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Bound And Chained

Chapter 3


Fain watched as Caytin closed the door, leaving him alone with her.

"So, Fain. If I give you an order, will you obey me, or resist?"

He would not break. He was a man, even if he did know what he faced. He would not break. "Yes Mistress, what would you have your slave do?" He went back to his knees before her.

"First, slave you might be, but I will not take your identity. Your name is Fain. You are one of only fourteen, now with the addition of Jerrick, Ern and you, fertile men in my home. You will have the honor of being one of the fathers in my home."

He bent even farther over until his face pressed against the floor. "Yes Mistress."

"And you will stop that. Goddess, what do you think me? If I am going to have you as a slave in my house, I am going to see that you never forget you are a man, and will act accordingly. You are not one of the boys, the bedwarmers that are not yet an adult. You will father many sons and daughter for my house. You will not throw yourself at my feet, for anything less than a plea for your life, ever again."

He couldn't help it, a single tear slipped from his eye. "Yes, Mistress."

"Good boy. Now as I was trying to ask you," she pulled him back to his feet. "Will you mind me, or will you give me problems?"

"I said yes, Mistress. What do you wish of me?" 'Once a slave, always a slave'. He thought ruefully.

"Undress for me little one. Let me see what I have brought into my home for my women."

Despite his desperate need to maintain control in this, he began to cry quietly as he began to remove his clothes, untying the fold on the tunic, to let it fall open. Fingers going to tend to the tie in the waistband of the pants, until, he stood there, naked, his clothes pooled around him. "Like this Mistress?"

She rose to walk around him slowly. "Nice. Yes, little one, this is exactly what I wanted you to do." She stroked his tear stained cheek. "Now, little one, I want you to go to my bed and lay on your stomach."

To give him credit, he didn't cry out at the thought of being used again. "Yes Mistress." He moved as quickly as his shaking legs would allow.

"I know that my telling you, that you have nothing to fear from me, will do little good. But you don't. I was quite serious when I said that you three would become parts of my home. The past is just that, I will not hold anything you did before I accepted your submission against you." She trailed her fingers down his back.

"Thank you, Mistress." It made no sense to him. He was her slave, and yet she didn't abuse him. And other than the loss of most of his body hair, they had done nothing more to his body.

She moved to the chest at the foot of her bed. "It has been a few moons since last I had to use this with any. But for you, I think it will help you to continue to control yourself." She opened the lid and took out a clear bottle, with thick blue oil in it. "We blend this oil often. There is a drug in it that is strong enough that there is no better at relaxing fears."

She set the bottle on the stand by her bed. "It is also a tad habit forming. That is one of the reason's it is in such high demand." She took his long red braid into her hands. "My daughter is going to be a bit envious of your hair, Fain. It is an even lovelier shade of red than hers is. And she loves her hair color." She began to un-work the braid. Smoothing out the thick mass of wavy tresses. "You do know Fain, your looks will make you very popular here. Your, sweet face, and this hair. Caytin will have his hands full, keeping the boys off of you, and you will have your hands full, trying to handle all the women that will demand your time. Between you and my sister, I see a major influx of redheads in my nursery." She pushed his hair to one side. "It's okay Fain. I m not going to hurt you." She reached for the bottle. Uncorking it, to pour the thick oil into her palm. With practice ease, she set the bottle down and corked it with one hand.

Fain wanted to know what he was expected to do as he lay there, Kaj's hands beginning to work over his shoulders. But he had no experience to call upon that was anything like what he was having happen to him right then.

"They whipped you." Kaj commented as she felt the faint rise of many scars on his back. "And did so often."

"Yes Mistress. I would be, publicly, whipped every night, until I bled once a week, and until I lost consciousness once a moon."

"Some of these scars, they are cycles old. There are some that look to be much older than you've been free. How old were you when they took you, and how long was it that you were held? Give me some kind of idea what I am up against with you."

