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Slave Girl of Rome

Chapter 6 Helena is tortured by Claudia

Chapter 6

Helena is tortured by Claudia

Helena's body formed an "X" shape between the two wooden
pillars, and in this position every part of her nude
form was displayed to its fullest.

Claudia adjusted Helena's chains so that she was
stretched so tight that only her toes touched 
the cold stone floor. Helena's small boyish body
glistened with sweat as her small breasts heaved
from the exertion. Her legs were painfully spread
wide, and she could feel the cool air enter her when
her vaginal lips parted.

"There now, that's better. I can't very well enjoy
myself if I don't have complete access to all your 
hidden charms, can I?" hissed Claudia coldly.

Claudia then reached out and stroked Helena's hair
like a pet animal. "Don't worry my dear, there will
be no permanent markings. I want you to look pure 
and untouched when our first client uses your virgin
hole for the first time."

For a few minutes Claudia ran her hands over Helena's
nakedness, drinking in her youthful form, and
savouring her virgin flesh. She sucked and licked
her pink nipples till they were hard and erect.
She then got down on her knees, parted Helena's 
cunt lips and feasted on her fleshy folds.

"You taste... very good... my little one... It's been 
a while... since I tasted virgin sex." Claudia
managed to whisper. "And my how your clit grows!
I have never seen one so large on one so young."

When Claudia was finished, she got up leaving Helena's
slit wide and wet with her spittle, and her erect
clit like a tiny penis overhanging her gaping hole.

"Now you are ready" Claudia said with a voice that
sent chills up Helena's spine.
She went over to a table and came back to stand in
front of Helena. She brought her hand up inches from
Helena's face to show her 2 dozen metal needles laying 
in the palm of her hand.

"These are not ordinary needles," Claudia instructed.
"they have been dipped in a diluted cobra venom.
Do not worry, it is not enough to kill, but it will
add to the pain and will cause those parts that have
been pricked to swell."

With that said, Claudia took the first needle and
stuck it slowly into the young girls pert left breast,
above the nipple. Helena screamed as Claudia pushed
the needle in almost half an inch. It felt like the
sting of a bee, but many times worse.

One at a time the evil pain givers were stuck in
until both small breasts were evenly covered by 
22 of the sinister things, and Helena was getting hoarse 
from her cries. Claudia then took the last two needles, 
one in each hand, and stuck them simultaneously into 
the centers of Helena's erect pink nipples. Helena cried 
out horribly as the two "fangs" bit deep into her 
sensitive buds. Claudia's orgasmic-like facial
expression revealed her level of enjoyment as she
pushed the needles into her victim. 

Helena's small breasts looked like pin-cushions as 
2 dozen needles stuck out in all directions. She
could feel the pain more with each heart beat as
the diluted poison did it's work.

Before Helena had realized it, Claudia had gone back
to the same table and came back brandishing 7 more
needles. She kneeled down between the poor girls
out-stretched thighs, took her left inner labia and
stuck 3 needles deep into it. She did the same with
the right one, all the while Helena begging and 
screaming for her to stop as tears rolled down her
face in torrents.

"I will do anything you want... but please stop.
I can't take any more... ppplease... have mercy..."
Helena begged.

"Stop? I haven't even begun!" exclaimed Claudia
with a nasty smile as she pulled back the fleshy
hood, exposed Helena's large clit and pushed the final 
needle down through it's very center.

Helena's inhuman scream was heard even as far as
the kitchen where the two female slaves were
preparing lunch. They just looked at each other
with knowing and sad eyes and continued chopping
the vegetables.

After the final needle was inserted, Claudia just
left Helena hanging for a few more minutes. Helena noticed
that her breasts and nipples were swelling up, and
she could feel a painful swelling between her legs.

Finally, Claudia came forward and removed all of the
needles and examined the results. 

"Your breasts and nipples are at least twice as large
as normal, but your clit and labia are many times
larger. They are also much more sensitive." Helena
gasped as Claudia grabbed a puffed-up lip.
"And I believe a female elephant has a smaller clit
than you do right now." Claudia laughed.

Still laughing, Claudia went over to the far wall
and came back brandishing a 9 stranded whip.
"And now for the real punishment." Claudia said
as she hefted the leather strands in front of Helena's
tear stained face.

Claudia walked behind the spread slave and began by
lashing her back, ass and back of her thighs. She
whipped her till she was covered with red lines but
stopped short of causing bleeding.

She then walked around and worked on the young girls
front, starting with her flat belly, then her swollen
breasts, and her outstretched inner thighs, till they
too were covered with a crisscross of bright red lines.

Claudia then whipped the slave up hard between her thighs
to land several times on her puffed-up sensitive cunt.

Once again the rest of the household was made aware of
the goings on in the dungeon under the estate.

"There, your punishment is finished. Perhaps you will
think twice before running away again. Next time I won't
be so merciful." Claudia informed as she dropped the whip.

Helena did not answer but just hung limply in her chains,
feeling like a lump of flesh hanging from a butcher's

Review This Story || Author: Leonardo
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