued

to slurp on Steve's shaft.

He turned towards Maya.  "You this nigger's momma, right?" he asked as

her daughter kneeled before him with his cock in her mouth.

"Yes, suh," the older black woman answered.  "She my child."

"This black cocksucker here?" he leered at her.  "This nigger who's

suckin' my white dick?"  Darla continued to service him, moving her

head back and forth on his cock.

"Yes, suh," she said, looking away from him.

"You teach her to suck white man's cock this way?" he asked.

"No, suh," replied Maya.

"Well, she's a natural," he mused, taunting the humiliated mother.

"Think I should make her swallow?  Or just shoot off in her pretty


"I dunno, suh," she said, her face burning.  "You do what you want."

"I am." he said with an edge to his voice.  "I'm fuckin' your kid's

face."  The driver started actively shoving his cock in and out of the

black teenager's mouth causing her to gag and sputter..

"You wanna give her a break?" he asked, breathing harder, "Get on your

knees over here.  You can take over for a while."

Maya knelt beside her daughter and looked up at Steve.  The white man

took his cock out of Darla's mouth and started slapping her with it,

leaving saliva and pre cum on her cheeks.  He turned slightly towards

the mother, his dick right in her face.  She looked up at him and

opened her thick lips, offering him her mouth to use.  He shoved it in

and started fucking her face with the same vigor he used on her


Darla continued to cough, a thick strand of spittle drooling from her

lower lip, across her chin, and down onto her small adolescent looking

breasts.  She looked to one side to see the sight of her mother's face

with the white man's cock in it less than a foot away.  She could hear

the slurping sounds from her as Steve's cock went in and out.  The

force of his thrusts caused the older colored woman's breasts to


"Look at me," he commanded the two kneeling black women.

They both looked up in into his eyes.  Darla drooling onto her chest,

Maya with Steve's cock in her mouth.

"Here you go, niggers," he said, gasping.  He pulled his cock out of

Maya's mouth and ejaculated in her face.  A big shot of semen hit her

just below one eye and the second right on the bridge of her broad

African nose.  He turned to her daughter, milking the cum out of his

cock all over her upturned face.

"Kiss her," he croaked.  "Do it!" he growled when they hesitated.

Maya turned to her daughter and kissed her on her cum covered cheek.

A long string of semen stretched back to her lips as she leaned back


"On the lips, nigger!" he demanded as he milked the last of his sperm

onto the young black teenager's mouth.  The two women faced each

other.  Darla leaned forward and kissed her mother with her semen

coated lips.  The older negress returned her daughters kiss and then

kissed her again.  She looked up at the white driver to see if he was

satisfied with the humiliating display.

Drained, he reached for his pants and pulled them up.  "You niggers

still have a lot to learn.  When I say do something, you bitches

better do it and fast.  I'd slap your fuckin' faces if they wasn't

covered in my spunk."

They hung there heads at his rebuke and didn't look up again until

they heard him shut the back door after exiting the van.  Maya and

Darla returned to their seats.  With no cloth of any kind in the cargo

area and fearful of his reaction if they used the curtain, both slave

girls wiped his semen off their faces with their hands.

The heard the motor start and felt the van begin to move.  They all

sat without speaking for several minutes.

"Are you ok, baby?" Maya finally broke the silence.

Darla nodded without looking at her.

Shanika looked at Yvonne to try to read her reaction to what they'd

witnessed.  Shanika felt shame at sitting passively while the mother

and daughter were violated just a few feet away from her.  What shamed

her even more was the fact she could feel the display had left her wet

and aroused.  She immediately turned her eyes away when Yvonne looked

her way.

"That white boy's one horny motherfucker," observed Yvonne.  "He is

just nasty."

"It wasn't so bad," said Darla.  "And it wasn't the first time a massa

did that to us."

"That's for sure," her mother agreed.  "Each massa did it."

"That must be strange," opined Shanika, "to be doin' sex like that

together, you bein' her momma and all."

"Yeah, but the white men love it big time," said Maya.  "So we do it."

They felt the van turn and pick up speed.  Back on the interstate


"The first day we didn't get bought by the same massa.  I don't think

the one bought Darla knew she was my child.  He's jus' happy to have a

sweet young thing for hisself.  The ones bought be sho' knew, though.

And when they tol' the first one, well, that man had to have me.  Gave

those college boys six hun'ert dollars for me when they only paid


"Just now wasn't the first time we had to suck a white man off

together and take his spunk in our faces.  The first man that bought

us, that was the first thing he did.  Then he lay in the bed and had

us up on our knees on each side of him like we was displaying for the

auction.  He had us lick off each other's face.  He had a hand on each

of our coochies, puttin' his fingers all up in us the same time.

"Once his dick got hard again he had me on my back and fucked me while

Darla rubbed her titties on him.  I wanted to get him off quick so I

tol' him that nigga talk those white men love so much.  I say 'Oh,

Massa, you like my baby girl's titties on you while you fuck her

momma?  Ain't she nice?  You gonna fuck her next, Massa?  You gonna

fuck yo' nigga's baby girl?  Then she be yo' nigga, too.'  They don't

last to long hearin' that.

"It was strange for me to see my momma that way," said Darla.  "I

never thought about her like that before."

"Are you gonna go back?" asked Yvonne.  "It don't sound like you


"I don't know," answered Maya.  "We might have been lucky none of our

massa's beat on us or nothin'.  Might not be so lucky next time."

"Well, I be a little disappointed if they didn't," smiled Yvonne.

"Offerin' my body up to them to do what they want.  It make me feel

like such a nigga.  And when they whup me I's wet after.  So I keep

comin' back."

"What about yo' husband?" asked Shanika.  "Don't he see the marks on


"I think he knows somethin's up," Yvonne replied.  "He don't ask.  But

a couple of times I catch him lookin' at the marks and he gets all

flustered.  Someday I may just tell him to see what he do about it."

"So you goin' back again?" Shanika wanted to know.

Yvonne laughed.  "You know I am, girl!  What about you?"

"I don't know," Shanika said thoughtfully.  "It gets me excited, but I

know I should hate it, but I don't.  I just don't know."

They traveled on in silence again.  After a time the van slowed and

turned.  They must be off the interstate, thought Shanika.  Almost

back to the beginning now.

Finally they stopped and heard the back door open.  Steve opened the

curtain and shoved the boxes with their clothes inside across the

floor with his foot.

"All right, you can put your clothes back on and go," he said.  "And

take your time.  I could watch you niggers all day."

The colored slave girls dressed under the driver's watchful eye.

Shanika was the last dressed and when she stepped out onto the street

the others were already gone.  Steve climbed out after her and shut

the door.

"See ya next time, girl," he told her with a wink and a leering grin.

He got behind the wheel and drove away.

Shanika walked to the bus stop to wait for her ride back to her old


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