"I was eight, Mistress."

"What happened? Don't be afraid Fain, I want to know what happened to you."

"Yes Mistress. Like I said, I was eight when they came, they raped and killed my mother before they drug me away, Mistress. I was dragged miles into the night, branded, and raped by the six that had taken me, before they even allowed me water."

"They branded you? Enough that they took a child to their bed, but they branded you?" It had been so many cycles to almost be not true since they had branded their slaves, opting for a tattoo. She looked down at his hips, trying to ferret it out. "Where, Fain? Hear me, this is a promise I make to you, as one of the men of our people. I will see to it that they pay for what they did to you. You might not have been a man of my house then, but you are now, and no one harms what I claim." She would crush these monsters. Any one who would pervert the sacred trust as they had, deserved nothing less that full retribution.

Fain lifted a little, rolling on his back. "Here Mistress." He lifted his penis, to display the white scaring of an old brand on the right side of his ball sack.

"Don't think about them anymore little one, my oath, as your mistress. I will seek vengeance." She caressed him as she leaned down to plant a light kiss on his lips. "We won't discuss it anymore. Roll back over, and let me finish seeing to you. Now how long were you their captive because I refuse to acknowledge anything they did as true slavery, how old were you again, when Mer rescued you?"

"I was a slave the first time for six cycles, Mistress. I was fourteen when Mer who was part of a rescue raid saved me."

"No Fain, your were a victim, and abused for six cycles, at a very young age, but you only became a slave, at your capture."

Fain caught his breath at the sharpness of her tone. "Yes, Mistress. Please, forgive me." He was trying to, mentally, back peddle as fast as he could. "I didn't mean any disrespect, I swear." And in an even tinier voice, "If I could throw myself at your feet Mistress, I would. I am begging for my life."

She snorted. "Fain, I'm not mad at you. I wasn't calling fault to your behavior. I only want you to understand the truth, and that what you have come to know as the life of a slave, is so different from what it really is, that it does demand a separation in definitions. Now just lay here, and relax. You are entirely too tense." She noted now that she was working on his back, and feeling the whip scaring again, that there were a few, that were still new enough to feel hot. "So, Mer was your master, you have been a slave before. What did you do to earn your whipping Fain?"

"Nothing Mistress. I," he stuttered, struggling with himself as he exposed his soul to this stranger. "I begged for it Mistress."

"You are going to be even more popular with my Consort. If you are not with one of your Mistresses, he might take you as his boy, and put you under his full protection.

"But Mer," he started, without thinking. Then stopped. "Yes Mistress."

"I gave you my word that I would see that Aticka allowed you and Mer to continue to see each other. Nothing has changed that. You could be faithful as a Lover to Caytin in his home, and he would never begrudge you your previous love. Mer and you do not and never will, live in the same house. Sooner or later the two of you will have to come to some sort of understanding. But I will not force the decision on you."

"Do you think, he, my master, would make me his boy I mean?"

"The first time you beg him to use his beloved whip on you, there will be no doubt."

"He is yours Mistress, you will not be upset with me if he chooses to do this, will you Mistress?"

She just looked at him, confused. Not understanding what he was getting at. "Upset with you, Fain, why would I be upset with you?"

"If your Consort, my master, decides to take me as his boy."

"No, of course not. Caytin has shared himself with every woman in my house that is not blood related to him. Which is pretty much none of them. He was brought in when I became a woman. Don't be foolish. If I feel no threat at him sharing his love with them all, up to and including my little sister and niece Serra. Why in the world would you think I would get upset with him for taking an interest in you? It has been a long time since he has shared any of his many loves with me. He is very surprising in his stamina. I'm terribly spoiled." She took the bottle, and slowly poured a trail of the oil down Fain's spine watching him jerk with the coldness of it. "But I do think," her hands continued to work over his lower back, and buttocks. "That if you are a smart boy, you will catch his eye and his passion. Beg him to whip you just once, and trust me, with as sweet as you look and act, you will be his boy toy, for a very long time." She teased his puckered hole. Rubbing it, soothing it for the entry of her finger into him. "So, little one, how are you feeling now?" She pressed against him, biting lightly at his ear as she used her finger to make love to him.

He moaned, unable to form solid thought, let alone words.

'Do you trust me Fain?" She added a second finger to her play. "Ssshh, I know, just shake or nod your head. Do you trust me?"

He shuddered, legs opening farther, to encourage more. He caught his breath in his chest, an almost sob as he nodded.

"Roll over on your back Fain." She pulled away only long enough to ease from her, her, robe and gown. "My Consort may enjoy your taste for sweet pain, but I only ask your submission. Be mine, know it and be willing to show it in all you do. I am the Chieftess of my People. As one of my men, you are placed in a highly respected position among the men. Caytin is the Master of all men, not only in his house, but also among all the men of our people. You are part of his family. Don't shame yourself."

"Yes Mistress. I will try to obey, I will try my hardest."

"No Fain. You will do more than just try. You will obey me in this. No matter how difficult it is for you in the beginning, in the long run, it is the only way to go in your situation. You will remember that you are one of my, Family, at all times. You will refrain from embarrassing yourself in any way in public. Yes it will take you some time to come to the point where you can fully walk away from the past. But in public, you had better behave as if you have."

Fain looked at her in horror. It was going to be just like it was back when he had first been a slave. There would be no room for failure, or even simple error. "Forgive me Mistress, I, I can't swear that won't fail you."

"I will be as understanding as I can for a while, as long as you understand that you must do your absolute best to live as if you believed me fully." She poured more of the oil in her hand again. By the time she was finished with Fain, she would need to restock again. 'Oh well'. "Having to talk about weighty things with you Fain, is making relaxation very hard. So just lay back, and hush." Her mouth covered his, tongue forcing its way past his lips to dance wildly with his. Her hands roaming his body, reaching to pull on him, stroking his with abandon.

He fleetingly reached to hold her, before dropping his hands back at his side's fist clinched. Kaj just chuckled against his cheek as she reached to pull his arms back up to hold to her. "Another important factor, little one. I am making love to you, and want you to respond as such.

"Yes Mistress." The combination of the drugs and the absurdity of the situation eased his fears greatly.

* * *

Ern stood by the door to what was now his bedroom. He felt uncomfortable at the many pairs of eyes that had watched him. He knew what was normal among the men here. And had only Caytin's promise that he would be safe for now.

"Are you with me Ern?" Caytin's eyes searched his, as he unleashed him.

"Yes Sir."

"Good, then I want you to hear this." He turned to the men that were present. "This is Ern. He is one of the new ones that your mistress has taken for her own. He, and Jerrick, who is with Mistress Trinna at the moment. They both have as of yet to be fully welcomed into the ranks of the men in this house. And until I do so, no one touches them. Do I make myself clear?"

"That goes without saying Cay. That is standard."

"It was not for our benefit that he said that, Jon," another voice. "Understood Caytin. For now, until you get around to taking care of him. He will be treated as a novice Healer in the middle of her cycle long vow of celibacy."

Caytin pulled Ern to one side, closing the door between them and the rest. "Look, I've done all that I can to see to it that you have as easy a time fitting in here now, as I could have possibly made it."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

Caytin held a hand up under Ern's chin, tiling his head up so his eyes could meet the younger man's. "For now, as long as I have you under house protection, as it were. Now would be a good time to get to know those that will share your home with you. I would take this time to properly introduce you to your brothers in chains. But I have a duty to our mistress, that I have to see to." He leaned in, pushing Ern against the wall, as he kissed him, hand, reaching down to work the tie at his waist seeking what was hidden within.

Ern thought frantically for what he should do as a light, but firm mouth met his, the tongue of it forcing its way into his mouth. His fears growing at the feel of a hand cupping him gently, stroking ever so lightly.

Caytin pulled back, chuckling at the feel of Ern's manhood beginning to thicken. "See, Ern. The body doesn't care which gender offers the pleasure, only the feel is important. You have nothing to worry about. Try to work out this all in your head, and learn to be friends with those around you. I have to go. Just remember, a man has touched you, you felt pleasure from that touch, and you were not struck down by it." He patted the confused man's face just once more before slipping from the room.

* * *

"Here we go. It isn't much, but it suits my needs." Trinna led Jerrick into her rooms.

He looked around at the simple, but tasteful room. "And this is yours? No one shares your space with you?" True it was not, that, large a room, but he could have easily believed that more than one could share it. He had seen barracks not much larger than this room that held six.

"I haven't shared a sleeping space since my last night in the Temple, before I moved back home to spend the rest of my training time, working as my homes Healer. It is a little secluded, I know, but I am only a journeyman, and not fully trained in my art. I need a little more seclusion than most." She looked around her room, trying to come up with a way that at least sounded slightly less duty like for what she had brought him to her room for. She made a small noise, disgusted at herself for her behavior. The way she was acting, you would think she was still just a maid, or was only now coming away from her cycle's vow. "I can't believe this. I finally get up the nerve to decide to do my duty by my people and become a mother, and here I am acting like I was still some untried girl." She laughed. "My sister might be able to command the masses, but the leadership skills that she is so well versed, in were never passed on to me."

"What do you want me to do, Little Mistress?" Too many cycles of working with young recruits gave him the calm that came with experience. Even if this woman was now one of those that held the power of life and death over him. She was still a Healer, and no older than most of the boys he had been working with off and on for most of his life.

Trinna looked down at her hands. "I suppose, if we are going to get on with this, I will need a bath first. I worked most of the day, after I bid by nephew safe journey, working on a herd beast that was having trouble delivering her calf. I am filthy." She held out a hand to him. "That sound like a plan to you Jerrick?"

He couldn't help himself. He smiled, as he took the offered hand. "A bath sounds like as good a way as any Mistress."

* * *

Kaj's mouth held Fain's as she shifted herself over him, positioning him for her. He was at such a loss; he just couldn't believe what was happening to him, as Kaj leaned back, taking him fully in her.

She opened her eyes, to look down on Fain, with such pure lust. "Now is not the time to be shy, little one." Indicating with a gesture, for him to do more, than just lie beneath her.

He was painfully far from innocent, but women did not have anything to do with him, the first time he wore a collar. And then, again, Mer had no use for women, so he had not had either.

A new pair of hands took his and pressed them against Kaj's body, moving them over her skin, her hips, abdomen, to press against her breasts. Squeezing gently, before pulling them back down to press against her sex. Pressing his fingers against her clitoris, rubbing firmly.

Kaj's eyes opened at the new feeling of more hands as Fair was at her sex, and another pair at her breasts. "Hmmm, hello, pet." She leaned against him as she rode Fain. Trusting his strength to keep her from falling as she picked up her speed, in a single-minded drive for her pleasure.

* * *

Trinna sat, in water, breast high. Jerrick beside her, not saying anything, a very uncomfortable silence thundered in the room.

Jerrick looked down, a look of discomfort on his face. "Mistress, would I offend you if I asked if you are a virgin or not?" He had been willing to offer himself, freely, but now. If she was still young enough to be just a maid. Suddenly he wasn't sure if he had made the right decision.

"A virgin? Jerrick, I haven't been a virgin since I finished my pledge and offered up my maidenhood to the Mother, going from just a girl to a woman." She blushed, a bit at this. "I don't seem to be handling this well at all, do I?"

He took her hands in his. "You are doing just fine, Mistress. It's me. I'm trying to do what is expected of me, but this is the first time in my life I have been where I am right now. I have lived with the possibility for most of my adult life, that I might one day be what I am, but never really accepted it." He reached for the sponge. "If you would be a little patient with me Mistress, I am still learning."

"I know at least one or two that are going to like you." She appreciated the way he was dealing with what he had been sent here to do.

"Well, sitting here, and letting the water reduce us to wrinkles, isn't going to get your goal accomplished. So what say I get your bathed?" 'Hey' okay so maybe it wasn't, said, quite the way it probably should have been. They would come to accept the way he was, or he would spend a lot of time, suffering for it. He was a blunt and to the point 'man' always had been. And, at his age, he just didn't think he would be successful trying to change.

Trinna laughed at him. "Jerrick, are you trying to tell me what to do?" She teased.

"No, Mistress. But what I am saying, begging your pardon is that we need to get along with it. You are not going to achieve your aim of motherhood, sitting here, letting the water turn cold.

She giggled. "My word. Are there anymore like you at home?"

He shrugged, "Before yesterday Mistress, I was a soldier. Nothing more, nothing less, but I happened to have been one of the best soldiers in my Kings Guard. So I know what duty and honor are."

"And which was it, Jerrick, duty or honor, that had you offering yourself to me?"

He smiled. "I'll be honest with you, Mistress. I saw a situation that could possibly turn bad, so I stepped forward, hoping that the Chieftess saw it too. She did, so it was my duty that started this." He ran a soap-laden sponge down her arm. "But it stopped being my duty, and became my honor when you stepped into the tub."

"Hot damn." She held her breath and sank below the water, wetting her hair. "Well, let's get bathed. My time isn't getting any more ready."

He laughed. "Now you sound like a Healer Mistress."

* * *

Fain opened his eyes, in the warm glow of his recent pleasure. Eyes focusing on Kaj and Caytin, who had went from helping him too attaching, himself, to her. "Master?" He suddenly realized where he was, and who Caytin was. "Please," he struggled to pull away from Kaj, trying to detach her from him with no success. "I'm a slave, she is my mistress, I had no say." He was frantically trying to come up with an excuse. His mistress, she belonged to this man.

Again Fain's fears were met by confusion. "I think he is worried that I will be upset, Mistress."

"Well, are you?" She had never before been faced with a slave that feared her consort, more than he feared her. She was not at all sure what to think about the experience.

Caytin spared her a dismissive glance. "Fain, I am one of the few fertile men in my home. Many of the children that are raised here call me papa. Not only am I, not, upset with you. I will, for the time she keeps you with us, feel a little better about being away from her. I have seen that I won't have to worry about her being lonely."

"It's going to take you a little time with this one Cay. His past, it's scarred him pretty badly." Kaj pulled off of Fain, reaching to gently move his limp penis. "He was branded. These monsters, they not only took an eight cycle old child, and forced him to their bed, but branded him beforehand."

"Damn them." Caytin touched the brand, brushing lightly against the younger man's balls. "May their soul's rot, unclaimed for all eternity."

"Don't let it become an issue Cay. I have given my word already. No one harms any man in my keep. I will see them crushed for what they have done."

"If it was getting to this point. Why didn't their King, apply for aid from you? Surely he had to know, that you would have been more than willing to help end the rule of creatures that are capable of what was done to Fain. That upon seeing it with your own eyes, you would have done so, and not asked for anything in return."

She shrugged. "I wish I could answer that Cay. But the Merican lands and throne are almost a moon, of hard riding, from here. Maybe if I and, my, mother before me had paid closer attention to the world outside our lands. We might have had some idea what was going on. But we were at peace with the Merican's, so we didn't. All we can do, as nations, is pull together, and see that the greater threat is dealt with."

"You mean that, Mistress?" The hate in Fain's tone was so hot. It was painful. "You will help put them down?"

"Either with your old Monarch's assistance, or over him. With or without him, I will see to it that this is stopped."

Review This Story || Author: Veronica Leigh Marquette
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